10 to 6 Workout

Oh my gosh, do I have a workout to share with you guys today!

Check it ooout!

10 to 6 workout

I was a sweaty mess by the time I finished this workout today.

I used a 50-pound bar for the squats, a 40-pound bar for the lunges and a 25-pound kettlebell for the kettlebell swings, but If you’re looking for an At Home Workout, you could easily use your bodyweight for the squats and lunges and substitute something like high knees for the kettlebell swings. That would make this workout a living room friendly circuit that requires no equipment!

I got the idea for the decreasing reps in this workout from a workout that I pinned earlier this week on Pinterest from Annica Nicole. She’s way more hardcore than I am and her workout decreased reps from 10 all the way to one. Annica’s workout also involved more core exercises, so I changed it up to incorporate more cardio and total-body exercises, but decreased the overall reps. Annica is legit!


Breakfast this morning hit the spot.

scrambled eggs with hummus 001

Hummus scrambled eggs with broccoli and yellow squash + Sweet wheat Alternative bagel + Gouda cheese

scrambled eggs with hummus 007

This breakfast is sitting like a rock in my stomach. I ate it as I clicked through my inbox this morning and think I kept eating past my normal point of fullness. Voluminous veggies are filling! I guess that’s why you’re not supposed to eat with any distractions, right?

When it comes to eating with distractions, I eat breakfast, lunch and my morning and afternoon snacks in front of the computer nearly every day. It’s only at dinnertime that I will sit at the table and eat distraction-free.

Question of the Morning

  • Do you eat in front of the computer or television or are you a distraction-free eater?


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