1000 Rep Workout

This morning I awoke 30 minutes before Ryan. I used the extra time to browse Pinterest in search of some workout inspiration.

Checking out my fitness board never ceases to motivate me, and when I saw a 1000 rep workout I previously pinned, I was instantly inspired to create a new version of the workout that focused on exercises that appealed to me.

The site the workout was originally pinned from appears to no longer be running, but you may see the original workout here. I’ve seen a bunch of other 100 rep and 1000 rep workouts floating around Pinterest, so I was pumped to take a few minutes to jot down my take on the 1000 rep workout before we headed to the gym. (BodyRock also has a 1000 rep workout that I’m hoping to attempt soon!)

After 15 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer, I hopped off to take a crack at my 1000 rep workout that focused mainly on leg and abdominal exercises:

1000 Rep Workout

I freakin’ loved this workout.

It took me slightly more than 35 minutes to complete. The workout challenged me but made the challenge fun. Workouts that quickly jump from one thing to the next are definitely my favorite!

Banana Pancakes

Jack Johnson would be proud of my breakfast this morning.

banana pancakes 019

Banana pancakes!

After snapping that picture, I ended up adding a big spoonful of peanut butter to my plate and dipping pieces of the pancakes in the peanut butter. A fabulous addition to the plate, I must say!

I made our pancakes with Bisquick Heart Smart mix but added a smashed banana to the batter before cooking the pancakes on the griddle and topping them with syrup.

banana pancakes 021

They were good, but I prefer banana bread protein pancakes. Those are the jam. I also have a feeling I’m going to be hungry in no time since pancakes don’t do much to tide me over. Hopefully the peanut butter will help with that a bit!

Today is rather up in the air. We wanted to take Sadie to the dog beach, but it’s more than an hour away and there’s currently a 70 percent chance of rain. What is with the rainy weekends in Florida lately!?

Hope your Saturday is off to a great start!

Question of the Morning

  • What was the most fun workout you’ve recently attempted?



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