2 Percent

I wasn’t a big milk-drinker growing up. I chose to get my calcium from yogurt, cheese and ice cream. Though I still am not the biggest fan of milk (except in smoothies), I know that many people who drink it have a very strong preference for their favorite type, whether it be skim, 2 percent, whole milk, etc.

Well, today I am declaring my preference for 2 percent… yogurt.

2 Percent Chobani

I love the 0 percent Chobani, but it wasn’t until I tried a sample of the 2 percent variety of the yogurt a little more than a month ago, that I realized there was something even creamier out there.

Unfortunately my grocery store has not offered the 2 percent Chobani until NOW! I was so excited when I saw it in the refrigerated section over the weekend and I nabbed several containers.

This morning I used one of the cups as the base for an apple pecan yogurt bowl.

My mix-ins included honey, a packet of Brothers-All-Natural apple crisps and Fresh Gourmet honey roasted pecan pieces.

The Mix-Ins

Breakfast is Served

The honey roasted pecans stole the show!

Time to Eat!

This breakfast was the perfect cool treat after my morning run with Sadie.

I haven’t gone on a morning run since January 2nd and it felt great to pound out five miles with my favorite running buddy.  (To see my post on running with a dog, click here.)


Truth be told, I wanted to sleep in until 7 a.m., so in order to have time to workout and get Sadie some exercise, I had to combine the two. It worked perfectly and Sadie and I enjoyed trucking along for slightly less than 50 minutes.

Off to work, my friends!


  1. Stephanie says

    I agree that 2% Greek yogurt is much better. It’s not thicker or anything, but definitely has a richer taste. It’s amazing what a little bit of fat can do for the flavor. Plus, I have noticed that I stay fuller longer with it than I do with the 0% fat version.


  2. says

    I have NEVER been able to drink milk, of any kind. I find it incredibly disgusting. But I have to agree the 2% Chobani is a lot creamier than the 0%. I’ll take the minimal extra fat and calories for that taste!


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