I Smell Greasy Goodness

I’m glad you all had fun watching Sadie’s birthday video. :D I think she really enjoyed her birthday treat. I totally forgot to ask you though…

Which would you choose… a cheeseburger or an ice cream cone?

Pick One!

I’m without a doubt an ice cream girl. If I could exist on only one food for the rest of my life, I would pick ice cream.

If you could exist on only one food (nutritional value doesn’t matter) for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

I love foodie questions! Your answers always make me smile.


As Ryan and I walked to the gym this morning, I told him I was feeling majorly lazy. I didn’t anticipate a good cardio workout… but somehow I had a great one! :) Yay!

I’ll call this the “ 50 minute Fight Boredom and Laziness Workout.” By changing things up a lot, the workout goes by very quickly:

  • 10 min. warm up on cardio machine of your choice (I chose the stair master)

Switch to the treadmill for the remainder of the workout:

  • Walk at 4.0 at 7.5 incline for 5 minutes
  • Jog at 6.5 at 1.0 incline for 5 minutes
  • Jog at 6.5 at 2.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Run at 7.0 at 1.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Run hard at 8.0 at 1.0 include for 1 minute
  • Jog at 6.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Run hard at 8.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Run at 7.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Jog at 6.5 at 1.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Jog at 6.0 at 1.0 incline for 2 minutes
  • Walk at 4.0 at 7.5 incline for 5 minutes
  • Walk at 4.0 at 5.0 incline for 10 minutes (or cool down of your choice)


After my cardio blast, I leashed up Sadie for a walk around the lake by our apartment. On our walk, we passed a bed and breakfast that was cookin’ up a mean smellin’ spread of what I can only assume was greasy goodness. I smelled eggs and bacon!

I knew I wanted eggs and bacon for breakfast after smelling that deliciousness. I made myself an egg sandwich on a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin with Canadian bacon and Swiss cheese.

Breakfast Sandwich

Thursday's Breakfast

I enjoyed my sandwich with a hot mug of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea

I heard wonderful things about this tea, but couldn’t find it anywhere in Orlando! The wonderful Jessica from Living in the Kitchen, Gym and Mall sent me some, all the way from Illinois! It arrived in the mail yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try it this morning.

Sadie wanted to try it, too.

Sugar Cookies!?!?!?

In case you were wondering… it’s phenomenal. Thank you Jessica!!! :D


  1. Vee says

    I would go for that cheeseburger. :-)
    If you could exist on only one food, I would eat Italian thin crust pizza. I love pizza, but not the greasy ones! :-)
    Your breakfast sounds awesome, I got some lean bacon last night & planning to cook a nice weekend brekkie.


  2. Minda says

    You already know my answer Jul…sushi, of course!! But ice cream is a very close second. Miss you tons. Happy birthday kisses to Sadie from Bella.


  3. Anne @ the doctor takes a wife says

    I could eat pizza all day every day. The stuffed crust, really cheesy kind… so bad for you ;-)

    I LOVE Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride!! Now that it’s getting warmer here, it’s hard for me to get into the Christmas-y flavors.


  4. traynharder23 says

    hmmm probably ice cream. if it was MOCHA ALMOND FUDGE!

    one food whose nutrtional value didn’t matter?



    cinnamon bread/pumpkin bread =D


  5. says

    I’ve been wanting to try that tea!!

    I totally would’ve chose the ice cream! ;)

    If I could only exist on one food the rest of my life… hmmmmmmmm… probably pizza so I could pack as many ingredients together into one thing, haha! ;)


  6. says

    You’re welcome! Glad you liked the tea. I definitely bought the last TWENTY boxes they had at my Whole Foods :)

    Ice cream for sure. I would pick sweets over grease any day. I have suuuuuccchhh a sweet tooth, hence my love for the sugar cookie sleigh ride tea!

    Survivor food: catch the fresh fish off the islands and eat sushi style. Haha. It wouldn’t hurt to have LOTS of yogurt, papaya (or any other tropical fruits), Sobe Lifewater, any nut butter, and at least one sweet…mcdonad’s ice cream? Ooooh, or fro-yo. Yes!


  7. Allie says

    I know I’m 2+ years a little late, butttt she’s a smart girl choosing the ice cream. If I had to live off of one food, it would definitely be peanut butter! I have such an unhealthy addiction, but mine only kicks in at night time, or if I wake up in the middle of the night.


  8. Shannon says

    I love this workout! Even though I’ve been doing a hill interval & regular interval runs each week on a treadmill, I’ve been bored with it & KNEW that I had to mix up my cardio. I thought, “oh, this won’t be so bad, there’s walking involved.” Not true! The incline makes the difference, I was sweating at the end & the time went by quickly!!



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