Rockin' Shamrock Race

I haven’t had a chance to upload pictures from last night’s pasta party or my yummy buffet breakfast at the Gaylord Palms with my dad and sister, but I do have a picture from today’s 5K race to share with you that my friend Merri sent me from her phone!

KD Ladies

Something’s better than nothing, right?

I’ll be sure to give you an adequate recap of last night’s carboloading and today’s activities, but I’m in a bit of a hurry to get out to IKEA to pick up some furniture necessities so Ryan and I can begin unloading the remaining billion boxes and make our new place feel like home.

Race Recap

I woke up briiiight and early this morning to head to the University of Central Florida campus to run in the Kappa Delta Shamrock 5K race.

I was a KD at UCF and planned to run the race with some of my former sorority sisters.

This morning I really  didn’t feel like running in the race. Ryan and I were out at our friend’s house til relatively late and then we came back and unloaded some boxes and didn’t get into bed until way late. Theeen, about 10 minutes into my drive to the race site this morning, I realized I forgot my iPod.

This may not seem like a big deal, but I REALLY rely on my music when I work out. It helps me zone out and inspires me as well. I was so bummed!

I met up with my friends and we headed toward the start line. After we began running I found that I really didn’t miss my iPod too much because the conversations going on around me were hysterical.

When I was a KD, each sister was responsible for recruiting a handful of runners for the annual Shamrock 5k race. Naturally we targeted our boyfriends and fraternity guys. I guess things haven’t changed since I graduated, because there were definitely a lot of frat guys runnin’ today who said some pretty quotable things during the race:

  • Mile 0.5: “I ate an entire pizza last night at 2 a.m. I think I’m gonna puke.”
  • Mile 1: “Okay, we made it to a mile. Let’s walk now.”
  • Mile 1.5: “I know where the course goes. Let’s hide here and jump back in when they come around.”
  • Mile 1.75: “Seriously, I’m gonna puke.”
  • Mile 2.0: “Keep running. Leave me. Save yourselves!”
  • Mile 2.0 – 3.0: No talking could be heard. :)

All of those quotes were said by different people. I laughed out loud at the “Save yourselves!” remark. I guess running without an iPod wasn’t so bad in this instance.

The race course itself was nice because it meandered throughout campus. It made me miss my college days!

Unfortunately the course wasn’t well-manned, and a lot of runners, myself included, ran out of the way and had to turn around, which made calculating the results tricky. For the most part people seemed understanding and only a few people were really irritated (not that I blame them if they were running for a good time).

I actually ended up getting a medal for second place in my age group which was really neat! My friends Laurel and Merri also got medals which made the morning a lil’ more special!

I gotta run. I’ll check back later with more weekend recaps!



  1. says

    Haha that’s hilarious. I was always amazed at the people running the various races around my college campus as I drug myself to the dining hall hungover. Congrats on 2nd place!


  2. Amy (Up and Running!) says

    I’m glad you were entertained despite forgetting your iPod! I would have been totally bummed about that too.

    Congrats on second! :-)


  3. MelissaNibbles says

    Good job girl! I hate running without an ipod, but it sounds like you would’ve missed out on some laughs had you remembered it :)
    Congrats on the medal!
    Hope the moving is going well and have a fantastic Monday!!!


  4. says

    great job running! sometimes i run w/o my ipod to listen to convos…seriously they can be hilarious in huge packed races! most of time though i’m people watchong throughout! too funny!



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