Change of Scenery

Do you ever get sick of running around the same neighborhood or jogging the same loop week after week?

I sure do!

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need.

New Scenery

This morning as Ryan and I changed to go to the gym, I asked him if he’d prefer to go for a run outside with me and Sadie.

He was all for it and suggested driving 10 minutes to a nearby lake to run rather than running around our neighborhood. That sounded like a good idea to me!

Ready to Run (and Blinded by the Sun)

We hopped out of the car and did two loops around Lake Baldwin for a total of 5 miles in 46 minutes, with an average mile pace of 9:15. I could tell I was holding Ryan and his monkey legs (as I call them) back a bit, but I appreciated him running at my pace.


After our run, we toweled off and headed home to shower.


After a lightning fast shower and getting ready for the workday, I headed downstairs to make myself a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast.

While I blended  the ingredients together, I nibbled on Kay’s Naturals golden butter pretzel twists.

Golden Butter Twists

Nibble, Nibble

The salty flavor tasted great after a long run.

After whirring up frozen fruit, ice cubes, protein powder, xanthan gum and Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk, my smoothie was ready for drinkin’.

Strawberry + Banana

"J" for Julie

I think I added a bit more xanthan gum than usual, because this smoothie was extra thick.

Thick. Cold. Creamy.

I ate the entire thing with a spoon.


Another Reason Why I Love You

I absolutely love how several of you immediately went to your kitchens and made those flourless peanut butter cookies after reading about them last night.

Just another reason why I love you guys so much… Clearly we share an intense love for peanut butter and cookies. :D

Question of the Day

Do you ever drive somewhere new to run, walk, bike or rollerblade just for a change of scenery?


  1. says

    i want your cup!!!!! J is for Julie here too haha :)

    okay and i love love loved that ny times article about the ultra marathoner! I read it yesterday and found it extremely facinating! I thought I had hard work preparing meals but that dude was le-git.

    what a gorgeous run! and love your dress girlfraan


  2. krista says

    Yes I have to change the scenery, even if it’s just a different route in the ‘hood. When I am totally burnt out I opt for the dreadmill.
    Do you really have to squat down to use your microwave? LOL!


  3. says

    A change of scenery every now and then is a necessity for me. I typically run the same route around my neighborhood, but when I have some extra time I head to Town Lake (about 20 minutes away) or another trail that’s about 10 minutes from home. Worth the drive everytime!


  4. Jamie says

    I would’ve made those pb cookies, but alas, I would’ve eaten them all. I wonder if I can cut the recipe and still get good results.

    I need a change of scenery… I will have to look for somewhere to drive and run. I need to get back into it.


  5. Kyla says

    I love that your smoothie matches your dress…cute:)

    I defintely like to change up the scenery mostly on weekends when I have more time. We go running at a nearby river or hiking in the moutains.
    Any weekend plans?


  6. says

    I believe we all need some sugar n’ spice in our lives once in awhile.

    Btw, your dress is ADORABLE! I couldn’t help but notice how well it went with your pink smoothie! :-)


  7. says

    You have more cute dresses then anyone else I’ve ever known! I enjoy changing up the scenery if I’m not running alone. Alone I’m always afraid of getting lost.


  8. says

    I don’t have a car and have a choice of approximately two routes on which to run… and it is SUCH a challenge, mentally! Staring at the same thing all the time, the same little kids chasing me… it is one of the biggest hindrances to my running. Love the change of scenery idea in principle but I can’t :(


  9. says

    Yes. Sometimes my husband and I will just get in the car and explore. I live in a really congested, highly populated area, but an hour outside the city there’s wineries and awesome scenery. It’s nice to change things up.


  10. says

    I love that Ryan runs with you. Keith would rather “saw off his arm with a dull butter knife” then run. haha…that is a direct quote from him!


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      no offense, kelly, but i think if i was going to set out on a 10 mile run like you do, ryan would also “rather saw his arm off with a dull butter knife” too. ;) i’m not sure if he’ll be quite as willing to run w/ me once i start training for this half marathon… :D


  11. says

    YOU are so freaking cute!!!!
    love your smooothies! the gums make a HUGE difference!! and love your cookie from last night-youre gona be the best wifey eva!


  12. says

    I bought some xanthan gum because I saw it on here and it makes my smoothies like ICE CREAM :D

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Enjoy your FRIDAY!


  13. Hannah says

    Sounds like a great new run experience! My question is though, how is that smoothie enough for you after a vigorous run? Do you choose to eat more calories later in the day or do you not post everything you eat? I have a huge breakfast even if I don’t run in the morning….


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      i don’t post everything i eat by any means. i actually eat around 6x a day, and i usually only post the three meals i consume for breakfast, lunch & dinner. i honestly feel hungrier on days i do not workout, so that smoothie & the pretzels were definitely enough to sustain me until my 10:30 a.m. snack time.


  14. says

    That smoothie looked so fresh and creamy. I think I’m going to try getting some of that xanthan gum next time I’m at the store…I just wish it wasn’t so expensive! My store sells it for about $11 – does that seem similar to what you’ve seen?
    (Super cute dress by the way!) ;)


  15. says

    Boomer and I use to drive to the park so we could walk where there were trees and squirrels. Now in our new neighborhood we just walk here because it’s awesome!


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      thank you! it’s a BCBG dress that my friend minda bought & gave to me b/c she didn’t want it any more. lucky, huh?


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