Won’t He Look Handsome!?

Our weekend checklist included a slew of wedding-related errands, and this afternoon we got to check the final item off our to-do list!

After lunch, Ryan and I headed over to Men’s Wearhouse to select the tuxes he and his groomsmen will wear on our wedding day.

Another Day of Wedding Fun

We looked at many different options, including champagne colored vests and ties, but eventually settled on a classic black Calvin Klein tux with a crisp, white shirt, a black patterned vest, a solid black tie and a silk white handkerchief in the breast pocket.

The Look

I should also mention that the pants they will wear will not have any pleats, which made me a very happy girl.

Ryan and his groomsman will all wear the same tux, but Ryan will have a different boutonniere to stand out a lil’ bit.

Won’t he look handsome? ;)

Dog Park

Post-tux selection, Ryan and I headed home to pick up Sadie for a trip to the dog park.

Earlier in the week I made plans with Meghann to meet her and her adorable dog Maddie at the park.

Meghann + Maddie

Aren’t they the cutest!?

I met Meghann for the first time back in May and it was great to see her again. She completed an olympic-distance triathlon today and I loved hearing about her race and playing with Maddie. Sadie really seemed like a total nut job next to Maddie, who has such a sweet demeanour.

Bloggers and Their Dawgs

After an hour or so of puppy play time, we headed home, but not before giving Meghann a bag of starter dough for Amish Friendship Bread. :D


Once we arrived at home, we were ready for some dinner.

Tonight felt like a no-think-no-fuss kinda night, so we opted for a California Pizza Kitchen frozen margherita pizza.

CPK Margherita

Slice of Delight

CPK makes the best frozen pizzas!

I think everyone grew up loving a certain brand of delivery pizza… Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s or a local pizza joint of some sort. So, I ask you…

Who makes your favorite brand of delivery pizza?


  1. says

    My favorite delivery pizza is just a local place HOWEVER if we are talking franchises I really unfortunately adore the horror that is Pizza Hut.
    Double cheese and bacon with garlic dipping sauce please!

    The dog park looks awesome. I wish we had one of those near by.


  2. says

    Hello! I’m coming out of hiding! I love your blog!! I also live about an hour away from orlando (near cocoa beach) Its fun reading your blog and knowing where your talking about, I have a bunch of friends at UCF! I also adore your dog!! Shes hilarious in every picture!! Congrats on your wedding!!

    CPK frozen pizzas are on the top of the list for us! We also really like annies plain cheese, its so easy to add veggies or chicken to the top!


  3. Melissa says

    Oh goodness, I have so many favorites! I love Jets for their BBQ chicken pizza, Hungry Howie’s for their flavored crusts, & Dominoes for their Bacon, Feta, & Tomato (my own little concoction, but they make it the best!)


  4. Jordan says

    Papa Johns – haven’t had it in a super long time though. My favorite part was the garlic dipping sauce :)

    My favorite CPK frozen pizza is the BBQ Chicken, yum!


  5. says

    We had two kinds unique to Madison (or at least WI anyway): Pizza Pit (super saucy) and Rocky Rococo’s. I still crave the latter like no one’s business. The taste is uncomparable.

    My least fave is Papa John’s..sauce is too sweet!


  6. says

    Well. . . I grew up so far out of town you can’t deliver pizza. I hope someday my kids can say the same thing :) BUT we go into town once in a blue moon and pick up pizza. Then it’s fillipo’s which is only in Monticello IL!


  7. says

    Is Meghann’s dog a Jack Russell terrier? I have 2 and while I hear they can occasionally be nice and calm, I’ve never experienced it.
    And for pizza, I was never much for delivery, but I used to love a good, cheap frozen Tombstone. So crispy. I always ended up eating the frozen pepperonis off the top before baking it.


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      yes she is! she was so sweet and calm. meghann said her first jack russell, abbie, was a lot crazier.


    • says

      Yes, Maddie is a Jack Russel, but she is so shy, sweet, and innocent. She has been like that since she was a puppy! I know it’s against the stereotype for the breed, but I guess that’s what makes Maddie special?


  8. says

    Round Table is my favorite delivery, for sure! In college, we had a place called “Woodstocks” that was pretty tasty as well!

    That CPK flavor is my all time favorite of theirs! sometimes, if i’m feeling spunky, i’ll also add some pineapple! delish!


  9. says

    i’m a huge papa john’s fan…but there’s not one around me, so we usually end up getting pizza hut (which is OK, but i like the dipping sauce)!

    and yes, ryan will look so handsome. i can’t wait to see all of the pictures of y’alls wedding! :)


  10. says

    I never really liked pizza when I was growing up, but for some reason I always liked Papa John’s.

    Now there is a really good place in town called “Wheat State,” that offers a great thin-crust, whole-wheat pizza loaded with veggies. That is much more my style. Still, the best pizza is homemade!


  11. says

    There’s a place back in Portland, OR (where I grew up) called Hot Lips that had the most amazing pizza. Huge slices, just incredible. We ordered that every Friday when I was a kid!

    But I also have to admit I went to through a weirdly passionate phase with Dominos. And now I think my taste runs more towards the Neapolitan, wood-fired variety.

    The tux looks great! (yay for no pleats :) )


  12. Maura says

    I love our local pizza shop for delivery, Mount Blue! (It was actually part of a restaurant that a few members of Aerosmith owned! I don’t think they own it any more but it was a pretty cool place. Think cool lighting, lots of band paraphernalia ….very Hard Rock-esque.


  13. says

    Sweet demeaner/ scared of her own shadow? How ever you want to spell it out!

    It was so great seeing you again! Now we need to do a double date sometime. Dinner and a movie next weekend? I’m game!


  14. Stacey @ Tipping the (Kitchen!) Scales says

    Can’t go wrong with classic Calvin Klein. Best pizza delivery for me is pizza hut!!


  15. says

    Congrats on getting the wedding errands done! I love the black and white tux look.

    My favorite delivery pizza is Dominoes. Ever since they changed the recipe to include that garlic crust, i just can’t resist!


  16. Stefanie says

    I love your tube top style sun dresses that you have been sporting in a few colors. Where did you get those? I have one that is long cotton T-shirt material one but those look way cooler for sure!

    Keep on blogging..love the read!


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