Family Walk + Healthified Egg McMuffin

Sadie and I get all too excited when we have company on our morning walk.

Look who joined us today!

Half-Awake Ryan

A very sleepy-looking Ryan. :)

Ryan usually arrives at work a little after 7 a.m., but today he didn’t have to be in until 8:30 a.m., so he had time to join us on a 40 minute walk around Lake Eola.

Me and the Pup

Lake Eola is a large lake in the middle of downtown Orlando that is surrounded by a 0.9 mile walking path.

In the middle of the lake is a large fountain that, until recently, wasn’t working because lightning struck it several months ago. I’m happy it’s back on and lookin’ pretty!

Puppy Love

I loved having extra time with Ryan this morning!

We chatted about the upcoming weekend and our plans for the evening which include heading over to the jeweler to check out a potential wedding band for me! The band they have at the jeweler for me to look at has nine princess-cut diamonds on it, which is too many, but will hopefully give me an idea of the size and shape I want. I’ll be sure to post pictures later!


Post-walk we came home to make yummy breakfast sandwiches.

I made myself a modified and healthified Egg McMuffin which totally hit the spot!

Egg McMuffin: Healthified

I actually fried the egg yesterday in the pan after I was done sauteing the onions and spinach for last night’s dinner, which allowed the egg to pick up the flavor of the onions. So tasty!

Big Ol' Bite

I think I demolished this sandwich in five bites.


This is one of my favorite breakfasts because it is so easy to make, tastes savory and reminds me of childhood when my mom would make us homemade Egg McMuffins on the mornings we had a big test in high school as a special treat. (Insert “awwww” here. ;) )

Question of the Morning

If you could create your  own work schedule, what 8-hour timeframe would you want to work?

If I could make my own schedule, I would want to work from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. I would loooove the extra time in the evening to enjoy the afternoon, make yummy dinners and spend time more time with my friends, Ryan and Sadie.


  1. says

    Recently I’ve been doing 7-4 (we are required to do 9, even though I rarely get to take an actual hour lunch…it just clicked how lousy that is as I typed this out.) but I love it because I get to have more evening time! I would love 7-3!


  2. says

    I’m with you…I’d rather go in early and have more of an afternoon.

    Are you within walking distance of that lake or do you drive there? It’s beautfil..great place to wall!


  3. says

    I would definitely prefer an earlier work day with an earlier end time. I would also be open to half early, longer lunch break and half later. I get an hour lunch break but I never feel like that’s enough time to get in a workout.


  4. says

    I did the same thing yesterday for breakfast. I microwaved two egg whites in a small round bowl and than melted 1/2 cheese stick on top while my english muffin toasted. For some reason, microwaving the eggs really make it taste like its from a Mc D’s or something, but it is obviously so much healthier. I actually think I may have just decided what I am having again today =)


  5. says

    I’m allowed to make my own work schedule at my current internship but since I live nearly an hour away the earliest I’m generally able to get here is 8:00. If only I could get here a bit earlier my commute home would be so much less of a hassle. Friday rush hour in Philly=not my cup of tea.


  6. Melissa says

    I love doing 7:30-3:30, but I rarely get to leave before 4:30 or 5 even when I get to work at 7:30. But I never feel like I don’t have enough time in the evenings anyway, so I guess I can’t complain!


  7. says

    Be careful what you wish for! :-) I work from 8 to 4:30 (4pm on Fridays) and only work a mile from my home. I’ve been admiring your work schedule all week because I think that much extra time in the morning is great!

    If you went to work at 7 am you’d probably have to miss either your body pump class or your walks with Sadie and those are two things I envy.

    At my old job I went in at 8:30 too and boy I used to run, do yoga and felt so accomplished by the time I arrived at work. Running after work is not fun. :-)


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      that is very true! i really do love my long mornings. :) i think i could still do the gym, but my walk w/ sadie would probably be significantly cut back… and i love that.


  8. Marg says

    I kinda got to pick my schedule, it’s 8-5:30 M-T w/30 min lunch and on F 8-12. I have an hour commute so it’s really tough on weekdays, b/c I have no time. I love my Fridays though. I think I’d really like to get off each day around 3:30.


  9. says

    I totally agree with you- would rather get out earlier & have more of an afternoon..especially since I’m already a morning person I wouldn’t mind getting up even a bit more earlier so I could get out earlier.

    And, I’m so happy the fountain is working now too- makes it so much prettier- was just so stagnant before. The people that always get in those HUGE swan boats things & paddle their way around the lake always crack me up.


  10. says

    I’m a big morning person, so ideally I’d work from about 8-4. As a college instructor though, my hours are always so wonky! Next semester, I’m teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1:30 to 6:45. The hours suck (and fall right into my least productive time!), but teaching only two days a week is pretty awesome.

    That picture of you and Sadie should be framed!! Too cute!


  11. Molly says

    mmm looks amazing! I need to make me one of those!

    I would totally want to get my work done early- im a morning person, so if that means I get to enjoy the afternoon, Im all for it!


  12. louisianagrown says

    Sadie is almost as big as you! I can’t wait until the day I can get a big dog to take running with me. It’s just not possible right now. :(

    I think I could totally go for a 7:30 – 3:30 work day. And the good news is that, as a teacher, I will! I’m so much perkier in the mornings and I like having evenings to sit around or do whatever I please.


  13. says

    We pretty much can do that. We’re allowed to come in any time between 7-9 and have to work an 8.5 hour day. So I work from 7-3:30 and a few others work from 7:30-4, and 8-4:30.


  14. Tracy says

    I’m lucky enough to have a 9/80 schedule which is 9 hours Monday – Thursday, with every other Friday off (Working Friday is 8 hours). Along with that we have flex hours so I can really work my hours however I like it… usually. I typically work 7:30am-5:00pm so I have some extras hours to take off during the week.


  15. says

    Mine would probably be similar to yours. I’m not exactly a morning person when I’m home but when I’m back in school I like getting things done in the morning-classes and such. I don’t particularly like doing work at night because I feel short on time as I can hardly function after midnight. I am seriously the worst college student in that respect, lol.


  16. Becca says

    My work is so flexible!! i actually got to pick! It is the best. I work from around 7 to 3 most days, then one day a week I go in later and work the usual 9-5 so I can take my nephew to school while my sister is in clinicals. I could not believe that a corporation would let me do this! As long as I work 8 hour days and get everything done, they don’t care. I was amazed.

    also-my dog loves to sit on my hip like a little baby too! how cute!!


  17. Liz says

    That picture of you and Sadie is so cute! I’m glad you got to have a family walk :) I’m not quite to the stage in my life where I work full time (still in college), but 8-4 doesn’t sound too shabby to me.


    • Tammy says

      ME TOO.. i love it!.. Driving in when it is still dark and leaving right when the afternoon is getting good is fabulous!..I get a 230-330 workout time an practically have the gym to myself!


  18. says

    I carpooled with my hubs this morning. We got in a nice walk with our pup as well. Fun stuff.

    I would like to get in earlier to leave before everyone else. And if I could put in 40 hours M – Th to have Friday off, that would be sweet.


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      thanks so much! i actually got it from my grandma, so i am not sure where it is from. likely a small shop somewhere in gettysburg, pennsylvania.


  19. Lissy says

    Sadie is freaking adorable!

    I have to be in the office at least 8.5 hours because i’m required to take a 30 minute lunch. I’m allowed to come when I please though. It’s nearly impossible to get out of here before 5:00, because most people come in late and stay late, so I come in between 8-8:30 and try to leave around 4:50ish
    I’d love to work 8-4 with no lunch break. My husband works 10-7 though, so when I work out in the afternoon, I’m done by the time he gets home from work, so that works out well.


  20. Lori says

    Glad you got some extra time this morning for a walk with your favorite people (I’m including the dog in that category…lol)! It’s always nice to get a change in the normal routine and also spend some time with the future hubby! Extra time together is always appreciated in my book.

    My ideal work schedule would be 9 to 4… Yeah, I’m kinda lazy when it comes to actually WANTING to stay at work a full 8 hours. Really, let’s cut it down to 7 and call it good. ;)

    I definitely need my exercise time in the AM and after work I just want to cook, clean, and relax.


  21. says

    That’s so funny that you would choose that time. I currently work 7-3:30, (gotta take a half hour for lunch,)and I am changing it officially next week to be 8-4:40. My company allows you to work whenever you want as long as your start time is between 6:30-9:30. Trust me when I say that even though the time in the evening is nice, it sucks to be up and immediately at work. The extra hour is going to let me run in the morning with the dog, relax a little, and THEN go to work. Not wake up and rush right in.


  22. says

    I would take ANY sort of a normal schedule! Working 3-11:30 is not fun. I have superrrr long mornings, but say goodbye to a social life! Normal schedules are hard to come by in nursing, but I think my ideal schedule would be 7a-7p. Four days off per week! However, day shift is a beast of its own, so 7p-7a sounds MUCH better. I’ve heard many stories of people sleeping at the pool…sounds good to me. :)


  23. Anonymous says

    i currently work the 7:30-4:30 shift too, which seems to be pretty popular. i like my hours too! i am more of the morning person too but i have not ever gotten up to go for a walk prior to work….maybe i should try one day.

    great pictures!!!


  24. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) says

    egg mcmuffins are my favorite- the healthified version sounds equally delicious :) prob better!
    cute family walk



  25. rachael says

    Aw, I love a little extra time with my man too! I do the early morning thing with work, which is great. My commute is pretty long though so I do wish I could sleep a little later.


  26. Megan says

    Any 8-hour schedule that approaches normal would make me happy. I’m usually in the office by 9-9:30 but here until 8 or so. It would help if I could be super efficient (read: not comment on blogs at 1:30 in the afternoon) but would still be a lot of ridiculous long days. It’s wonderful that I don’t have to clock in and out, so at least I can be somewhat flexible.

    I do like working out in the morning, but if I could have my afternoons off, I’d definitely take the sleep in the morning. At that point, I think I’d be fine with 8-4. Sounds glorious. :)


  27. themohdiaries says

    I’m with you on the 7:30- 3:30 time slot! Too bad that’ll never happen…it’s going to be more like 7-7….7-7…7-7..(if not longer). Good news is: I looove coffee. HAHA!


  28. says

    My 8 hour day would never look the same two days in a row. If i want to hit up a 9am or 10 am gym class I want to make it there. so one day could be 7-8:45/10:15-4pm or it could be a later work day 10-6 or 11-7. I hope that in a year or two I can have that kind of flexibility with my work hours.


  29. Angela says

    I love that picture of you holding Sadie, too cute!
    I would say 6-2 would be perfect for me. I really like being off in the afternoons to have some time to myself. Right now I work 5-1 everyday but I think one for hour of sleep would be good for me!


  30. says

    I’m like the first commenter – I work 7 to 4 – 9 hours :( I’d switch off and have MFW be 7 to 3 and T/TH be 10 to 6 – because I love sleeping in :)

    The morning walk sounds super fun!


  31. says

    You could always be a teacher, like me. I work from 7:45-3:45pm (although sometimes I have to stay for extra events after school). Only a 30 minute lunch, too. At least I have summers off ! :)

    i wish my puppy would walk like your Sadie! That was one of the things I was looking forward to when we got my pup. He seems a little anxious about the neighborhood- I’m hoping he gets over it quick so we can go for runs before school! :)


  32. Katie says

    Yum!! I love making egg sandwiches in the morning! My favorite is putting eggs, white american cheese and tomato on a whole wheat english muffin.
    I’ve been trying to look for a white and purple pepper lately and I can’t find one!! I want to try it ever since you had it.



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