Flash Freeze

Going to bed last night I figured I’d wake up and make myself a healthified Egg McMuffin for breakfast.

Fast forward to this morning and my body was screamin’ for oats.

Gimme oooooats. Make ’em coooooold. Stop talking to yoursellllllf.

I’m not one to ignore a craving (Lord help me when I’m pregnant), so I switched my eggy plan and opted for a big ol’ bowl of cold oats with Greek yogurt and a chopped peach.

The Goods

Since I didn’t plan ahead and cook my oats last night, I prepared the oats this morning and stuck them in the freezer to chill while I showered. Gotta love the last minute flash-freeze!

By the time I was all cleaned up, my oats were sufficiently chilled.

Cold Oats, You are Fantastic

Before digging into my oatty yogurty peachy (“y” overload!) bowl of delight, I sprinkled the mix with some beloved nutmeg.

I'm Nuts for this Stuff

If you’re a cinnamon lover and haven’t branched out to other spices, put nutmeg on your to-try list. You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, come back and look at this picture and just tryyyy to stay angry. πŸ˜‰

"If you're still mad, I'll come give you a sloppy kiss... and then breathe on you and invade your personal space until you're happy again... or really irritated."

The nutmeg was a welcome addition to my breakfast and made the whole meal taste a little more special.

Peach + Nutmeg

Food on Spoon Photo - My Fav

How It Really Looks When I Eat It


I think Ellie was spot-on when she described the texture of the cold oats and yogurt combo as “a lot like rice pudding.” Ellie, you’re a smart cookie (and I love the name of your blog: Inside I’m Still Dancing)!


Breakfast was a fantastic thing to come home to after a good workout this morning! I took my usual 5:45 a.m. BodyPump class, and followed it up for 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Half way through the ‘Pump I realized I probably won’t be doing any strength training for a week! I leave for my bachelorette party weekend after work tomorrow (Hooray!) and won’t be back until Monday evening.Β  I love strength training and will miss the muscle burn, though I’m sure my legs will feel some burnin’ during Sunday’s half marathon. Yow-zaa!

Question of the Morning

It’s a random one this morning…

Do you like rice pudding or tapioca pudding, or does it totally gross you out? What’s your favorite flavor of pudding?

I like all flavors of pudding, but I’m a little partial to plain ol’ chocolate. If you’d like to throw some Oreo pieces in there too, I won’t object. πŸ˜‰


  1. says

    I LOVE rice and tapioca pudding, the texture probably freaks some people out, but I think it rocks πŸ˜€ I love pudding in general, too. Oreo pieces in chocolate pudding – umm yes PLEASE!

    Breakfast looks delish – I’ve never tried adding nutmeg to stuff before, but maybe I will because I love cinnamon! Sadie is super cute, as usual! What a ray of sunshine to wake up to πŸ˜€ enjoy your day!

    p.s. I posted the “recipe” for eggplant fries in your last post πŸ™‚


  2. says

    My ancient step-mother mixes tapioca pudding with stewed rhubarb. I think the mixture of sweet and tart is delicious, plus it is a lovely colour.
    On the other hand, Wonderful Husband considers it to be one of the grossest desserts of all time.
    I do make baked rice pudding in the winter (and he likes that) usually with nice plump raisins and a bit of lemon rind – and nutmeg of course.


  3. says

    When I was really young, maybe 5 or 6, my father told me that tapioca pudding was “fish eyes in glue”. He was clearly joking around with me (I think) but it has scarred me and I have no desire to eat it ever again. I LOVE rice pudding though especially with a little cinnamon/nutmeg. And while I’m a big chocolate person, I think I actually prefer vanilla pudding!


  4. lisaou11 says

    Rice pudding, tapioca pudding–it all grosses me out. As does the thought of cold oats. Bleh. But I still love you…and Sadie!


  5. Katherine says

    Hey, the breeders dog we are trying to get a vizsla from is due TODAY!!! Four people already reserved females so lets cross our fingers that there are more than 4 girl pups…
    I feel like I am waiting to find out if I will have a child or not.


  6. says

    I’m not a fan of rice pudding. And anytime that I hear it mentioned, I’m always reminded of a scene from Sex and the City where Carrie cancels her order for rice pudding after Samantha grosses her out over something. I won’t go into any more details since I don’t want to be the one to make your blog rated R!


  7. says

    Nutmeg is my very favorite spice! Where I grew up there’s a drink (Painkiller) made with coconut, pineapple, and dark rum that gets a bazillion shakes of nutmeg on top and is sooooo tasty!


  8. says

    i love tapioca pudding. i think i’ve had rice pudding but i’m not sure. i love oreo pudding though! yum! and yes, i think someone already said it- but pumpkin pie spice is great too!


  9. says

    Hooray for your bach party weekend! I have one that i’m going to on Saturday night, so fun! I’m not a big pudding fan, the texture is kind of weird.


  10. says

    Wow! That looks delicious πŸ™‚ I have never thought about trying cold oats, but you could be onto something there. I love rice pudding and tapioca pudding…I’m a strange bird, but I love the texture πŸ™‚
    My favorite flavor of pudding is of course chocolate!


  11. Crystal says

    I’ll take straight up vanilla with Chocolate as a close runner up.. I would never eat rice or tapioca pudding- weird texture thing… but I do love yogurt and oats.. I know it doesn’t make any sense!


  12. says

    Definitely not a rice/tapioca fan! It’s not so much the texture that bugs me, the flavor just isn’t up to par with my favorite, chocolate pudding. I enjoy my chocolate pudding with cool whip (what dessert is not better with cool whip?) and rainbow sprinkes. <– does anyone call these jimmies? πŸ™‚


  13. Sue says

    Love tapioca and rice puddings, but my most favorite is chocolate. And while it’s good with add-is such as Oreos, I really love it just plain – all that smooth chocolaty goodness!

    Have a great run on Sunday and a fun bachelorette party! You’ll love Chicago.


  14. says

    I love my grandmother’s rice pudding. Nothing else compares.. I also love tapioca. I don’t really have a texture issue with food at all, so the weird little lumps don’t bother me πŸ™‚


  15. says

    I do not like tapioca pudding — the texture is just odd. Plus I used to work in a nursing home and they would serve that almost every day and just seeing it over and over made me not want to eat it ever.

    I love banana pudding or chocolate pudding, oh and pistachio pudding. Delicious!


  16. says

    My husband would say I’m a rice pudding fiend! One batch won’t last a couple of days at our house!

    I will definitely have to give the cold oats a try.


  17. says

    The oatmeal looks super yummy. I’ve been craving oatmeal every morning for 2 weeks…something I find slightly odd, but it sure is good. Love love love the photo of Sadie. πŸ™‚


  18. Shannon says

    I love rice pudding, mainly when I’m getting Indian food!! Tapioca is just OK to me…I’m not usually a pudding person but I used to like the chocolate ones in the little containers when I was a kid.


  19. Alexis @ Mission: Ambition says

    I love tapioca pudding! It reminds me of my childhood because my dad used to make it for us for special occasions πŸ™‚

    I had almond pudding at a Turkish restaurant recently and it was delicious!


  20. says

    I don’t really love pudding, but that said, I prefer rice to any. I think its because of the raisins and cinnamon. Yum!

    I hope you have a blast at your Bachelorette! And don’t worry about not strength training it takes a long time to lose muscle.


  21. says

    Nutmeg is alright, but I’d devote my entire spice life to cinnamon if I could. πŸ˜‰

    Oh my gosh, I can not stand the texture of rice pudding and tapioca pudding. When I eat overnight oats, I have to keep every separate otherwise I can’t stand the texture!


  22. Stefanie says

    Okay, too weird as this am I had nectarine, greek yogurt, uncooked oats (I just put em in and let the mixture sit awile, and nice little texture) pumpkin pie Spice, and topped with chia seeds. kinda close. Since it is the season right now for peaches and nectarines, they are replacing my berries for a bit.

    You got to try Pumpkin Pie Spice on your morning bowls.. Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, touch ginger.YUM!


  23. Linda says

    Yes, I like both tapioca and rice pudding, although I need to be careful of eating rice or tapioca since I have diabetes–rice elevates my blood sugars, plus the milk–I would have to be sure it is made with brown rice and sugar subsittute.

    I also love Bread Pudding….but again I need to be careful of portion size and the kind of bread and sugars used.


  24. Linda says

    Yes, I like both tapioca and rice pudding, although I need to be careful of eating rice or tapioca since I have diabetes–rice elevates my blood sugars, plus the milk–I would have to be sure it is made with brown rice and sugar subsittute.

    I also love Bread Pudding….but again I need to be careful of portion size and the kind of bread and sugars used.

    Your idea for the cold/flash freeze oats w/yogurt and berries sounds very interesting…I will try that soon.


  25. Lauren says

    Hey Julie…I wanted to wish you a great time on your bachelorette party/1/2 marathon this weekend! You will have a great time! The weather here is supposed to be beautiful…around 80 every day! Have fun!


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