A Carrot the Size of My Arm

salmon 008

If you are veggie-averse, puh-lease try making veggie fries using rutabagas, parsnips or turnips. I think they’re your best bet for falling in love with this nutritious food group. Not only do they look a lot like real fries, but when dipped in ketchup they almost taste like them, too. Now, I’m not going to lie…… 

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Caramel & Chocolate Showdown (+ a Giveaway!)

Woohoo for yummy lunches! Today I enjoyed a PBF favorite… a noodle bowl! My bowl o’ pasta was a bit different today, as it did not include my beloved red sauce. Instead I opted for a cheesy sauce made with melted Laughing Cow light original Swiss cheese wedge and Babybel cheese. The combination of the… 

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The Veggie That Haunts Your Dreams

salmon 002

Stereotypically speaking, most kids have a vegetable (or 12) that they absolutely hate and refuse to eat. Growing up the veggies that haunted my dreams were broccoli and asparagus. A popular nightmare-inducing veggie is Brussels sprouts, but those lil’ babies make this girl smile! 🙂 (Yes, I am well aware that my jeans are way… 

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Running is for the Dogs

Dog fun in un momento, but first let’s get to lunch! My lunch today was mmm, mmm good thanks to leftover Jennie-O applewood smoked turkey breast  tenderloin that I used to make a delicious turkey sandwich. Along with the turkey, I included fresh spinach and sauerkraut on the sandwich for a little added nutrition. To… 

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Oh Look, We're Matching!

When I headed off to college, I planned on becoming a teacher. During my senior year of high school I immersed myself in childhood education courses and took a child development class which I absolutely loved. In the class, each high school student was assigned a preschooler to work with throughout the semester. According to… 

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