High Tea at the Ritz

Afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton? Well aren’t we just the fanciest little trio?

winery and tea 036

My mom, sister and I have been talking about enjoying an afternoon tea at a fancy-pantsy kinda place for a year or so now.

We figured our girl’s weekend in Orlando would be a great opportunity to schedule our little tea party at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes.

When we arrived, we were guided to a comfy area of the lobby with plush leather chairs and a great view of the resort’s pool.

winery and tea 034

As were perused the menu, clouds rolled in and it started to pour. It made our tea experience feel all the more cozy!

We decided to order one traditional tea service to share, and two additional pots of tea so we could try three different kinds of tea.

winery and tea 032

I selected the green tea passion, which tasted like a fruity and slightly sweet green tea.

winery and tea 033

winery and tea 037

I really enjoyed my tea and my sister’s pear caramel tea. Both were very flavorful and perfectly soothing.

We sipped on our tea while chatting away and waiting for our tray of mini pastries and sandwiches to arrive.

winery and tea 040

winery and tea 041

winery and tea 059

When our treats arrived, our eyes got reeeeal big. It arrived on three plates in a little tower. Quite the display!

winery and tea 044

winery and tea 045

winery and tea 046

winery and tea 047

We felt like quite the classy bunch sippin’ our teas and munching on our quaint little treats… That is until I used my finger to enjoy every last bit of Devonshire cream that came with the buttery scone.

What is it with me and cream? I just love it!

Luckily my love for the cream that came with the scone was mirrored by my mom and sister’s love of the actual scone, so we ordered two more scones for us to share.

winery and tea 055 

winery and tea 060

winery and tea 061 

For me, the entire tea experience was highlighted by the scones and the cream… and the fantastic company. 🙂

In honor of my mom’s birthday, our waitress brought out a plate with three truffles and “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate for the three of us to share.

winery and tea 063


All three of us agreed that we could get used to the high life with hig
h tea every afternoon. 🙂 Now we just need to make billions of dollars to support our extravagant lifestyle. 😉

After tea, we headed to the bathroom before walking around the hotel for a little bit and I just had to snap a couple of pictures because it was ginormous and beautiful.

winery and tea 064

winery and tea 065

I love fancy bathrooms. I’m not sure why I get such a kick out of them, but whenever I visit a hotel or gourmet restaurant I always like to check out the bathroom.

After oohing and ahhing over the restroom, we explored the hotel for a little while before heading home.

winery and tea 066

winery and tea 067

winery and tea 072

winery and tea 073

I love exploring hotels and enjoy being surrounded by people who are on vacation. They’re always having so much fun (or are a little stressed 😉 ) and have an aura of excitement about them. Vacations are always so much fun and I enjoy seeing people take time to relax and spend quality time with loved ones. Too bad we can’t go on vacation more often!

Veil Shopping

After taking in the sites at the Ritz, we headed out to look a bridal veils. I found one that I like a lot, but didn’t want to commit without seeing my wedding dress again.

My dress should be arriving at the boutique in the middle of the month, so I plan to check it out and make sure the lace from my dress will really go with the lace on the bottom of the veil we found. My dress doesn’t have any beading and the veil I saw this afternoon does, but I think the lace from the veil could still go with the lace from my dress.

I have high hopes!

winery and tea 082

Once veil shopping was done, we headed home to hang out with Sadie for a bit.

Eventually our tummies started grumbling and we decided it was time for dinner.


We piled into my car to head to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner since I had a coupon for one free meal.

None of us had ever been to Sweet Tomatoes before so we were excited to try it out. 

I piled my plate full of salad with lots of veggies and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

sweet tomatoes 001

I also enjoyed some fresh watermelon, pizza sticks, pasta and chicken noodle soup on the side.

sweet tomatoes 002

sweet tomatoes 003

Everything was good, but definitely not great. We all agreed that the food and restaurant reminded us a bit of meal plan food from college or the open buffets on cruise ships.


Even though dinner wasn’t fantastic, you know I wasn’t going to pass up the soft serve station for some dessert!

sweet tomatoes 004

I topped my soft serve with granola and apple crisp. I enjoyed the apple crisp so much that I went back for another large bowl of vanilla soft serve with more warm apple crisp.

sweet tomatoes 007

Dessert really is the best part of the meal. Nothing else even compares. 😀

Now we’re home and plan to spend the rest of the evening watching girly movies.

First up: Four Weddings and a Funeral. None of us have seen it and I’ve heard good things! Let’s hope it’s entertaining.

Off to watch Hugh Grant! 😀


  1. bellalunamom says

    What a great experience and how cute are you and your mom and sister :D. Please tell me where you all put all that food! You are all so tiny, yet consume so much fabulous food!!!

    Btw…I grew up in Orlando, but now live in Tampa and love reading about all the places in O-Town you visit…takes me back…


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      aw, thank you. we joke that we’re like cows & have 5 stomachs. it’s really ridiculous how huge our appetites are sometimes… especially when it comes to sweets.


  2. says

    what a seriously fun day with your mom and sister! i really love devonshire cream…i had never had it before a couple weeks ago and fell in LOOOOOOVE! you girls are all so beautiful! 🙂


  3. says

    I just went to Sweet Tomatoes while I was in Orlando. I love the selection of all of the salads they have but I was definitely reminded of a bit of the dining hall in a college now that you mention it!


  4. says

    I went to afternoon tea with my friends at this reaaaally extravagant hotel near my college (because we could use our school dining points) and it looked almost identical to your experience! So classy. I can’t stop thinking about those scones!!


  5. Rika says

    haha! My family and I actually went to Sweet Tomato when on vacation to welcome me back from my first quarter in college and I just felt so sick because it felt like I went back to my dorm life!


  6. Mary Beth says

    I have to admit, I go to Sweet Tomatoes once a week! Don’t you wish you could take that fro yo machine home and plant it in your kitchen? I sure do!


  7. says

    That tea service looks so fun!! I went to one last Christmastime at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC…definitely something fun to check out if you’re ever in the city 🙂 You, your sister and your mom all look so much a like- beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  8. says

    I just recently had High Tea for the first time and loved how girly it made me feel…the beautiful china, the dainty eats, the lovely surroundings. Loved it! Glad you did as well.

    Gorgeous veil…is it finger tip length?


  9. says

    Oooh, I LOVE high tea!! It looks like you all had a lovely afternoon 😀 I know that you have lived in Illinois, have you ever done high tea at The Drake in Chicago?? It is amazing. If you are ever in Chicago again you should definitely try it!


  10. balancejoyanddelicias says

    I love tea at the high end hotels… it’s such an unique experience… you immediately feel more important.. more chic, more elegant and more everything!!! 😀


  11. says

    Hi Julie,
    This is the first time I have commented on your blog but I have to say that I have been enjoying reading for the past few months. It looks like you are having a great time with your mom and sister. I don’t have a sister but I do love quality time with my mom 🙂 Hope your weekend continues to be great.



  12. says

    The scones + cream look heavenly. Don’t you just love having those occasional prim and proper experiences? What a great way to spend a girls’ day. At least the tea balanced out the Sweet Tomatoes mediocrity – overall win for the day, I’d say! 🙂


  13. says

    I had that exact same dinner last night! I actually LOVE Sweet Tomatoes. It is hands down my favorite place to eat at.

    It was my first time going for dinner though. That apple cobbler was TOO good! I’m glad we usually go for lunch and they save those kind of desserts for dinner time. =)


  14. Lindsey says

    I just got back from the Ritz Carlton in California… There they had blueberry muffins and some of the most amazing blueberry scones I’ve ever had. YUM!


  15. says

    Hahaha, I totally have a thing for fancy bathrooms too. I don’t know what it is about them, but they’re so intriguing! I love to see what kinds of “goodies” they have in the baskets too. 😉


  16. says

    OMG Sweet Tomatoes! I seriously love that place, but we do not have any in Wisconsin. My family and I went to that restuarant years ago when I had a basketball tournament in Kansas!


  17. says

    WOW- your veil is GORGEOUS! 😀 Looks like such a fun weekend w/ the girls 🙂 Sorry I’m playing catch up with blog reading- so my comments are a bit late 😉



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