PBF: What's in a Name?

Let’s breeze through lunch today because I wasn’t really feelin’ it.

Don’t get me wrong, it was totally tasty, but I just wasn’t in the mood to eat what I packed for lunch this afternoon. It was a bit of a bummer, but I inhaled the whole thing and powered through because I’m tough. 😀

Salad Time!

Today’s lunch was a big ol’ salad that included:

  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Beets
  • Cucumber
  • Red pepper
  • Green pepper
  • Pork tenderloin
  • Italian dressing

My favorite part of this salad was the beets. I love ’em!

We've Got the Beet, We've Got the Beet, We've Got the Beeeeeet, Yeah!

Veggies + Pork

So fresh!

PBF: What’s In a Name?

I remember when I began tossing around the idea of starting a blog. I had all sorts of crazy ideas when it came to the name of my blog.

I wanted my blog name to convey a love of food without seeming too overly healthy because, let’s face it, I’m not about to live my life without indulging in mini Oreo cheesecakes, red velvet cake brownies or whipped cream and chocolate wafer cookie stacks.

Plus, would any of you really want to visit www.AsparagusIsDelicious.com? I didn’t think so.

The blog name I initially settled on was “Soft Serve and Cheez-its.” I even created a blog with this name through Blogger, but didn’t post more than once. It just didn’t feel right.

What Could Have Been...

Ryan was actually the one who came up with the name of my blog. He was always catching me in the kitchen with my finger in the peanut butter jar and said I was the queen of peanut butter fingers. When he suggested “Peanut Butter Fingers” as the name of my blog, I was instantly smitten.

Doing What I Do Best

Not only did the name “Peanut Butter Fingers” highlight one of my all-time favorite snacks, but I felt like it also conveyed my laid-back approach to eating. Someone who thinks it’s okay to eat peanut butter straight from the jar using their finger can’t be someone who is rigid about healthy eating or a stickler for diets, right?

And there you have it! The history behind the name of my blog! 😀

Question of the Afternoon

For non-bloggers:

  • If you started a blog, what would you name it?

For bloggers:

  • How did you select the name of your blog?


  1. says

    oh, i’m so glad you posted this! too cute 🙂 i liked “Heather’s Dish” because i wanted it to be something where i could “dish” about anything, but especially food. and Heather because it’s my name 🙂

    the subtitle of mine is “the story of a joyful kitchen” because that’s where a lot of the joy comes from…the kitchen! i love my joyful life and i wanted that to shine through too 🙂


  2. says

    We grew up eating “PB spoons.” You dip a spoon in the PB and eat it like a lolly–we did not have sweets in the house, which I think was a mistake cos we’d FREAK when anybody offers us something sweet (“freak” meaning eat everything we could).

    Aunt Lily, that’s me,* Use the by-line “Oh…it’s her” cos that’s the look I get when I enter a room. I’m trouble.

    *had a blog for several years called MadTante, which is like saying mental auntie–again, that’s me.


  3. says

    Very cute post! Initially my blog idea came from my love of restaurants and trying all the new places there are to try in Chitown. I am one that is big on reviews and unfortunately, many reviews that I would find when doing my research did not contain photos or go into great detail (which for someone like myself was important). So there started the idea and from there, I cook so often I thought I would throw in some of my own ideas/recipes as well. So there you have it! 🙂


  4. says

    The name of my blog, Miss Chubby Hubby, came from my BF too! In fact, the idea and concept was Jeff’s. The name itself is because I always call Jeff Chubby, its one of those ironic nicknames because he’s so thing. At one point he did put on a few pounds and asked me to help him lose the weight. He suggested a shared blog that showed both the male and female approach to health. Fast forward 5 months Jeff’s lost the weight and interest in blogging. But that means more time for me. 🙂


  5. says

    I toyed with so many names…and wanted words like pumpkin or cinnamon or mexi food. And then I realized that I always have to define my name in the way of food (Shanna sounds like banana) so that sort of stuck!


  6. says

    I started out as “Coffee Chatters” because I love coffee and I just wanted a blog to ramble on… but just like you said it didn’t feel like ME. I loved coffee, but more than that I just LOVE food! Hence the name Fervent Foodie was born 🙂

    Still annoyed that my wordpress login is coffeechatters… I feel like an imposter everytime I have to log in!


  7. Katie says

    That’s really creative! I think PBF is much more fitting too. And my blog name is Sweets and Veggies. I also wanted something to show I’m healthy but I still like to live a little and eat the things I crave. Sweets are my biggest weakness and veggies are something that I go toward all the time when I want something healthy and delicious. It’s a perfect balance!
    Check out my blog some time!!


  8. says

    Thanks for sharing the story behind the name of your blog! I started my blog in January–GaviGetsGoing!–and I chose the name for a few reasons. I liked the alliteration of the 3 G’s, and I wanted to convey the idea that I was making a change. For me, I needed to get myself going BACK in the direction of health (my whole story is on my blog!), and I thought the name was a good place to start. To be honest, I’m not smitten with it, so I’m always on the lookout for inspiration for a new blog name! 🙂


  9. says

    YOu have one of the BEST blog names out there! Seriously. It’s excellent!

    I got mine from the movie “Young Frankenstein”. In it, Frankestein is creating his monster and he asks his assitant to go get him a brain, and the assistant grabs the “ABNORMAL” brain thinking that it belonged to someone named “ABBY NORMAL”. Cracks me up everytime!! And since my blog is just about and my day to day life, I figured “Abby Normally” was appropriate.

    And also I started Twittering first and “AbbyNormal” was taken. But I’m glad 🙂


  10. kate says

    i love the name! it’s wicked 🙂
    Your salad looked good but I know what you mean about not being thrilled when you don’t open up your lunch to something you’re really craving. luckily today was not one of those days for me! (i got spoiled and my lunch was packed for me and it was delicious!).

    The name of my blog is kind of just an inside joke between me and my roommate. she calls absolutely EVERYONE ‘bitty’ so we were joking around one day about my level of activity and she started calling me ‘fitty bitty’.. when i started my latest blog it seemed like the natural choice!

    Great blog today. I’m a pretty new reader but I have started following you religiously so thank you for giving me something else to do while I’m bored at work! haha.


  11. says

    I wanted the title of my blog to reflect the transitions that are going on in my life right now…most importantly, my huge career change (I start Dental Hygiene School in January)…so “Scrubs” had to be in my title!


  12. says

    This is so cute! I love learning more about the background of blogs!! I chose HomeCookedEm simply because I love being in my home and eating home cooked meals. And well, my name is Em! 😉


  13. says

    I had a name I really wanted but it was taken. I don’t even remember what it was now, but I settled on The Lifestyle “Diet” because I wanted people to know that I wasn’t going to talk about dieting. I was talking about a lifestyle change and being an overall healthy person… and healthy people eat junk once in a while 🙂 Originally I was stricly going to talk about health misconceptions, but its gotten to be more about my life and what I eat once I got into it.


  14. says

    I love the behind-the-scenes info!

    I happened on I’m (not) Superhuman when I considered I’m (not) Wonder Woman might come up against some sort of copyright infringement. The idea is still the same: I’m not physically amazing, my body is injured and broken—and yet the fact that I keep pushing sort of in its own way makes me a little superhuman.

    I think we all have times when we’re totally human–and others when we’re kind of amazing.


  15. Anne @ the doctor takes a wife says

    Mine started as my wedding blog, and I thought it was a clever name. But I try to blog about life in general, and my whole being is not all about being married, or about healthy living. Just me and the Doctor and the things we do 🙂


  16. says

    I love your blog name! It is cute and catchy. I came up with my name just walking with my friend and testing a bunch out. I thought Tip Top Shape had a ring to it. And, voila-blog name pcked! I’m trying to think of one for my forthcoming recipe blog, though, and am coming up with none 🙁


  17. says

    I just started mine and debated a long time over choosing Running on Cupcakes. I was just thinking about writing something on my intro.
    When I first started looking at food blogs they were cupcake blogs, now I love all these healthy blogs, but I have a hard time staying on track. So I wanted a name/blog that combined my love of sweets w/trying to stay healthy. Kinda failing at the healthy part right now, but it’s all about balance. (and I just started 🙂


    • says

      Aw, that’s a great blog name story! I can’t help but wonder… do you and Ryan share PB jars or do you have your own for finger dipping? 🙂

      My parents called me Little Bitty as a baby, and I felt like Little Bitty Bakes would be a nice blog name, as well as a good name for a bakery someday. 😉


  18. says

    I have a blog on SparkPeople, so it doesn’t actually have a name. I have thought about getting a website, but I just can’t think of a name and don’t know if I would blog regularly enough to justify paying for a website!


  19. says

    I started off my blog as “One Little Onigiri” becauce of the time I spent in Japan, but as much as I love Japanese cooking, it isn’t the bulk of what I eat. So I re-evaluated the name, and ended up going with “Callieflower Kitchen”. My boyfriend made up the name “Callieflower” by mixing my name + cauliflower, which I thought was adorable and represented how I try to live a healthy lifestyle 🙂


  20. says

    More Fruit Please came about as a way to remind myself of my goal to eat more fruit. I realized that I really liked fruit, but would hardly eat it! I think that stemmed from my aversion to fruit growing up. Since starting the blog, I’ve been much better about loading my grocery cart up with fruit and incorporating it into my diet almost every day!


  21. maria says

    its funny that you bring up why you named your blog what you did – for the longest time google reader has been telling me to read you, but i hate peanut butter, so i was totally averse. of course, a few weeks ago i gave in and checked it out – and im so sorry i judged you on your love of peanut butter! you have a great blog thats so much more than just peanut butter fingers.


  22. says

    I was telling Hubby I wanted to run a 5K and to see how long it was around our block while driving…he said “Ok 5K Rae.” So he started calling me that and then when I started my running blog that’s what the name had to be!


  23. says

    My blog is called “The Nutritionist Reviews” and I named it that because I have my bachelors degree in dietetics and am a nutritionist. I love to try many new products and review them too which is where the other part of the name comes in!

    I had different names for the blog before but changed them because they didn’t seem perfect. I am happy with the name now and think it fits pretty well!


  24. says

    I settled on my name because I like to cook, but I don’t consider myself as skilled as others (like yourself). I don’t create recipes and I’m not as adventuorous as I should be. So I thought that I am more of a “pretend cook.”


  25. Alaina says

    I just started reading your blog and I have to say I love it! I, too, an am an avid peanut butter finger snacker, so I felt you were a kindred spirit ;]

    I’m thinking about starting a blog of my own and coming up with a name is so difficult! I keep thinking of ones that i like, but then a week later I’ll think of something I dislike about it…right now I’ve got “This Gator Eats Greens” or “Gator Girl Eats Greens” or something along those lines [since I go to UF, and all!]. We’ll see, though.


  26. Chaaron says

    I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog, not only about a healthy lifestyle, but also dealing with the changes that my husband and I will experience as he begins his career in the foreign service.

    I was thinking I would call it “A Bear Abroad” subtitled: One Gal’s Adventures as a Foreign Service Spouse.

    My husband and our friends have stopped using my first name and now just calls me “Bear” (derived from ChaarBear) and I am trying very hard to embrace it. Especially because bears are cute.


  27. says

    ash – we had a tough time with ours (“double shot of texas”). we wanted it to convey both of our personalities without being too cheesy. we played around with something about him being a future teacher and me a future doctor. or something with him loving basketball and us being engaged (maybe “hoops and rings”). but we finally chose our name in a coffee shop (which we both love – hence the “double shot” part) and in texas (again something we both love). ultimately fit us perfectly.


  28. says

    I chose “Swift as Shadows” from a Bible verse. I don’t have mine in front of me right now, so I can’t remember exactly where it is, but it’s about life passing by quickly. I always wanted to start a blog, but let life get in the way. One day I decided to buckle down and start doing what I love doing — writing. It’s still a struggle to keep my blog updated, but I’m learning as I go. =)


  29. says

    in high school I took a Latin course and at one point we did a section on mottos… One of the mottos was Dum Spiro, Spero which translates to “While I breathe, I hope”. My dad was battling cancer at the time and I remember it really sticking with me that as long as you are breathing there is always hope for the next moment….

    He lost he battle with cancer later that year and I eventually got the motto tattooed on my back in memory of him.

    My blog deals with all of the consequences of his death and learning to deal with grief and how to try and move on with lire in a positive way…


  30. brazilgrrl says

    Aww i love the story of this blog’s name!!!! I got mine because recently I’ve been going through a lot of stuff and I didn’t really like who I was. So, I’ve been learning to love myself…hence the title of the blog =P.


  31. says

    How cool to know the history of the name. Love it!

    I chose my blog name from what I truly try to revolve my life around. I firmly stand behind the “Triple F Philosophy” I have posted on my blog and that faith and enjoying life are both vital parts of achieving true health and fitness. 🙂


  32. says

    I love peanut butter fingers. I think you made the right choice! :).

    Mine is pretty simple..I had the HARDEST time of thinking of something cutesy (which really isn’t me anyways), so I stuck with what I am…an Okie :).


  33. says

    it took me a few days to think of a good name, and…. well…. clean eats in the dirty south came to me when i was on the toilet. nasty, but true.
    but it fits me, because i’m an antonym – a british vegan in the south! plus, it’s a catchy name (i think?) that really sticks!


  34. christina cadden says

    Good post! As for your question: My blog is Off the beaten Path. I named it that because my life never seemed normal. Plus, after throwing around a lot of different names Mr. Guru loved that one.


  35. says

    Although my blog is about a healthy lifestyle, it’s name is just my name–borrrrrrrrringggggggggg. Originally I used it just to keep in contact with the tons of relatives I have. I’m adopted and I’ve always known my biological family and then I have my adopted family and half and step family etc. Between all my different families I have 10 siblings! So I have a lot of people to stay in touch with!

    Recently I’ve transitioned from a keeping in touch blog to a healthy lifestyle blog but I don’t know how (or if I can) switch the name! Do you know?

    I’d like to name it Healthy Balance Healthy Life because I really believe that everything is about a balance of good nutrition and small indulgences. I don’t like to give up anything so I just try to find the healthiest possible version of what I want! A healthy lifestyle (nutrition + keeping active) also keeps me balanced and grounded both physically and emotionally so the name just fits! My twitter handle is HealthyBalance1 though so at least I’ve got that name there!


  36. says

    I chose the blog name “The Pajama Chef” after a long process. After reading blogs for awhile and brainstorming about blog names, I began to be too influenced by other people’s blog names. They’re great and all, but I didn’t want yet another blog that sounds similar to this or that kind of food. And my name, Sarah, is so common that any blog name I thought of, there was another one like it. I don’t really have nicknames, and the ones I do have I don’t want to post online! 🙂 They aren’t inappropriate, just embarrassing! So I chose the Pajama Chef, because a) the minute I get home, I throw on some pj’s, and b) my blog is about cooking and baking.. hence the chef 🙂


  37. says

    I have a blog that is dedicated to my family, but if I had a food blog, it would definitely be called “peanut butter & honey” or “peanut butter & bananas”….I could live off this stuff!


  38. says

    TOO CUTE! Well when I originally started thinking about starting a blog I knew that I couldn’t come up with on without a name. I read yours along with several other daily and all of my friends kept telling me how I needed to start one of my own. My nick-name from EVERYONE I know is something along the lines of munchkin, bite size, bity, baby or little one… you get the picture. I also wanted something dealing with food, but that I could also talk about my life and it make sense with my title. So “Bite Sized” because I’m all of 5 feet tall, and texan because I tend to have a small country accent that people make fun of and OF COURSE because I live in Texas 🙂


  39. says

    I lived in Illinois for 20 years and realized I needed a change. I moved to Bellingham, Washington and fell in love. The pacific northwest was the perfect place for me. I’ve never been happier. My brother told me to call my blog Saved by the Bellingham. This place has truly saved me.


  40. fitbblonde says

    I named mine (fill in the blank) blonde. I couldn’t think of just one word with which I wanted to define myself, since I intended for my blog to cover a variety of topics. This way, I can just “fill in the blank” with whatever seems appropriate for the post! Cop out? Maybe. Haha. But it works! 🙂


  41. says

    I named my blog Jammin’ in the Kitchen because I thought of how much I like to wear my pajamas (a.k.a. jammies) when I’m home, and I also like to “jam” to music every now and then 😉 I’m also a huge punster 🙂


  42. silvershadow157 says

    I started my blog because I felt like I needed to change the way I approach my life. I decided I wanted to learn how to live life to the fullest. love myself and others, and laugh as much as possible. So I named my blog learning to live, love, and laugh


  43. says

    I love the blog name “Peanut Butter Fingers”! My favorite way to eat peanut butter is straight from the jar….preferably the very first dig or the ending scrape…somehow those scoops are always best-tasting.

    I spent hours trying to think up my blog name. I wanted the name to be personal, witty, and focused on health/wellness, etc.

    Therefore I came up with the double entendre “One Gillian Reasons” to Live Well. While I list and number the reasons (hoping to get to one million one day!), I am also reasoning the benefits of good health!


  44. says

    My blog name was insanely easy to think of. At the time that I started my blog I had a habit of eating big meals to the point of getting that big belly–FoodBaby–feeling. And I wanted to play up on my age (and the fact that I get constantly mistaken for a 12 year old).


  45. says

    I love this question and I wondered where your blog name originated! I had a family blog and then went through a divorce. After that I wanted a fresh start so started my blog shy-myliferightnow (because myliferightnow was already taken so had to add to it a bit!) because I am living one day at a time as I adjust to my new life. My blog tells my friends what is going on with me, well, right now. 🙂


  46. says

    When choosing the name of my blog I just thought of all the topics I would cover – so I decided on Food, Fitness, & Fun. (Not nearly as interesting as your story.) 😉


  47. says

    Love the story! And “Peanut Butter Fingers” definitely beats “Soft Serve and Cheez-its.” Good choice, my dear…

    I first used my name when writing a column for my school newspaper. To me, “Pursuit of Healthfulness” is really meaningful. I’m happiest when I’m healthy, active and energized.

    When I began a blog, the name was a natural choice.


  48. Jessica says

    I came up with “Amaze Yourself” because I had started to train for a bikini competition and found myself repeatedly telling my bestie/coach how I amazed myself on a daily basis. I wanted to motivate others to do the same. It worked well at the time, but I don’t really like it anymore, since I’m no longer training and making drastic changes, just maintaining…


  49. says

    Mine’s from a Robert Frost Poem called Birches, I just love the poem to pieces but don’t know if it really fits for my blog name, may be changing it up soon.


  50. Jessica says

    I named my blog Rock, Paper, Scissors, Life…I wanted it to reflect how easily life can change…with one choice, one decision, everything can go in a multitude of different directions. I think it’s also a perfect hodge-podge of words to indicate the fun happy go lucky and on the go lifestyle my boyfriend (Tyler) and I live. We never know where things are going to take us but we always have a great time!


  51. says

    I named mine NEWtrition. My last name is Newman so it fit perfectly! I wanted to name my blog something with my named tied in there. Most of my friends call me by my last name and I write a healthy living blog- ding ding ding! Now my friends call me Newtrition… much better than Newman 🙂


  52. says

    “Peanut Butter Fingers” is actually from a Season 7 episode of Friends: Monica & Chandler are planning their wedding and she is trying to narrow down the choices for the hors d’oeuvres for the reception. Joey reviews the list and adds to it — she says “what are ‘peanut butter fingers’?” and he mimes the scooping & licking. I recognized the reference right away!

    My blog is titled “Bright Lights, Big Kidder” because I like to think of myself as a reluctant grownup!


  53. says

    I love the background of your blog title! Very cool.

    Growing up, my older sister always teased me and called me “nerd girl.” I hated the nickname. When I decided to major in chemistry in college, I began to accept my nerdiness (you kind of have to with that degree) and became rather fond of the nickname. I decided to call my blog “A Philly Nerd Girl” since I love the city of Philly and wanted it to mostly reflect all of me if I chose, instead of only one aspect of me.


  54. says

    I love your blog! The title is ingenious.

    I first started blogging solely about exercise and food, but then I realized I had so much more in my life that I got excited about: travel, trying new things…and I knew that just exercise and food was not going to cut it, even though they’re a huge portion of my life.

    I love assonance, so an A-A name was a no-brainer. I knew I wanted not just my routine, but my pep-talk type of day and willingness to do different things on my blog. I wanted to live every day like an adventure. (And I knew I wanted to show photos of me being generally silly…just because I *am*, and it’s hard to talk about that, too, when I’m so focused on exercise and food.)

    Now I’m chattering about it all!


  55. says

    I love your blog! I actually came across it on pinterest because of all the wedding photos (beautiful wedding!).

    I started a blog about everything that inspires me and one of the things is a healthy lifestyle. Though it’s still working it’s way up I’m hoping that I can combine my two blogs into one.
    The name of my health blog is “OneTwoAHealthyYou”.
    I chose this because to me, there are two steps to becoming health; one being making a physical change by exercising and eating right (with still being able to indulge) and two being smile. Smiling is a mental change not everybody realizes. Smiling keeps you going even when days are tough, to help you realize that you are full of potential. So with that I put the two together and voila!
    My other blog falls under the name of “Elle a Inspiré”, or she’s inspired in french. It’s something I’ve always lived by and thought I can post things that inspire me or make me smile or that I just find amazing.

    I feel that names should represent who you are and what you stand for and I think we’ve both done that very well. I look forward to continue reading!



  56. says

    Completely stumbled on this post through another post of yours and I’d been wondering how you came up with the name! I must say, its such a fun name 🙂 Now, whenever I read, I just want to chow down on some PB lol (Not a bad thing!)

    My blog name is just a “foodie” play on words using my home state of Massachusetts 🙂


  57. says

    The name of your blog is what kept me clicking through it! I stumbled upon your blog through pinterest, laughed and the name, and now an hour has totally flown by as I scrolled through your posts. 🙂 I too am a PB LOVER but I usually use a spoon 😛


  58. says

    Well, I have a “Fitblr” but I treat it like a blog! I came up with my name from getting the song from that movie “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” stuck in my head for about the 50th time that day (I’ve never even seen it!) I was like, “Well, I’m a teenage health nut. Why don’t I have a song?” and the rest is history. 🙂 I, too, found you on Pinterest and was excited, because Joey Tribbiani from Friends told Monica about peanut butter fingers. 🙂


  59. says

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