An Almost Restless Workout

Ryan always leaves the gym super sweaty.

His strength training workouts are no joke. To me, they seem like a combination of cardio and strength training because he never stops moving. In between sets of one exercise, he does another less-intense exercise that typically only uses his body weight (such as crunches), so his heart rate never drops too low.

Though my workout today wasn’t nearly as fast-paced as Ryan’s, I did make an effort to not rest for more than 30 seconds between sets of each exercise. At first I thought this would be plenty of time, but those 30 seconds of recovery fly by!

My workout today looked like this:

Slam Jam Those Muscles!

I also did 10 minutes of cardio on the stair master to warm up and completed 10 minutes of cardio on the elliptical to cool down.

Post workout, I came home to shower and made a concerted effort to tone-down my Swamp Beast habits. (You guys should know I’ve come a long way in my Swamp Beastliness, though I still hop out of the shower right away because it’s grossss to linger. ;) )


I was achin’ for some bacon for breakfast today and turned to the freezer to grab some Morningstar Farms veggie bacon to include in my morning meal.

Morningstar Farms Veggie Bacon Strips

I used the fakie bacon in a breakfast sandwich that I made with a wedge of Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese and an egg white.

Veggie Baconified Breakfast Sandwich

On the side I also enjoyed a cup of strawberry banana Chobani Greek yogurt.

Strawberry Banana Chobani

If you’re not so sure about the whole Greek yogurt thing, you should know that Ryan thinks plain Greek yogurt is gross, but loves this flavor. The strawberry banana Greek yogurt has officially replaced his typical plain strawberry yogurt.

I think he was swayed to convert to Greek yogurt when I showed him that a serving of the yogurt he was buying had almost 40 grams of sugar… more than a serving of ice cream (which is 10x more delicious… I’ll take my sugar consumption elsewhere, thankyouverymuch).


Stay tuned for information about our plans tonight! I am beyond excited for what we have in store. I felt like it was Christmas Eve as we were going to bed last night… Okay, total lie, but I am pumped! :D

Question of the Morning

What is your favorite sugar-laden food?

Do I really need to tell you mine? ICE CREAM!!!!!!


  1. says

    Can’t wait to see your plans tonight!! :D I always see people in the gym like Ryan, and I’m like, how are you BREATHING right now?! Haha it gets intense.

    I am so with you on the ice cream thing ;)


      • peanutbutterfingers says

        ryan’s cousin wanted to implement the “pumpkin challenge” to see if anyone could eat an entire bag of the pumpkins that come in some candy born bags w/o puking! :)


  2. says

    Ben and Jerry’s ice cream… cookie dough… chocolate. In order to curb the sugar-monster I try to buy a dark chocolate bar and eat a square or two at a time. I can go CRAZY with sugar sometimes!


  3. Katie says

    Looking forward to seeing what your evening plans are! :)

    I’m actually not a huge sugar fan, but when I do crave it I crave anything with chocolate and coconut. Whether it be a Mounds bar, or simply chocolate chips sprinkled ontop a bed of shredded coconut eaten with a large spoon. :)


  4. says

    Oh how I wish we had Chobani up here in Canada! I actually can’t find ANY Greek yogurt around here and have beeing dying to try it out.

    I love me a good piece of cake… and ice cream… and cookies.. oh my!


  5. elysie says

    I just read your swamp beast post. Too funny! Actually I think that is a good lesson in working issues out as a couple. You and Ryan could have had an argument about that but instead it turned into a cute joke. What a neat guy.

    I have a hard time choosing what my favorite sweet food is…brownies are right up there at the top, but so is any kind of candy.


  6. says

    I just read your Swamp Beast story as well and I have to agree with Elysie – you and Ryan are a great example of what getting along as a couple can be! It’s so refreshing with what seems like constant relationship drama amongst my friends!

    My favorite sugary treat is definitely brownies but I am an equal opportunity snacker :)


  7. says

    I try to do the same thing when I lift by incorporating short bursts of cardio in between sets, like jumping jacks or high knees. It really helps to keep the heart rate up in between sets.

    I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for tonight. Sounds so exciting already!!


  8. King Ding says

    Hey! Somebody stole my yogurt! What the heck. Blogging makes it tough to be sneaky ;) I’m super excited for tonight’s tasting. I love you.

    ps. Stop sharing my gym secrets…j/k. Actually, what body part did you superset this morning?


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      your first-ever blog comment and you comment as “king ding.” gosh, i love you. now i’m going to secretly film one of your workouts & post it on the blog. better watch yo’ back!


        • King Ding says

          Oops! ATTENTION, all blog readers please ignore my prior post. Thank you. Julie and I will be doing non-wedding events this evening. I repeat, NON-wedding events.

          There. That’ll throw the off…


          • peanutbutterfingers says

            now you’re just insulting the intelligence of my blog readers. maybe i should also post a video of you attempting to gargle. ;)


  9. says

    Your wedding venue is gorgeous!

    I recently tried that flavor of Chobani and it immediately took me back to my childhood when I use to eat yogurt only in that flavor. It definitely doesn’t have an overpowering tart taste, and just the perfect hint of the fruit. Love it!

    Favorite sugar-laden food, true blue Midwest ice cream from Midwest dairy cows! OH-MY-GOSH! So creamy and rich and delicious!



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