Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Trial

What a whirlwind of a day!

Our wedding invitations are all printed. Hallelujah! Now it’s time to get crafty with the glue gun and make some labels and get these bad boys in the mail.

Though getting the invites printed felt like a great accomplishment, one wedding-related decision that has been stressing me out was officially settled today, as well… My hair!

I’ve been flip flopping back and forth as to whether to wear my hair up or down on the big day. I like my hair better down but it doesn’t hold curl or waves for very long, which concerns me. I didn’t want my hair to look overly hair sprayed if I wore it down and had it hair sprayed a lot in an effort to keep it curled.

I also really love the look of romantic and “un-done” up-dos, and Ryan loves my hair up. I love when brides wear their hair up because I think it shows off the neckline of the bridal gown, so wearing my hair off my shoulders also seemed like a good option.

I headed out to my hair and make-up trial with a make-up free face and five pictures of different hair styles I thought might look good for the big day.

make up & hair trial 004

No make up… AH! :D

Once there, I sat down and explained my thoughts about my hair to the hair stylist. She suggested we try styling it down, and then see what it looks like swept up so I could see both options.

My hair is really, really thin, so when I saw it in loose waves, it looked almost stringy.

When we moved on to the up do, I fell in love.

The woman did an excellent job of following the picture I brought along with me.

In the end my hair resembled this picture a bit, but looked slightly less “loose.”


I don’t want to post a picture of my hair from the front on the blog because I don’t want Ryan to see it, but here’s a picture from the back:

make up & hair trial 008

I will not have that flower in my hair on our wedding day, but I will have a pale pink large rose flower in its place.

I feel like this hairstyle will be perfect, because you can see it from the front, which makes it look like I actually have hair. I always feel like I look like a little boy in pictures when my hair is pulled back, so this option, which allows hair to show from the front, was a perfect fit. I won’t fidget with it and I know Ryan will love the fact that it’s up.



After the trial, my mom and I headed back to my parents’ house for dinner.

On our way home we saw the most adorable doe and two little fawns!

make up & hair trial 009

make up & hair trial 010

They were so teeny and even had spots!

Once home, my mom made a delicious dinner of grouper that my dad caught in a spear fishing tournament yesterday (talk about fresh!) and steamed veggies with a little bit of butter. I also made us a batch of cornbread muffins to enjoy.

make up & hair trial 014

make up & hair trial 012

I went back for seconds of the fish and had another cornbread muffin as well.


Heading Back

After dinner we piled into Ryan’s car and headed back to Orlando.

make up & hair trial 016

When we arrived home, a long, cylindrical package was propped against our front door.

Check out the goods!!!

make up & hair trial 020

I received this poster as a gift from Barb of The Lobster Pot, whose store on Etsy I just adore. I ordered a Keep Calm and Love Vizslas print from Barb a month or so ago and she was wonderful to work with. I love that she made this blog-lovin’ print in pink! So cute. Thank you Barb!

Now I’m off to unpack before getting in bed early. I’m exhausted!

G’night all!


  1. says

    Great choice for the hair! I had mine up, as well, and had my stylist give me some nice texture and oomph – I had flowers in my hair, and just loved how it turned out. I didn’t even have a trial done, since it was a wedding very far from our place.

    And that top is awesome! Who is it by??


  2. says

    That hairstyle is going to look absolutely gorgeous on you!! What you explained sounds exactly like my favorite look. Slightly “un-done” and romantic. LOVE IT!
    P.S. – I posted some pics on my Wedding page today of our honeymoon in St. Lucia. After talking to you, I realized I had never finished that section! :)


  3. says

    Gorgeous hairstyle! You will be such a beauty-ful bride!!
    Ok I have to tell you…. in the pic of you guys in the car, i seriously thought your dog’s nose was his mouth and that he was making a kissy-face with his lips. I was like, “HOW did they get that dog to DO that?!” Lol!


  4. *Andrea* says

    i love your shirt!!!!! where’d you get it?

    i think the hairdo will look gorgeous. i totally agree on looking like a boy when you cant see hair so i like that you can see a bit!


  5. Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat says

    Hair is gorgeous!! Good choice! I’ve been following the wedding planning, and I think it will look awesome with your dress and the romantic feeling of your wedding!


  6. offeringmyownconfusion says

    i love that you did not post a picture fromt the front :) Life has so few surprises, it’s great that you are keeping this one of them! You look beautiful from the back though.


  7. Annie says

    Love love LOVE that hair style! I think it has the perfect amount of looseness (is that a word!? haha) while still looking elegant and beautiful!

    It’s going to look gorgeous on your big day ;)


  8. says

    I LOVE that updo, it’s so pretty and romantic. But then again I always thought you had beautiful hair, and never thought it looked thin in any of your pics!


  9. Anne @ a daily slice says

    Your hair looks absolutely beautiful :) And you look great without makeup–you’re going to be such a gorgeous bride lady!!


  10. Jackie says

    I love your hair style for the wedding! I am having so much fun following your wedding planning. I went through a bit of wedding withdrawal after my wedding byt thankfully I am past that!


  11. Lindsey says

    Hi Julie! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but it’s my first time commenting. I just had to say that the hairstyle is absolutely beautiful on you. You’re going to look amazing on your wedding day!


  12. Marie says

    So funny how we perceive ourselves, sometimes. I hate the way my hair looks up as well, so I had mine down for my wedding and loved it. When you mentioned you didn’t like your hair up, I was surprised because you really do look great with it up as well. The style you picked looks SO beautiful, though! I never would have thought about that style but it looks perfect! You are going to look gorgeous that day. Can’t wait to see the whole thing! ;)


  13. says


    I have been reading your blog for awhile, but just went BACK to this post about your wedding hair and noticed the funniest thing! Your “hair inspiration” picture is my good friend Becca. I was at her wedding and witnessed her fabu hair!!!! She is one of my besties from high school. Anyway, if you didn’t know, she owns Duet-Weddings based out of LA. She has been a wedding planner for years so that’s why her style is so great! Anyway, just wanted to point out what a small world it is!!!! I sent her the link to your page. She will get a kick out of this!



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