Rehearsal Dinner Dress Unsuccess

What a whirlwind!

Today was spent shopping and crafting… and then we did some more crafting. 😉

For our first adventure of the day, Ryan and I headed to Nordstrom Rack to return two pairs of back up wedding shoes that my mom bought for me just in case I couldn’t find the Badgley Mischka pink heels I had my eye on.

After that, we headed to the Prime Outlets to scope out the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet, Banana Republic and BCBG in hopes of finding me a dress for our rehearsal dinner.

Sadly, I had no luck.

escord board 003I felt like a cupcake in that dress!

I’m thinking I may just wear the dress I wore for my sister’s mother/daughter/sister brunch or the one I recently wore on a hot date with Ryan.

Shopping made both of us hungry and we made it a point to stop into le gourmet chef for some free samples.

escord board 004They had all of their holiday dips and spreads out for tasting and Ryan and I had a little more than our fair share. Free samples make me a little too happy.

We then headed home, making a pit stop at the grocery store to pick up tortilla chips and the goods we needed to make Ryan’s super simple avocado salsa dip.

I’m not gonna lie, that ended up being our dinner. We ate a TON of chips and dip and the avocados in the dip made me really full.

Still, we had room for dessert about an hour later.

I made a small loaf of pumpkin bread that we enjoyed with ice cream Snickers bars.

escord board 010I call this dessert the pumpkin Snickers train. Choo, choo!

Enjoying dessert on the couch was a welcome break from all the wedding crafting that was going on in our apartment.

While Ryan placed a ton of stickers on bags that will be used in our wedding favors, I conquered our escort boards that will tell our guests where to sit.

escord board 005A couple of weeks ago, my mom lined two foam boards with fabric I selected and had them framed.

Envelopes with the guests’ names on them will be filled with the name of the table where they will be sitting, and fastened to the boards with cute push-pins.

escord board 009escord board 007Our tables will not be numbered, but will be labeled with various loving words. We had a great time thinking of some loving words that were not quite appropriate table names… 😉

Now I’m off to change into my pajamas. We’re staying in for the night and I couldn’t be happier about that! 😀


  1. Laura says

    Hmm, I’ve been a lurker for a while now, but I think this is my first time commenting. Hi!! 🙂

    1. My vote is for the brunch dress, although I think the “cupcake one” looked good!
    2. Pumpkin snickers train looks and sounds so good right now.
    3. I love the fabric you picked out for the escort boards!



  2. says

    Ha you guys are awesome! 🙂
    I would have never thought of a Pumpkin snickers train!
    The pink dress that you wore for that date with Ryan would be perfect, it looks good, and you will stand out!
    I also like the fabric you picked out! Gorgeous.
    1 week!


  3. reader says

    Hey Julie!

    This is my second comment on your blog – I just wanted to say I love that pic of you frowning in the ‘cupcake dress’

    so funny haha


  4. says

    Julie I luuuuurrrrrve that cupcake dress! My vote is with that one, but if you aren’t comfortable let me just say I don’t know why because you look adorable.

    Both of those other dresses are really cute, but I love the new cupcake one. Just sayin’.

    You could wear a burlap bag and still be the belle of the ball!

    Can’t wait to hear all about your big weekend!!!!!



  5. says

    I LOVE how much personal work you are putting into your wedding…and it still looks so classy and professional! congrats!

    Dress shopping can be so frustrating, but it’s good that you didn’t buy an “okay” dress just to buy one. Keep looking!!


  6. says

    Ohh I loved the pink dress you wore on that dinner date!! Although- I was browsing Rent the Runway the other day and saw the most gorgeous short white strapless dress that would be beautiful for a rehearsal dinner, if you’re still looking!

    Hope you have a great Sunday!


  7. says

    Out of the 3, my vote is 100% for the brunch dress. I agree the one you tried on today is rather “cupcake-ish”. The hot pink one from your date is lovely, but I think a little too casual for the rehearsal dinner to your elegant wedding. The brunch dress is JUST formal enough with beautiful pleats and the color goes SO WELL with your skin tone. It makes you look perfectly sun-kissed!


  8. Alicia says

    I love the idea of using loving words instead of numbers! Such a nice personalized touch.

    My vote also goes to the brunch dress! I think all 3 dresses look darling on you though 🙂


  9. Terri says

    I like the dress from the brunch. I love the color against your skin. It just pops!
    Also, you are so creative. You’ve come up with so many ways to do a lot of the items for your wedding yourselt. And that gives it that personal feel. But it also donesn’t look “crafty” ya know. Like 1/2 put together. Great job! I hope when mine comes around I can be as crafty and artistic as you.
    You’re even crafty in your food. That pumpkin bread, Snickers ice cream bar looks de-lish!


  10. says

    Hi Julie!

    I love the cupcake dress! I think you look phenomenal in it. [: However, my vote goes for the brunch dress. it makes you glow even more than you already do. [:


  11. Jessica says

    If you’re going to wear a dress that you already own, I suggest the one from your hot date with Ryan. 🙂 I do actually like the dress from the fitting room!! I could see you rockin’ it!! 🙂


  12. Amanda says

    Love the fabric…. and all of your wedding details! I can’t wait to see pics of the big day and how it all comes together!

    I like the brunch dress! Also, I own a dress that reminds me of your style… I’ve actually seen someone use it on the Style Me Pretty blog as a modern bridesmaid dress. Check out the EXPRESS website for the CROSSOVER PLEATED CHIFFON DRESS
    in powder if you’re interested 🙂 And EXPRESS cupons are easy to come by too! Oh and I didn’t wear it with a belt instead I did vintage pearls and ivory shoes with petals on them. You’ll look beautiful no matter what you wear!


  13. Katie says

    So cute! Your wedding is going to be awesome! 🙂

    Oh and I absolutely love both of those dresses, but the one you wore on your hot date is fabulous!! I love the bright hot pinkish color!



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