Wedding Recap: Groomsmen

Ryan had six groomsmen.003_GroomsmenTwo childhood friends. One cousin and college roommate. Three fraternity brothers. 026_GettingReady027_GettingReady001_Groomsmen Ryan’s mother always says, “Ryan surrounds himself with wonderful people.”

004_GroomsmenI couldn’t agree more.

I consider every one of his groomsmen a friend of my own and have always felt support and love from each of them.

Not only are they a really fun group of guys…007_Groomsmen008_Groomsmen009_GroomsmenThey are also smart, kind and thoughtful…006_Groomsmen …And confident enough to wear pink argyle socks down the aisle. 022_GettingReady021_GettingReadyThe socks were a surprise wedding day gift from Ryan to his groomsmen to get them back for making hot pink t-shirts with his face on them to wear throughout his bachelor party cruise. 061_Details 059_DetailsThey’re a good group. 😀002_Groomsmen To be continued…

(All photos courtesy of the amazing Gina Leigh. Socks courtesy of Ralph Lauren. 😉 )


  1. Lisa says

    Hahah! Love it! Very clever revenge! Whatta smart husband you have there 🙂
    I’m heading off to college next fall and I’m definitely going to check out the University’s gym for any cute, single guys. Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet my future husband just like you did 🙂


  2. Jenn says

    omg these posts are giving me serious wedding fever lol my boyfriend would DIE if he saw that 😉 your photographer is seriously amazing! i live an hour south of tampa so i’m totally keeping her in mind for the future.


  3. KAREN says

    Hey Julie (and Ryan)
    I was showing my fiancé your pictures and he LOVED the hot pink socks.. as that is one of our accent colors..

    He wants to buy them for his groomsmen


  4. Emily says

    Hey Julie,
    Just wondering if you found out where Ryan found the socks ?
    I am getting married in April and have been looking for my guy and his groomsmen and can’t find them anywhere!




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