White Chocolate-Dipped Festive Oreos

Just trrrrrry to resist these lil’ babies!chicken soup 018Tonight I am bringing these festive Oreos to my friend Laurel’s apartment for a holiday cookie exchange.

I can thank Ryan for the inspiration for these cookies, as he is perhaps the biggest fan of Oreos in the world. (Actually, my sister may hold that title, but it’s a pretty close call.)

Whenever Ryan and I stroll down Park Avenue in Winter Park, we always stop in Peterbrooke, a chocolate shop with the most amazingly delicious chocolate covered butter popcorn. It’s unreal.

While the chocolate-covered popcorn has my heart, Ryan loves the white chocolate-covered Oreos.

I figured I would try to recreate his beloved Oreos, but add a little festive flare to to the mix by adding crushed peppermint candy, red and green sprinkles and peppermint hot chocolate shavings from my favorite tin of hot cocoa made by Williams-Sonoma.

Second to the delicious taste, the best thing about these delicious-looking holiday cookies is just how EASY they were to make!

I only needed these key ingredients: chicken soup 003 

You really only need one package of Oreos and 1.5 bags of white chocolate chips, but adding crushed peppermint candies, chocolate shavings and sprinkles kicks the cookies up a notch.

To begin, I followed the melting directions on the back of the bag of white chocolate chips and heated them up until I had a thick bowl full of white chocolate.chicken soup 004While the white chocolate chips were melting, I crushed the peppermint candies and made sure all of my decorating essentials were readily available, as chocolate hardens quickly!

Once the chocolate was melted, it was time to dip!  chicken soup 006I chose to only dip half of the cookie in the chocolate but you can dunk the whole Oreo in there if you’re a white chocolate fiend. Don’t be shy!

I then topped the white chocolate with a random assortment of my toppings, typically alternating between the crushed peppermint candies, sprinkles and chocolate shavings so I would have a nice variety of decorated cookies in the end. chicken soup 007After each cookie was decorated, I placed it on top of foil and allowed the chocolate to cool and harden.chicken soup 011chicken soup 013 Please make these for the Oreo lover in your life… even if that person is you! They will thank you… or you will thank yourself!

Happy Holidays! 😀


  1. AshleyCarole says

    I recently made these also with peppermint oreos, they are so yummy! I then drizzled the tops with melted chocolate to make little designs. The best ones are from Trader Joe’s but Oreos also makes some also!


  2. Nathan Miller says

    Cant believe you didnt use the Christmas Oreos with the red and green frosting or the peppermint seasonal oreos’ but still a great fast cookie to bring


  3. Kelly says

    When it comes to store bought cookies, Oreo’s rule every single time! And they are my absolute favorite fro-yo topping. These look awesome, Julie.


  4. Kristen says

    Hey JB!

    Speaking of Oreos, I just recently ate and then made the most tasty treat – Oreo balls!

    Here’s the recipe in case you want to try it:

    1) mash a pack of oreos into a bowl
    2) mix the crushed oreos with a block of cream cheese (this is a bit tough but starts to mix after a while)
    3) form the mixture into balls and refrigerate for at least an hour
    4) bring them back out and dip them in melted milk, dark, or white chocolate (your choice)
    5) refrigerate again and then serve!

    It’s a delightful taste – you’re gonna love it – super healthy as well! 😉


  5. says

    cute! since Im allgeric to chocloate I’ll have to make these for someone in my house! Perhaps my daddy and my sister that comes home from Greece on Friday!!!!!! 🙂


  6. says

    Between these Oreos and the pretzels you made last week my mouth is watering every time I read your blog! I’m going to try your goat cheese and honey dip recipe out this weekend for a get together I’m going to! I’ll keep you posted how it turns out!


  7. says

    These are adorable! I am a fan of ANYTHING dipped in white chocolate. If anything could improve the deliciousness of an Oreo, it would be white chocolate.


  8. Kelli says

    I was thinking the same thing I wonde if it would be ok with milk chocolate the kids aren’t big fans of white choc What do you think won’t look as nice either?


  9. says

    These look so good! My boyfriend is obssessed with Oreo’s much like your hubby! He cannot get enough of them. Our pantry is always stocked with Oreo’s. I think he would LOVE these. I must make these 🙂


  10. says

    I originally had a night FULL of baking tonight but I think I might steal this and replace my brownies with it! LOL they look yummy and not time consuming at all!! yay!!


  11. says

    Cute! I’ve done chocolate dipped oreos before but never holiday ones, love it! You should make homemade oreos for your hubs. They are kinda time consuming to make, but they’re a fun treat to make for an Oreo lover!


  12. Rowdy says

    thanks 4 this idea…it’s supoose to snow here this weekend (it’s actually snowing right now!…LOL!) so maybe my daughter & I will make this since we will be stuck indoors! I like how simple, easy, & quick this is! I think we will string Fruit Loops too for the Christmas garland! Thanks again!! Have a great holiday!


  13. Danielle says

    I just made these and they were super easy and turned out fantabulous!!! Bringing them into work tomorrow to share with coworkers. Thanks for the idea Julie!!!


  14. Julianne says

    These looked soo delicious I HAD to make them for my Christmas gatherings. I can’t believe it took me FOUR stores to track down a bag of white chocolate chips!! This must be a hot item this season. I dipped mine in sprinkles, crushed mint chocolate candy canes, and coconut. The coconut ones are soo delicious and they look kind of wintery and festive!



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