Ryan’s Video Debut

This Christmas Eve started off slightly unusual when compared with Christmas Eves of my past. I’ve always woken up at my parent’s house, so it was bit strange to wake up in Orlando this morning.

Ryan and I stayed in town so we could attend my company’s Christmas party last night, but we’re getting on the road soon to spend the day with my family.

Our day began with a workout at the gym. We were surprised at just how many people were working out on Christmas Eve! Apparently we’re not the only crazies!

While at the gym, I did the same total-body weights workout that I did on Wednesday, but incorporated an awesome shoulder exercise that Ryan showed me into my routine.

I figured you guys might be interested in checking out this exercise as well, and since it’s rather hard to explain, I figured I would just have Ryan show you!

Check out Ryan’s video debut!

If you cannot see the above video, click here to watch it on YouTube.

In the video Ryan references his friend Ben who taught him this exercise. He owns his own fitness center in Orlando so the move is legit! 😀 It’s tough, but actually kind of fun to do once you get the hang of it.


After our workouts, we came home to eat a quick “clean out the fridge” breakfast.breakfast 001I had a toasted whole wheat English muffin, a sliced apple and a cup of strawberry banana  Chobani Greek yogurt. breakfast 006Time to shower, pack and load an inordinate amount of presents into my car!

Watch out, family, we’re comin’ for ya! 


  1. Geraldine says

    Good god your husband has great arms! I’m definitely going to try this out.

    On another note a very happy Christmas to you all the way from Ireland. I’m so glad I discovered your blog this year – it’s fun, cheerful and inspiring. It’s the first blog I check out each day. Keep up the good work!


  2. Laura @ Meet Virginia says

    Awww! I love it when a blogger’s husband/boyfriend/significant other is a big time supporter of the blog. I can tell that Ryan is that way! You guys are such a good looking couple! Merry Christmas! 🙂


    • says

      me too! I love it! I hope my husband is that way! It’s so adorable how in tune Ryan and Julie are! You can just tell how much he loveeees her and she loves him! It’s beautiful:)


  3. Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life says

    hahaha I love Ryan and your fun attitudes. And I must say that although Ryan is a cutie in pictures, he’s wayyyyyy cuter on the video getting to see his personality! Personality always adds so much for me.


  4. says

    I love that move! I normally just do the “seat belt buckle” part and not the shoulder raise with it…I’m definitely going to incorporate that one! Yall are too cute by the way!!! hope you have a Merry Christmas!!


  5. says

    How fun! I should totally ask my boyfriend to show a couple of his favorite exercises on a video 🙂
    P.S. I LOVE your Midwestern accent! I am from Milwaukee and sound very similar!
    And hot damn – Ryan’s arms are ripped!


    • Tiffany @ Conor & Bella says

      What is this midwestern accent I don’t know about?? I’m from IL, and my husband who is from FL says I have an accent…I didn’t realize we had such distinctive voices in the midwest! lol


      • Laura@ Backstage Pass says

        LOL – it’s in our vowels, hon! Without overthinking, record yourself saying the following words: Sure, yeah, milk, apples, oranges, okay, Chicago, Milwaukee, bananas, vacation.
        I used to be self-concious about my accent but now fully embrace it! ‘You betcha!’


  6. says

    WOOT WOOT! You’ve got a cutie on yo hands! 😉

    They always say they’re better in real life! hehe

    You guys are so cute together and I’m just so incredibly happy for you too!
    Your voive is so pretty Julie and you are too! even in the morning workin out!

    and I’ve done that move before with my personal trader before for my back to strengthen everything!

    KEEP THE VIDEOS COMING! paalease!!:)
    Merry Merry Christmasss… evee!!!!!!


  7. Cecilia says

    I’m sorry Julie, I totally was checking your man out! 😉 Look at the size of those arms, he’s tanked! Awesome video. Ahhhh you guys are such a match! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU BOTH!


  8. julie says

    Hey Julie!!! I ALWAYS look so forward to your videos!!!! 🙂 I love them!! You and Ryan are so adorable and such a genuine couple!! 😀 I am so inspired by your constant motivation to go to the gym together! I think that is just so great!! I love your videos so much and I realized that in the video neither you or Ryan are wearing your beautiful wedding rings! Do you take them off when you workout!?
    Thank you for another great post Julie!! You and Ryan are so great! Merry (1st) Christmas together!! 🙂


  9. says

    Ooooh, Karl is going to like this one!

    I want to hate you, since you’re pretty and skinny but you sound so freaking nice! Too adorable!

    And merry christmas! We also got married recently (it’ll be a month on Monday!) so it’s our first xmas together as a married couple too!


  10. Chelsey says

    I’ve never seen that exercise before and I try to look for new ones regularly to mix up my routines! This is awesome I am SO excited to try it as working my shoulders is my favorite thing to do in the gym. Thanks Julie & Ryan!!!


  11. says

    Your hubster is BUFF. Can’t wait to try the workout and I love Sadie’s outfit. I have a 6 month old golden retriever and I was looking for a cute Santa outfit for her-no such luck this year!



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