Two Ingredients = Dinner Winner

Put two chicken breasts in the crock pot and cover ‘em with salsa and what do you get?salsa chicken 026Salsa chicken!

Only two ingredients are needed for this oh-so-simple yet oh-so-tasty dish. That makes it a winner in my book. salsa chicken 021After placing the chicken in the crock pot and covering it in salsa, I let it cook on low all day while I was at work (about eight hours). I came home to an apartment that smelled fantastic and a dinner that cooked itself.

All I had to do was prep some vegetables, which I took right out of the freezer.salsa chicken 038When I first began incorporating more vegetables into my diet, the healthy vision pack of Green Giant frozen veggies was my absolute favorite way to get my veggies. It really lets the flavors of the vegetables shine, seasoning them only with a light rosemary butter sauce that doesn’t taste greasy in the least.

I try to keep a couple of packs of these veggies in the freezer for whenever I’m feeling particularly lazy.

I busted out one of the packs tonight and it served as a great complement to my chicken.salsa chicken 029salsa chicken 033An apple was also enjoyed on the side for some sweetness.  

I think I’ll keep up with the simple theme of this evening and tuck myself into bed with a book a little early again tonight.

I absolutely love reading but always seem to neglect settling down with a book. Perhaps a resolution to read more is in store for 2011?


  1. Linda says

    I love those Green Giant frozen veggies. Sometimes I bring them to work to add to my meal. Especially in the winter when it’s hard to want a salad!
    I love to read. My resolution for the past couple of years is to read 100 books in a year. I keep getting close! I’ve read 77 this year so far. Hoping to read one more before the end of tomorrow!


  2. Sarah Elizabeth says

    I agree wholeheartedly with you about the whole Twilight thing! It’s so disappointing to see such a bland protagonist – especially one so many little girls look up to. I’m currently readying “My Life in France” by Julia Child. My mum and I got hooked after seeing “Julie & Julia,” and this book popped up under the Christmas tree not long after! I’m already a third of the way through, and I’d highly recommend it so far!


  3. says

    I’m so jealous of you! All your meals always seem to be soo perfect and organized!
    Do you plan out your meals for the day?
    Do you ever “Over”-eat what you planned and feel bad about it?


  4. says

    During my first year of college I would practically live off of those Green Giant single serving veggie dishes. Now that I am out of the dorms, I can prep my own veggies, but still keep frozen veggies on hand when I’m lazy. 😉


  5. Meagan says

    I love the Green Giant frozen veggie boxes! They are so convenient!!

    Are you reading a good/recommendable book? I’m on the hunt for a good read!


  6. says

    Yum! I love salsa on everything. Frozen veggies are so convenient and supposedly have more nutrients than fresh veggies because they are frozen immediately after being harvested.


  7. says

    I love salsa chicken! It’s so simple to make and it tastes great! I am like you. I always keep frozen veggies in the freezer to have for dinner. They are an easy and healthy side dish to every meal. 🙂


  8. says

    Great resolution, and awesome dinner idea! I can use some more simpleness in my life. I’ll be trying this very soon 🙂 You might want to try reading “The Hunger Games” trilogy, by Suzanne Collins. I highly recommend it!


  9. Ciara says

    I know this post is super old but I was going through your recipe pages and found it. How much salsa do you usually use? Have you found that there is a kind that works best? It looks simple to make and yummy – my two favorite things when it comes to cooking!


  10. Rhonda says

    I made this chicken last night and my husband said it was the most tender chicken ever. I’m so glad I seen your name on Living Lindsay’s blog.
    Thank you.


  11. Michelle says

    Found your blog today looking for pumpkin pancakes and can’t wait to try some of your other recipes too.

    I thought I should repay the favor and pass on a recipe. I make a great chicken salsa soup in the crock pot that is very similar, has only 5 ingredients & is perfect for cool weather.

    can of black beans
    chicken breasts
    salsa (I like Publix fresh Fire Roasted Salsa with beans & corn)
    chicken broth

    I don’t ever measure anything, just put in in the pot in that order & let it cook on low all day when I’m at work. I top it off with little shredded cheese & a few tortilla strips for a bit of crunch. (Cut a tortilla or a wrap into thin strips with a pizza cutter, spritz with a little cooking spray and toast them in the oven). Everyone loves this soup.


  12. Christie says

    Trying this tomorrow with Peach salsa and 2 lbs of chicken! Very excited.

    CANNOT wait to try more of your meals when I go back to school this weekend. Its fantastic how great they are for students on the go!

    Keep it up!


  13. Lindsey says

    I made this for my boyfriend last night for dinner and he absolutely LOVED it! We added a can of black beans and a can of corn and served everything over brown rice! It’s definitely on our “favorite’s” list!



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