Wedding Recap: The Reception Part II

Once all the toasts had been made and the cake was cut, it was time to hit the dance floor.

Ryan and I shared the first dance of the evening to “Everything” by Michael Bublé.  014_FirstDance&Cake 019_FirstDance&Cake013_FirstDance&Cake015_FirstDance&CakeWhile we were dancing we talked about how excited we were to actually be married… and how goofy we felt having all these people look at us! I laughed as Ryan threatened to dip me.

One random night before the wedding, we decided to “practice” our first dance. Ryan twirled and dipped me in our living room. He dipped me left and I dipped. He dipped me right and… uh… I didn’t. Turns out, I can’t dip right. This became quite the joke between the two of us, and I made him swear not to try to dip me to the right during our big dance.

After our right-dip-free first dance, it was time for my dance with my father.017_ParentDancesWe headed onto the dance floor as “Little Miss Magic” by Jimmy Buffett began to play. 

We cried, smiled and swayed, listening to the special words of the song.012_ParentDances014_ParentDances002_ParentDances023_ParentDancesThen, about 3/4 of the way through the song, I surprised my dad by having the DJ fade the song out, while simultaneously fading in the song “Danger Zone” from Top Gun.

He was totally shocked, and the upbeat song gave us a chance to break it down! 005_ParentDances 004_ParentDancesOnce our funky dancing was done, it was time for Ryan and his mom to share their special dance to “A Song for My Son” by Mikki Viereck.010_ParentDances011_ParentDancesI absolutely love the above photograph of Ryan and his mom. She looks so incredibly happy to be sharing a dance with her son. 008_ParentDances001_ParentDancesThe genuine smiles and laughter Ryan and his mom shared during their dance were truly special to watch.

Once the formal dances concluded, our DJ kicked the music up a notch and everyone hit the dance floor.002_DancingThe dance floor was packed the entire night! 029_Dancing026_DancingYes, that would be my dad, gettin’ low. :D  041_Dancing008_Dancing034_Dancing007_Dancing036_Dancing033_DancingLove that picture of my parents! 005_Dancing047_DancingDancing went by so quickly! We had such a blast dancing to oldies, classic rock, hip hop and top 40 jams.

Though the dance floor was full, we had to abide by our contract with the venue and conclude the evening amidst all the fun.

Two fun traditions, tossing the bridal bouquet and the garter, were the last two events of the night. 004_Entrance&Toss It took me three tries to throw my bouquet! The first time, it went straight down, several feet in front of the waiting women. The second time it got caught in the chandelier! 005_Entrance&TossWe could not stop laughing!

Luckily on the third throw it landed in the hands of my friend Cherayne.

Ryan threw his garter and it was successfully nabbed on the first throw. 008_Entrance&TossAnd with that, our wedding was over. 006_Bride&Groom014_Bride&GroomThough I’ve detailed our wedding through numerous wedding recaps, I know I did not come close to truly capturing the magic and emotion of the day. I feel so incredibly blessed to be married to the most amazing man. Ryan and I will never forget October 30, 2010 and all of the people who helped make the day so special for as long as we live. Past Wedding Recaps:

(All photos courtesy of Gina Leigh.) 031_Bride&Groom


  1. says

    Ahhhh I love this!!!! I am so glad you were able to share your special day with all of us… the picture of you and your dad are incredible. It really depicts the bond y’all have — so sweet!

    Also… LOOOVE the pic of y’all doing the robot — too funny!


  2. Picky Nicky says

    Thanks for sharing, you have such amazing friends + family! But you definitely should of put a warning up, I’m only 17 and you made me want to get married ASAP lolll!


  3. Steph says

    Thanks for sharing the special moments of your big day with all of us readers. Though my wedding is many years away, I got some great ideas from you, especially all the cool ways to DIY and add little touches of home to a big event.

    Also I wanted to say that I love the shoulder move that you and Ryan made a video of. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks now and it rocks! Also love the total body weights & treadmill run/incline walk workouts…keep ’em coming! 🙂


  4. says

    I seriously can’t get enough of your wedding recaps…they are so inspiring and beautiful. I cannot wait to start planning mine. Thank you so much for sharing the process/story/pictures/everything with us!!


  5. says

    I love your wedding photos! Thanks for sharing them with us! Isn’t it crazy how quickly the day just flies by? I love going back and looking at our photos every now and then to relive the day. 🙂

    We danced to “Everything” as our first dance too. Love me some Buble!


  6. says

    Please don’t tell me that was the last re-cap. I LOVE all of your re-caps!!
    You are such a STUNNING, and absolutely GORGEOUS bride Julie. You can see your happiness showing in each & every photo!!


  7. Mimi says

    I love “Everything!” Sounds like it was a really fun night with your friends… Oh my gosh, as I was writing that, I just had a serious moment. Crazy that I’m going to be doing these same things in SIX MONTHS!


  8. Jess says

    I’m sad to see the recaps end, but I’ve loved reading them 🙂 “Everything” by Michael Buble is the song I want for my wedding dance too!!


  9. Michelle says

    Absolutely beautiful. I’m getting married in 33 days!!! AAHHH haha. We are walking out to the main theme song to Star WARS LOL (my fiance is OBSESSED)


  10. says

    i love your wedding recaps! especially now that i’m planning a wedding too! i’m sad your re-caps are over.
    i hope my wedding will be as fun/touching/fabulous as yours!


  11. Meagan says

    I love that Jimmy Buffet song! I’d had never heard it until I watched the YouTube video!

    I wish these wedding recaps could keep going! I love hear all about your fabulous wedding!


  12. jess says

    i’ve been reading all your wedding recaps but not commenting, but i have to just say: all the pics are soo beautiful and they capture the moment perfectly

    so very happy for you twoo!! (well, three- including sadie) congrats congrats<3 and thanks for these recaps twos are the best lookin couple eva;)


  13. says

    your wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous, Julie! 🙂 I also love that you danced to Jimmy Buffett with your dad … I’ve always had a secret goal of dancing with my dad to “the wino and I know” … maybe not a traditional song for a father-daughter dance, but it holds such significance for us.


  14. Michelle says

    What beeauuuuutiful pictures! You and all of your family and friends look so genuinely happy, it’s gorgeous. Thanks for sharing more!


  15. Gillian says

    I’ve loved all of these wedding re-cap posts. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and it really shines in your whole attitude to the event and love itself. I love how calm and happy you seem to be through the whole thing. And you are such a gorgeous bride! I can’t wait to plan my own wedding now!


  16. Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter says

    I love your weddng recaps! They truly allow for you to slow down your posts and for us to try to relive the moment with you. They’re absolutely beautiful.


  17. says

    I’ve really enjoyed your wedding recap Julie. It’s like reading my bridal magazines and reading stories about weddings…but this is so much more fun because it’s interactive, lol!

    I’m 4 months away from my wedding. I’m not feeling the stress yet, I think my workouts are keeping me sane. I plan a lot of stuff in my head during my runs.

    I think I just created the bouquet flower designs during this morning’s run.


  18. says

    Awww that song is so perfect for a wedding- simple, fun and beautiful. I’ve loved all of these recaps! You’ll love having them a few years down the road, too 🙂

    Funny story: at the end of my brother’s wedding my 90 year old grandfather (who had had a few too many Dewar’s at this point) asked the band for the microphone so he could sing “God Bless America.” Definitely a memorable last song 🙂


  19. says

    I have really enjoyed all of your wedding recaps. I cannot say this enough, your wedding was absolutely beautiful! It looked as though everyone had an amazing time! I love that you and Ryan danced to “Everything” by Michael Buble. He is one of my favorite artists and I LOVE that song! I find myself singing it to my boyfriend whenever I have his cd on in my car. 🙂 Again, what a beautiful wedding!


  20. Cecilia says

    That’s it! You are now officially my [future] wedding planner! I am so happy for the both of you, even though I don’t know you guys personally! Congrats again!


  21. Melissa says

    So so beautiful, just like the other recaps. I especially love the last photo of the 2 of you sportin’ your wedding bands. Absolutely adorable!


  22. says

    I love reading your wedding recaps. Your wedding looked beautiful, emotional, elegant, and very classic! Im getting married this coming May and seeing your pictures have given me lots of ideas for me own wedding day! Thanks for that!

    I am a little nervous that my dance floor will not be as full as yours…. How do I get my guests to dance?!?!


  23. says

    That looks like so much fun! I wish people would have danced at our wedding. Our families are apparently a bunch of duds, lol. It was only us, my best friend/her husband, and our ring bearer/flower girl. No one else would dance! Lame-o’s! 😉


  24. says

    I love everything about this, especially:

    1. the bright yellow dress your friend sports. it’s so gorgeous, and my favorite color to wear!
    2. are you and your sister doing the robot? 😉 you’re so my style.
    3. your last pic. looove!


  25. Alexandrina @ The Cardio Queen says

    Love “Everything” by Michael Buble! Such a great song! Your photos are awesome. Looks like you had a great time!


  26. Geraldine says

    What an amazing photographer you had! She must have been ducking and weaving around the room all day to have captured such great moments. I love the picture where it looks like Ryan is about to smack your ass – very cheeky! It reminded me of the couple who danced to Baby Got Back for their first dance 🙂


  27. says

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful! and I love your first song! My boyfriend of 6 six year and I don’t really have a ‘song’ but I made him a slideshow last Valentine’s Day and used Everything and was secretly thinking it’d be a great first dance song!


  28. Kate@andwhenshesays says

    LOVE the wedding recaps, thank you so much for sharing the details from such a beautiful day. I am just embarking on the wedding planning journey and it’s a little daunting, but I’m super excited – posts like this make me even moreso!


  29. says


    number 1 – “everything” is what plays on my phone when my husband calls me. LOVE THAT SONG!

    number 2- i ALSO had to try more than once with my bouquet! the first time it hit the rafter in the ballroom and came straight back down. i caught it and re-threw it 🙂


  30. Ashley says

    Hey Julie! I’ve been reading for a while but never got the chance to comment yet. My husband and I just got married in May and our first dance was to “My Everything” as well! Such a fun, up-beat yet still emotional song 🙂 Congrats on everything, your wedding was gorgeous and you looked stunning! Looking forward to reading more in the future!


  31. Anna says

    Oh my goodness. I just discovered your via (via J’s everyday fashion) and just read all your posts on your wedding.

    I’m not one to post comments on blogs (so feel special, haha 😛 ) but the photos of your wedding literally made me tear up (ESPECIALLY the picture of Ryan the first time he saw you as you walked down the aisle). You looked so, so beautiful and you and your husband so in love. I hope whenever I get married that I can capture at least some of the radiance and love that is so evident in your pictures and words 😀

    So it’s a bit late, but congrats on your amazing wedding and thank you very much for sharing all these amazing memories and pictures!

    Now that my random, gushing comment is over, I looked forward to exploring the rest of your blog! It couldn’t come at a better time – I have been looking for some exercise motivation for a while (it’s even harder now that its winter here – I’m in Australia – but no time like the present! So they say….)



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