An Easy Favorite

Every time I make a meal in the crockpot my love for that little appliance grows more and more.

Tonight’s meal was an easy favorite. Salsa chicken!

salsa chicken 033Ryan and I weren’t the only one excited about dinner tonight. From the moment we took the chicken out of the slow cooker, Sadie was glued to our side waiting for us to give her some scraps.

salsa chicken 036Since we’re total suckers, she got several bites. (Side note: When I went back to link to that “suckers” post, I had a total “Aww, my dog is so cute” moment. Check it out for some adorable Sadie pics!)

The pulled salsa chicken was served bowl-style with some steamed veggies, including broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas and water chestnuts.

salsa chicken 044Nutritious and delicious. That’s how I roll!

Off to watch The Bachelor and then cuddle up with Mockingjay. Hopefully the book won’t be as intense as it was last night and I’ll sleep a little better…


  1. says

    Love salsa on chicken! ANYTHING really! Lol I’m about to watch the bachelor here in a few hours myself have fun!

    Hey Julie, I was wondering…have you ever read The Crucible?


      • says

        Do you think you could edit my essay? I know you write a lot. Honestly I think its pretty good already I already had 3 people edit it and then my dad. So I just need some extra filling to put in it. Maybe like one or two sentences but I have NO idea what to add. its only 3 pages double-spaced. Would you mind editing it between now and tomorrow?

        It could really just use another pair of eyes by someone who understands it and could give a couple sentences of input and i thought of you since you write a lot!


  2. says

    Yummm! I havent made salsa chicken in so long, but it is amazing! I always throw in a can of black beans, even better! Mmmmm thanks for the reminder about a great EASY dish!!!!


  3. Jessica says

    I thought for sure you would have made something with peanut butter for dinner today!! Have you ever tossed your cooked chicken (think fajita strip size) with natty PB & hot sauce? It’s like a chicken satay!! Sounds crazy, but if you play with your mix before throwing it on the chicken, it can be very tasty!!


  4. says

    I love making crockpot meals too! The salsa chicken looks good :)
    I like making taco soup in mine!
    Hmm, The Bachelor….wonder what Brad is up to tonight. I am watching it too. I’m a sucker for cheesy reality tv.


  5. says

    that salsa chicken is such a great idea for a busy college student who cooks all her meals on sundays and eats them throughout the! thanks for the wonderful idea!


  6. says

    Been reading for forever it seems, and never commented. Today’s the day!

    Love using the crockpot and love the Hunger Games trilogy!
    What are you two gonna read next? I have a few book reviews on my blog, but am planning on adding more.


  7. says

    Salsa chicken is so good! I love cooking in the crockpot. It is definitely one of my favorite kitchen appliances. It makes cooking so easy after a long day of work. I love how tender it makes chicken, or any kind of meat. :)


  8. Claire says

    Salsa chicken has become one of my new favorites. I try and mix it up by using different kinds of salsa. I just made some with a chipotle peach salsa and it was a delicious twist!


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