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I wasn’t a big milk-drinker growing up. I chose to get my calcium from yogurt, cheese and ice cream. Though I still am not the biggest fan of milk (except in smoothies), I know that many people who drink it have a very strong preference for their favorite type, whether it be skim, 2 percent, whole milk, etc.

Well, today I am declaring my preference for 2 percent… yogurt.

2 Percent Chobani

I love the 0 percent Chobani, but it wasn’t until I tried a sample of the 2 percent variety of the yogurt a little more than a month ago, that I realized there was something even creamier out there.

Unfortunately my grocery store has not offered the 2 percent Chobani until NOW! I was so excited when I saw it in the refrigerated section over the weekend and I nabbed several containers.

This morning I used one of the cups as the base for an apple pecan yogurt bowl.

My mix-ins included honey, a packet of Brothers-All-Natural apple crisps and Fresh Gourmet honey roasted pecan pieces.

The Mix-Ins

Breakfast is Served

The honey roasted pecans stole the show!

Time to Eat!

This breakfast was the perfect cool treat after my morning run with Sadie.

I haven’t gone on a morning run since January 2nd and it felt great to pound out five miles with my favorite running buddy.Ā  (To see my post on running with a dog, click here.)


Truth be told, I wanted to sleep in until 7 a.m., so in order to have time to workout and get Sadie some exercise, I had to combine the two. It worked perfectly and Sadie and I enjoyed trucking along for slightly less than 50 minutes.

Off to work, my friends!


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    I quit drinking milk a long time ago after watching a show about. (I’ll spare you guys the details lol) As if that wasn’t bad enough I found a cow’s hair not too long after. That was it for me…lol. Now I drink almond milk which I love. šŸ™‚


  2. says

    I took our pups out for a run last night for the first time, and it was certainly an adventure. Our one (Loky) is just like Sadie, he just wants to play all the time.


  3. says

    I am not a big milk fan myself. I could never drink an entire glass of milk. Ick! Plus, I’m lactose intolerant. So I enjoy my cereal with either soymilk or lactaid milk. šŸ™‚ Love your yogurt mix-ins! Yum!


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    I’m not a big milk fan (though my parents forced us to drink it growing up). And I still like 0% Greek yogurt. I guess I’m not picky when it comes to my dairy because I can’t tell the difference between full-fat and low-fat cheese or sour cream, either.


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    My grocery store has been out of Greek yogurt all week, and I find this has been happening a lot lately! My snacks have been so ho-hum without it šŸ™ In Canada we only have one kind to choose from, so it’s slim pickin’s in the Greek yog department.


  6. says

    Not a milk fan AT all! Almond milk all the way for this girl. I’m not gonna lie, I just was at the store this morning and picked up those apple crisps and somehow they didn’t make it into my cart! They look like a great addition to your yogurt mess though!
    If I had a dog, I would love to run with her!


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    I eat Greek yogurt a lot but have never tried Chobani (I do my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s). This will change soon though because Chobani just sent me a lot of coupons, so I can finally see what all the excitement is about. I’ll have to try the 2% also!


  8. says

    I had an Athenos Greek Yogurt a few weeks ago that was sooo good. It had the fruit in a separate little compartment so you could add in just the amound you wanted. Yum! I usually go for whatever Greek yogurt is on sale šŸ™‚


  9. says

    My looord I am so like you in so many ways! I also am not too much of a milk drinker. But boy oh BOY can I down a tub of yogurt (both normal and of the greek variety… I don’t discriminate).

    This may totally be TMI and gross info since some ppl can’t staaaand dairy, but since i’ve been marathon training my appetite has skyrocketed and in addition to the enormous amount of carbs I’ve been consuming as a result, I’ve also been eating a TON more dairy! (And it’s only b.c. I’m craving it… i’m not forcing it down or anything, ha!) I can seriusly go through 2.5 tubs of yogurt/greek yogurt in a week. Ugh, that’s sounds so sick, but really… my body is craving it! That…and green monsters, too. I’m like an endless pit. LOL!


  10. says

    I’m so jealous of the easiness of a morning workout for you.

    I have to be at work at 8 a.m. (I live 20 minutes away), my gym is 15 minutes away, and I would probably need to get up at 4 a.m. to be able to get a good workout in, shower, give my pup some attention, and get to work ontime!

    I know you said your gym is right across the street, but do you live super close to work, too?


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    I’ve never been a milk person either.I remember going to my grandparents’ house and them giving me milk with meals, and just thinking it tasted so weird! I’m not really a big dairy person in general, but when I do eat it’s nearly always in the form of ice cream, cheese pizza or buttercream frosting…none of which are made with skim milk, so I totally agree on 2% being better šŸ™‚


  12. says

    I love that you count ice cream as one of your calcium sources! I am obsessed with chobani and recently made the switch to 2 percent. Totally worth it and so very, very delicious!


  13. Geraldine says

    When I was younger I was obsessed with drinking milk and i didn’t understand how everyone else wasn’t too! I drank at least a litre of full fat milk a day. Obviously this caught up on me and my booty when I was in my teens šŸ™‚ so I switched to half fat. Last year I changed to 0% and I’ll never go back to either of the above – I can’t handle how thick and creamy they are.


  14. says

    This is very interesting! I think I’ll have to try one. I always hated greek yogurt because it was so bitter but needed some quick breakfast ideas for work, so I tried the fat free Chobani. I found it’s pretty darn good with a little bit of honey in it, or I soak oats and nuts in it the night before (yum). Now I will have to branch out and see what 2% is like!


  15. says

    I dont ever drink milk but I could never give up yogurt! They don’t have the 2% chobani where I live either… I used to be able to get it in Baltimore but thats too far of a drive these days!
    I cant wait til winter is over so I can run outside again!


  16. says

    Too funny – my friend and I were talking about how excited we were to see both Vanilla and 2% Chobani at Publix this week. Publixes all over Orlando must have gotten a huge/new shipment!

    I prefer the 2% for yogurt…much more fulfilling.


  17. says

    I was on the exact same page as you with the 0% Chobani until I tried the 2% FAGE. It is SIGNIFICANTLY creamier.. an entirely different yogurt. I still buy the 0% Chobani or FAGE however because my grocery store only offers the larger tubs in the fat free šŸ™
    Luckily the cafe at my university sells the 2% fage with the honey (and blueberry and strawberry) attached side compartment! So yummy!


  18. Caree @ Fit-Mama says

    I am not a milk drinker either. My mom used to make me drink a small glass of milk at dinner every night, and I dreaded it! I used to beg to put chocolate quick in it…sometimes she would give in. So now I get my calcium from yogurt, cheese and icecream too!


  19. says

    2% is SO much better and a lot better for you! I just realized when I made the switch that the 2% may have a few more grams of fat but has way fewer calories and carbs! So great!


  20. says

    I was a 0% only as far as Chobani greek yogurt was concerned. Until I tried the 2% pineapple then I tried the 2% strawberry banana. OMG it’s the best thing ever! I like the plain 0% with 2 splendas & a tablespoon natural pb.


  21. says

    When I was a kid I’d get “milk headaches” so I would only drink watered down skim. Then as a teen I discovered soy milk. Now in my 20’s I found out soy causes me to bloat so I stick with almond milk and I’ve felt best with it.
    Also I read that dairy instead of being a good source of calcium actually causes your bones to leach calcium! So that’s another reason why I try to avoid milk.


  22. Stephanie says

    I agree that 2% Greek yogurt is much better. It’s not thicker or anything, but definitely has a richer taste. It’s amazing what a little bit of fat can do for the flavor. Plus, I have noticed that I stay fuller longer with it than I do with the 0% fat version.


  23. ashley@quasichick says

    I am not a big dairy milk person, but I do love my almond milk šŸ™‚ And those pecan pieces look so good!


  24. says

    I have NEVER been able to drink milk, of any kind. I find it incredibly disgusting. But I have to agree the 2% Chobani is a lot creamier than the 0%. I’ll take the minimal extra fat and calories for that taste!


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