Blogging vs. TV

Another simple lunch thanks to leftovers!

Tuesday's Meal

Today’s meal included leftover roasted broccoli and cauliflower that I dusted with curry powder (I’m a curry convert!) and topped with a pulled-apart Morningstar Farms Asian veggie patty.

These veggie burgers are my all-time favorite! The Asian flavors really shine through and the texture is perfect. I love ‘em!

All the Goodies

Now for some fun blog talk!

Blogging: In My Mom’s Words

It’s hard to believe that about two years ago I didn’t even follow one person’s blog. Sure I had heard of blogging, but I honestly thought it was something only computery kids did to share coding and stuff. I live under a rock, I know.

Then, through, I found Tina’s blog and discovered a whole community of bloggers who documented their attempts at living a healthy life. It seemed like so much fun and I figured that creating a blog would give me an easy way to share recipes with friends and family and help motivate me to be creative in the kitchen and in the gym.

I started my blog and didn’t tell anyone I knew about it except for Ryan. Eventually I let my family in on my project and then told a few close friends before I garnered the courage to tell more people about Peanut Butter Fingers. I remember trying to explain blogging to people totally unfamiliar with the concept. Many had questions and I had a difficult time trying to explain in words what exactly blogging entails.

I, um, take pictures of food???

Me + Food. Totally Normal! Right?

After several months of blogging, I was talking to my mom who said she was trying to explain my blog to my grandma.

“I told her that your blog is like a little TV show with new episodes updated several times a day. People tune in to see what’s happening next.”

Perfect. My mom’s words are the exact words I now use to explain blogging to those totally unfamiliar with the concept.

Blogging vs. TV

My mom’s comment also made me think about blogging vs. television.

I regularly watch two TV shows (The Bachelor and Jersey Shore because I’m classy like that), but I read a billion blogs. Sometimes I really do feel like blogs are their own “shows.” My favorite blogs are the ones where the author gives readers a peek into their life. I love getting to know them, following their relationships and oohing and ahhing over pictures of their pets.

When something exciting happens in their life, I’m excited for them. If an important relationship ends or a death in the family occurs, my heart hurts for them.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this!

Are you really into television or are you an avid blog reader… or both… or neither? Which do you find more entertaining?


  1. says

    Blogs all the way! I don’t have cable but I have internet AND I love reading blogs on the random days I’m bored at work :) I have also met some great in-person and internet friends through blogging…it rocks.


  2. mary says

    I do them both! but have just recently got into reading blogs more… yours and a couple of others are really the only ones that I stick to regularly though!! i love your blog.


  3. says

    Blogs are definitely my version of TV. I canceled my cable over a year ago and though I watch the occasional movie, I don’t think I could live without my internet and daily blog reading! It really does feel like your watching a great show and you get to know them in their daily lives, their travels, their experiences! So much better than TV!


  4. says

    im guilty of BOTH.. I follow TONS of blogs, and i never even thought to compare them to a TV show but now that i think about it….. They really are!

    I do also watch a bunch of tv shows, i dont even know how many and i would probably be embarrassed if i counted.. but i TIVO them so i can watch them when i have time ;)



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