This Kale Stuff is Good

I’ve told Ryan time and time again that I feel very grateful he’s so open to trying new, healthy foods. Fortunately we both care about our health and aren’t picky eaters, so it’s rare that we make something we wont eat. (Well, except for catfish… though I’ve never actually made it. It gives me the heebie jeebies. Bleh.)

This evening we enjoyed kale for the second time in two weeks. Both Ryan and I liked the way we prepared it the first time and made it the same way tonight. 

kale 001

“This kale stuff is good,” said Ryan, the he-man meat eater!

Every time he says he’s a fan of lesser-known healthy foods it makes my heart smile.

kale 007

The kale served as a side to our raspberry glazed salmon.

kale 003

Such a good (and simple!) dinner.

I’m keeping this post short tonight because I have some packing to do. Ryan and I are going on a mini 3-day vacation to Sanibel Island with my family after work tomorrow and I can’t wait!


  1. Alexa says

    I love that Ryan is so willing to try new (healthy) foods! My boyfriend has come a long way in terms of eating since we started dating–he even eats SALADS for lunch. I’m so proud!


  2. says

    I know this is totally gross, but when we would go to the amusement park in middle school, there were catfish in the water near where we had to wait in line for hours to ride our favorite coasters. The boys would spit into the water, and the catfish would eat it! ICK ICK ICK!!! After seeing that, I just can’t do catfish. I even just realized I have a disgusted look on my face just writing this!

    On a completely separate note, have a wonderful weekend! I need to get away & I am super jealous!


  3. Angie says

    Hi Julie! Love your blog. I used the salmon recipe from your page the other night…and it was wonderful – thanks! Only problem…my house smelled like fish (really bad) for two days. I washed everything and the trash was taken out immediately after I cooked. Have you discovered any tricks to avoid this?


  4. Alyssa says

    my bf makes the most delicious kale salad, he has to make it in huge batches because we like to eat it for lunch and dinner multiple times a week (and sometimes breakfast!)…I wouldn’t eat it for the longest time…I thought it just looked gross (it has mashed avocados)


  5. amy says

    Your dinner looks great! I’m wondering if you use an old diet trick of putting your dinner on a tiny plate to fool the brain into thinking full plate = lots of food. Hope my question comes accross clearly and not weirdly :o).
    Have fun on your vaca!


  6. Ally says

    Kale is absolutely delicious! However, don’t try it raw. I ate it once in a sandwich, and…let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Yipes. But steamed or crisped in the oven with some olive oil and nutritional yeast? AMAZE.


  7. Alisha says

    Catfish is delicious! Maybe you haven’t had it made the right way.. or maybe its because I’m from Louisiana and its so common here. New Orleans has the best catfish, y’all should take a vaca there soon 😉


  8. says

    I’ve been wanting to try kale forever! You have officially motivated me to get some next time I go to the store 🙂

    I know how you like puppy pictures… Check out my blog for pictures of my new little girl! 🙂 I love all your Sadie pictures. She’s so adorable!!


  9. Holly @ Rust Belt Runner says

    I recently got into Kale.

    Convinced my Hubz to try it and then he coughed! He said it irritated his throat and refused to eat anymore. 😛


  10. says

    Ahhhh I am sooo jealous that you get to go to Sanibel!!!!! I really do you find the advice I gave on FB as helpful… I know that place like the back of my hand (even all of the biking trails, and the *quieter* public beaches…) because my stepdad and I always, always bike around the island (usually go about 16 miles/day). Make sure to eat at the Green Flash, though… it’s my favorite restaurant in the world!

    PS. I love kale chips! had some tonight!

    oh, and PPS. I’m so sad… I am no longer allowed access to your blog at work, so now i have a ton of catching up to do on your posts!!


  11. Lauren @ Hungry Dancer says

    That’s awesome to have a spouse who also enjoys health foods!! I hope to find a guy like that one day!! Have fun on your trip!!


  12. Christine @ Merf In Progress says

    I really need to figure out how to enjoy kale. So far, I’ve only failed. But I have a fresh bunch in the fridge, just waiting to be enjoyed!


  13. says

    It must feel wonderful to take mini-vacays periodically throughout the year to relax and get away from the daily hustle and bustle. I so wish I could do that! Who watches Sadie when yall go away for the weekend? I think my two dogs play a large part into why I don’t ever go on vacation.


  14. says

    I made kale chips a while back, I could only find kale at WF, and it basically sounds like how you made it. I wasn’t the biggest fan but my boyfriend ate it all! After he had acted all weird about trying it. I was like, “Uhm. You know you ate a whole entire head of kale just now?” Love proving the boys wrong about ‘healthy’ stuff.


  15. says

    Oh I keep trying to look for Kale but they put it right next to the mustard and collard greens and all the greens begin to look alike… until I can sort it out! That looks amazing!


  16. Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter says

    I love simple, healthy dinners. You are so lucky to have a man who will eat healthy. I always attract the guys who freak out if they don’t have meat and potatoes at every meal.


  17. says

    Have a blast on your trip! I’m going on a vacation, too — about 30 of us are going to Sicily for a study trip sponsored by my study abroad program in Italy. The only bummer is that it’s supposed to rain 🙁 Oh well, I’m bringing “our” hunter boots along for the ride!


  18. says

    I love making kale chips! They are so good! I love that my boyfriend has become my taste tester. He is always willing and ready to try new things that I create. I never thought that he would try kale, rutabegas or turnips but he has and he actually likes all of them! 🙂


  19. says

    I know exactly how you feel about catfish. i go fishing with my boyfriend and refuse to fish for them or go near them when they catch one. I refer to them as the “monster/alien” fish and think they are super gross. I can only imagine how big the ones in Florida are. Yuck.


  20. Jessica S. says

    I know I visit your site WAY too much when we start having similar breakfast, lunch and dinners. We both did tuna and red peppers for lunch on Monday and then raspberry salmon last night – HA!!


  21. says

    Oh my gosh, my husband is not picky in any way! He’ll try anything at least once. I wish I was the same way, but I am probably one of the pickiest eaters ever! According to the latest issue of Women’s Health I’m a “supertaster”!


  22. says

    I’ve actually never tried kale, but I think I’m going to pick some up during my next grocery run. I keep hearing so many great things about it!

    I feel lucky that my boyfriend isn’t super picky either. We both like to eat healthy and have introduced each other to things the other hasn’t tried. My man doesn’t cook, so he’s counting the days until I move in with him next month. He might kill me for saying this, but he literally jumped up and down over the weekend over the idea that I’ll be there on weeknights to make dinner. Haha. 🙂

    Enjoy your mini vacation!


  23. Becca says

    Love kale! We saute it, make kale chips, and we even juice it with cucumbers, apples and carrots and it’s wonderful! Love those superfoods!

    Yours looks delish!


  24. says

    Hey Julie!

    I love your blog, and so appreciate all your healthy tips and recipes.

    However, as the daughter-in-law of a catfish farmer, I felt it was my duty to the family to comment on your hatred of catfish. I agree, the whiskers are weird. Whiskers should be reserved for the four-legged animals. 🙂

    But I noticed that one of your commenters mentioned that catfish were ‘gross’ because they ‘eat garbage.’ While this may be the case for ‘wild’ Catfish, the same can be said for any wild fish, or wild animal for that matter.

    U. S. farm-raised Catfish, like any other fish or animal product that you buy in the grocery store, are raised in a USDA-certified, safe, monitored pond. They are fed premium feed made primarily of soy beans and corn meal, and processed in a squeaky clean plant.

    At my father-in-law’s plant in North Mississippi, it takes only 25 minutes from the time the fish come out of the pond until they are put into packaging to send to grocery stores and restaurants all over the country.

    Catfish is very bland, so when prepared in most recipes it will take on the flavor of the other ingredients (pepper, lemon, garlic, etc.) Of course down here in Mississippi our favorite way to prepare catfish is fried with hushpuppies on the side 🙂 but it is delicious in many other ways, too.

    When buying Catfish in the grocery store, I certainly would not recommend buying the whole fish (that’s where the heeby jeeby part comes in…but doesn’t buying ANY whole fish give you a little heeby jeeby?), but just buying a filet like you would a salmon or halibut.

    For great recipes, or to learn more about the catfish industry, this website is a great resource:

    Anyway, I’m not trying to sound rude or offended…everyone is entitled to their own fishy opinion…but just felt obligated to stick up for my sweet FIL. He raised my wonderful husband, after all!



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