Life Lessons from Sadie

Last week I saw one of the most adorable blog posts on Tina’s blog where she posted Life Advice from Murphy which detailed, through pictures, everything her pug has taught her about life.

You guys know I am basically obsessed with Sadie (and all dogs) and as I read her post, my mind instantly started thinking about all the things I’ve learned from Sadie.

So, without further ado, here are life lessons from Sadie…


The best things in life are free.


Sharing is caring. 

sadie dog park 016

Fight for the things you believe in.


Not every day is a good day… but that’s okay.


Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry.


Get all gussied up every once in a while.


Keep your nose in your own business.


Always make time for family.


Laugh every day.


Eat the foods you love without guilt.


Stay active.


Don’t be afraid to leap into the unknown.


Sometimes a hug makes everything better.


Haters are gonna hate. Shake it off.

dog park 040

Calories from taste testing don’t count.

thanksgiving 009

Sadie is so wise. Winking smile 

Have you learned anything from a pet?


  1. says

    my neighbors JUST got the CUTEST puppy, and while i never thought i was a big dog person, I’ve learned that a pet can completely turn a day around in a matter of a second. How can they not make you smile?!


  2. Meg says

    This is so sweet. I can’t wait to move to an apartment that lets me have a dog! Dogs are there when no one else is and are wise without words. Thanks for the perspective!


  3. says

    Awwww, how cute! 🙂 I saw Tina’s post with Murphy and thought it was totally adorable.
    I’d have to say that Cody hasn’t taught me much of anything except it’s okay to hang out spread-eagle in front of a room full of friends…


  4. says

    Sadie is so cute! How big is she? My dog Tessa (rescued spaniel mix breed) is about 35lbs and they look about the same size. Tessa has definitely taught me to embrace the little joys every day. She’s a doggie optimist if there is such a thing =]


  5. says

    Love this post!
    I’ve learned from my cats that sleeping in the sun is an awesome thing to do, and that you should be independent, but full of love to those that deserve it.


  6. Briana (AuD Runner) says

    What a great post!! This made me smile!!

    PBF- I have only recently began reading your blog. but I must say, I love your site and always enjoy reading what you have to say! I look forward to more!


  7. says

    My old dog taught me that cuddling with a pet can make even the worst day seem better. I remember getting really upset over college applications my senior year, and basically having a breakdown that left me crying on our family room floor. Indy came over and started licking my face with his huge smelly tongue, and even though it was kind of gross, it instantly made me feel better. Dogs are so in tune to human emotions!


  8. Leanne@Coffee&Claptrap says

    Awww I LOVE this post!

    My fave pic of Sadie has got to be the “Laugh every day” one!

    She’s so cute I could make a Sadie Sammich and gobble her right up. 😉


  9. mkr says

    My bf and I went to a dog adoption place yesterday to check out the dogs. I loved every single one of them! But there was this big goofy fluff ball named Red who went up to every human for a petting and every dog for a lick or a sniff – making me think that if Red had a life mantra, it’d be “Be nice to everyone, no matter what” :]


  10. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    I love this post!!! :mrgreen:

    From our cats, I’ve learned that naps are good, but tuna is better.


  11. says

    Ohmygoodness. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so right, dogs have such a wonderful view on life… they don’t hold grudges… they are loving towards everyone (for the most part, ha!) and they know how to make you feel better when you’re sad. Nothing beats a puppykiss! Aw, this post brought me so much happiness!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the smiles, Julie and Sadie 🙂


  12. Lindsay@Brownies For Brunch says

    This post is so great! Sadie is definitely a wise dog…especially when it comes to taste testing 🙂


  13. says

    Oh Sadie, such a sage! This has me wanting to post life lessons for my dog George, but I’m pretty sure he thinks it all boils down to cuddles and making friends.


  14. says

    😀 This made me smile 🙂 “Eat the foods you love without guilt.” So true, so true.

    What I learned from Princess:
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Possibly, the most important thing EVER.
    Chocolate is worth risking your life for.

    What I learned from Buffy:
    You can always get what you want by acting cute.
    Keep your paws clean and your nails trimmed.


  15. Jeanny says

    AHH, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!!!! Dogs (& the wisdowm they bestow) indeed make this world a better place 🙂


  16. says

    that first pic of your dog with the stick is AMAZING!! Sadie is so cute!!
    Ive learned from my poochie, Casper, is to love everyone and everything. casper is the kindest, most loveable dog I have ever met!


  17. says

    Puppy pics are always the cutest.
    Well what can I say about my baby girl Jiggy? She was a cute and fiesty little pup, so smart, we never even had to teach her not to pipi inside, how to fetch, her designated corner, she just knew and she is so so noble. But the most important is that she’s a fighter.
    We battled her mange for the first 2 years of her life, something that I could relate to since I had celiac induced dermatitis herpetiform when I got her. The whole first year was heartbreaking since she was suffering, not getting better and we were faced with the very possible chance that we might have to put her down if her condition didn’t better. And amazingly even through the worst of it she was this amazing feisty curious and talented little pup, she never lost her sparkle.
    But after a long struggle I changed to a gluten free diet, we found my Jiggy-poo medicine that finally worked and we both started to get better.
    With mange and with celiac there is always a chance that you will never be 100 percent and whenever I get sick she instinctually stays by my side every single day I am sick to “take care” of me.
    Jiggy reminds me everyday not to ever give up and not to let my circumstances or health woes tarnish the sparkle that makes me me and also not to compare my limits with other dogs (or people!) who have better health, because I can still do amazing things within my physical limits, just like she can.


  18. Silvara says

    Awww…LOVE vizsla’s – they are so adorable and I keep seeing them everywhere now!!

    I have two doggies – one German Shorthaired Pointer overgrown puppy who is actually a lot like Sadie 😀

    My dogs have taught me “Always have time out for some fun” 🙂


  19. says

    Love this post, it is so true! My dog has totally taught me to put things in perspective and not get so stressed out about life’s stupid complications! Dogs are the best, I can’t imagine life without them.


  20. says

    awww Sadie is tooooo cute!!! what breed is she? 🙂 And I don’t have pets, but my fiance does! He has two adorable cats and they teach us a lot of things! mostly for him since he lives with them…It’s so ironic how much we learn from the cats about God’s love! It’s like, they can be soooooooooo difficult and whiny to my fiance, and through this he sees how much more we as humans do this before God, yet He’s sooo patient and loving that He’s willing to deal with us and correct us at times. 😀


  21. says

    Awwww I absolutely loved this post!!!
    The only advice that my cat could give would be to eat whenever possible and sleep the rest of the time. 😛


  22. mel says

    Aww I have a choc lab puppy and when we got her she was so tiny and sick!! shes taught me to love even when you feel awful, theres always time for exercise, treats any time of day are perfect, and cuddling makes everything better! My boxer was a stray but continues to give more love than imaginable even though he has had such a tragic life!He’s so happy now and has taught me I can overcome anything and to never hold grudges. Dogs are SO great!!


  23. says

    I adore this! Loooved Lisa’s original.

    I think Chloe’s too much of a baby still to teach me too much (she’s still learning!), but she definitely HAS taught me that sometimes, you just need to be selfish. 🙂 I’m trying to not let her rub off on me too much. 😉


  24. Sarah says

    Sadie is the cutest and happiest looking dog. Your blog has definitely convinced me that a vizla is the kind of dog I want to get.


  25. says

    hahahha OMG my favorite is “not every day is a good day” hilarious picture! And the active one of her running, she is SO MUSCULAR!
    All the pictures are intensely adorable i love her!


  26. Swati says

    Hi Julie!
    Happened to pass by your blog…. Sadie seems an integral part of your life..
    I don’t if you are really a very lucky girl or not but I can pretty much see in your cheerful smiles all through the blog how you enjoy moment of your life…



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