Enrique Iglesi-What Now?

Did any of you guys out there struggle to get out of bed this morning? I think my body was really hoping for a three-day weekend when the alarm went off a little after 5 a.m.

Once I felt Ryan throw off the covers next to me and hop out of bed, I knew I should do the same and stumbled into the bathroom to brush my teeth, throw my hair into a messy bun and head to the gym.

It wasn’t easy getting there this morning but once I was on a treadmill next to Ryan completing 20 minutes of incline walking with 5 minutes of running thrown into the mix, I felt much more like myself.

After 20 minutes of cardio, I headed into my usual Monday morning BodyPump class. Good news! The instructor showed up today, which was a lovely change from last week.

Today’s class was challenging! It was a brand new release (well, new to me… not sure if it’s the most recent release) and included Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It” which pumped me up!


Side note: I definitely thought Enrique Iglesias’ name was Enrique Inglesias until I just Googled that video. Ya learn something new every day. Just like the whole Lululemon vs. Lulumon debacle.


After the gym, I walked home with Ryan and leashed up Sadie for a 20-minute walk before showering and making myself a delicious breakfast.

Today’s creation is a new one that I planned around a fantastic-sounding flavor of cream cheese that I picked up at the grocery store yesterday.

bagelwich 031

Honey nut!

I had high hopes for this cream cheese because it reminded me of a cream cheese I used to love in high school. Upper classmen at my high school were allowed to go off-campus for lunch and my friends and I would frequently visit Great American Bagel where I would order a toasted bagel with half vegetable cream cheese and half pineapple walnut cream cheese.

I called the bagel half spread with veggie cream cheese my entrée and the pineapple walnut half my dessert!

So nutritious, I know. Winking smile 

This morning I spread the honey nut cream cheese on half of a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel thin and spread peanut butter on the other half before topping the two with apple slices.

bagelwich 035

It was quite a delicious little bagelwich!

bagelwich 039

bagelwich 037

Time to do that typical Monday thang… Work. Oh yay!

Catching Up on Weekend Happenings?


  1. Picky Nicky says

    That song always plays on the radio here!!! Lol and if I hadnt just gotten my wisdom teeth removed, I’d totally make myself a bagelwich right now 🙂 You always make them look so yummy!!!


  2. says

    I cannot look at Enrique the same way after his latest song…”Tonight I’m Loving/F***ing You.” Here I thought he was so romantic with being a hero and kissing away the pain, and then he starts with the bad pickup lines. I can’t wait to try the new BP release at my parents’ gym this weekend!


  3. says

    Hahah..that is so funny with “Inglesias” I do that sort of stuff often with song lyrics.. I will be singing along to something and a friend will kindly let me know that I am singing the completely wrong words. Please..if you ask me..my words are better! 🙂 jk


    • says

      I do the EXACT SAME THING!!!!!!!!! I even make up noises to sound like words when I don’t know what the words are… my boyfriend think’s it’s hilllllarious! He’s always like “now, what was that lyric you just sang?!?” and I sing back my made-up noises to him…. I’m so glad he finds it entertaining, haaaa!


  4. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I totally struggled to get out of bed too — and I got up at 6:20!

    I thought the same thing about Enrique — and I’m pretty sure I’ll still pronounce his name wrong!


  5. says

    That cream cheese looks delicious- I bet it would taste fab in cheesecake! Getting out of bed was SO painful this morning but I managed and ended up having one of the best runs after ages- great start to my week! Just wrapping up at work, so glad the work part of my day is done and dusted 🙂


  6. Christine @ Merf In Progress says

    Too funny about Enrique INglesias. I haven’t heard that song yet but have heard a few people say it’s a must-have for running playlist. I love “Dimelo” by Enrique. It’s in spanish but has a great beat.


  7. says

    I love the “I Like It” song – such a great song to work out too! The honey nut cream cheese is my favorite one – it reminds me of the honey walnut cream cheese that Panera has! I just finished my container yesterday, so enjoy yours for me. 🙂


  8. says

    Oooh how is the new release? I’m trying it for the first time tonight…and with a theme of ‘fatigue’, I’m expecting a toughie! 😛

    I HAVE to try a bagelwich at some point!! I see them here most days, but have never tried one!! I will soon, never fear! 😀


  9. says

    I felt the exact same way this morning! My body just did not want to move and my eyes kept closing haha. I managed to drag myself to the gym, though…but I’m still tired! 5pm can not come soon enough =p


  10. says

    I couldn’t get up this morning either! I would have totally loved to sleep in today. That bagel looks amazing! The cream cheese sounds really good.


  11. says

    I have never heard of pineapple walnut cream cheese but it definitely sounds interesting! I think I definitely have a case of the Monday’s!! It was HARD for me to get out of bed this morning as well.


  12. says

    I almost gave myself a break this morning and didn’t go workout…but then I bit the bullet, threw off my covers, and just did it! Felt so good too! Even though you don’t have the day off, at least you have beautiful weather to enjoy! 🙂 Have a great day!


  13. says

    Happy Monday and I am DRAGGING butt today!

    I never knew how to pronounce his last name, I just always say what I thought it sounds like it should be to me!


  14. says

    I love that Enrique song. Always makes me think of a good time! I struggled to get INTO bed last night because I saw a spider 🙁 I’m such a baby haha. Needless to say, it’s a bit of a rough morning. It’s times like this I’m grateful for my GIANT cup of coffee. Happy Monday!


  15. Intern_Michelle says

    You described my morning exactly! I had a hard time sleeping last night and woke up at 6am with probably 5 or less hours of sleep under my belt. I was sooo tempted to roll over and sleep, but I knew that if I didn’t get my booty to the gym then, it wouldn’t happen. Once I got out of bed I was feeling better (but still not as energetic as usual). I got through my workout though, all 1.5 hours plus a run home. In the end, I’m so happy I got up.

    I also followed your Lulumon vs. Lululemon link and I totally thought the same thing!! I was so thrown off when my friend said Lululemon the first time! 😛

    Love reading your blog. 🙂


  16. Karina says

    I decided to try the cinnamon raisin bagel flats after reading your blog- had it for bfast topped w cottage cheese& fruit! Delicious!! Happy Monday!


  17. mariah says

    hahah glad your teacher decided to show up!anytime i’m feeling poopy the gym helps to perk me right up…it’s just the getting there part that takes some willpower


  18. says

    I never saw honey nut cream cheese before! That sounds so good – I’ll have to pick some up next time I hit the market. 🙂
    As for Enrique Iglesias, I like the beat of his songs, but not necessarily the words…if you know what I mean. Haha. 😉


  19. says

    I miss Body Pump so much! I joined a gym in DC last summer when my husband and I moved there for three months, and I hit up BP all.the.time. When we moved to California last fall, we decided to just stick with the campus gym (my husband is in graduate school), and they don’t offer BP. So sad!

    Enjoy your Monday! 🙂


  20. says

    I thought the same about Enrique’s name too. I really like this tricep track (they’re usually one of my least faves) and I think it’s in part down to the music. Enrique + Pitbull is a good combination for Pump!


  21. says

    I was obsessed with Honey Walnut cream cheese in high school! I think I had it on a bagel for lunch almost every day! We always got ours at Brueggers, though. I need to see if we have one of those in Richmond!


  22. Amanda says

    I am dragging today, too!! I used to eat a bagel with cream cheese, a really sugary juice, and a cookie for lunch every day in high school! Oh well, I survived and was somehow skinnier than I am now haha


  23. Michelle @ Michelle's Marathon Journey says

    Your bagelwiches always look so delicious! I swear, every time I see a picture of the ooey-gooey cheese melting out the side of those things, I have to run to the kitchen to make my own. In fact, all this talking about it is making my tummy rumble right now; might have to go to the kitchen and make one!

    And major kuddos for actually going to work; I decided to take a sick *cough* day 🙂


  24. says

    I just checked out the new Body Pump track list and the songs DO look fun! What is the cheese factor like, though… do the songs sound like covers or are they just remixes of the originals (w/ the actual artists singing them)? BP can be tricky that way.


  25. says

    Glad you liked the new pump stuff!! What did you think about the abs track? bahaha! I can’t handle it.. maybe its cause I have to learn it by listening to that song.. over and over.. then it just gets stuck in my head…ALL. day. ha!


  26. says

    I used to pronounce it Lulumon, too! It was only a few months ago that someone kindly corrected me. Never even noticed the “lemon” part…it is funny the way the brain interprets things!



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