Words with Friends

It’s the day after my birthday and I’m making a concerted effort to avoid the post-birthday blues. I cannot help but feel a little sad after every holiday and birthday because all of the fun leading up to the special day dissipates and it’s back to normal life.

But the good news is that I like normal life. Smile 

I have a nut job dog that makes me laugh…


And I have a husband that stays up way too late with me in bed playing Words with Friends on our phones.

words with friends 002

For those of you not aware of the Words with Friends phenomenon, get on board! It’s basically Scrabble you can play on your phone and it is addicting.

Okay fine, so Ryan and I just downloaded it on our phones yesterday, but it is awesome.

It really appeals to the wordsmith in me and the immature kid in both of us.

Yes, Ryan started the game with the word “sexy” and I hollered back with “cox” and “dung” later in the game. We’re 26 and 27 going on eight and nine.


This morning’s workout wasn’t too shabby, but it wasn’t really kick-butt either. I was more interested in reading about Reese Witherspoon’s wedding in People and learning all about Kate Middleton and Prince William’s romance history in Newsweek than really getting a good workout. Hey, it happens.

I did manage to break a sweat though and in the end my workout looked like this:

  • 40 min. elliptical (insert tons of magazine-reading here)
  • 10 min. run
  • 5 min. stair master

Then it was on to my morning walk with the pup!


After taking Sadie on a one-mile loop, I hopped in the shower and got to work on breakfast.

Last night I received a package containing two samples of ZonePerfect all-natural nutrition bars to try out.

words with friends 003

When I saw that the flavors were marketed as both sweet and salty, my mouth started watering. As demonstrated by my affinity for cheese ‘n’ jelly bagelwiches, I’m a big fan of enjoying the differing tastes simultaneously.

Since flavor curiosity got the best of me, I ate half of both the cashew pretzel and trail mix varieties this morning.

Though they were both really good (I’m a fan of ZonePerfect bars in general), I did a little flip in the kitchen for the trail mix bar.

words with friends 005

I loved the underlying peanut butter flavor (big surprise) and the little bits of raisin throughout the bar.

And because I have a serious smoothie addiction, I also made myself a smoothie bowl to slurp up while typing this blog post.

words with friends 006

There’s a heat wave in Central Florida right now and the only cure is more cow bell smoothies.

words with friends 008

Now it’s time to get to work, but before I go, I totally forgot to mention that I updated the Fashion page last night.

I hope to update it again later today to answer your inquiries about the pink dress from the photo I included on my 25th-year recap post yesterday from the hot date I went on with Ryan for this birthday. Stay tuned!


  1. says

    You know, since your Birthday fell on a Wednesday that DOES give you permission to celebrate for the rest of the week/weekend 😉

    You and Ryan have such a good relationship, it’s admirable and hilarious 🙂 Two peas in a pod, I’d say!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. says

    I got the bars the other day as well but haven’t tried them yet, and my cousin JUST told me about Words WIth Friends! I haven’t tried it either, but judging by your reviews and hers, it sounds like I will soon be very addicted! 🙂


  3. Emily says

    Oh my god my whole family is addicted to that game. Many games to juggle…Words flying every which way..it’s chaos! But a fun way to stay in touch.


  4. says

    Can you download Words with Friends for Android phones or is it just for the iphone? I want to play! 🙂

    I’m so excited for the Royal Wedding! I wasn’t at first but now I can’t wait! 🙂


  5. says

    My boyfriend and I celebrate birthday WEEK to avoid the feeling that the fun is over after one day. 😎 I love words with friends, but I inevitably forget that I have a game going and come back to it days later to find that I lost haha.
    Happy day after your birthday!


  6. says

    Ahh I love any and all word games. Boggle and Scrabble are my ultimate faves! My boyfriend and I sometimes play Scrabble in bed on our phones so I am going to have to check out this Words With Friends business!


  7. says

    I hate my birthday, so feel free to use up my allotted celebration time for yourself! 🙂

    I have had the worst sore throat all week and smoothies have totally hit the spot. I made a green monster with kale last night and it was actually really good!


  8. tanya says

    what type of protein powder do you use?

    as I use sun warrior and it does Not make it that thick and I had the gums also.


  9. Marta says

    My boyfriend have played Words with Friends every day since the day we met–a year ago today! There hasn’t been a single day where we don’t have a game going on. It’s our special thing!


  10. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    The tulips are so pretty!

    I’m sure I’d love Words with Friends — I am a Scrabble lover so that is right up my alley.


  11. says

    I think it’s so cute that you and Ryan play little word games in bed 🙂 I am starting to get all obsessed with the Royal Wedding too. I promised myself I’d resist but I just can’t help myself! I’m in charge of bringing in British snacks at work tomorrow to celebrate….I am having fun brainstorming!


  12. says

    I love words with friends! I’m a total words girl.
    Also, catching up on old posts, SO cool about diving with the whale sharks! Can’t wait to hear about it.


  13. jessie says

    WORDS WITH FRIENDS = LIFE. Seriously. Let’s play.

    You should go to Publix (RIGHT NOW) and try Clif MOJO bars in the Peanut Butter Pretzel flavor…you can thank me after you’ve experienced that blend of sweet and salty goodness.


  14. ellalinea says

    I love love that pink dress, you look awesome in it! 🙂

    I too have a blackberry, so I don’t know that game..

    You got me craving smoothies as wel, I made one yesterday with cucumber 🙂


  15. says

    Love Words. Although my bf gets frustrated when I don’t respond right away because he’s so desperate to beat me at it. And definitely feel the post-birthday blues. I always feel so special on my birthday even though I know no one else is quite as excited as me. The boyfriend’s birthday is this Saturday–21– I need to find something awesome to surprise him with since I’ve been totally absent for the past two birthdays… :/


  16. Faith @ lovelyascharged says

    I’m such a scrabble addict (english major geekness coming through full force!) Can’t believe I haven’t gotten addicted to that yet!

    This heat is so yucky! How do you get your hair to cooperate? I’m having serious issues getting it to do anything (other than frizz up) in this humidity! I don’t want to resort to ponytails or buns every day, but I hate the not-really-curly-not-really-straight mess that it turns into when I wear it down!


  17. says

    I hate the post birthday blues…your special day goes by in a flash!

    I used to be obsessed with Words with Friends until I started losing miserably to all of my friends. Some of them are so good and when they throw a word that’s worth 258 points in your face (oh yeah, it CAN be done), it’s a little discouraging. So sad that they think I’m going to be a strong player because I’m a teacher… I’m a teacher, not a dictionary!


  18. says

    I have a Blackberry so I can’t play it, but my mom and sister are obsessed! I’m thinking about hijacking the husband’s iPhone just so I can play 🙂


  19. says

    Julie you are so stinkin’ cute. I love your blog! I am a regular reader (multiple times a day) but only comment sometimes, but just wanted to express my love for PBF 🙂 And happy belated birthday, I was on a plane all day yesterday so I didn’t have a chance to say it! Have a WONDERFUL day!!!! 🙂


  20. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    Those flowers are so cute 🙂 And I WISH there was a heatwave here! It has been raining almost nonstop since Monday 🙁 but smoothies are still my go-to meal, hot weather or not. They always brighten up my morning!


  21. says

    I have a BB so I don’t think I get that game! I am so jealous of your heat wave 🙁 we have snow again tomorrow! I am so glad you had such an awesome birthday, you deserve it!


  22. says

    Celebrate the whole week! My birthday was on a Friday this year so I celebrated from the Monday before to the Sunday after. I have a friend who pretty much celebrates the whole month of February for her birthday. 😉


  23. Amy says

    I remember last year when it got warmer out you ate a lot of yogurt/grain bowls like yogurt with barley and fruit. What happened to those?! Do you just not enjoy them any more or are smoothies just the big breakfast phase right now? 🙂 Love your smoothies though


  24. Alexandrina @ TheCardioQueen says

    That game is way too addicting and I love it! My boyfriend and I always play and I was playing with my little brothers. One of them actually beat me! Ha.


  25. Megan@Dirty Dishes Daily says

    I felt the same way after my birthday. I was excited for the 26th year ahead of me but sad that the day was over so quickly.


  26. Nathan Miller says

    Nice undertone use of getting a SNL bit in at the end..classy. Glad you had a good birthday….Looks like you have a very blessed life at the moment


  27. Kate @ NaturaStride says

    AAH! My husband and I played WWF in bed too! haha – so addicting 🙂
    Hope your bday was fun!


  28. says

    A happy belated birthday to you! I absolutely LOVE birthdays! It should always be an event.

    I have found this is to be a bit different in Spain, and with the Spaniard. He just doesn’t get my birthday obsession. I think he will have to learn over the years. Yes, if he wants a happy me, he will HAVE to learn. 🙂


  29. Lauren @ Hungry Dancer says

    Words with friends is SO addicting!! The worst/best is that you can play it with all your friends!! So many games, so little time!


  30. Julia says

    I don’t personally play Words with Friends, because I don’t have a smart phone. Or else I would completely be hooked! I LOVE word games!

    On Monday I sat in the waiting room with all of my family waiting for someone to come out of surgery. The entire 7 hours we were in there everyone in my family was on their phone playing with each other and getting mad for the words each other would play. It was too funny!


  31. Brittany says

    Words with Friends is so addicting!!! I was so happy when they FINALLY came out with an Android version – although mine kicks me off and restarts quite frequently… my bf and I play all the time too – we’ve even been known to sneak it out at a restaurant while we’re waiting on our dinner!

    We also make bets on if one person can play a word higher than 50pts.. then they usually win something 😉

    I would say the best tricks to know are little two letter words that can help you out in tricky situations! like Qi, Za, Xi & Ku…. and if you can play Qi in two directions on a double letter- BAZINGA! 40+pts 😉


  32. Tamar says

    Oh, so glad you reviewed those! I’m addicted to the zone perfect fudge graham flavor. I know they have crazy ingredients but it’s really the only packaged food I eat, so I don’t care. I’ve been tempted to buy the new ones but haven’t yet. Sweet and salty is the best!

    I always get post-birthday blues, but started making a list after my birthday of all of the things I’ll accomplish or do before the next one. It really helps!



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