Sunrise Smoothie

As Ryan and I walked to the gym this morning, I felt a little sad knowing our typical morning routine won’t happen for another 13 days or so.

As some of you already know from the comments section of past posts, Ryan isn’t coming on my family’s trip to Europe. Though he was obviously more than invited, he had a hiking trip planned for the end of the month with a bunch of guys out west when the Europe trip came to fruition and couldn’t get the time off work. The Europe trip is my sister’s graduation present from my parents, so the date couldn’t change due to the start date of my sister’s new job, so, sadly, Ryan won’t be joining us.

This makes someone veeeery happy…


But it makes me very sad.

I told Ryan that his absence from this trip means only one thing… We’ll just have to go back!

Last night, in preparation for our 13 days apart, we downloaded Skype on our respective computers and figured out how to video chat.

skype 001

(That’s Ryan’s creepy Skyper face.)

I’ve never used Skype before and it is a-w-e-s-o-m-e (and FREE)! I’m so excited to try it out overseas and see Ryan’s face when we’re thousands of miles apart. How cool is that!?

Setting up Skype also helped me procrastinate on packing which I also enjoyed, though it postponed our typical bedtime by a bit.


Even with slightly less sleep than usual, I managed to get in a good workout. Knowing I’m not going to workout out at all on my vacation except for tons of walking while sightseeing (I’m not even bringing workout clothes with me), I felt a little extra motivated this morning.

I did a cardio-based workout that began with a 20-minute run/incline walk workout that was a slightly less intense version of this workout. (I dropped the incline on the walking portion to 8.0 and the incline on the running portion to 1.0.)

After spending some time on the treadmill, I moved into the gymnasium to complete one round of my latest jump rope-heavy cardio circuit.


Check out my sweaty red face! Burpees and mountain climbers will do that to ya!

I rounded out my workout with 5 minutes on the stair master, followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical.

I was all over the place!


After the gym, Ryan joined me and Sadie on our morning walk so we could spend a bit more time together since I will be heading to my parents’ house in St. Pete directly from work this afternoon. I loved having some company and enjoyed talking with him about my upcoming trip and his plans while I’m away.

I promised to bring him back tons of memorabilia like at least seven Eiffel Tower key chains, three Colosseum mugs and a life-size replica of Big Ben. He’s pumped!

When we arrived home, I packed my lunch while Ryan showered and said goodbye to him before showering myself. As Ryan and I were saying our goodbyes, Sadie was freaking out. It was almost as if she knew we were saying goodbye for a long time or something. She’s smarter than you might think! (That comment is for my dad who is convinced that Sadie’s IQ rivals a marshmallow.)


Finally it was breakfast time!

Since I’m pretty sure I will be living off of pizza, pasta and gelato in the near future, I took the opportunity this morning to make myself a nutritious smoothie packed with fruit, protein and nutrients.

pineapple smoothie 004

Into the blender went:

  • 3/4 c. milk
  • 1 c. strawberry banana Chobani Greek yogurt
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 c. frozen pineapple
  • 1/2 tsp. coconut extract

pineapple smoothie 007

pineapple smoothie 006

The light yellow color and refreshing tropical flavor of this smoothie reminded me of the sunrise on an exotic beach, inspiring me to call this smoothie a “sunrise smoothie.” Great breakfast!

I’m off to work!  Last day before vacation, baby!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated with another workout wear post this morning!


  1. says

    So sorry that you two won’t be able to travel together but I’m sure you’ll both have a fab time and have all sorts of stories to tell when you return.

    Skype is a great idea my family is all over the country and we skype at least once a month! 🙂


  2. says

    Aww! I didn’t realize Ryan wasn’t going, that’s a bummer 🙁 But it’s REALLY awesome that there are things like Skype!!! 😀 It will just make you even stronger in your relationship- you know the saying ‘distance makes the heart fonder’ or something along those lines- haha! 🙂
    I know Miss Sadie is LOVING that he Daddy will still be around though!! So cute that she kind of knew something was up. That dog instinct is crazy!!
    ” Sadie’s IQ rivals a marshmallow” <– that had me cracking up!! 😀 Lol!!
    Hope you have a FANTASTIC last day before vacation!!! Woop woop!


  3. says

    Awww, it’s a bummer that Ryan isn’t going with you! But think of it this way- there will be no boredom guilt when you want to go shopping, right? 🙂 And you can always bring him back Euro candy bars!!


  4. says

    Isn’t Skype the best? I didn’t realize Ryan wasn’t joining you on the trip either. Skype has been amazing for keeping in touch with my family.. for a while, the 4 of us were living in 4 different countries so it made communicating much easier (and cheaper!) We’re still fairly spread out but I now use Skype more to stay in touch with my high school friends that I met when I lived in the Middle East.
    Enjoy your last day of work before your holidays. I absolutely cannot wait to see what you get up to once you get to Europe!! 🙂


  5. Brooke says

    can you post the peanut butter bites recipe before you leave? have an amazing time and if you’re too busy have too much fun to post everyday, I’m sure your readers will understand!


  6. says

    I love Skype. My boyfriend went to school in Pennsylvania and we only got to see each other on the weekends so we used Skype all the time to ‘see’ each other. It stinks Ryan can’t come with you, but you’re gonna have a blast anyway.


  7. says

    You and Ryan are so cute with the skyping! It will be great to see each other every day even though you’re apart 🙂

    I totally feel you on being wistful for the morning routine. I remember when I studied abroad in Mexico City – it was quite the adventure but man was I missing that morning gym routine. Add in lots delicious Mexican food and I had a bit of work to do when I came back from 3 months in a gym-less Mexico! You’ve only got 13 days though, so live it up!


  8. says

    When my bf and I were living in different cities right after college, we had skype dates once a week. It was soooo nice seeing his face after so many nights on the phone.

    I guess I better just get used to the fact that I’ll be sitting here working for the next 2 weeks while you are off galavanting around Europe!! Bring back some gelato and ship it to Austin, K?? K.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. says

    I am in the same boat! My mom is taking me to London for 12 days in September. It is a mother-daughter trip so I am going to miss Keith like crazy! But we are definitely planning on doing some skype chatting as well.


  10. jen @ taste life says

    I was wondering if Ryan was going to go with you, sorry he’s not. However, you guys will have so much fun stuff to share and talk about when you are both done traveling. Plus one of you will always be home with Sadie, right?

    That smoothie looks amazeballs.


  11. says

    aww, I hate going to new places without my bf.

    traveling is so much fun and we both enjoy it very much so I could only imagine how much your going to miss him.

    but your right!

    you just have to go back then 😉


  12. says

    SMOOTHIEs again!! love it… Skype is awesome! iv only ever done it once with my bro whos in California– ow ow!.. oh burpees are so hard… HATE THOSe!


  13. says

    I love your outlook on Ryan ot coming.. just having to go back. Perfect excuse!! I am so excited to hear about your adventures abroad. It will be awesome to spend some QT with your fam.. and take note of all the places that are MUSTS when you go back at some point with Ryan.


  14. says

    Aw, I’m sorry that Ryan isn’t going with you. It was definitely a good idea to try out skype before you leave. It’s so cool that you will able to video chat with him now while you are in Europe! 🙂


  15. Holley @ Smart Snacking says

    Ahh! So exciting about your trip – I would not be able to concentrate at work if I were you!


  16. says

    Aww that’s too bad you guys cannot be together, but Skype will certainly help! I use it while I’m at school to talk to my mom and brothers while I am away at school 🙂
    You are going to have an awesome trip, I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! (and the food you get to taste of course!)


  17. says

    Have a great time together, and this just means reuniting with Ryan and Sadie will be that much greater!

    Also dogs are surprisingly intuitive about the funniest things. Whenever I get dressed up (i.e. a dress or skirt), my dog always gets excited for me. She’ll actually sit, smile, and wag her tail (instead of her normal running around like a crazy dog). And then when I say her name she’ll come me give me kisses and let me know how pretty I look (at least that’s how I interpret it). Not that she doesn’t normally love on me, but even my fiance and family noticed she gets extra excited when I dress up a little.


  18. Niki says

    Hello! I am new to following blogs but I love yours!

    I just got back from living in the UK and travelling all around Europe for 4 months. You will have an amazing time.

    Trust me, exercise will not evade you. Everywhere we went we walked for hours and hours and hours and you never know when a crazy steep hill will provide the most amazing city views. We also hiked this amazing place called Cinque Terre in Italy near Pisa, it was an amazing day of hiking with over 1000 stairs!

    My boyfriend stayed home with Spud and Maggie (my two puppies) while I was gone and Skype was a life saver! And like you said, now I have an excuse to go back… to show him around.

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip. Enjoy the sights the people, the culture and the FOOD.


  19. Emily says

    This makes me so sad! I’m going to miss Ryan and your shenanigans together. Can you tell I’m a creature of routine?! I think he should do a guest post just so all of us can rest assured that things are alright in Orlando 🙂


  20. Kate says

    Hi Julie – just wanted to say I love reading your blog and hope you have a great trip to Europe. I’m from the UK and we are going on holiday to florida next week – few days at disney and then driving down to Captiva! So have revisit some of your posts for restaurant recommendations! Enjoy your trip.


  21. says

    Aww! I didn’t realize Ryan wasn’t going until now. I can imagine it was hard to say goodbye. When I went to Europe for 2 months Peter & I had just started dating but it was very difficult to say goodbye. I can only fathom how hard it would be to say goodbye for almost 2 weeks to your husband. At least you will have so much fun that the time will soar by. I hope you have a GREAT trip!


  22. says

    Dogs are super smart…even when they don’t act like it sometimes 😉 . Our dogs pick up on everything, which is impressive and annoying at the same time.

    I can’t wait to read about your European adventure! Sounds like you’re going to have a fabulous time!


  23. says

    I assumed Ryan was joining you and your family! I’m in a long distance relationship (boyfriend is in Cali I’m in TX) so we try to Skype everyday. It’s wonderful! I’m glad you downloaded Skype and hope you find a strong internet connection in Europe (because that affects the quality of your calls). Have a safe and fun trip! 🙂


  24. says

    I couldn’t have made it through my trip to Europe without Skype. Definitely not the same as seeing my guy in person, but good enough…


  25. says

    I would recommend bringing just one workout outfit, or swapping out some workout shorts / shirt / etc. for pajamas. You don’t want to find yourself in the perfect situation for a run through a beautiful city, but without your gear! Is your sister bringing workout stuff?
    Don’t overthink it too much… just one pair of shorts, athletic socks, top, etc. and wear your sneakers on the plane.


    • Casey says

      Aw you will have so much fun Julie! I agree with the above comment–if you find yourself in a position wanting to run, you might be bummed without your gear! It could be a little dangerous by yourself but if someone else in your family wanted to join you, since you get so much enjoyment out of a good workout, it would be a shame not to have a run through a gorgeous new city!


  26. says

    Thank god skype was invented! I’m in a long distance relationship, and skype really makes it a bit easier.
    Don’t worry about working out, just enjoy your amazing vacation!


  27. says

    Ah just think of all that gelato and Swiss chocolate you’ll soon be devouring- pls eat for me…I don’t ask for much, just that small request 😀


  28. Robin B says

    My family and I used skype to talk to my sister when she was in Udine,Italy for student teaching last semester! It really worked great! It does have a bit of a delay which was funny at times but we rarely lost connection with her!

    Every Sunday she skyped us and watch us have our family dinners. Unfortunately for her, the time difference meant she had to stay up pretty late to catch us in the afternoon. But like I said it all work out pretty well!

    Have fun!


  29. Anna says

    Hi Julie! I’ve been a long time reader but have never commented before. I decided it’s time to finally come out of the shadows and express how much I love reading your blog every day. I look forward to reading about your adventures with Ryan, Sadie, and the rest of your family, and can honestly say some of your posts really brighten my day. Your positive and cheerful posts are fun to read, and I love that your blog isn’t entirely focused on every little thing you snack on. Have a wonderful time in your Europe – you deseve it!


  30. Carrie says

    I am just wondering if you have a favorite travel container for smoothies? I tried putting my smoothie in a travel mug, but it really didn’t work out well. Any suggestions?


  31. says

    Skype is so great! My husband and I use it all the time with our family back in Nebraska. It’s great to see everyone and still be part of family holidays, even when we can’t make it back. We also used it to see a dear family friend who was battling cancer – while she passed away before we could see her in person, we are so happy to have seen her via Skype.


  32. Vivianne says

    Wow that smoothie sounds so fruity and delicious! I had a mango pineapple smoothie last week and that really hit the spot, I’m going to have to try this one!

    Ryan’s face is so funny! My boyfriend always makes odd faces at me on skype (; It’s such a handy program, especially when you are doing long distance! It is so much better being able to actually see who you are talking to (:


  33. ellalinea says

    Omg I’m so sorry that Ryan can’t join you on your trip! Indeed you must go back then, I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with Europe.. Also when you go back with him, go can visit all those romantic places like Tuscany-Italy and Bruges… Have a nice trip girl!! 🙂


  34. says

    I’ve had to travel numerous times without my husband because his schedule is terrible and he rarely gets time off. It kind of sucks to not have him there, but I’d rather go places with other people than not go at all. Plus, like you said, you can go back together, and you’ll know which areas are the best to see with him for your trip together.
    Skype is great! You guys will love it! My husband and I used it a lot when he was away at training for months at a time. Bonus- you’ll get to see Sadie too!


  35. says

    Skype is the best!! Brian and I used it while he was in Venezuela last fall for 2 months. Definitely made it so much easier being apart for that long since we could still see each other!


  36. says

    Ahh! You’re going to have! When we went to Europe this past summer, Skype was our savior! My parents would have died from worry if they couldn’t talk to my brother and I for two weeks while romping around Europe haha 🙂


  37. says

    Skype is awesome! I am in the Peace Corps and have been able to talk to my family at least once a week and chat with friends on Skype constantly over the past three years. It has helped me keep up to date on everything happening back home, I even get to talk to my nieces and nephew on it. I am sure it will be a great tool for you to keep in touch with your man. I hope you have a great trip to Europe!


  38. Beth says

    My husband and I just got back from our Europe trip and I’m so excited to see you document your trip so I can relive it a little. Yall are going to have a blast and Ryan not going will just make it less sad that the trip is over! That’s how we felt about coming home to our pups 🙂


  39. says

    Skype rocks! I still find it so crazy/weird that with the technology we have today we are able to use a program like that.

    That smoothie looks extra tropical and delicious.

    Hope your packing went well! Packing for Europe was a challenge for me! I was scared to look like a tourist, haha. Then I realized DUH I will look like a tourist because I take pictures of everything!


  40. Brittany says

    Have a fabulous time in Europe, Julie! I’m so excited for you and really looking forward to hearing about the trip 🙂 It will be fun to spend time with your fam and have tons of storytime material for Ryan when you two are reunited 🙂


  41. Alison says

    Hi! I think I am going to order the Nike top that you have but I am unsure about size. What size is your top in? I am 32-26-33. Thank you!


  42. Josephine @ Creating a Positive Life says

    Dogs have a keen sense for these things! Our dogs freak out when one or both of us is going on a trip. They also get stir crazy the day we are bound back – like they know we are on our way home!


  43. says

    You’ll keep in shape by walking A TON on your trip…but maybe, just maybe I can convince you to bring one running outfit? Some of my best, most beautiful runs have been abroad in places I’ve been visiting. What a great way to really see the cities/countryside (depending on where you are), even if you only go for 30 min. My most beautiful runs have been in Lake Como, Italy, Jerusalem, Israel, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Arequipa, Peru. If anything it’s really nice to get away from the people you are traveling with, especially if you are with a tour group!


  44. Lauren says

    Skype will be great to keep in touch! I used skype all the time when I was long distance with my boyfriend, and I use it to keep in touch with international friends.


  45. Cynthia says

    I LOVE Skype!!! My husband travels a LOT for business and I am convinced that his trips are a bit easier on me with that handy invention. But my dog (Callie) hates it. Every time he tries to talk to her through the computer, she runs and hides. Maybe it’s the way his voice sounds through the computer? Or maybe it’s her way of telling him that she’s mad about him leaving. Yes dogs are a lot smarter than some people give them credit for. 🙂


  46. says

    I would be a little bummed to visit such a gorgeous place without my hubby, too. 🙁

    I’ve never been “all over the place” at my gym — I’m too self-conscious, wondering if anyone else would be watching me and thinking, “What in the world is she doing?!?!” Hahaha!


  47. Casey says

    Julie–your smoothies always look so good! Maybe sometime you could post a section for them in your recipes page?? I always want to make them but don’t want to search through the entries, hehe.

    Can’t wait to read about Europe!! You will have such a great time!


  48. says

    Just wanted to let you know that i had a pbfinger-like wich today for breakfast!! Everything bagel flat with melted Havarti cheese and fig jam…AMAZING!


  49. Amy says

    Have a great time!! Take lots of pics and eats lots of great stuff. We are all living vicariously through you on this trip! 🙂

    BTW, the marshmallow reference made me laugh…..REALLY LOUD! Too funny!


  50. Julie says

    Whenever I pack a suitcase my dog starts acting extra squirrely, it’s like she knows when I’m leaving too!

    Hope you have a fabulous trip!!!


  51. says

    The smoothies look great! We make green smoothies at our house will kale or other greens, but we always like to try adding different fruits to them to give them a different flavor. I’ll have to try adding pineapple and coconut!


  52. Morgan Chandler says

    I am work on a project in my health class to make a healthy smoothie and i found this, but i don’t know the calories, servings, or the amount that it made with what you have provided so i was wondering if perhaps you could help me out and please provide me with said information. Thank you.



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