Taking in Paris

What a day!

From the moment we received our 7 a.m. wake up call until right now when I am finally tucked back into my hotel bed for a brief reprieve, we’ve been engrossed in Paris!


Breakfast this morning was wonderful. Since we’ve had breakfast at our hotels every morning, the selection is usually fairly minimal, but today the spread was much more expansive.

paris 247

I opted for a bowl of creamy yogurt topped with fresh pineapple, kiwi, museli, walnuts, cantaloupe and chocolate cereal.

I also enjoyed a side of some kind of almond mousse that was definitely more of a dessert than a breakfast.

paris 248

And being in Paris, I couldn’t refuse a croissant and spiral pastry.

paris 249

I spread a bit of Nutella on my croissant and loved every flaky, chocolaty bite!

paris 250

Mmm, mmm.

Tour of Paris

After breakfast, we boarded a coach bus with our tour group for a tour of the top sights in Paris.

paris 097

We drove past many of the sights while our tour guide spoke about everything in detail. We stopped at the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower for some pictures.

paris 111

paris 118_thumb[12]

paris 117

I’ve only ever been to Europe once before in my life when I was in sixth grade and that was on a brief trip to Paris with my parents. Fortunately on that trip we saw everything in depth, otherwise I would’ve been pretty disappointed that we didn’t have the chance to get out and walk around many of the major sights, especially the Notre Dame Cathedral, my personal favorite.

I must say that our time at the Eiffel Tower was pretty cool! We went up to the second floor to gaze out over Paris.

paris 125

paris 258

Such an incredible city!

paris 137

Since my family and I had plans to make a trip to Versailles after our time at the Eiffel Tower, we made sure to grab a quick bite to eat at one of the street vendors in the area.

paris 262

I selected a chocolate and whipped cream crepe and enjoyed every last bite!

paris 144

paris 263

paris 264

How good does that look? It was wonderful! I ate all the whipped cream before diving into the chocolaty crepe. YUM.


Once our tummies had a bit of food in them, we boarded the coach bus yet again and headed to Versailles to tour the palace and gardens.

paris 153

paris 155

paris 157

The royal chateau was so expansive and regal. It was incredible to see.

The famous hall of mirrors was especially impressive.

paris 268

paris 179

Everything from the rooms of the palace to the gardens was detailed and elaborate.

paris 196

My favorite thing to see at Versailles was the queen’s bedroom, once occupied by Marie Antoinette.

paris 269

Fancy schmancy, huh?

Once our time at Versailles concluded, we hopped back onto the bus and promptly fell asleep as we headed back to our hotel. Now my family is resting and I am blogging before we head out again for a special dinner. We’re visiting a place you guys recommended!

I’m hungry!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated today!


  1. says

    I was in Paris in winter, and now, by looking at your pictures, I see how terribly wrong that was. Paris in spring and summer is the best.
    That crepe looks awesome!


  2. says

    I love seeing your Europe pictures! Those crepes look delicious! And Versailles looks beautiful, that is such a great picture. I’ve always found Marie Antoinette super fascinating.


  3. ellalinea says

    I love love love Paris in spring.. It’s a lot more magical than in the wintertime..!

    Love those crepes girl, they look awesome!


  4. Cecilia says

    julie, I hope it’s not too late. But you are going to visit Pierre Herme’s pattiserie right? Or Laduree? It would be a sin not to! 😀


  5. says

    Julie! Hello! I love ALL the Nutella love I have seen you been having! ha!

    My fiance and I want to go to Paris soooo bad, we actually want to go everywhere you have been the past week! I showed him some of the posts, he was in awe! I hope we do one day! Have a great day today! xo


  6. says

    That does look like quite the delish breakfast!

    I would hate to be the one to have to clean that hall of mirrors. Haha! Versailles is so gorgeous. The weather was all rainy and overcast when I went. Looks even more stunning in your photos than I remember.


  7. says

    That crepe looks AMAZING. I think it’s my favorite thing you’ve eaten thus far…just check out that whipped cream!! Versailles is so gorgeous. I took a whole class on it last year and it’s ridiculous how much history that place has!


  8. Julie (Food & Other Things) says

    Paris looks so beautiful…I’ve always wanted to go! And that crepe looks amazing!


  9. says

    I saw all of that when I was in Paris! I loved the Notre Dame cathedral as well. My mom actually sang there when she was 16. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a fantastic trip!! Looks like you are.


  10. Merrie@ Strawberrylaces says

    Hi Julie!
    Paris looks like so much fun! I’ve just found your blog and absolutely love it! Great job on making it simply a joy to read and browse. I was just in Paris last week with my fiance and we adored it as well. Good thing for my thighs that we don’t have crepes on every corner in America…:-) Well, safe travels and have a fantabulous time!


  11. Lindsay says

    Wow! I am so super jealous! I went to Paris when I was 16, but I don’t feel like I appreciated it as much as I would now! All your gorgeous pics make me want to go back!!!


  12. Candace Mitchell says

    Hey Julie,

    What tour group did your family use? My hubby and I are thinking about doing a Europe Trip.


  13. says

    Ah beautiful Versailles! And the gardens are huge and so impressive.
    You are right, nutella and croissant is such a perfect combination!
    It’s great you could go up the Eiffle Tower, you have such a view from there. See ya!


  14. Julie says

    I was just in Paris and I ate at that same crepe place…I nearly died after the first bite it was soo good! Also, I went to Versailles as well, your pictures capture its beauty perfectly!


  15. says

    OMG I LOVED Versailles!! My sister and I swear we have never walked that much in our entire life as on that day. The gardens were HUGE and then Marie Antoinette’s house had her own separate huge gardens! And then I climbed the Eiffel Tower that night – oy vey! So beautiful.


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