Prince Harry, Where Are You?

Our second day in London (and the last day of our European vacation) was full of exploration! We began the day enjoying breakfast at the hotel with our tour group.

london 002 I ate a yogurt bowl topped with cereal and fresh fruit. I also enjoyed a bowl of hot porridge with dried fruit and toasted nuts.

london 001

I’m not really sure what English porridge is exactly, but it tasted like a super creamy mix of steel cut oatmeal and cream of wheat. I loved it!


After breakfast, our group loaded onto the coach bus and watched and listened as our tour guide pointed out London hot spots along the way.

london 013

I totally geeked out over Westminster Abby, the site of the royal wedding that took place only a few short weeks ago.

london 018

At least I wasn’t the only one…

london 015

Our tour group took some extra time at St. Paul’s Cathedral where we went on a brief tour of the church and walked around inside.

london 003

london 097

Seeing the inside of such a majestic church (that was also the site of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding) was really amazing.

Our final stop on our sightseeing tour was in front of Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards.

london 120

We got there early so we had a great position right along the street. The only downside? It was COLD outside!

london 128

We huddled close and nibbled on chocolate croissants to distract ourselves from the frigid temperatures.

london 025

london 020

We also laughed when certain cars stopped in front of us that looked like they were being driven by dogs since the passenger’s seat is on the other side of the car in England.

london 021

With all of the distractions, the 30 minutes we waited passed quickly. Before we knew it, the guards walked right in front of us!

london 028

It was such a neat tradition! I was kind of hoping the queen would make a guest appearance… and by the queen I mean Prince Harry. Winking smile 

I’m blogging from the airport terminal in Miami right now since we have a million-hour layover. I’ll pop back in with the rest of our London adventures shortly!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated today!


  1. Lisa says

    Yeah, first one to comment. Glad you got to witness the changing of the guards. That was a must when my family visited London. I was only in the 6th grade so I don’t remember too much of it. Are you excited to be back on U.S. soil? Can’t wait to read about the rest of your time in London.


  2. Gigi says

    Im so jealous! I was absolutely obssesed with the royal wedding. I think I may have just fainted in front of Westminster Abby. lol Looks like you had a great time! Have a safe trip back:)


  3. says

    I LOVE SEEING YOU in london!! it brings a huge smile to my face!! you have to tell us what your favorite country was that you visited in Europe!


  4. says

    Porridge is just the same as oatmeal (usually rolled oats cooked with water, milk, or both). I love dried fruit on porridge though my favourite topping is a a tiny sprinkling of maca powder and a squirt of agave. Sometimes when I’m feeling naughty I mix in chocolate chips…


  5. says

    I’m not going to lie, my computer skipped your description of the dog/car picture, so I just saw the picture and my reaction was “what the H? is that dog driving? or is it just in the lap of a tiny person?” Glad to know I’m not the only crazy American around here.


  6. says

    I went and saw the changing of the guard when I went to London! Except when we went it was HOT! Seriously, it was over 100 degrees and was the hottest day they had EVER had in London! I like to say that we brought the Florida weather to England. 😉


  7. says

    Your post brings back great memories! I went to London a couple years ago, and it is amazing to see all of those historic places! Did you see the Tower bridge? That was gorgeous and one of my favorite things to see.


  8. says

    Your comment about the dog driving the car cracked me up. I’m an American living in Australia, and I got so confused at first when I saw cars going by. If there was nobody in the passenger’s seat, I thought that the cars were driving themselves…like robot cars. I have loved reading all about your European adventures. Welcome home!



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