Interval 0.2 Workout

I think my chest exploded in the gym today. One of Ryan’s past treadmill workouts loosely inspired me to complete what I’ll call an “increasing interval 0.2 workout.”

The breakdown:

Minutes Incline Speed
0-5 8.0 4.0
5-10 1.0 6.5
10-14 8.0 4.0
14-15 1.0 4.0
15-16 1.0 8.0
16-17 1.0 4.5
17-18 1.0 8.2
18-19 1.0 4.5
19-20 1.0 8.4
20-21 1.0 4.5
21-22 1.0 8.6
22-23 1.0 4.5
23-24 1.0 8.8
24-25 1.0 4.5
25-26 1.0 9.0
26-27 1.0 4.0
27-28 1.0 9.2
28-29 1.0 4.0
29-30 1.0 9.4
30-31 1.0 4.0
31-32 1.0 9.6
32-33 1.0 4.0
33-34 1.0 9.8
34-35 1.0 4.0
35-36 1.0 10.0
36-40 1.0 4.0

From minutes 15 to 36, I alternated a minute of fast walking with a minute of running, increasing the running pace by 0.2 each time until I reached a 10.0 pace.

The stats:

interval workout stats

The workout was no joke. I honestly haven’t kicked my own butt like this in the gym in quite a while. A good butt-kicking was needed to rejuvenate my workouts a bit and I felt like a bit of a baller when I hopped off the treadmill looking like a hot mess.

After my time on the treadmill, I still had a bit of time to kill before Ryan was done with his workout, so I completed 10 minutes of super-light cardio on the elliptical while reading SELF magazine.


After the gym, Sadie got her usual morning walk before it was breakfast time. Since my hair basically looked brunette from all the sweat from my morning workout, I knew my body could use a cool and refreshing breakfast. I looked to my beloved Vitamix to blend me up somethin’ nutrient-dense and COLD.

camelbak groove 008

  • 1 1/2 c. almond milk
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 1/ tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 c. frozen strawberries
  • 1 tbsp. peanut butter
  • 1 pinch xanthan gum (for thickening)
  • 1 handful fresh spinach

camelbak groove 010

A great combination!

CamelBak Giveaway

And now it’s time for a giveaway! I’m pretty darn excited about this giveaway because there will be seven winners. Yahoo!

About a month ago, I was contacted by CamelBak to see if I was interested in trying out their new Groove water bottle, a water bottle that filters water as you sip.


Ryan and I have a Brita water filter pitcher in our fridge, but it’s a big pain to fill it up and pour into water bottles (I’ve spilled a good 10,000 times), so I was very intrigued with the Groove since a built-in filter meant I could fill up my water bottle right from the sink.

One thing I didn’t realize when I first read about the Groove was that the bottle allows you to sip from it without tipping it up. The filter is almost like a straw, and not having to tip the water bottle back to drink made it fantastic for use during workouts, particularly my interval workouts on the treadmill.

Needless to say, the Groove has become my go-to water bottle for all of my workouts. Plus, the tip folds back and doesn’t leak, so it’s been great for carrying along with me for day-to-day use as well.

Let’s get you one of these babies, shall we? 

CamelBak will be giving seven PBF readers their very own Groove! To enter this giveaway, simply comment on this post, telling me about your favorite way to enjoy water (with/without ice, sparkling, flavored, etc.).

For an extra entry in this giveaway, you may tweet some version of the following:

  • Just entered @PBFingers giveaway to win the new Groove from @CamelBakProduct! I’m gonna be so hydrated!

Be sure to comment back, telling me you tweeted to get your extra entry!

I will randomly select seven winners tomorrow afternoon. Good luck you water-drinkin’ machines!


    • Adam says

      Besides running on my own, doing tough mudders, and lifting, I still gotta be a soldier. My camelbak is on my back most of the day, and usually the water is from he tap cuz good water ain’t cheap. I gotta get me one of these.


  1. Allison B. says

    I love my water just plain from the tap. No ice here! I am lucky and our tap water tastes fine, so I am also getting the nutrients and vitamins for my teeth that you can miss out on with bottled water!


  2. Cassie @ Tofu Meets Her Match says

    My favorite is sparkling water. I’ve been trying to force myself to drink more plain water (and less coffee etc), so a new water bottle may be just what I need!


  3. Katherina @ Zephyr Runs says

    Plain room temperature water with lime is my favorite way to drink water! Maybe with a few ice cubes, but when restaurants give me ice with a littler water I am almost always annoyed.


  4. Erin says

    I love water with no ice and a lemon slice!! So refreshing, especially on a day like today when it’s sweltering outside!


  5. Melissa says

    For at home, water and ice from the fridge with a straw please. I just drink fridge water plain at the gym. And if I’m out at restaurant I prefer with ice and fresh lemon juice.


  6. says

    I don’t like water, but know I have to drink it. I feel like I cheat, but what i do is brew hot tea in the morning, then keep on adding water to the glass all day. That way it has a little taste, but is still basically water!


  7. Joanna says

    I love my water when it’s ice cold from the fridge (no added ice though), especially first thing in the morning or after a good workout.


  8. says

    My favorite way to enjoy water is room temperature. I know, boring, right? Of course I love ice water and flavored water but I always just go back to room temperature.

    And YUM on the breakfast! Also, I’m really glad you posted your treadmill workout – I’ve been looking to switch it up. 🙂

    Have a great Tuesday!


  9. Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life says

    I like my water ice cold and sometimes with a lemon or orange. I also tweeted!


  10. Michelle @ Lifewithacrazypup says

    With Lemon!! (only at home though.. you know that I’m not touching those dirty bar lemons!!)


  11. tiffany says

    what an awesome give-away!!!!
    my fav way of drinking is cold, FILTERED! with a wedge of lemon squeezed into it (not in the water itself)


  12. Jess says

    I love ice-cold water with lots of lemon. Your smoothie looks awesome–I really need to get on the ball and start making breakfast smoothies!


  13. Tejal says

    I like cold plain water. Sometimes when I’m not in the mood for plain water I would prefer it with a mix in like crystal light or 4c tea.


  14. Emma says

    My favorite way to drink water is out of my ‘E’ turvis tumbler with ice cubes and a couple lemon slices. So good and refreezing over the summer!

    Also I tweeted, emmabellel

    Good luck everyone!


  15. Jessie says

    That bottle looks great! The water in my town is clean & tastes good enough to not need additional filtering, but the city I work in has nasty tasting water and I’m always left without water for the later part of my work day once my water bottle is done!

    I love cold, cold water… ice please! Hold the lemon 🙂


  16. chelsea says

    i love just plain water with lemon 🙂 i usually put it in my reuseable starbucks cup…but i LOVE the idea of this camelback! 🙂


  17. Bethany says

    I refill the same bottle of water several times a day. I drink with a straw most of the time, I find I can drink more water that way!! If I drink out of a glass, I like LOTS of ice 🙂


  18. says

    I use my Camelbak that I received at a trail race last year. I love the thing, it helps me easily consume 100 oz of water at work each day. I think it would be awesome to have it filter the water with each sip.

    Also, that looks like an amazing interval workout. If I ever dare use a treadmill again, I might have to try it out.


  19. Jen says

    I like my filtered water cold, cold, cold with ice and either a slice of lime or cucumber if I’m looking for some real refreshment!


  20. says

    I broke a sweat just looking at your workout! I can’t wait to try that after I have my baby!

    I like to throw a splash of lime juice (from a bottle) in my water. And lately, despite the heat, I like to drink it room temperature.


  21. Meg says

    I like my water filtered and at any temperature. For some reason in restaurants though, I always put Sweet and Low in it!


  22. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I love plain water with no ice — but once in a while I like a lemon or lime wedge in there as well.


  23. Jenn says

    Something about crushed ice makes my water taste so much better. Also the flavored sparkling water from the grocery store is a great calorie-free alternative to anyone wanting to start replacing soda with water!


  24. says

    I love my CamelBak but it needs to be replaced badly so this would be perfect!

    I love my water with ice and a splash of lemon juice!

    I tweeted too 🙂


  25. says

    Ice needed!!! Ooo, and I bought this stuff from Target called: MiO Liquid Water Enhancer-so many flavors, I love it!!! You ought to try it if you haven’t already. I struggle with drinking enough water and this has totally helped!!


  26. says

    Kicking your own butt at the gym is the best!

    I love the idea of the filter working like a straw on this bottle! I’m a water guzzler, so this would be awesome to have around!


  27. Hannah Sheree says

    I honestly just love [good, clean!] tapwater 😀 Room temperature and everything. Cold water hurts my throat 😛


  28. Liz says

    Water… no ice please!! I have a cheapo squeeze workout bottle from Target that I fill up with water from the fridge. It does the job…. except for the time I squuezed a little too hard at gym while running on the treadmill, and the whole top popped off! That was embarrasing!


  29. Ashley says

    My boyfriend and I were talking the other day about whether you could get a type of water bottle like that. So cool!
    I need lots of ice in my water, especially working out. Lemon water is also a nice treat.


  30. Molly says

    Ice Ice ICE cold baby! So cold so cold. Aka, very cold water SO refreshing especially for the 100 degree day we are going to be getting here in southern Wisconsin, ZOIKS!


  31. Melissa says

    My favorite refreshing way to drink water is ice cold, sometimes with a slice of lemon if I’m feeling a little crazy!


  32. says

    I like my water filtered of course, and cold. In the summer, ice is preferred to keep me cool, but as long as it’s cold, I’m a happy camper! 🙂


  33. Cindy says

    I like my water super cold. I have a Camelbak and it gets me to drink so much more water. I’d love to have one with a filter!


  34. Janiek says

    I love water with lots of ice. I really should drink more water though, so this bottle would come in perfect timing! I actually read that water with some lemon, cucumber and ginger is really nice, I stil have to try that out….


  35. says

    I like my ice with lots of water 😉 I fill up my water bottle every morning with ice and drink it down throughout the day. Let’s just say, the co-workers aren’t too happy about my chomping on ice all day!

    PS – I entered twice through twitter because I’m a water guzzling machine!


  36. Ashley says

    Cool, my boyfriend and I were talking the other day about whether you could get a water bottle like that. So cool!
    I love water with lots if ice in it, super cold water is perfect for working out. water with lemon is a nice treat too!


  37. Julia says

    I love my water icy cold! Sparkling water a favorite and La Croix Grapefruit flavor will always be picked over all others.


  38. JessieBee says

    I’m ice free lady but I still like it cold! I always filter my water and I love Camelbak…I use the backpack for hiking! PS – For some reason that smothie looks extra good this morning…I think I need one 🙂


  39. Lauren says

    I need one of theseeeee! I have been looking at them forever but wont let myself cough up the moolah to get it!

    I drink water pretty much 24/7 – its my go to drink! during work i fill up at the water fountain but I dont think its been filtered very well!


  40. Becky says

    I love my water with lemon or cucumber. I also love filling up my ice cube tray with pre-made crystal light to throw in my water.


  41. Melissa says

    Mmmm I love water with lemon fresh squeezed in the morning! For a little treat, adding some stevia or strawberries is also really yummy!!


  42. Hayley C says

    I love just plain, ice cold water! I have been using a jumbo CamelBak water bottle for almost 6 years now, and my friends say that they think that I like my water bottle more than I like them! I have never seen one with a filter though.. that’s awesome!


  43. Katie K says

    I drink a ridiculous amount of water, which results in my having to go to the bathroom roughly 11 times a day (sometimes I think my boss is questioning my frequent breaks, oh well). I mainly drink plain, cold water, but I’m also a HUGE fan of sparkling.


  44. says

    ahh i am dying for one of these! i love making fruit water – i just throw a ton of berries, cucumbers, lemon, etc into a big pitcher or sparkling or still water. so refreshing and makes me feel like im at a spa… 🙂


  45. Kate N. says

    I must be odd – i prefer cool water, not ice cold! I have a bobble water bottle, which also has a filter, and its great!


  46. Elizabeth says

    I love just REALLY cold water. It doesn’t need ice, just to be cold. This water bottle may be perfect! I don’t like the tap water at my gym but I always forget to fill it up before I go!!


  47. Katie says

    I like my water a lot of ways. Many times I actually put it in the microwave. I live in MN so this really warms me up. Now that it is summer I like it with ice, stevia, and lemons. Yum!! I could drink that all day 🙂


  48. says

    awesome giveaway! thanks for sharing 🙂

    i like my water room temperature unless its really hot outside then i like just a few ice cubes. of course sometimes its the opposite and i crave ice cold water. i love the camelpak products, and own several including a hydration pack i use when doing long runs and a couple of hand held bottles too. i also really love sparkling flavored water when i’m craving something bubbly since i dont drink soda at all 🙂


  49. Lindsay says

    I drink so much water a day…I like it cold, iced, luke warm…nothing is more thirst quenching than plain water!


  50. Katie K says

    I drink a ridiculous amount of water–so much so that I have to go to the bathroom roughly 11 times a day (sometimes I think my boss is questioning my frequent breaks, oh well). I mainly drink plain, cold water, but I also LOVE sparkling.


  51. Emily says

    Just plain water for me! No ice, that makes it too cold, but preferably when its from the fridge, then its justttt cold enough.


  52. Megan says

    I try and drink tons of water, especially that summer is now here and the heat/humidity is out of control in the midwest! My favorite way is ice cold with a lemon wedge to make it a little bit flavorful!


  53. Mary says

    I love my water with just ice. I can also drink it at room temperature, too. Occasionally, I like a lemon in it, but that’s all the “flavoring” I need. Flavored waters gross me out!!!! Oh, and I hate sparkling water, too 🙂


  54. Joan says

    I love water but I like it room temperarture, unless I’m running then I like it ice cold. I need a good water bottle for my runs. In the Texas heat I have to stop several times to stay hydrated.


  55. Tabitha says

    I love water w/out ice! Our water has too much flouride in it- YIKES! Too much of a good thing can turn your teeth brown, so filtered water is a must!


  56. Pam (pamcakes and eggs) says

    I love plain water with ice and a little lemon or sometimes I add a little juice to the mix and generally drink it out of a water bottle or mason jar.


  57. says

    I love cold water with no ice. As a treat during summertime though, I sometimes like to slip in one of those zero-cal “water enhancers.” My current favorite is strawberry lemonade. Also a gym I went to in California put an entire fruit salad in their water container. All the different citrus flavors were DELICIOUS.


  58. Jordan P says

    I love to get water with lemon, then extra lemon. Seriously at restaurants before, I’ve had them just bring out a dish of lemons.
    Regular lemonade, far too sweet for me.


  59. Courtney K says

    I love my water with big ice cubes from a large glass cup or from a cute water bottle. Used to have to force myself to drink water but it’s become less of a chore now.


  60. Meg says

    FREEZING cold water is the best, preferably with lots of ice. It should hurt your teeth a little when you drink it 🙂


  61. Janet says

    ooo sign me up!. I prefer no ice as well. Instead I like to put some frozen raspberries or strawberries in my water and squeeze in a little lemon. Mmm, refreshing.


  62. says

    I Love sparkling mineral water, or sun tea with a little Stevia! (does that count as water?) I’ve always wanted to try one of those water bottles, I’m crossing my fingers =]


  63. Brittney says

    Ice and lemon with my water please! And I also retweeted for an extra entry at @brittneylhorn. Have a great day!


  64. Alysa says

    I really just enjoy water as it is…temperature wise, I like it cool, but not ice cold. I have a tendency to chug whatever beverage is in fron of me, and will honestly get a brain freeze from water if it is too cold.


  65. Caroline says

    I just tweeted about the giveaway! 🙂

    My favorite way to enjoy water is plain and simple, literally 🙂 I don’t do any add-ins. I drink it straight up!

    Or, I also love me some tea 🙂 Throw in a chocolate tea bag or some green tea and I’m in heaven!


  66. says

    I’m one of the only people that likes warm water!! I usually get cold so when I drink ice cold water, I get even more cold so I stick with warm water except in the summertime 🙂


  67. says

    I like my water just as water. No lemon, maybe ice, maybe not. As long as it’s cold I’ll be happy. Waters really the only thing I drink.


  68. says

    Awesome giveaway!!! I love the Camelbak water bottles. They are the best.

    My favorite way to enjoy water is freshly cold out of the fridge. I also like when salons add cucumber slices, so refreshing!


  69. Emma R says

    I’ve been eying this water bottle and would love to win one! My favorite way to enjoy water is simple – ice cold in a tall glass!


  70. Julie says

    I love giant glasses of water and keep them stationed all over the house–my cat likes to drink from them so I keep one out for her too!

    I also just tweeted this! @cheesebabe


  71. Juliene says

    I have a regular camelbak bottle that I love but hadn’t seen these yet. I am a little picky about my water. It has to have a ton of ice and be cold from the fridge. Warm water tastes weird to mr but ice cold is soooo refreshing!


  72. Valery R says

    What do you eat before a workout?

    I love my water ice, ice cold!! Sparkling flavored water is a favorite of mine as well 🙂


  73. MANDY says

    I love drinking water with a lemon, raspberries, strawberries or cucumbers…depends on my mood. Whatever you add is what your water tastes like 😀


  74. Faith @ lovelyascharged says

    I’m trying hard to drink more water, and I’ve found that a teeny smidge of stevia + lemon juice is a great way to bump up the flavah!


  75. Mary Babicki says

    Hi Julie! I drink water all day, just plain, but every once in a while I throw in one of those hawaiian punch sugar free packets when I want a little flava! 😉


  76. Jessie says

    I love sparkling water, so I recently invested in a soda maker. Now I don’t waste lots of plastic bottles and I still get my beloved sparkling water!


  77. Terri says

    I enjoy my water at all times of the day directly from the tap. We’re lucky here that the tap water is so good! I enjoy water all the time for any reason.


  78. Jamie Williams says

    I use my brita and fill up my water bottle every morning and refill it throughout the day. I also like my water with a slice of lemon or with a splash of apple juice!! 🙂
    PS – I tweeted.


  79. Kelly @ notsorockyroad says

    I love an ice water after a hot run! Also since I have a sweet tooth I’ll sometimes add a flavor packet to satisfy that craving.


  80. Marcie says

    I love water plain with no ice, and I prefer drinking it out of a straw, which is why I love my current camelbak. This one with the filter would be GREAT for my workouts and my commutes!


  81. Rachel says

    I like plain ole ice cold water. nothing is more refreshing than that!!
    sometimes I will add a splash of lemon juice to add some flavor.


  82. Lauren says

    I love ice cold water!
    That workout looks intense. I love doing intervals with the increasing trick each one, then decrease them after hitting a point.


  83. says

    I like my water cold, but no ice! I don’t put our Brita in the fridge (except the summer when it’s too hot) because I like my water room temperature. My bf makes fun of me for it, but it’s a European thing that’s just how I grew up!


  84. Sarah Cokes says

    I like it cold, with ice, but I’ll realyl drink it any type of way. Sometimes I think I’m addicted to water. I have a bopple water bottle with a filter, but this one sounds much better!!


  85. Er says

    Super ICE cold water but with NO ice! I like it plain without lemon when I am working out, but with lemon all other times!

    Just saw this at the store and was going to buy it but the price stopped me…I wanted to make sure people liked it and it worked before I spent $30!


  86. Amna says

    holey moley! can you really run at 10 for 1 min? I can do it for 20 sec max when doing intervals but when i try 1 min, i feel like I’m grasping at the handles and compromise form!


  87. Anna says

    I love my water cold and plentiful! I usually drink 32 ounces before work, 64 ounces at work and 32 ounces after work…and that’s the minimum!


  88. Anne says

    Until I got pregnant, I never drank water! (Whoops!) But now I drink plenty…with lots of ice and a healthy squeeze of lemon or lime, yum!


  89. says

    I have been eyeing up that water bottle, would love to win it!

    I LOVE sparkling (naturally) flavored water like La Croix or Polan Spring lime or mandarin oraange. I also like adding flavor packets to my water – like the powdered G2 during/after a run or even Crystal Light!


  90. says

    I like it with lots of ice in a big water bottle! I drink it like it’s going out of style, so refilling a cup is just ridiculous… I mean, who has TIME for that? 🙂 Plus I carry it with me everywhere, so I need something spill proof. My friends are always making fun of me because I constantly tell them to “have a good day and stay hydrated!”


  91. Caitlin says

    I mostly love water extra cold with ice, but if I’m feeling frisky, a little lemon and lime will work too 😉


  92. Lisa Marie says

    Love this giveaway! At work we have unlimited amounts of bottled water…i would LOVE to save the earth and sip outta this pup!

    However, my favorite way to drink water in the summer is to freeze it overnight for the next day or out of a cup with LOTS of ice and a straw!


  93. Jennifer H says

    I like plain water cold in a bottle after a workout or plain warm wattle if I’m drinking it before bed.


  94. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    I love my water ice cold & in the summer I like to add lemon and cucumber slices to it. That cup is so cute!


  95. Jen says

    Every morning I love waking up to lemon water with a couple dashes of cayenne pepper. Yesterday I tried it with sparkling water and LOVED it!


  96. Millie says

    I love to pure a few strawberries and then shake them into a bottle of water. You get a great subtle flavor without all of the artificial ingredients found in crystal light or other powder mixes. If you don’t like the seeds, you can always strain them out if you have time.


  97. says

    way to kick major butt on the treaddy this morning! u should feel super proud of urself…great workout! 🙂
    ahhh, and as for the great H2O question i’m so boring and love plain old water and chilled if it’s particularly hot out. but otherwise i don’t usually need ice. i seriously take my waterbottle everywhere, i’m the dork packing my sips…haha. oh, and i also tweeted to please double-dip my entry. 🙂


  98. Julia says

    I’m just a straight up water kind of girl! I’m not too picky about the temperature because I’m sure that between hot yoga, running, and living in Colorado I dink enough water for two people! Sometimes a lemon or a strawberry here or there is a nice touch but i love my water anyway I can get it.


  99. says

    I love cold cold water! At work we have a water cooler and I make several trips there a day. Luckily I am right next to the bathroom 🙂 I’ve recently stopped buying bottled water in an effort to go green! So this would be a great addition to my reusables!!!


  100. Mary says

    I have been really wanting to try one of these bottles, so it would be awesome to win one!

    I like ice cold water with a squeeze of lemon =)


  101. Nathan Miller says

    Very hip. And Thank you, and Camel Back for the offers. But Ive seen filtered water bottles, but not with the straw! I love my water with ice, it has to be ice cold, even in the middle of winter. I like a nice ratio of 75% ice to 25% water.


  102. JaNelle says

    I have a 52 oz bubba keg that I fill up. It takes forever to fill up using the PUR filter on our faucet. But I try to fill it up twice a day. Sometimes I add ice, cuz that’s how I roll! : ) This bottle looks amazeballs! My hubs has something similar!


  103. Krista says

    I love my water throughout the day cold, with no ice or flavor, in a water bottle; it allows me to keep hydrated for my daily workouts after work!


  104. Amelia says

    I always have a bottle of cool water nearby without ice. It’s also great with some lime squeezed in. That bottle would be great!


  105. Jessica says

    I like water anyway I can get it. I usually drink 80-100oz a day depending on my sweat sesh. I can take down plain room temp water anytime, but really enjoy sparkling water with meals!


  106. says

    tweeted about the give away 🙂

    “@adventuresofacw I just entered @PBFingers giveaway to win the new Groove from @CamelBakProduct! going green filtered style 🙂 ”


  107. Lindsey says

    Since i’ve lost 70lbs I drink TONS of water! I love to drink water in my clear tumbler with my initial on it! 🙂


  108. Ashley says

    I need this for work, I dont have any filtered water nearby!

    I typically drink room temp water, driving my bf crazy. He cannot understand why i keep my brita filter on the counter and never have ice in the house…idk. lol


  109. Aly S says

    I love how water is the ultimate multi-tasker. I enjoy water at room temp water for a workout = faster hydration; cold water to speed up the metabolism; and lemon wedge for digestion and general awesomeness.


  110. Corinne Belmonte says

    Hello Julie! I like my water plain! I always have two bottle of water in the fridge that I fill every morning so I can drink all day long. I don’t like it with ice.


  111. says

    Ooh I would love to win one of these water bottles! My hubby and I are moving to Colorado in a few weeks, so this would be perfect for helping me stay hydrated doing all the fun outdoor activities we’re planning. I love extra cold water w/ lots of ice! Thanks for doing this giveaway! xoxo


  112. Jamie says

    I love my camelbak that I currently use. It’s the one without a filter and I have to take my own water to the gym because we don’t have filtered water there. This new one would be perfect!

    I love ice cold water, crushed is the best for this!


  113. says

    I’m a no fuss type of gal when it comes to water. I use the brita filter and filler up my bottle at least 4 times per day, drinking it at room temperature. Sometimes, of course, I may run out of water at work and not have my filter handy and I’ll go to the water fountain – but i’ve heard from horror stories about the types of bacertia found on/in those, meh, so what a fabulous idea to have a water bottle that filters!! =)


  114. Savychacha says

    I love my huge bottles of Wild Berry flavored seltzer water! It’s got carbonation which makes me happy, and different flavors make it interesting!


  115. Tricia says

    I enjoy water straight from the tap. We have well water, so there’s no weird taste or anything. As long as I get 64 oz of it every day, I’m a happy camper.


  116. Laura says

    I love a tall ice cold glass of water (straight up, no lemon or lime) after an intense workout. There’s nothing quite like it!


  117. Angela says

    I like very cold water on hot days but room temp if it’s cooler out. love your fast interval treadmill workouts!


  118. Steph says

    Omg that workout is no joke! So impressive Julie!

    I drink water like it’s my job. Even when at home I prefer to drink it out of a reusable water bottle instead of a glass – I couldn’t even really explain why. Maybe because my water bottles tend to be bigger than my glasses, so less refilling? Either way I’ll be chugging that H2O


  119. says

    I used to be a plain water drinker (room temp only!!), but I’ve morphed into a mocktail water drinker these days! Raspberry-Lime soda water, a tiny splash of cran and a lime wedge keeps me hydrated at the bar and my friends off my case! (I just make sure it’s the soda water WITHOUT sucrose; Splenda-flavored water makes me gag).


  120. Emily says

    I looovvee sparkling water, but would be pumped to win this giveaway because drinking anything through a straw makes it 100 times better!


  121. Liz says

    I love plain or flavored seltzer water! Sometimes I’ll add root-beer flavored liquid stevia for a fun and healthy “soda”!


  122. Emily says

    I like my water cold from the fridge with no ice. I’m also loving MetroMint water at the moment (chocolatemint = yum!).


  123. Taylor Sutton says

    There is NOTHING better than ice cold water after a long, hard, SWEATY workout…water never tasted so goooood!


  124. Meghan N says

    I love polar sparkling waters the most! Plain water is really only enjoyed during/after a workout. I usually squeeze lemon in my water if I’m not sipping on sparkling 🙂


  125. says

    At work, I generally just drink plain old water from a knockoff Tevis tumbler that I got from TJ Maxx. But at home, I have a bit of a Crystal Light raspberry lemonade addiction.


  126. MC says

    In the summa time, I love freezing lime juice in the ice cube tray and putting the lime ice cubes in my water bottle! It makes my water extra cold and refreshing 🙂


  127. Tonia says

    I’m an iced tea drinker but I really need to work on getting back to plain water. So much easier and healthier for me!


  128. Jessica says

    Hahaha….in my mouth. I can be a bit clumsy occasionally and things like a straw would certainly aid in the path the water follows.


  129. says

    I enjoy my water COLD!! I used to drink filtered, but when I moved to where I am now, I found the tap water to be just great as long as it sits in the fridge for awhile. But I still love my filitered water. This would be so awesome to have!


  130. Meg says

    I love my water cold!! I need a water bottle. I’ve been eyeing them at Target forever now and have yet to take one home with me..


  131. Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life says

    mmm I love just plain cold water all. the. time.

    and I like to drink it through my camelbak back pack on long runs! 🙂


  132. Chelsea says

    I like my water iced with an orange squeezed into it. Mmmm, citrus! So refreshing!

    I tweeted about the giveaway too!


  133. says

    OMG. I am so excited about this giveaway! I’ve been looking for a good filtered water bottle because I, too, use a Brita and yes, it is a PAIN.

    I love plain water. There is nothing better than a glass of ice water.


  134. says

    Give me some ice cold water and I cannot possibly get any happier (unless it comes in a camelbak bottle!) 🙂

    PS: I just tweeted (@andra_groza)! 🙂

    Have a great day!


  135. Hila says

    At time of the year I like it cold but without ice! So the night before it must be put in the fridge for the morning 🙂


  136. Katherine M. says

    I love filtered water any way! I love the fact the water bottle has a straw!! There’s been many spills at my desk due to tipping a water bottle back…


  137. says

    I usually enjoy room temperature water, unless it’s crazy hot or I’ve just completed a difficult work out. I also enjoy it with Crystal Light on occasion. 🙂


  138. Beth says

    I like my water ICE COLD! I rarely drink it at room temperature, and I get super annoyed at the gym when the water fountain does not have cold water 😉


  139. says

    A little ice, a whole lot of lemon and in a pretty looking water botte (currently my lulu inspirational water bottle). I find I’m more likely to chug, chug, chug throughout the day!