And So I Had It

At the gym this morning, I took a cue from Ryan and decided to incorporate some intense incline walking into my treadmill workout. I wasn’t feeling particularly creative, so I asked him what workout he was doing and loosely mimicked his plan.

Ryan began at an 8.0 incline and increased the incline on his treadmill by 1.0 every minute until he got to a 15.0 incline, while still maintaining a 4.0 pace. That seemed a bit intense for my liking and I wanted to included some running in my workout, so I changed things up a bit and completed the following 35-minute session:


Minutes Pace Incline
0-5 6.5 1.0
5-6 4.0 8.0
6-7 4.0 9.0
7-8 4.0 10.0
8-9 4.0 11.0
9-10 4.0 1.0
10-15 6.5 1.0
15-16 4.0 8.0
16-17 4.0 9.0
17-18 4.0 10.0
18-19 4.0 11.0
19-20 4.0 1.0
20-30 6.5 1.0
30-31 4.0 8.0
31-32 4.0 9.0
32-33 4.0 10.0
33-34 4.0 11.0
34-35 4.0 1.0

(If you’re a fan of mixing up running with incline walking, you may also enjoy this workout.)

While I was running, the song “Bicycle Race” by Queen started blasting. I find it ironic that I love listening to a song about riding a bike when I’m running. “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiike.” It’s a good one.

I rounded out my workout with five minutes on the rowing machine and 10 minutes on the elliptical.


I have a meeting scheduled for 11 a.m. at Starbucks today and figured I would probably order a Frappuccino to enjoy at that time. Everything in my head said not to make a smoothie for breakfast this morning since I’d be sipping on something cold and creamy again in a few hours… but you know how that goes.

The minute I tell myself I can’t have something or shouldn’t eat something, I want even more.

And so I had it.

smoothie 113

Hooray for smoothies! Smile 

smoothie 114

You better believe I licked the cup clean.

Time to make my first cup of coffee from our new coffee maker!

Question of the Morning

If you tell yourself that you shouldn’t eat/buy/do a certain thing, does it make you more or less likely to do it?


    • Charity says

      I agree! When i restrict myself from certain foods, i’m much more likely to binge on them.

      That’s why the key is everything in moderation!


    • says

      saw this one first off the bat and had to join the rest and agree all the way!
      great workout there julie! incline/hill workouts always kick my butt. usually i’m like you and want to do some more running so i play more with the speed vs. the distance. but i know i should do more hill type work because it’s great at building strength. have a great meeting! 🙂


  1. says

    “The minute I tell myself I can’t have something or shouldn’t eat something I want it.”

    STORY of my life. Dangerous for my wallet 😉 and my wallet almost always loses the battle. Oopsie poopsie!

    That smoothie looks amazing and so worth it, enjoy another later – it’s hot enough out!


  2. says

    I’m jealous about your new coffee maker! I want one of those soo bad. Most of the time I can tell myself not to do something and I won’t, but if its something I really want it won’t matter what I tell myself.


  3. says

    I love Queen! I have their Greatest Hits cd and it is has so many good songs to work out too. When I ran track in high school, I used to listen to “Don’t Stop Me Now” before every single track meet! 🙂


  4. says

    Oh yea, I definitely crave something more when I tell myself not to eat it. But that’s only if I already wanted it in the first place!

    Smoothies and frapps are totally different, anyway. Plus, I think it’s reached that point where you NEED to drink something cold all the time!


  5. says

    I love your incline/running workout!

    Whenever I tell myself not to eat something.. it always happens anyway. Like last night.. I told myself not to have (another) piece of chocolate. Clearly I did.


  6. Katie says

    Your smoothies always look so good! 🙂

    It makes me want it more than humanly possible and nothing stands in my way until I get it times a thousand.


  7. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    Yes! If I tell myself to not have something i only want it all the more. That explains why my past dieting attempts were always so horrible — I’d cut out starchy carbs or sweets and then that is all I wanted. Once I took a more moderate approach I was able to take the weight off and keep it off.


  8. says

    That song is perfect for running! By the way, Ryan’s workout would be too intense for me too. My shins hurt if I walk too fast at too steep an incline for too long. 10 is my max for 4 mph, but I usually don’t even push that tooo long.


  9. says

    Great workout! I always mean to incoporate incline walking but seldom do it – you make it seem so easy and doable although I don’t see going up to 11 in my future just yet!!


  10. Leaura says

    Hey Julie,

    Your workout sounds killer, good job! One thought/question from my own personal experience: how are you able to maintain a 4.0 pace at an incline of 11? Do you use your hands to hold on, or do you swing them? I wouldn’t be able to walk at that speed at such an incline (unless our treadmills are totally diff?!) I am not criticizing, but rather curious 🙂 The way I look at it, the higher the incline, the slower the pace. I think about hiking outdoors; the higher the climb, the more the glutes and hams are activated and one’s pace comes down so one can really focus on movement, instead of speed. What’s your secret?!


    • says

      i definitely don’t hold on. if i need to hold on, i lower the incline. i pump my arms though and look like a fool, but it gets me through it! i only maintained that incline for a short amount of time, so it wasn’t too awful, though still pretty intense!


  11. says

    Hmmm, good question!! I don’t really find that telling myself I can’t have something makes me crave it more – I don’t tend to restrict myself from any foods, but instead I just think of the after-effects they’re going to have on me. That’s usually enough motivation to avoid them. As for smoothies… any time of day is fine for me! 🙂


  12. says

    Love Queen. 🙂

    I have a problem with my shins hurting if I do inclines on the treadmill–even 1.0 can leave my shins sore afterwards. I think it may be my running form on the t-mill more than anything because I do most of my running outside and I live in a very hilly area and I never experience any problems…just on the treadmill!

    And yes…unfortunately telling myself that I can’t have something makes me want it more. Diet soda is my vice–every time I try to cut it out I end up drinking even more than before! I’m not sure how the best way to deal with this problem is…heh.


  13. says

    Just falling in love with smoothies all over again (it’s still quite cold here in Britain). Sooooo delicious I have them for pudding as well!


  14. says

    I love that song by Queen! I like the Ten Tenors version too. 🙂

    Sometimes I try and psych myself out about something and if I tell myself I can’t have it, I won’t after a while.


  15. says

    Love this treadmill workout. With my foot being messed up right now, I feel like this might be something I can still do!

    When I tell myself that I shouldn’t do something, I almost always do it twice as bad. For example, whenever I go to Cheesecake, I try to abstain from that delicious brown bread because I like it too much. In the end, I usually eat the entire loaf 🙂


  16. says

    Yep, the second I tell myself I can’t have something that thing is all I can think about! I recently tried South Beach where I had to basically eliminate all bread, rice, pasta, etc. OMG…never wanted it so badly in my LIFE! I agree with Lindsey, I don’t think those kind of diets are for me, either. It always results in a binge!


  17. says

    How was your coffee?! I just got a similar coffeemaker a couple of weeks ago and am IN LOVE! So, so easy and I’m excited to try all the different flavors of k cups. I wonder which ones are the best??


  18. says

    Whenever I give myself permission to eat as much pizza or cake or ice cream as I want, I never seem to want as much, so I’m sure it works in reverse, too! I try not to tell myself there’s anything off limits. Well, except for a second mug of coffee. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is!


  19. says

    Probably not. I always take advice with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, I know what I like and I’ll eat what I like… but I still love having the knowledge and advice though!


  20. says

    since im standing around in a freezing cold gym all morning i always say “self, dont make a smoothie you will get even colder” but i always do and end up huddled at the front desk in a hoodie lol

    Kerigs are great if you only want one cup of coffee but im not a big fan since i drink copious amounts of coffee, and i like really really strong coffee (i buy spanish espresso coffee and then double brew it!)


  21. Steph says

    any time i am having a scheduled splurge (i.e birthday cake, fancy dinner out) i tell myself to avoid sweets and indulgences that day in preparation for the treat to come – yet i usually fail…yesterday for instance, i made my roommate and ice cream pie for her birthday. knowing that i was going to get a huge chunk of that pie did not stop me from eating cookies or chocolate chips or scoops of ice cream before we actually dug in.

    it’s funny, i can be really disciplined on any other day and give myself treats when i actually crave them and yet when i know i shouldnt indulge i cant resist. go figure


  22. Courtney says

    Starbucks now has protein powder you can add to your drinks! Have not tried it yet, but a good friend of mine said it was good! 🙂


  23. Faith @ lovelyascharged says

    Yep, I’m totally that little kid who HAS to do whatever I’m told not to…maybe I should tell myself NOT to eat more veggies and NOT to put down the chocolate bar!


  24. says

    Telling myself I can’t have something NEVER works for me. What does work is telling myself I can have it later. If I’m still thinking about it later, I know I definitely wanted it.

    That goes with buying stuff too. I know I don’t need another purse. But I see one I like and want to buy. I leave the store and if I’m still thinking about the purse 2 days later, I go buy it. About 7 times out of 10, I don’t want whatever that thing was again – be it a purse or a DQ blizzard.


  25. says

    I try not to laugh when I see these big buff guys walking at a super high incline willing themselves not to fall off! Is this Ryan? Hee. It definitely looks like a tough workout!

    Once I get something in my head I HAVE to have it. Not necessarily right now, but it’s not going to be replaced with anything else. By the time I do get it – a little goes a long way. It’s definitely worthwhile to “treat” myself than to obsess and then later binge.

    This pretty much goes for anything – not just food!


  26. Michelle says

    So funny that you’re discussing this today because I had the exact same conversation with my mom last night at dinner. I definitely am much happier (and healthier!) when my only rule is that *nothing* is off limits. Somehow it always leads to the balance of moderation.


  27. Niki (Life's a Payne) says

    I am a major fan of walking on a steep incline. I was chatting with a fitness model one time and she said it was her key to getting a nice bum! I have been incorporating it ever since!

    And I don’t rule out any food because it will be ALL I think about until I have it again! Oh the wonders of the human brain!


  28. mel says

    hey Julie!! I’m just catching up on yesterdays posts….two things I must share: 1- Maria’s comment was out of complete jealously!! You are working hard and not boring at all…what are you supposed to do? Go out everynight on the town, etc just to have interesting stuff to blog about. 2- Get another dog!!!! Seriously! two is way better than one. They play with each other, Sadie won’t be lonely at all anymore when you are busy, and there are tons of dogs who need love in shelters! DO IT! We got another dog this year and it’s been the best!! have a good day


  29. says

    oo i love that workout!! even on 4 its either fast walk or slow jog so thats a good one!!.. if I tell myself not to do/eat somehting.. then I dont but if someone else tells me not to and I wnt to.. i totally still do what i want :P… i run into a lot of problems there when it comes to my parents and parties… like i said.. i will do what i want ! hehe!


  30. says

    Incline walking is so good for your butt 🙂 hahaha!

    Putting something off limits makes me crave it like mad… but I completely kicked McDonalds out of my life almost 2 years ago (2 years in September) and I’m so happy I did… I needed to make it completely off limits because I was a tad bit addicted.


  31. Robyn says

    100%! This week, I was trying my hardest to limit things that aren’t great for me because I know there will be so many treats with my bday celebrations (the big 3-0 is Tuesday and the celebrations start today). Also, this unfortunately coincides with a hurting I-T band that is making me only be able to ride the bike and not run. BAD TIMING because I can’t burn off the treats! Just when I tell myself to cut back I have made a list of the things I want! This canolli cake is calling my name along with the new chips ahoy cookies that seem to be advertised every 3 seconds with the ooey gooey centers! Normally I’d never crave these things!


  32. Meredith says

    Hey Julie!

    Thanks for a new workout post! It looks great- I love incline walking and running intervals! Have you ever tried Tabata?
    You up the speed to a fast sprint and sprint for 20 sec then jump onto the sides of the treadmill for a 10 sec break.. Then hop right back into a sprint! You do this 8 more times- its killer!

    And the Kuerig is awesome!! In the winter you will DEFINITELY want to try out the hot chocolate- yum! 🙂


  33. says

    I agree! For food, when I tell myself I should stop from eating all the cookie jar, I’m always like “ok, last one”, or when I buy something or want to, I don’t really need it, but definitely want it! So I think about it for days and when it doesn’t stop, it means I should buy it. Thinking of what, I saw that green dress at Zara…


  34. Jen G. says

    I’m actually the exact opposite — I’ll spend ages going back and forth over whether I should do something (even something I know I’m supposed to do, like going for a run after work). But once I make a decision, it’s final.


  35. dana a. says

    yay for starbucks! you will love your keurig! i use mine every single day for a cup of coffee and even sometimes at night with decaf. i order from bigcatcoffee, shoffee, or alpine coffee for good deals if you need more k-cups. a few of my favorite are: green mountain island coconut, timothy’s decaf columbian and gloria jeans cappuccino.

    this post was meant for yesterday but i couldn’t get to your blog for some reason….

    have a great day!


  36. says

    Can I just say I LOVE that you are trying out your new coffee maker right before you head to Starbucks? haha I love the taste of coffee!! But occasionally I have to go half-calf or decalf because I’ll get all jittery from caffeine overload!


  37. says

    Yes! That definitely happens to me! Last night I told myself i would NOT eat the chocolate covered almonds… an hour later, i grabbed a handful. they were delicious though and my craving was cured… if i waited i’d probably gobble down the whole container.


  38. Kelly @ notsorockyroad says

    Definitely telling myself NO makes me want to it more. Just like when we’re kids and our parents tell us we can’t do something!! 🙂


  39. says

    It’s so true! It’s just like when someone says “okay, you can think of anything else, but DON’T think about elephants.” Go ahead, try it, is all you can see a big giant elephant? lol, maybe it’s just me 😉


  40. says

    Do you ever munch on protein bars? If so, which do you prefer? I noticed that some have an extremely high sugar content, so I try to eat the Think Thin bars, but haven’t really heard many opinions on them.


  41. Ryah says

    I’m more likely to eat something when I tell myself I can’t eat it if its already in my house. If I tell myself I can’t buy something than I usually don’t. Unless it’s on sale, than all will power goes out the window. 🙁


  42. Chloe (South Beach Girl) says

    The same things happens to me – which is why I try and indulge every once in a while with small treats that are worth it to me. A smoothie is definitely not an indulgence though, so you should have one three times a day if you want it!


  43. says

    If I tell myself that I can’t have something, I really do spend a lot of time thinking about it. If I tell myself I COULD have it, but there are better options…a little easier to pass it up.


  44. says

    ONe of the best things I read when I first started reading blogs went something like this : “You can have this again” and I think I found that sometimes I eat so fast or so much because it’s like I’m afraid I wont have it again (either later or the next day) so when I tell myself I can have it again, I suddenly don’t care to eat as much. Also, like the above comment, if I tell myself I can have whatever I want I just choose not to, it works wonders! Have a great day =)


  45. says

    Yes! I am the same exact way! Whenever I tell myself that I can’t have something, I start craving it way more than I would have if I just had a little bit. This is what always used to happen when I was on diets and it always worked against me! Now that I don’t have any stedfast rules about what I can or cannot have, I find it’s so much easier!


  46. Jenna Lee says

    I TOTALLY agree – I am such a sucker for things I shouldn’t eat/buy/have/yearn for (etc. etc…) hahaha!

    PS. Ryan is a beast! I don’t even think the treads at my school gym even goes UP to an incline that high… hot dang!


  47. Danielle says

    If I want it I better have it. Telling myself I can’t/shouldn’t/won’t just means I will have it.

    I LOVE Queen! Thank you putting that song in my head cause now it’s stuck. It’s not one of my favorites either. LOL I’m doomed until I hear another song that will take it’s place.


  48. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    Absolutely more likely…. once I get an idea in my head, there is no erasing it! Even if I try. I love your smoothies, they always look so delicious! I need to start making mine extra thick.


  49. says

    There is a theory in psychology that relates to this. For example, if you are suffering from insomnia, the treatment is to try not to fall asleep.

    I chalk smoothie love up to addiction…and I am addicted:)

    I have a smoothie daily too…..they are just sooo tasty!


  50. Vivianne says

    Oh my goshies your smoothies always look so fluffy and delicious! It must be the xanthan gum you use. I’m going to really have to get some of that soon!


  51. Lindsay says

    OMG I attempted this workout this morning, and I couldn’t completely finish it. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I feel like I’m in good shape, but maybe not? haha. I love your blog, and it makes me want to a healthy living one of my own. However, I’m in grad school and don’t really have time to make food from creative recipes, so I feel like it wouldn’t be that interesting…


  52. Danica says

    I’m the exact same way, particularly with food. If I say to myself that I can’t have any or anymore of something, that’s when I want it the most! I avoid saying “no” to avoid that situation : )


  53. says

    I imagine Ryan with an incline that high looking like one of the ladies at my gym. She grips the treadmill so tight that it looks like she is about to fall off. And sometimes, I really do think she’s about to fall. This incline treadmill business is too much of an extreme sport for my liking.


  54. Anne says

    I’ve recently decided to not “diet” anymore and to change my whole way of eating and looking at foods. I’ve done dieting in the past and whenever I stopped, I’d gain again. (Not that I have a ton to lose, but I’d like to be in “baby-shape” very soon.) So recently I’ve been snacking on fruit instead of empty calories and the motivation to think of getting in “baby-shape” and staying healthy throughout a pregnancy and after the baby has been so helpful! I think having a realistic goal in mind as well as healthy options is important, so I don’t tell myself I can’t have something, I try to think of a better alternative that’s healthier.
    P.S. You inspired me to try green smoothies and I have one almost every day!


  55. Lea says

    I owe my workout today to you. I climbed on the treadmill this morning and climbed right back off. Wasn’t feeling it. Did a little blog scoping, found your routine and suddenly found my momentum. Just competed the whole thing, inclines and all, that was tough! Thank you!!


  56. Kaitlan says

    So I randomly found your blog off pinterest and I am obsessed! I’ve always loved working out and cooking healthy, but as you probably know, it’s tough to stay fit while in college. Not to mention I have spring break coming up so your blog came up at the perfect time and gave me the motivation to get back in the shape that I used to be in! Quick question, when you do the walking on an incline on the treadmill do you hold on to the handles like I do? I just want to make sure I’m not cheating. Thank you!



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