Jelly + Cheese is the Way to Be

A three day rest from the gym definitely rejuvenated my workout mojo.

I was more than ready to get back in the gym this morning after a weekend filled with wedding cake, champagne, wine and cheesecake. While those are all wonderful things, they are things that leave me feeling a bit sluggish when enjoyed in large amounts back-to-back.

BodyPump got my heart rate up and my muscles burning and made me feel like my old self again. It’s amazing what a good workout can do for your mind.

I really do think I workout just as much for my mind and personal sanity as I do for my body. After a few days away from the gym or lots of physical activity, I start to feel antsy and almost cranky. My body likes to move and sweat.

It feels good to be back!


After my workout, I took Sadie on a walk around the lake near our apartment. She was acting a bit sluggish this morning.

rummu 010

I think she’s still recovering from a fun weekend at home with my family. She loves staying at my parents’ house with my mom, dad and sister because she gets lots of attention. Such a spoiled little girl.

After our walk, I came home and made myself breakfast.

The return of my favorite bagelwich!

bagelwich cheese and jelly 005

Jelly + Cheese is the Way to Be

bagelwich cheese and jelly 001

A small bowl of salted mixed nuts was also enjoyed on the side.

bagelwich cheese and jelly 002

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  1. says

    Wow I never would have thought to pair cheese and jelly but it actually looks really good! I did eggs and jam for the first time this year and I couldn’t believe I’d waited so long to do it!

    Loved your Shape article by the way! I read it earlier and thought it was so clever (and yummy!)


  2. says

    Thank so much for that article on what to eat before you work out. During my last workout, I felt absolutely drained and had a clue that it might be from my diet, but didn’t know how to fix it! Thanks again!


  3. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I love getting a good workout in after a weekend with a few too many drinks — it really helps clear my head! I agree with you about working out for mental clarity and sanity as much as health and fitness.


  4. says

    I can’t wait until my workout today! (whoa, never thought I’d hear those words come out of my mouth!) But really, I tend to indulge more on the weekends and love starting the week out right with a workout!


  5. Alex @ The Plum Foodie says

    Just a few days ago I tried raspberry jam on a whole wheat English muffin toasted with a sprinkle of goat cheese – it was SO good. I had never thought of putting jam and cheese together but you inspired me to do so. I could eat it for dessert, it’s that good! Danka 🙂

    And I know EXACTLY how you feel about getting in a good workout after missing it a few days. It really does wear on your mind just as much, if not more than, your body. I certainly workout for my mind as much as my body. Healthy minds are just as important!


  6. Kristin says

    You looks so beautiful in your bridesmaid dress! I am glad you had a good time 🙂 Also, I miss following your exercise log. Is there any chance that it is coming back?


  7. says

    Sometimes I feel so guilty when I don’t get to the gym for 3 days, or the like, but once I’m back all the energy and motivation I have to workout makes the break worth it. When I go to the gym every single day, I forgot what it feels like to actually enjoy and look foreword to my workout. So, I’ve become a big supporter of little breaks here and there to try and keep from burning out!


  8. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    Welcome home, Julie! I totally agree with you – working out is not just beneficial for your body but also for mind aswell, to a huge degree. I love those happy hormones and feel-good feelings you get from a great workout, getting your heart pumping and your muscles working. Unmatchable 🙂 Congratulations on your new article for Shape magazine, that’s absolutely awesome! I’m gonna head over there to check it out….love me some oatmeal ideas! 🙂 Man…salted nuts…so good…we got a massive container of roasted salted almonds from Costco and they are soso moreish! 😛 xyx


  9. says

    I’m the same way, Julie. Take me away from working out for more than a few days, and I start to climb the walls! I need my sweat session ; )

    PS. Have you ever been on Pinterest? I was on there last night, and Ryan’s and your wedding pic (the one you took before the ceremony—around the door frame) was on there! I was like “WOAH! That’s Julie!”

    Haha so random, but thought you’d appreciate it!


  10. says

    Oh I loved your freelance post! The salmon burgers area really creative use for granola! And aw Sadie is so cute, even when she’s tired! I love the idea of these cheese and jam sandwiches- do you use a toaster oven to get the cheese to melt?


  11. Jv says

    Just read this quote and thought you might enjoy it too : When the body is strong, the mind thinks strong thoughts. – Henry Rollins


  12. says

    I hear you on the exercise and sanity/feeling healthy. When my friend and I ran a half marathon last year her bf made us t-shirts that said “Running keeps me sane” – it was pretty fun and kina true!



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