A Dog’s Happiness

Today’s workout was somewhat of a go-through-the-motions workout. I wasn’t quite sure what I felt like doing in the gym today and ended up hopping from machine to machine to complete my cardio workout.

I think I will put some more effort into planning a quality workout for Thursday to change things up a bit.

Still, a go-through-the-motions workout is still a workout!

Here is today’s run down:

  • 15 min. incline walking
  • 10 min. running
  • 10 min. stair master
  • 5 min. arc trainer
  • 15 min. elliptical

Maybe on Thursday I’ll try swimming!


My morning walk around Lake Eola with Sadie was a good one.


Our long walks together are honestly one of my favorite parts of the day. I love seeing other people out walking their dogs and this quiet time with Sadie is often one of the only quiet moments of my day.

On stressful mornings, I think about the day ahead and try to put things into perspective. On other mornings, I look out over the lake and feel a sense of calm and comfort.

2011-07-12_07-03-13_150 (1)

The lake is so peaceful before the hustle and bustle of the day sets in.

This morning I noticed quite a few dogs happily walking beside their owners. There’s something about seeing a joyful dog that lights me up inside! They get so excited about sniffing something or seeing a squirrel and their effervescence over such small things reminds me to cherish the little things in life.

It’s impossible for me to see a dog do the following without smiling…

  • Eat peanut butter off the roof of their mouth

peanut butter dog

  • Feel guilty after they did something wrong and look at you with those eyes

wheat germ cookies 002

  • Forget how big or small they are

wheat germ cookies 049

  • Run in a full-out sprint

wheat germ cookies 034

  • Pass out after a long day of fun

vizsla puppy sleeping

(Yes, that’s puppy Sadie!)

  • Do everything in their power to try to entice you into a game of fetch

sadie ball

  • Photo bomb pictures

dog photo bomb

  • Have a total disregard for the concept of personal space

personal space dog

  • Find the perfect stick… that is two times their size

vizsla with stic

They really are the best. Smile 


Breakfast this morning was exactly what I wanted!

coffee and oatmeal 003

Even though it’s hot and sticky in Orlando, I couldn’t get the thought of a warm bowl of oats out of my head.

I made my oatmeal by microwaving 1/2 cup oats, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder and a bit of water in the microwave for about 90 seconds, stirring regularly to prevent overflow.

I then topped the oats with chia seeds and served it alongside a cup of butter toffee coffee with almond milk.

coffee and oatmeal 001

I love my coffee mug! Ryan gave it to me for Christmas after he saw me ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it at Starbucks in December.

Time to get to work! I have fun lunch plans this afternoon and hope to get a handful of things done before then.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. says

    Love the pic of baby Sadie! My dog always, always, always makes me smile – especially when she’s so excited to see me when I get home. No matter what else has happened in your day, they’re always thrilled to see you!


  2. says

    I can’t wait until I can get a dog…they are such joy! It’s humid here in Illinois too, so you’re not missing much…however, my breakfast was basically identical to yours + banana. Sometimes you gotta do the hot oats on a hot day!


  3. says

    LOVE this post! And yes, baby Sadie is out of this world cute.

    I also love your photo captions, they always make me smile.

    Along the same lines, one of my favorite things to do is to go to the dog park. I don’t have a dog, so some might consider it a bit weird, but I think it’s like free therapy. Watching the dogs run around and play just makes me so happy!!

    Have a great day! 🙂


  4. says

    ahh! love the pictures esp baby sadie and where she sticks her nose! and cute mug as well. you always have the best photos!!

    oh and I wanted to add … you know how you talk about the happy face on the spoon? how it’s only on some computers? well on other computers the happy face is down at the bottom of the page, smack in the center.

    wasn’t sure if you knew that. have a good day! (:


  5. says

    Puppy Sadie is sooooo cute :).
    I wish I had a dog but it’ll have to wait until I live somewhere else. They’re not aloud in my apartments, and I think having a big dog (I want a big dog :)) in a small apartment is not the best idea. They need some space!!


  6. says

    This post makes me miss my kitty :/. I’m an animal person so I’m happy with dogs or cats in my house. We will get one soon, I’m keeping my eye on the shelters for the specific breed that will match our family and lifestyle…that probably won’t happen soon enough lol!

    My goodness if Sadie makes you this happy just wait until you have kids!! Opens up a whole ‘nother world of happiness.


  7. says

    OMG puppy Sadie is adorable! I have a cat, and have been a cat owner my whole life, but I can’t wait until I get my first puppy 🙂 When I get out of college, and my life is a little more stable, I’m definitely going to find a puppy that’s for me!


  8. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    This post reminds me of the “Life Lessons by Sadie”, which I loved! I totally agree about the happy dog thing. I will feel sorry for mine & then watch them get so excited when they know we’re going to the dog park. Is Sadie an anxious dog? Mine can sense whenever we’re packing and she has a nervous breakdown.

    That’s such a beautiful lake to walk around!


  9. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    We are dogsitting this week and I cannot look at him without smiling!!! He is just too darn cute.


  10. Emily@RunningPerspective says

    i am IN LOVE with puppy saddie!
    it is official i want a vizsla nowwwww! i am in loveeeee
    dogs really are the best thing ever…the “guilty” face gets me every timee!


  11. says

    I used to love watching the dogs heading into Central Park, NYC in the morning. They looked so excited to hit the grass and run for awhile. You could totally tell from their faces 🙂 Puppy Sadie is ADORABLE!


  12. says

    Spending time with my dog is one of my favorite things too. She’s just so sweet.

    It’s hot hot hot here too, but I couldn’t resist hot oatmeal yesterday either. 😉


  13. Anne @strawberryjampackedlife says

    Our little April has the biggest grin sometimes and it just makes me smile.


  14. says

    This just turned ny crabby mood into s good one! Funny how animals can do that for you 🙂 I feel you in the go through the motions workout this amI felt like I may as well have been sleeping


  15. says

    Seriously, a dog can always put a smile on your face! By the way, I’m drinking some Butter Toffee out of my Starbucks travel mug right now. It is SO DELICIOUS!! One of my favorites!


  16. Laura (Cookies vs. Carrots) says

    I agree! Nothing puts me in a better mood then my puppy! When I’ve had a stressful day, the #1 thing I want to do is cuddle up with the little guy!


  17. Emmarie @ BananasAnd Beer says

    I LOVE the Boston Terrier Pics. I have one, Zeus, and he is the love of my life.


  18. says

    Ahh this is making me miss my dogs so much!! A morning walk is such a great part of any routine – I always walk to work and while my walk isn’t as picturesque or relaxing, per se… I walk by Radio City Music Hall and Macy’s/Herald Square – it’s so much more relaxing than trying to fold myself into a subway car of sweaty, cranky commuters – and I can sip away on my iced coffee without fear of spilling on my neighbors!


  19. says

    great workout! i think ill try something like that today! i love the puppy pic…and the close up…and the stick, that’s so funny. dogs are hilarious they love their sticks!!


  20. says

    I LOVE that photobomb picture! HAHA! I want a dog SO badly but my boyfriend is being wise about it- since we are rarely home it’s probably not a good idea. 🙁 ONE DAY.


  21. Katie says

    I love pets so much! We have a cat and the way she sits by the door and waits for me to come home from work, then literally hops and shakes her tail just melts my heart.


  22. says

    Dogs are absolutely the best. 🙂 My favorite is when my dog Riley knocks my book out of my lap and shoves his head under my hand to be petted. He may be an attention hog, but he’s a cute attentiion hog. 🙂


  23. says

    You’re seriously not allowed to post photos of Sadie as a puppy. I’m pretty sure that photo is the cutest thing ever and the fact that I don’t have a dog may make me cry at work. 😉


  24. Emma says

    I lovee this! I’m pretty much obsessed withy my dog Oscar, so I think he enjoyed reading this post this morning just as much as I did 🙂


  25. Liz says

    Hi Julie! What kind of oatmeal do you use? Quick cooking, rolled, steel cut, etc. I have an empty jar of peanut butter that’s ready for overnight oats in a jar!! Wasn’t sure if the kind of oatmeal made a difference. PS I was super ticked at those people who’s house you went to look at last night for not telling you the whole story….even though I was not the one that made the long drive out there 🙂 SO rude!!


  26. Ashley says

    Puppy Sadie is the SWEETEST thing I’ve ever seen! Nothing beats baby puppy snuggles. One of my biggest regrets is not getting professional pics of my bulldog when he was a puppy. They grow up so quickly! Have a great day! 🙂


  27. says

    I love all of those puppy pictures!!!! Sooooo cute! I’m visiting my mom in Florida right now, and it makes me so happy to spend time with her puppy, Sophie. The mornings are the best, because she loves to cuddle up to you. Love it. 🙂


  28. Sara says

    is that a boston terrier she’s playing with?? my little boston loves to play tug of war with dogs much bigger than him too! He thinks he’s a big dog and we don’t tell him otherwise


  29. Courtney @ girl in the pink says

    Aww my dog can always make me smile!! Our morning walks are a fav part of my day too! 🙂 wish I had a beautiful lake to walk around close by!


  30. says

    Puppy Sadie is so precious! I swear that my pup is my soulmate. She looks at me with her big brown eyes and it feels like she is looking straight at my soul with utter understanding. Love her so much! I’m sure you can relate 🙂


  31. says

    That looks so wonderful to start your mornings with a long walk like that! I hope when you move you will have a new, peaceful walking route too! And your Sadie captions always make me laugh! Baby Sadie looks so precious! Please post more pics of her when she was little like that!


  32. says

    With posts like these (and all the silly things my dog does too), sometimes I don’t understand how people aren’t dog people.
    They’re just so cheery and adorable! Even though I will admit kittens are too cute for words;)


  33. says

    I love myself some sweet doggies ehhe. I cannot believe that baby/puppy picture of Sadie she was so little 🙂

    I love taking my dogs down to the park and seeing them discover new stuff to chase and squirrels when we lived in FL it was lizards to chase heh.


  34. says

    I laughed out loud (for real!) at the picture of Sadie with her “stick.” My dog Daisy (a Weimaraner) likes to carry logs around our yard. Sticks are for sissies! My dogs make me smile every single day and I am so thankful for their goofy antics 🙂


  35. says

    Your photo captions just crack me up.

    I love going out for a walk early in the morning. The vibe in Harvard Square is so much more calm than in the afternoon. And on a fall day, it’s absolutely perfect. 🙂


  36. says

    Awww puppy Sadie is the cutest :o)

    I have only just discovered the joys of chocolate and PB oats. Sooooo goooooood! Sometimes I use oats with almond and honey flavouring instead of plain which means its jam packed full of flavour. I think I may have to have some for breakfast tomorrow now lol


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