My Favorite Running Gear

Lunch today was a yummy and fun one!

I headed out to The Cheesecake Factory to meet up with Ryan and some of his coworkers for a goodbye lunch in Ryan’s honor.

cheesecake factory vegetable salad 009

Our group included three of Ryan’s closest coworkers and I felt honored to receive an invite!

Lunch began with the bread basket.

I had two pieces of brown bread that was warm and delicious.

cheesecake factory vegetable salad 006

Then our entrees were served.

I ordered the fresh vegetable salad.

cheesecake factory vegetable salad 008

Can you believe that salad is a small? It was bigger than the large salad from Greens & Grille! 

A couple of years ago one of my former coworkers and I were talking about the ridiculous portion sizes at Cheesecake Factory when she told me to order one of their “small” salads as my entrée because they’re big enough to fill you up, but not too big that you leave the restaurant feeling like a bus.

She was totally right and the small salad portion was perfect!

I also snuck a few bites of Ryan’s meal, as always.

Now I’m back at home where I will be working as a realtor shows four different people our apartment. Not my ideal afternoon, but at least I have something fun to look forward to this evening… An engagement party for my friend Laurel!

My Favorite Running Gear

Yesterday I received an email from a blog reader asking me about my favorite running gear. After I replied, I figured it might make a decent post topic! I am obviously not an expert runner by any means, but I’ve grown to love the following gear as I’ve trained for two half marathons and run for fun in between.

My favorites include:

  • Nike tempo running shorts: These shorts are perfect because they don’t ride up and cause chafing and they wick away sweat and don’t cling to your body.

playlist pic

  • Garmin Forerunner 305: When I first opened this watch, I felt like it looked like a giant calculator and would feel big and bulky on runs. Luckily, I don’t even notice it! Sure it’s a bit bulky, but it does a great job of tracking pace, mileage, calories burned, etc. Wearing this watch helps motivate me to run a little faster and gives me freedom to just take off running without charting out a route of the exact mileage I wish to cover.

garmin 305

  • BIC Bands: These are my favorite headbands to run in because they honestly don’t slip! Hallelujah!

bic bands

  • Thorlo padded running socks: Slightly thicker than other socks, these socks protect my feet from blisters but aren’t so thick that they cause extra sweating. The padding is along the heel and the ball of the foot, making them extra comfortable.

thorlo pad running socks

  • Mizuno Wave Rider running shoe: I first purchased these shoes when I was training for my first half marathon and they worked so well that I purchased another pair when I started training for my started training for my second half. Lots of support + no blisters = Winner! 


Question of the Afternoon

  • What workout clothing items or accessories are your favorites?


  1. says

    i could live in my nike tempo shorts! i own an insane amount and they are the only ones i’ll run in…love them!

    i am a bit of a nike freak so my shoes are their structure triax ones, i’ve run in the same model for the better part of 7 years. :P


  2. linz says

    is there anything specific that made you chooses the garmin forerunner 305 versus the many other garmin forerunners? i am asking for one for my birthday and they seem amazing!


  3. says

    Nike tempo shorts are AMAZING! I cannot believe I didnt own a pair until a few months ago! Now I have 3 :) I also LOVE LOV E the thorlo socks! SO comfy and airy!


  4. says

    Hey Julie! Do you recommend any other exercise watches? I am considering buying one, but I would be interested in a watch that can be used for workouts other than just running. Thanks!!



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