This morning marked our very last workout at the Downtown Orlando YMCA.

downtown ymca orlando

Ryan and I felt sad knowing that we’re not going to see our regular gym buddies anymore! I feel like whenever you go to the gym regularly around the same time, you develop unspoken connections with the other gym regulars.

We even have names for some of our favorites, like “Grumbles” for the guy who always seems like he’d rather die than be there. We’ll miss you, Grumbles!

I always tell Ryan he’s like the mayor of the YMCA because he says hello and goodbye to a large handful of people at the gym every day. He kisses babies, shakes hands, hugs grandmothers… you know, the usual. Okay, maybe he’s not that intense, but I do tell him that he has a “posse.”

Of course I smile and wave to people too, but Ryan is on a whole different level.

We laugh because Ryan’s camaraderie with the gym goers makes me feel like they probably think I’m Ryan’s miserable, mute wife because I tend to go to BodyPump and then keep my iPod in during my workouts so I’m a lot less social. Maybe they think I’m Grumbles!?

Today’s workout began with 20 minutes on the elliptical with Ryan before we split up to tackle our respective weights workouts.

My workout looked like this:

Exercise Weights Reps Sets
Leg press 130 lbs. 15 3
Leg extension 35 lbs. 15 3
Incline bicep curls 15 lbs. 15 3
Side shoulder raises 10 lbs. 15 3
Deadlifts 25 lbs. 15 3
Tricep dips Bodyweight 15 3
Hamstring ball curls Bodyweight 20 3
Push ups (on my knees) Bodyweight 15 3
Tricep extensions 20 lbs. (total) 15 3
Squats 25 lb. kettleball 50 1
Various exercise ball crunches Bodyweight 50 3

Note: Weights for exercises that use free weights note the weights of the dumbbells used (unless otherwise noted). For example, deadlifts use two 25-pound dumbbells for a total of 50 pounds.

It was a good finale workout to our time at the Y. I’m REALLY going to miss our gym. Best gym ever!


For not having much food in our house at the moment, breakfast was pretty darn fantastic!

banana chia seed roll up 007

I made peanut butter and banana roll ups for me and Ryan by spreading peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla, adding a banana to the mix and sprinkling it with chia seeds before rolling everything up.

Not too shabby! This breakfast was really good and seems like something delicious I could pack to bring along on a road trip or something. Whole grains + protein + healthy fats + fruit!

Gotta get cleanin’! This apartment needs some serious scrubbing.

Questions of the Morning

  • Do you feel like you have an unspoken bond with certain people at the gym or in your exercise classes?
  • If people made up a name for you at the gym, what do you think they would call you?


  1. Jessie says

    I’ve been reading for a while, but this is my first post. I was cracking up reading this. I thought I was the only person who nicknamed other people at the gym! We have a guy my husband and I call “Tommy Lee”–the guy who, well, looks just like Tommy Lee and wears all his metal band t-shirts and piercings while he’s running on the treadmill.

    I think I would be “fixes her headband all the time” girl. I need to get one of those BIC bands you talked about. Do they really not slip?


  2. Lee @ in the pink of condition says

    In my gym, the boys are way more social than the girls as well! I think it’s because they need lifting partners, and they also take a lot of breaks from their weight lifting sets, whereas we pound it out on the treadmill for 30+ minutes! Oh well!


  3. says

    I am pretty sure I would be called “bitch”, “grumbles” or Serious McSerious.

    I am VERY anti-social in the gym. I have tried to be, but for the most part the people at my small gym stand around and talk or read…and the ones that do get on the treadmill, bike or whatever, well they are texting and/or reading too. I guess I go in with a plan of action and a goal, and they arent to catch up on my reading or to have idle chat.

    I even try not to make eye contact with anyone because apparently that means ‘come over and talk to me’.

    So glad I am leaving this gym in a month!


  4. says

    OK, so this is a weird gym story.

    At an old gym, there was this girl there, i called her gymenemy. We saw each other every day and when I tried to smile or be friendly, she ignored me. She also would try to show me up on the treadmill, which is pretty easy. I never knew her name or anything.

    A year or so after I moved away from that town and that gym, there was a random car accident involving two runners and a dui. Long story short, the girl involved was the gymenemy. Nuts, right?

    No clue why I felt obliged to share that…. :)


  5. says

    I KNEW I saw you at the Downtown Y!! I just told myself I needed to stop reading your blog so much because it was making me think I saw you everywhere like a creep lol.

    I have an unspoken bond with a really nice older blonde lady there- one time she came up to me just to tell me how adorable Corey is and how he is so attentive to me! Made my day! I love that gym, too, and the free coffee is awesome. Orlando will miss you, Julie!


  6. says

    I love my gym friends! In fact when I see them at other places around town, I always feel a great bond with them.

    Coincidentally I go to the Y in my town too. It is a great environment and I would totally look for another Y if I moved to another area.


  7. says

    I have definitely made a few gym “friends” that I’ll wave or smile at, and one of the trainers and I chat a lot. I usually just keep to myself and do my thing. One day after Body Pump, though, a woman in the class I recognized but had never talked to came up to me and said, “I just want you to know that you are getting SO strong! I like standing behind you because you motivate me to add more weight.” It was seriously one of the proudest moments of my life :) So now I’ve thought about saying something similarly encouraging to other women I notice doing really well, but haven’t worked up the nerve yet!


  8. says

    That is so funny how you can “know” people at the gym even if you have never talked to them. I have definitely noticed that! There are also those people who seem to ALWAYS be there. Like, no matter what time or what day I go – they are always there. I wonder what their job is!

    I like that breakfast idea – I think I’ll put it to use in the near future. :)


  9. Stephanie says

    “We laugh because Ryan’s camaraderie with the gym goers makes me feel like they probably think I’m Ryan’s miserable, mute wife because I tend to go to BodyPump and then keep my iPod in during my workouts so I’m a lot less social.”

    HAHA! That’s me and the Hus. He talks to everyone and anyone. I apparently have an “air of hostility”, which I am TOTALLY okay with because I just want to do my thing and get out of there. lol


  10. says

    Your breakfast = my snack today!

    I share your sadness about leaving a gym and missing the regulars. I used to crossfit every day with a group of amazing people, but a few shoulder dislocations later, I had to give it up. I hate not seeing the usuals on a regular basis. I love the name “grumbles” btw, haha!


  11. says

    We have names for people at our gym too! haha. It is too funny!
    I am like you, keep my iPod on and get down to business, and though I don’t talk to a lot of people at my gym I know what you mean about the unspoken bond!


  12. says

    Oh, man, I think my gym nickname would be Grumbles or Complainer…. I do not like the gym. Check out my blog for health, fashion, and beauty tips that will make you feel awesome!


  13. Molly says

    My favorite regulars (secret BFFs) at the gym:

    -Cute Pregnant Girl
    -Intense, jacked blonde woman with too much plastic surgery. I’ve named her “Janice”
    -Euro couple who wear funny sneakers and tight cargo shorts and use the neglected machines

    Happy Friday!


  14. says

    I must be “grumbles” because I never talk to anyone while I’m at the gym. I see some of the same people, sometimes. But not usually. And if I do see someone I recognize from a previous gym session, I don’t wave, smile or do anything. I just get back to my workout, but they always do too so I don’t feel like I’m being rude!


  15. Cassidy says

    Just curious, how much do you pay for your membership at the YMCA? I’ve often wondered if it’s less expensive that your basic health/fitness clubs.


  16. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    haha love it! I’m definitely on your level. I’ll say Hi to people, but that is usually the extent of it!
    Your breakfast looked delicious I usually do toast topped with PB, banana and chia seeds, but I really need to try the wrap!


  17. says

    Sad your last day at your gym :( I remember last summer moving from my old city and having to leave the huge 24 Hour Fitness and go to an Anytime Fitness which consisted of at most 3 people in the gym at once.
    I usually keep my head phones on at the gym, but I also live is a small town now so the gym is not that busy at all. When the owner is around I speak with him frequently.


  18. Heather says

    I see that you TOO suffer from “the unfriendly, un-talkative, slightly questionable half of much friendlier, outgoing, smiling significant other” as well. Good to know I’m not alone! LOL


  19. says

    haha Grumbles. i’m probably Grumbles at my gym because I hate being social at the gym. I’m there for some “me” time, destress and try to get my head back on straight, and really don’t like it when people talk to me or the dreaded rare occurrence of running into someone from work! But I swear that’s the only place in my life where i’m antisocial!


  20. says

    Good luck with the move and finding a place to live! My husband and I are still looking for a good gym! He found one that he likes, but it would cost $700/year for both of us to join, ouch!


  21. says

    Gyms are funny because there is an unspoken bond that you see each other almost everyday but you never say anything to each other. I think that gyms should be easy to make friends, but its kinda hard to actually start talking to other people. I am like you in the fact that I definitely do my workouts and keep to myself…


  22. says

    hehe. You are sooo right. You do develop an unspoken connection with these people that you never talk to. There is this HOT trainer at my gym. I have nicknamed him Tyrese, because he looks like Tyrese, the model. He never talks to me but I’m convinced we have an unspoken connection and that he is just intimidated by me. haha.

    I feel like my nickname at the gym is “Sweat Girl” because I sweat like crazyyy!


  23. says

    I totally agree with the familiar faces at the gym. I don’t know what people would call me. I see the same people at least three mornings a week when I don’t run outside yet all of us hardly talk to each other!


  24. says

    That’s so funny – I do the same thing with people at my gym. I feel like I know them because we are always the crazies there at 5am! My boyfriend calls this one guy pipsqueak because…well I guess he just thinks he looks like a pipsqueak. lol One day he stole my barbell that I was using (which made me super mad) so I had to come home and tell Joe that pipqueak stole my barbell.. it’s a good thing he had a nickname so I didn’t have to go trying to explain who it was!


  25. Fellow DT Y-er says

    I go to the Downtown Y and took Body Pump regularly with you. I found your blog through “Anywhere There’s An Airport” when Kristen did the guest post a little bit ago…I went to high school with Kristen! Small World! I was tempted to say something to you about finding your blog but I felt kinda uncomfortable knowing about it and thought it’d come across WAY too creepy and didn’t want to sketch you out (I know privacy issues are big with this stuff but gah as I type this it still sounds kinda creepy haha).

    Anyway, I just saw you’re moving! You will love Ocala, I lived there for a summer for work and had a blast! Also, I can guarantee the 5:45 class will miss you and as you said the unspoken friendship we had with you! Best of Luck and it will truly be so weird to show up and you not be there! I’ll make sure whoever nabs your “spot” honors it and does it justice!!

    Oh and in case any of your blog readers were wondering, from what I saw in class you were no joke in there…even some of the guys could not handle your weight selections! ha


  26. says

    My nickname at the gym IS “fuerta”, which means strong in Spanish. The crowd at my gym is predominately Hispanic/Latino, and without fail, LITERALLY every time I’m pumping out chin-ups or doing deadlifts (I’m up to 135 lbs…woohoo!), some guy will come up to me and call me FUERTA!


  27. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    I’m definitely like Ryan and my hubby is like you. He’s mute the whole time with his iPod on, and I’m the social butterfly chit chatting with a lot of people.

    I think though that’s because I used to teach Spin and Group Power at the gym so a lot of people know me from that and a lot of my friends are trainers there too :)


  28. says

    I know you are probably going to laugh at this, but I think I have better friends at the gym than I do at school. I go to the gym most days at exactly the same time and I have formed a group of friends there that go to the same classes with me. I have made such good friends at the gym that we spend time together outside of the gym as well.
    For example, I turned 21 two weeks ago and guess who I went out to drink with the first time? Yup, that would be my friends from the gym! 😀


  29. says

    I miss my old gym in the DR so much. At my gym there, I was called RUBIA (blonde) even though my hair is very dark brown. Everyone outside the gym would call me la rubia que corre (the blonde who runs) because it was so unusual to see anyone – let along a white girl running in the neighborhood. I’m so sad not to have a gym in the States yet. But we might be moving next month so it’s pointless to pay a membership fee. BOO!!


  30. says

    A guy at the gym named me “Energizer Bunny,” because I like to get down to business when I’m in the gym (I smile at people but am NOT social) and do a strength/cardio circuit where I don’t rest in between exercises. I just keep going, and going, and going… :)


  31. Laura @ southern girl bakes says

    I don’t know what my name would be! I’m pretty anti-social too. I just want to listen to music or watch TV and power through my workout. I might start being Grumbles though since I temporarily had to switch gyms (for time/gas) to one that’s way older and more cramped.


  32. anonymous says

    my friend and i make up names for EVERYONE!!! We do a exercise class and we have names for everyone pretty much…we call one girl “bank” cuz we know she works at a bank, another is “penguin” cuz she looks like a penguin (?) haha..another is “gina” cuz she looks like an asian version of a girl named gina that i know…we call this one guy jimmy neutron cuz he has a big head..LOL..i could go on and’s horrible!!


  33. says

    Oh my goodness i can SO relate to the gym posse! As I’ve mentioned like a kazillion times before, I work at the Y (and also work out at the Y) so i feel like i have my own posse. Seriously, people recognize me EVERYWHERE and I’ve been on TV for the Y… even the checkout lady at the grocery store i frequent told me they’ve seen me on the news for the Y! I’m even in their brochures, LOL!!


  34. Lorin says

    I used to go to the Y when my mom had a membership but when I went off to college, we didn’t have it anymore. I really loved the enviroment of it and I loved all the different variety of classes from chair yoga to spin classes. I’m now at a 24 hour and it’s a lot of younger super fit people with big muscles ha but it’s motivating :)


  35. says

    People would definitely refer to me as the freak who can read a magazine and run at the same time. I’ve had at least three people comment on that in the last month, so I know they’re thinking it!


  36. Christine Mercede says

    I think I would be “I wish she would turn down her ipod girl” lol I feel awful but I cannot get in the zone without my music loud :) oops!! I try to smile at people and if someone is on a machine super close to me Ill do my best to remember to turn it down a few notches!



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