Delayed Workout of Death

I am so glad you guys are a fan of Blog Talk Tuesdays! I’m already excited for the next installment! Smile

Truth be told, I was so anxious to write this morning’s post that I postponed my workout until around 10:30 a.m. Yes, I’m the kind of blogger who lies in bed at night thinking about upcoming blog posts. I’m sick.


When the alarm went off this morning, Ryan decided to take a day off from the gym and I wanted to get on my computer to start working on my Blog Talk Tuesdays post, so we both headed to breakfast together instead of hittin’ the gym right away.

blogging topics 001

Today I enjoyed a scrambled egg sandwich, served on two pieces of toasted whole wheat bread.

blogging topics 002

The eggs were prepared with veggies, lots of cheddar cheese and hash browns.

I ate all the goodies out of the eggs before making my sandwich which is why you can’t see them in the picture. I always eat all the best bites first. This drives Ryan crazy because he saves the best bites for last. This can be a problem if we’re sharing a dish.

I also enjoyed a cup of hot pomegranate green tea and about half of a bowl of Froot Loops.

blogging topics 003

This breakfast did a great job of keeping me full for hours! Either that or I was so involved in writing up this morning’s blog post that I didn’t think about food every 2.5 seconds like I normally do.

From 7: 15 until 10:30 a.m. I did the whole blog and email thang before telling myself I had to go the the gym. I knew that if noon rolled around and I hadn’t worked out just yet, all hopes of me actually making it to the gym would go out the window.

So workout I did!


I kicked my butt today. Seriously. My chest was pounding and my face looked like a cherry when I was done.

To start, I loosely followed a workout I tore out of Fitness magazine months ago.

My rendition, which I’ll call the Delayed Workout of Death, looked like this:


Minutes Speed Incline
0-5 6.5 1
5-6 4 5
6-7 6.5 5
7-8 3.5 6
8-9 6.3 6
9-10 3.5 7
10-11 6.1 7
11-12 3.5 8
12-13 5.9 8
13-14 3 9
14-15 5.7 9
15-16 3 10
16-17 5.5 10
17-18 3 11
18-19 5.3 11
19-20 3 12
20-21 5.1 12
21-22 3 13
22-23 4.9 13
23-24 3 14
24-25 4.7 14
25-26 3 15
26-27 4.5 15
27-30 3.5 5

Don’t let the lower speeds of this workout fool you… It’s killer! Honestly this workout is one of the hardest treadmill workouts I’ve ever posted on the blog. If you try it, you’ve been warned!


After my workout, I headed back to our hotel room, didn’t shower (yet!) and sat down to crank out a couple of things on the computer before assembling myself a yummy lunch with the random food we have on hand in the hotel fridge and freezer.

homewood suites buffet 001

Lunch included an Amy’s tofu scramble pocket sandwich that was really, really good! I loved the doughy bread and the tofu scramble was full of veggies and flavor.

homewood suites buffet 002

homewood suites buffet 004

Not quite as voluminous as it looks on the box, huh? At least it was tasty!

I also ate a cup of strawberry banana Greek yogurt and some string cheese for a little extra protein.

And now I’m going to scan a handful of websites to see if any new houses for rent have been posted. I’m tellin’ ya, there’s not much to choose from here, but we’re hopeful!

The house we really liked with the pool came down $100 a month in rent (which is obviously great!), but we’d be in charge of lawn care and since the house is located on three acres, we’re a little apprehensive about that. We can’t live in this hotel forever, so I hope something workouts out soon!


  1. jen @ taste life says

    I always save the best bites for last like Ryan! I read once that that it has to do with if you’re an only child or something? Like, I’m an only child so I never had to compete with other kids for the good stuff, so I save it for last. But people with siblings had to compete so they eat the good stuff first. Something like that! Birth order might be involved, too.


  2. says

    Ahh, that Amy’s pocket is yet another victim of marketing that looks so much more appealing than the real thing! I read a super interesting book about food photography and there are so many weirdball techniques that they use to get it to look good for packaging – including glazing it with glue!


  3. says

    I hope you guys get a house soon so that Sadie doesn’t have to go without her parents! It kills me when I’m away from our cats (please, no crazy cat-lady stereotyping 😉 ) because I miss their little personalities so much.

    That workout looks insane in the membrane. Incline is a killer!


  4. says

    Those tofu scramble pockets look tasty! I’ll have to keep my eye open for them. Good luck finding a place! I’m sure you will find somewhere soon 🙂


  5. says

    I have kind of an odd question–when you find your cardio workouts like the one above, how do you go about doing it? Memorize it or keep looking at a peice of paper while your running? lol. I have always just kind of make mine up as I go along and I never followed one exactly, but I want to try the one you just posted! 🙂


  6. says

    I like to mix up the best and the worst bites, and the last bite is always a good one. I’m an only child so I’ve never had to fight over food with anyone.

    That workout looks killer, I like to crank up the incline on the treadmill, but I walk not run!

    You should just get Ryan a John Deere riding lawnmower. It would be a fast way to get the yard done and cheaper in the long run than a lawn service. My parents have one and even my mom loves using it.


  7. janelle says

    i loved this workout! i’m a running but i’ve been having shin problems so the slower speeds let me get nice and sweaty without hurting myself more. and i think that a goat would be the perfect solution 🙂


  8. says

    I love the workouts that you post on the blog! I have been doing one of your treadmill interval workouts (the one that increases by 0.2 each interval) and I tried your “Lazy” workout this morning at the gym – it was great! I am definitely going to have to try this one!


  9. Cassidy says

    I’ve used in the past and had success… I just did a quick search in Ocala and there where lots of nice places.


  10. Felicia @ Ellipticizing says

    I definitely eat the best bites first. If I saved them for last I might be too full to eat them.


  11. says

    I’m not sure what bites I eat first! I think I just inhale everything. 😉 I always think I eat fast, though, and then I look at my boyfriend who practically swallows his food whole.

    I always look at the workouts you post and think “Hey, I should try that- looks great,” and print them to stick in my gym bag, but then don’t end up bringing it over to the treadmill with me.. I need to write them out on a sticky note or something to put onto the treadmill..


  12. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    Good luck with the house — hopefully they do something about that lawn care — or could you hire a high school/college student to mow the lawn or something?


  13. says

    I’m so torn! I agree that a lawn that large will be some work, but that house was so pretty, and SUCH a great deal! I have to say I think it would be worth it. Maybe the money you’ll save on rent will make up for a lawn mower if you have to buy one?!


  14. says

    I always eat the best first and my husband eats the best last so we too fight when sharing a meal.

    The lawn would be a lot of work but if the Pros really outweigh the cons I say go for it! Look at the lawn as an extra cardio session each week!


  15. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    I am the queen of eating the best bites first! It’s especially evident in ice cream when I scoop out the best bites…oops! It’s drives my boyfriend crazy. Good luck with your house hunt, hope you find something soon!


  16. Joyce @ Jranola Joyce says

    speed intervals are so intense! i am always so tired afterwards and must stretch! or else…the dreaded shin splints… auughh
    and the amy’s looks really good! 🙂


  17. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    Ha I love saving the best parts for last, and my hubby eats them first…I guess opposites attract right?! 😉

    Good luck with the rental search today!


  18. says

    Oh my God, 100$ a month? That’s so unfair! Where I live I can only get a tiny apartment for this price, like 30m2, I’m so jealous! Lol, I really hope you’ll find your dream home.
    And Froot loops, they make me think of childhood, so sweet!


  19. says

    I CANNOT wait to try that workout 😉 I love challenging ones like that- I’ll definitely let you know what I think when I do ti 🙂 One of my favorite ones right now is your 0.2 interval workout- it is KILLER, but I love it. Always feel like I get such a good workout!!
    & I was DYING laughing at a comment you left above about Ryan wanting to get a goat..that’s one way to fix the 3 acre problem- Lol!! 😀


  20. Maggie says

    WHat kinds of foods did you bring with you to the hotel? It would be interesting to see the kind of food you brought along – I have had to stay in temporary housing before and it’s really difficult to stay healthy! I am addicted to smoothies like you and get really sad when I don’t have my blender or frozen ingredients to make a good morning meal!


  21. says

    Looks like a great, challenging workout! I’m doing a mountain climb in September 10th and have to start incorporating incline training into my routine to prepare… will have to try out this workout soon. Thanks for sharing!
    Out of curiosity, how do you like living at the hotel thus far? Do they provide all three meals for guests (you posted about having dinner at the hotel yesterday)? I’ve never lived at an extended stay hotel and am curious 🙂


  22. says

    Doesn’t mowing the lawn burn like 250 calories an hour? 😉 I know how intimidating lawn care is. We inherited a house from a woman who had nothing but time to putter around in the yard. It’s a struggle for us just to keep the weeds from blocking our front door!

    Sending you quick and painless house finding vibes!


  23. says

    I wonder if there’s a strapping young girl or boy in the neighborhood that would be willing to mow the lawn for like… 50 bucks a month? I really wouldn’t be surprised, and maybe (s)he would use mom/dad’s lawnmower?

    Then, you’re basically a mentor. Perfect.


  24. Caitlin says

    Ok 2 things-

    1. I was flying into Tampa this morning for work & the pilot said “We are now flying over Ocala” and I immediately thought of you! Hope thesearch for your new home gets better- it may take some time, but I’m confident you will find a place you both love!

    2. I’m totally going to try this workout tomorrow morning in the hotel gym- looks like a killer & I can’t wait! It’s a perfect workout for being on the road in a hotel. Thanks for the post!


  25. Kim (Book Worm Runs) says

    I am totally the same way…the longer I wait to workout the less likely I am to do it! Fingers crossed you find a place to live soon!!


  26. says

    I think you should go for the house just outside of town! Hello, a pool in Florida?! I live in Oregon and I wish I had a pool. Loved the post this morning. I can’t wait for the continuation of the series! Super helpful.

    Random question: Does Sadie ever chafe when you use her harness during a run? The people at PetSmart recommended the Gentle Leader for us and our Weim, Hudson HAAATTEES it. I’m looking for an alternative that won’t bother his skin. Thanks : )


    • mel says

      the leader is awesome and you pup will get used to it!! I use it on my one yr old lab and she took about 5 months but is used to it!


  27. says

    P.S. Sadie could run around in those three acres and chase after butterflies, lizards, and her ball : ).

    Great workout too, I feel like you did something similar a few weeks back? No?

    Love your tips, thoughts, pup and workouts!


  28. says

    Things in packages never look quite as good as they do when you actually cook em up. huh?!

    3 acres of yard is a lot to take care of! One of the reasons we are in a condo is so we have no yard care whatsoever. Just don’t want to think about that yet.

    Do you 100& want ot rent a house? Or are you open to condo type things.?


  29. dee says

    mmm! I tend to save the best for last..depending on what it is I’m eating! 🙂 Especially if it’s a sandwich, I eat the top crust, move on to the bottom, then I eat the two sides and the middle is always last! none of that top-to-bottom business for me. But for meals (when I eat out) I tend to eat the “best bites” first…because I know that I won’t be able to finish it all in one sitting. If I save the best for last, by the time I get to it, I’ll be too full 🙁


  30. says

    I love Amy’s packaged meals! They’re surprisingly good, even if the image doesn’t quite match up 😉

    Good luck on the house stuff, I hope things work out well! Why is moving always more difficult than you think it is going to be, sigh.


  31. Ashley says

    I have a workout that is very similar to this that I snagged a long time ago from a fitness magazine too and it seriously kicks butt! Every time I go to do it I think “it won’t be that hard…I get to walk every other minute.” and every time I finish I think I’m going to pass out on the floor!


  32. Gina @ Will Run for Cupcakes says

    Awesome workout! I’ll have to try it once I stop torturing myself with marathon training…
    …I had Apple Jacks for breakfast 🙂


  33. says

    3 acres??? That would be a lot to take care of. Would you have to mow the whole thing or is some of wooded/tall grass? Nice that the rent dropped though.


  34. Mandy says

    You staying in a hotel for an extended stay totalllllly reminds me of the Mary Kate and Ashley song ‘Why Can’t We Live In A Hotel All The Time’… haha I know I can share this with you because you share the same love for the olsen twins!


  35. Megan says

    Julie I hardly ever comment but I loooove your blog! Read it 3X a day 🙂 So OBVIOUSLY I know nothing about this (hardly your blog readers business, anyway), but I totally think that if you love it, you should go for the house!!! I know it’s not quite that simple, but like you said, it’s not permanent – only a rental. It seems like for the sake of something like lawn care, you shouldn’t pass up a place you love!!! Maybe you and Ryan could each mow the grass as one Sat workout/month, hire a high school or college kid for one, and give the finger to the home owners assoc for the final week of the month? 🙂 Whatever you decide, good luck!! And keep on keepin on with the lovely blog!


  36. Jamie @ snacktress says

    That treadmill workout scares me. Maybe if I’m feeling really adventurous I’ll try it…one day.

    I save the best bites for last, too! Gotta get all the different flavors and textures in that last bite.

    Best of luck to your house hunt! I’m sure something will work out soon 🙂


  37. Ashley says

    Workout of death is the perfect name for that. Thank god I’m finished. I started out thinking it would be a piece of cake. Cut to 15 min later when I thought I was going to die. Phew!


  38. says

    Good luck on your housing finds…but a 100 a month is not all that bad at all, I can’t imagine though what lawn fees would cost. Your meals still look pretty yum for living at a hotel.


  39. says

    3 acres is a lot! we have 2 acres and my husband has a professional grade mower that you stand on (the ride behind types landscapers have) and it still takes him 1.5 hours! granted I bet your lot is flat in Florida and ours is not but that’s still a lot of maintenance for a rental. I tried incline walking for the first time a couple weeks ago and was floored by how hard it is! This workout is no joke.


  40. Holly says

    Wowzers! I just tried your interval workout, what a challenge!!! It was tough, but now I feel amazing! I’ve been trying a lot of your posted workouts, they’re great, thank you 🙂
    Hope the house hunt comes to an end for you soon. I’m sure the hotel thing will get old really fast.


  41. says

    Oooh! I hope you get the house. Just think of yard care as a workout? We recently got married and my husband just has like the old-fashioned manual? mower. It’s a sweet workout and tan time. Except I complain that my poor little hands blister. Lol.


  42. Niki (Life's a Payne) says

    I am sure you are probably more stressed about the living situation than you let on here on your blog but all the same you seem so positive!

    I have to move soon but there are so many question marks around my move also that I am starting to freak out.

    Reading your posts make me feel a lot better about just rolling with the punches on this one and not getting TOO stressed (of course a little is OK)!


  43. says

    I wanted to let you know that I did this workout last night…I almost died. It was probably the in the top 5 hardest workouts of my life. I loved/hated it. Thanks for such a great sweaty workout!!! =)


  44. says

    Eating in a hotel that you are staying in for an extended amount of time would frustrate me. If there is a free breakfast, I’m more inclined to grab the not so healthy stuff since my brain equates hotels with “vacation mode”. It would def. be a struggle!


  45. Stephanie Clement says

    Would you consider just buying a lawn moer? Sadie might get a kick out of you guys being outside with her….and if you both took turns and did it over two days? Just a thought…



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