Bum Toe = No Bowl

Yesterday evening, Ryan drove from Ocala to St. Pete to pick me up to head on to my mother in law’s house (<—so fun to call her that!) in Sarasota for the weekend.

Our weekend in Sarasota kicked off on the best note possible with a trip to SweetBerries for frozen custard before bed.

sweetberries sarasota 001

Frozen custard is like frozen yogurt, but thicker and full of fat and deliciousness. It’s my favorite kind of frozen treat, above ice cream and fro yo. Yes, it really is that good!

I ordered the Sarasota Sunrise, which was vanilla custard with raspberries, strawberries and blackberries incorporated into the creamy dessert.

Fantastic! SweetBerries really needs to franchise their stores and set up shop across the nation because more people need to get in on this hot fire! 


Breakfast this morning was very, very good!

sweetberries sarasota 002

Ryan’s mom and her boyfriend Les prepared us quite the morning meal of dippy eggs, bacon, buttered toast and fruit.

sweetberries sarasota 003

Not a shabby way to start a Saturday… until you stub your toe and it hurts too bad to walk normal…

sweetberries sarasota 012

Ouch. Sad smile

My bum toe actually prevented me from participating in this afternoon’s fun activity.

sweetberries sarasota 008


Honestly, me sitting out of a couple of rounds of bowling isn’t a bad thing. I’m absolutely awful at bowling and prefer the social aspect of the game anyway.

Ryan, his mom and her boyfriend bowled two games and we all had a fun time chatting away and cheering each other on.

sweetberries sarasota 010

sweetberries sarasota 009

Ryan’s mom and Les’ games both improved a lot in the second round. Everyone was over 100 which is more than I can ever say for my own bowling game.

True story: I once won $5 for bowling the lowest scoring game in the entire alley. Hey, money is money, so I wasn’t complaining.

I gotta get back to hangin’ with the fam! We’re having an early dinner with Ryan’s grandma and her boyfriend and tons of shellfish is on the menu. I’m salivating already!


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