Commercial Break Workout

One of the benefits of working out in our hotel’s gym is that it’s basically a deserted space that we have all to ourselves. Not worrying about any machines or free weights being taken or the judgments of others when I do some totally awkward exercises is oddly freeing!

Today I did a weights workout that you could easily do at home with a few free weights, but it might actually be a little hard to do in a real gym.

mizuno wave riders 001

I call today’s workout the “Commercial Break Workout.”

My workout included three sets of 15 repetitions of the following exercises:

  • Superset One: Lunges, Overhead press
  • Superset Two: Deadlifts, Tricep extensions
  • Superset Three: Tricep dips, Front shoulder raises, Squats with exercise ball

And then here’s the fun part! I had the television on in the gym and during the commercial breaks of the show I was watching, I did one of these exercises… for the entire commercial break!

  • Bicep curls (10 lb. dumbbells)
  • Bridges (25 lb. weight)
  • Various shoulder exercises – side, front, overhead press (5 lb. dumbbells)
  • Ab work on exercise ball

If you think commercial breaks seem long when you’re watching television, try targeting one muscle group during the entire commercial break. I swear those commercials felt like they were five minutes long!

This workout was actually a lot of fun! It was very stimulating because I worked hard to fit in one of the supersets while the show was on before scrambling to do one of the “commercial break” exercises when the commercials came on.

I rounded out my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical. <—I did cardio after weights today. Groundbreaking stuff here, people. And if you want your head to swim with information about whether you should do cardio before or after weights, be sure to check out all of the informative comments (from kinesiology majors and personal trainers!) on this morning’s post.


Today’s lunch was so good.

bagelwich jelly cheese 009

I am starting to really, really miss my traditional meals and having a real kitchen. Thank goodness we have a fridge and microwave in our hotel room because at least that allows me to keep some fresh produce and perishable goods on hand.

Today I made myself one of my favorite bagelwiches!

I topped a wheat bagel with melted muenster cheese, strawberry jelly and an egg white.

bagelwich jelly cheese 006

I cooked the egg white in the microwave by placing it in a bowl covered with a paper towel, and microwaving it for 50 seconds.

bagelwich jelly cheese 010

I also grabbed a peach to round out my meal.

bagelwich jelly cheese 002

Good meal!

Back to work… and time to check Fandango for movie times. Hoping to see The Help tonight!


  1. Girl In The Pink says

    Love that idea of doing exercises during commercial breaks. In college my roommates and I would do squats and crunches during Greys Anatomy commericial breaks lol.


  2. says

    Ah, I always wondered what the best way to nuke the eggs whites was, I’ve tried a few silly methods that ended disastrously (my one co-chef/friend tried to nuke one up, fully in shell. Talk about a tough microwave cleaning job!)

    Glad you could get some real food in your belly.

    Looks like a quality workout, AND incorporates television! Finally, a reason not to “cheat” and speed through using DVR!


  3. Cynthia says

    Great workout! I love working out while watching TV so I will probably do this soon.

    I thought The Help doesn’t come out until Friday? I adored the book so I can’t wait to see the movie!


  4. says

    I love having the gym to myself!! At my apartments I get really sad whenever people are in the gym… I love the freeing feeling of doing whatever exercise you want in front of the mirrors and not feeling judged!!

    One of these days I will venture outside my box and try this strange jelly egg combination you always speak of…

    Also, do you like Nectarines? I love them more than peaches because they are not fuzzy. But I feel like people never hear about nectarines… they’re underrated!


  5. says

    I kept seeing these bagelwiches on your site, so last week I finally tried one. I used a wheat bagel thin, one egg, a slice of swiss cheese, and strawberry jam. It was SO good!! I can’t believe I waited so long to try those!


  6. Kristin @ STUFT Mama says

    Okay, I’ve never thought about putting jelly and cheese together, but somehow you make it look delicious on your bagel. I’m going to have to give it a try. Does jarlsberg work too? Or is Muenster the best?


      • Kristin @ STUFT Mama says

        Thanks! I’m going to have to try it. Too bad I had a crap load of jelly for breakfast. May have to wait until tomorrow. I don’t know if you have a Trader joe’s by you, but they have the BEST low fat muenster cheese. 🙂


  7. @HilaryFleming says

    I loved the The Help…I’m dying to see the movie too. ps I finally got a gym membership because your gym posts always look like fun. I’ve always been an outdoor exerciser and its 1000 degrees here right now–so Im loving it. plus, the childcare thing is so awesome.

    fyi and kind of random–I wrote 6 ways to increase your veggies for my post today, thought you might be interested (not because you need to increase your veg…;)


  8. says

    That sandwich looks heavenly. And I know – you’re being such a trooper without a real kitchen! When I was in VT this past week by the end I was just ready to be in my kitchen and COOK actual meals for myself!!


  9. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    Wow does that bagelwich look good! I never tried an egg and cheese one with jelly before though…I’m may just have to since I love the combo of salty and sweet!

    And what a creative workout, love it! It reminds me of how I like to do my cardio intervals – I like to call it “Musical Cardio”. I keep an easy pace during the verse, and then during the chorus I do the interval at an all out hard breathless pace. Makes the workout go by so fast!


  10. says

    I love that eggs are microwaveable! I just got back from the gym at work. Nobody was there so I switched on HGTV at the beginning of my run. The TV is supposed to be set to ESPN and 1/2 through my workout a bunch of guys game in, I could tell they were like WTF is designed to sell!?!

    bahaha their loss!


  11. says

    I will do that at home while watching TV. At every commercial I will do abs or superman or yoga poses. It is fun because it helps the commercials not seem soooooo boring!


  12. says

    I love commercial break workouts. Whenever someone says to me that they just don’t have time to workout, I suggest that while they are watching TV to exercise during commercials, even if it’s something simple like crunches at least you are working.


  13. says

    Very clever method Julie! I don’t really watch TV but I know this would be helpful to many people, and I’m particularly thinking of moms who are busy while trying to get TV and workout time in 🙂


  14. Rachel says

    I don’t know how you’re surviving the hotel food life… I love my kitchen to pieces!!

    I must try this bagel + cheese + jam combo.


  15. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    I’ve never cooked an egg in the microwave. I don’t like getting a pan dirty just to make myself an egg so I’ll have to try this method. Thanks!


  16. Amanda says

    So excited for the Help – already have a date with my mom planned for Friday 🙂 Also, I totally feel you on the hotel gym workout – I’m an accountant and did an audit rotation all of January, so I lived in a hotel. I would get up and work out in the hotel gym every morning and while I was thankful that it was nice, it was small and really hard to break out of ruts!! I would switch it up between the elliptical and treadmill, using a lot of interval workouts. I also ended up bringing my 5 lb weights with me, along with a few Jillian Michaels dvds to do in my room (No More Trouble Zones is awesome). Hang in there!


  17. says

    I almost always cook my eggs for my sandwiches in the microwave- so easy and less clean-up. I just spray a bowl with cooking spray, beat my egg whites (or whole eggs) with some seasoning, and microwave for 1 1/2- 2 min. Perfect every time!

    That commercial break idea is a great one! Have a wonderful day!


  18. says

    This sounds like the greatest idea! When I was younger I had my acrobats teacher tell us that we should stretch or practice our splits during commercial breaks, so now I try to remember to stretch that way! Commercial breaks can be fun! LOL!


  19. says

    I love the idea of going through the supersets during the show and then using the entire commercial time for specific exercises! I am going to try this the next time we can’t make it to the gym. 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear your movie review. Loved the book and I adore Emma Stone so I have high hopes!


  20. says

    These totally awkward exercises remind me of when my friend and I were staying in a hotel and we were using the small workout gym. We were the only ones in there and my friend was doing plyometric workouts! She was working really hard (grunting and everything!!) lol She was very thankful no one else was in the room! haah
    Glad your workout was successful!!


  21. says

    That workout looks like fun! When I exercise at home I always have the tv on, usually it makes me forget that I’m even exerting myself, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t with that workout. 🙂


  22. says

    I made homemade barbecue sauce a few weeks back, and it had to cook on the stove over low heat for like 20 minutes or something like that. You were supposed to stir it every few minutes, so I would do a set of strength exercises (lunges, ab work, and shoulder presses, to be exact) and every time I finished a set, I would stir the barbecue sauce. Seriously, greatest idea I’ve ever had (or at least pretty close to the greatest idea haha).


  23. says

    Julie if you want to make your tennis shoes look brand new again just spray them with oxyclean or Shout and throw them in the wash. Everyone will think you got new sneaks. Enjoy.


  24. Candice says

    I am loving your hotel updates. I’m living in a Holiday Inn in Texas for all of August for work training. Whenever I am about to go crazy I look at your meals and workouts. Thanks!!!!


  25. says

    I microwave my egg whites, too! Such an easy way to add protein to breakfast.

    I wish I could let you borrow my kitchen! 🙁 It’s definitely hard when you don’t have much control over your meals.


  26. says

    I’ve done commercial break workouts before. I like doing cardio bursts during them. Either sprint if already doing cardio, or put down the weights and do something along the lines of jumping rope or jumping jacks. Great way to keep things fresh! But this sounds good. I’ll have to try it some day (I totally see myself doing ab work then).



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