Everything About Her

I love everything about her.


I love her scrawny, wiggly little body.

I love the way she sighs when she’s frustrated.

I love the way she stands at the top of our bed at nighttime, waiting for us to lift up the sheets so she can dive underneath.


I love her for teaching me to appreciate the little things in life more often.

I love that simply saying the word “walk” brings the most intense joy to her face.

I love that she smiles.


I love how cuddling her makes all of my worries and sadness fade away.

I love that she actually knows how to hug.


I love watching her relationship with Ryan.

sadie 019


dog eating turkey

bulls fan

I love how she can barely contain her excitement when I walk through the door… even if I’ve only been gone for five minutes.

I love how she gets “huffy” and pseudo-barks when she sees something that upsets her.

I love her nibble kisses.

I love how she immediately acts like she’s dying if you start babying her because you think she hurt herself.


I love that there is not an evil bone in her body… unless a stick is involved.


I love that she made it nearly impossible for me and Ryan to take a quality engagement photo of ourselves with the self timer in our backyard.

engagement photo with dog

I love that she has no concept of personal space.


I love that whenever Ryan and I talk about getting rid of some of Sadie’s toys we never do because she honestly plays with all of them.


I love when her jowls get caught in her teeth.

I love that her yawns are the most dramatic thing in the entire world.


I love that she can look like an old man one second…

old man sadie

And an adorable little puppy the next…


I love that she loves peanut butter just as much as I do.

peanut butter dog

And I even love her ass grass.

Questions of the Morning

  • What do you love most about your pet?
  • No pet? What is one thing you love about animals?


  1. says

    What a precious post!! I’m going to have to tweet you a picture in regards to the ‘I love when her jowls get caught in her teeth’ comment- it never fails to make me laugh!

    My favorite thing about Koda is at night when we’re in bed (she sleeps in her bed next to our’s), I’ll breathe in a deep breath and release it, then David will, then Koda will do loud breath in and sigh out, too and it just melts my heart!


  2. says

    I love when my dog gets so excited when we come home that she starts “smiling.” It’s actually more of a snarl so we call her Snarls Barkley when she is that happy.


    • Kaylen says

      My golden mix does that too!! When he first started doing it we laughed and thought it looked so snarly, but then one day I realized he was totally smiling. Now it’s one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. So cute. Loving hearing about another doggy who does that 🙂


  3. says

    Sadie is PRECIOUS! I am seriously considering getting a vizsla now! But for now, I have an adorable little cavalier king charles spaniel..she’s not as sporty as sadie (obviously) but she’s always there to snuggle and enjoy a lazy afternoon 🙂


  4. says

    Awe, Sadie is the cutest thing ever!!! I love the old man one second, ‘lil pup the next. And the ass grass. And that she plays with all of her toys, gives hugs and invades all personal space because my boxer puppy Winston does those same things!!

    The thing I love most though is that he really does have a good heart and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone – just wants to please. He’s a lover! We should all try and act more like dogs and we’d probably all get along better! 🙂


  5. Kelly @ Not So Rocky Road says

    This post is so stinkin’ cute!! I love it when our dog gets so excited that she runs laps just as fast as her little body can take her!!


  6. Jess says

    Love this post! I love when my vizsla gives nibble kisses when he’s excited to see me!! And I totally second the jowls getting caught–soo freakin cute 🙂


  7. Bronte says

    Honestly, thank you! You brightened my night 🙂 im lying in bed in perth western australia and finally after reading your post im no longer crying. Its been a tough day but thanks to you and your gorgeous puppy im smiling xo


  8. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    This is the cutest post in the entire blog history, bar none. Sadie is an angel & I love her!
    I love how my dog Miley understands social situations and emotions. She is the best hugger & she’s always excited to see you.
    And then I have Layla, who is a 75-pound 7 month old puppy who enjoys EVERYTHING. I love how she bounces around with her head up in the air like she’s a proud little lion.
    I love my dogs like family, and they’re not “just dogs”. There are so many things I could list that I love about them.

    But the best thing I love about dogs? Kissing them on their head. A zillion times.


  9. Lyndsie says

    This is such a sweet post! I love so many things about my dogs that it’s hard to pick just one. My favorite is probably their excitement when I get home (even after 5 minutes like you said). Our boxer wags her entire body until we love on her…and even then she has trouble stopping the wiggle. Makes even the worst day better. 🙂


  10. says

    Aww, this made me tear up a little bit. Hales got hurt over the weekend and it’s killing me to watch her in pain (even though the vet says she’ll be okay.) I love how she gets so excited over walks that her whole body shakes…how she wags her tail so hard that she hits herself in the face and doesn’t even flinch…and definitely that when we cuddle, if she doesn’t think she’s close enough, she’ll get up and re-plop her big ol’ body down on top of me (literally)


    • says

      i remember when sadie got spayed. it was so painful to watch her in pain. she was such a little sweetie and would try to stand up and wag her tail when we came home even with all of her stitches! hoping hales continues to heal quickly!


    • says

      she is a vizsla! i honestly can’t remember how we came up with her name. i think i heard it in a movie and suggested it to ryan and it was one of the only names we agreed on. initially i liked “maggie.” 🙂


  11. says

    Such a cute post!

    My favorite things about my dogs (we have 2 labs)… Molly: I love her sweet and innocent look; the way she follows me around EVERYWHERE; how she presses her head on my leg so I’ll pet her.
    Ryan: I love how he tilts his head and perks up his ears when I’m talking to him; how he just lies on his back with his paws in the air (SO FUNNY); his snoring.
    There’s so much more about the two of them that I love, but that’s a start. 🙂


  12. Ali says

    Haha I love this! It’s amazing how much dogs add to our lives. I have a 4lb Yorkie and I love how excited she gets when my boyfriend and I wake up in the morning and how she really is a part of our little family.
    My favorite thing that she does-we leave food in her bowl in the morning but she waits until we start eating dinner to eat hers too. It’s like family dinner time!
    And when she goes NUTS crawling under the covers at night and then sleeps spooning me (she’s the little spoon of course) all night.


  13. says

    I could copy and paste all of this for our dog. Ginger is seriously the love of my life. haha
    PS- I swear our dogs are the same person. I was watching a show about Vizslas the other day and when I found out they bred Weimaraners + Pointers to create the breed it all started to make sense b/c everything you post about Sadie is seriously EXACTLY the same stuff Ginger (our weimaraner) does! It’s crazy how those funny little personality traits stay through breeding.


  14. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    Such a sweet post! I don’t have a pet now, but I love dogs so much. I used to love how my last dog, Swirly (named because she reminded me of ice cream with swirls in it), used to pretend to be mad at me, but would peek at me sideways to see if I was paying attention to her. I also loved how she was always willing to be carried around and treated like my baby. I miss her.


  15. Rachel says

    Our Vizsla, Lucy has sooo many of the same traits! She is honestly the wiggly-est dog ever! So happy to hear Sadie is home safe! : ) : )


  16. Christi says

    That was such a sweet post! I really enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the captions that went with them. It’s amazing how much pets change your life and suddenly you don’t know how you ever lived without them.

    I can only imagine how scared you were this morning and am really happy that things turned out good. My SO likes to take our dogs (2 crazy labs!) out with out their leashes and I am going to tell him about this in hopes that he will finally listen to me and stop taking them out without their leashes!


  17. Colleen says

    OMG. I am standing at my desk in front of a room full of high school students w/ tears in my eyes!!!!! (I totally faked a sneeze and I think they believed it). I want to go home RIGHT NOW and squeeze my 2 puppies and 1 cat. I love that my dogs go crazy when they see me dress in workout gear b/c they know they are about to go for a run. I love that my cat climbs on top of clothes fresh from the dryer as I am trying to fold the items. Honestly, most days those things drive me crazy, but today I will be so thankful for them….


  18. Girl in the pink says

    What a sweet post!!

    I love how my dog Louie gets excited to see me, even if I just go away to get the mail. I also love how he knows every morning when my husband leaves for work he gets to cuddle with me on the bed. Right when the front door shuts he is right in my face (shhh my husband doesn’t like him to get on our bed!) I love his down and upward facing dog poses and how is always by my side!


  19. Heather says

    This is so beautiful, Julie! Dogs are so special, and having one of your own just heightens your love and appreciation for their antics! Seeing you and Ryan share that bond with Sadie makes me so excited to one day get a dog with my boyfriend!

    Stay lovely,


  20. says

    Hehehe. I LOVE the Sadie photo montage 😀

    When our dog, Alaska, was diagnosed with cancer last year I made a concerted effort to pull all our photos togther in one place and then take lots more. Now she has defied the odds (so far) and has almost 500 photos in her very own Flickr set, lol. Good and bad, I defintely love everything about her. The more you know them and their personalities, the easier it is to love!


  21. says

    My lab knows when it’s Sunday. He lays on the couch all day and relaxes. Not kidding, he barely gets up to go outside. He lays on his back showing his business to the world and he doesn’t care. It cracks me up! He LOVES to give kisses. You can walk past him and he’ll lick your leg. I love my Coopie kisses! I also love all of the white hairs on chin and upper lip. He looks like he has facial hair.


  22. Lisa says

    I love this post! I recently found your blog, and have become obsessed with Sadie pictures! She, next to my dog of course, (who has recently passed) *cry*, is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! Your post made me teary, as I am still struggling with the loss of my beloved girl. It’s so hard living life w/out my special friend, but I love reading about Sadie’s adventures. ( and you two as well of course.) ;0 Keep ‘em coming! She brings many smiles.


  23. says

    I love how smart Cole is. I love that he thinks he’s a human and uses his paws as he would hands. I love when he uses his paws to grab my hand to hold me close to him when I go to get up in the mornings. I love when he wakes up he puts his paws over his eyes and rubs them (CUTEST. THING. EVER.) I love how is butt wiggles when I walk into the door. I love that he knows when to curl up next to me when I’m having a bad day. I love when he thinks he’s a snake and lays on teh ground, and then pushes himself around the room (while laying down) with his back paw like he’s swimming. I love his reaction when I say CARRIDE!? I just love him 🙂

    Best post ever!!!!!!


  24. maria @ a life to Bragg about says

    Aww, this almost brought me to tears! I love this post! I have a shitzu poodle mix that is my LIFE right now and I love him so much it hurts. It’s amazing how much we can love our animals, and it’s even more amazing that we can tell they love us back. Dogs are so special to me 🙂


  25. Nicole says

    Love, Love this post. I just gave Deke, Valentine,our dogs, Kadie, Sadie and JoJo our cats kisses. Everyday they bring joy to my life. :)xxoo


  26. says

    Love the post!

    How can you choose just one thing to love about your pet?? I’ll pick just one to share even though there are so many. I love how excited Bo gets to greet everyone when they first come home for the day. No matter what happened before you got home it doesn’t matter once you’re greeted by him.


  27. Emily says

    So glad Sadie is ok! I love the way our golden retriever thinks she’s a lap dog, especially when it’s lightning outside & she’s scared!


  28. says

    My dog Leon is always happy to see me and always wants to be with me. He even lays with me when I’m sick in the bathroom. TMI but its true!

    Glad you found Sadie 🙂


  29. says

    Julie, that was the sweetest thing I’ve read in a while. It made me so happy just listening to how much you love her and how much she clearly loves you and Ryan. I don’t have a pet (my work hours are long and unpredictable, so I don’t think it’s fair), but I love animals SO much and this made my day. Thanks for sharing this 🙂


  30. says

    We have two dogs. So I’ll have to do one for each.

    I love that she has to be touching me when lying on the couch or in bed. I love that she gives real hugs as much as she possibly can. I love that like to curl up by my side in the middle of the night. I love that she is stubborn.

    I love that he wakes up with his tail wagging. I love that he chews on our fingers. I love that he thinks he is tiny even though he weighs over 70 pounds. I love that he will only play tug with Brandy. I love that he wants to cuddle all of the time.


  31. says

    Can I just say that I love the fact that you guys are clearly as obsessed with your dog as my husband and I are with ours. It makes me feel much less like the “crazy dog lady.”

    I love that when my dog is tired, she flops, sighs and then makes this noise that sounds like a cow moo-ing. She is my #1 homegirl all the way!


  32. Jaclyn @ Realhealthwife says

    This is such a sweet post!
    I love that my dog follows me around our house all day long, dropping his ball to remind me that he’s there and we need to go outside and play. I also like that when I’m done drinking my protein shakes, I let him lick the cup and it usually suctions to his face and it is hilarious to watch him!


  33. says

    I had never seen the ass grass post before! That happened to my cat with a Christmas tree needle this winter… yikes.

    I love that my cat acts like a dog. Meets me at the door, begs for food, comes when called. Almost makes me forget that I want a dog so badly 😉


  34. says

    I agree that our pets definitely put the eternal hooks in our heart the moment we fear we’ve lost them (due to them running away or getting sick). Not that we don’t love them before but afterwards we always see them as precious, precious creatures…


  35. Tracy @ Tracy's Treats says

    This is so sweet! When I used to live in Florida with my parents, I loved how my dog would be so excited to see us every time we came home, regardless of how long we’d been gone!


  36. Shephalli says

    Awww. Hugs to Sadie! Glad she is OK. Did she ever tell you where she went exploring?
    We have an English lab, Scout, and I love that Scout has unlimited supply of love, hugs and kisses. I love that he snores (like an 80 year old man) and wakes himself up with the noise; greets everyone at the door and loves to sunbathe!


  37. says

    I have a bunny, and she GROWLS when I feed her. She either thinks I’m taking the food away or not giving it to her fast enough.

    It’s the craziest thing and we can’t find any other bunny owner that has a bunny that does this!


  38. says

    that is too cute! other than my brother and sister in law’s new puppy, I just have my goldfish, Neville! Not quite a dog, but he always freaks out and tries to swim towards me when I’m near his bowl. Hopefully it’s not just because he thinks I’ll feed him…


  39. says

    I love that our old dog (he’ll be 14 in a few weeks!) has such a good attitude and still enjoys the little things. About a year ago, his back legs started giving out and we got him a dog wheelchair (google Eddie’s Wheels), and even though he can’t walk or run on his own anymore, he still begs for food, gets excited for walks, and loves being outside.

    I love that our other dog was abused by his previous owners, and he’s turned from a fearful, protective dog that couldn’t even go on a walk without being terrified, to a dog that wags his tail at everyone, loves going for walks, and throws his toys around the living room.


  40. says

    I’m the first to admit that I’m a cat person. I play with my cat and he runs and I think everything he does is adorable. I have dog-sat quite a few of my friends and family members dogs, so I have experience with them. This made me tear up! I’m so glad you found her, it’s the scariest thing in the world when they’re lost. Your heart drops, you don’t know what they could have done, where they are, if someone has them. I’m happy y’all are a complete family again.


  41. says

    I love everything about my new puppy Charlie..except maybe when he pees in the house. He is seriously the fluffiest cutest baby in the world (my latest post if full of him). He gets so happy when I come home and when he gets confused he just sits down and looks up at me like what the heck mom?


  42. Leslie says

    Our shih-tzu/bichon will do a downward dog after a long time and stretch really far while sticking her butt in the air.

    I too love her sighs when she’s frustrated or finally in a comfortable position.

    And I really love how she curls up in between our pillows at night, on her back, paws in the air, passed out like she is a human.

    Dogs really bring so much joy to our lives, don’t they?!


  43. says

    We all love Sadie too, Julie! I was telling my husband that other day that we should get a Vizsla one day. 🙂 I love everything about my dog Emma too. I love her soft fluffy fur, the fact that she is freakishly large for her breed, her big brown eyes, the way she cuddles with me, and how she is always happy to see me. Dogs can make even the worst days a little brighter.


  44. Kelli says

    I love everything about my golden I tell him I love him all the time and this morning my 5 year old son said “Mommy you said that a million times he knows you love him !” But I have to say it everyday b/c he needs to hear it:)


  45. Laurel says

    I love that my kitty knows when I’m sad and always acts extra affectionate, which makes me feel better. I love that she follows me everywhere . I love that when she tries to chew on my hand and I say “Natasha NO!”…she immediately starts licking me 🙂 I love that she is standing right by the front door waiting for me when I get home after work. Most of all I love that she is my very first pet that is all my own 🙂


  46. says

    I love how Leo, our chinese crested, is a daddy’s boy and uses him as a pillow. He also loves real pillows and will crowd you off of them with his feet and rolling.

    Peanut, our pomchi, thinks she’s a cat. It’s adorable. She meows instead of barking a lot of the time because she’s not supposed to bark. She likes to rub her face into the floor and on us to show love. And she loves to lick us all the time. It’s adorable.


  47. says

    The things that I love about Chase the Wonderdog are too numerous to list. But I really really REALLY love how he’ll watch the TV intently while I’m watching nature DVDs. And if something small and chaseable and furry’s on the screen, he’ll run for his squeaky toy, run back and sit in the front of the screen. And then everytime something he wants to chase shows up: SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK. His squeaky toy is very, very quiet when there are tigers or elephants on the screen. It seriously cracks me up every single time.


  48. says

    I am totally obsessed with my chihuahua/min pin, Arlo. He’s like 5 lbs and the most amazing little dude ever. I love that he can go from running around our apartment like a psycho one minute to being the biggest cuddle bug in the world the next minute. And I love the mornings when he wakes up and crawls up to the top of the best and either snuggles in with me, lays on top of me, or starts licking my ear. He’s so awesome.


  49. says

    i love everything about our dog! my husband and i call capone’s excited tail-wagging his wiggle-butt! he doesn’t just wag his tail, his entire butt goes back and forth like crazy when we get home or play with a frisbee!


  50. Mellissa says

    So sweet! I love how Clifford always greets me when I come home, how he needs to be near me and lays right next to me in with his head on the pillow.

    I look forward to seeing him everyday when I get home from work!


  51. stephanie* says

    For Bentley, I love the way she becomes obsessed with whatever toy we give to her. She will not stop playing with it and attempting to have you throw it until we take it away from her… trust me she has done it for 12 hours non-stop! She also lets out a large loud sigh when she gets comfortable in our bed at night. When I think something is wrong she will do the same as Sadie and act like she is dying- only to be babied by me!!
    Marley- She will watch me in the kitchen while I cook, and when I am not doing anything anymore and just standing there either looking through my phone or watching the TV she will begin letting out little whimper/whistles to get my attention. Also- she always has to cuddle. Whether im on the couch or in bed her head has to be on my chest and her “arm” around my stomach.


  52. says

    HAHAHA I just died laughing – out loud – at work – reading your post about Sadie’s “ass grass.” I was trying to imagine what in the world that would look like before I got to the actual picture, and it was even more funny that it was one single blade, not even a tuft stuck by mud or something…hehe laughing again as I write this. Thank you for that early afternoon pick me up :).


  53. Rachel says

    I love how Milo forces his head under my hand when he wants his head petted. I love how he waits in my chair until I get home and then jumps up and down until i bend down to scratch his belly.


  54. Liza says

    A very sweet tribute to an obviously beloved pup! I do find it interesting though, how it’s always really apparent who has kids and who doesn’t by the way they obsess over their animals. My best friend was OBSESSED with her dog. She talked to him like he was a human and treated him like he was a king (it was cute). She just had a baby four months ago and now the dog is more of an annoyance than a family member. He kinda sulks in the corner, knocking things over to get attention. And my friend totally knows it. But the baby is her whole life right now, which is how it’s supposed to be.


  55. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    This is SUCH a cute post <3 I love it so much, and I love that you love your baby Sadie so much! And in all honestly, I agree with the above comment…this makes me want me and Tom to have a dog of our own soooo much! My parents have three and I love them to pieces, they are absoultely gorgeous and all three are like little rays of kindess and sunshine, lol! 😛 One day we will get a dog, if and when the time is right. You are so lucky to have Sadie (and she is lucky to have you)! xyx


  56. says

    I have a 143 pound mastiff mix pound puppy named Leo who yowls with joy whenever I walk into the living room first thing in the mornings. It sounds sort of like Dory’s impression of the whale in Finding Nemo. You have to love that. <3


  57. Meg (A Dash of Meg) says

    Julie! This brought tears to my eyes! I loved this so much! WOW! I ran to give my puppy a hug & smooch right after!


  58. Leah says

    Ricky & I have to refer to going on walks as “taking the dogs for a W” because the word walk sends them into a frenzy of excitement.

    Sorry you had such a stressful morning! I’ll give Lala and Reno extra love when I get home from work tonight. 🙂


  59. says

    This is sweet sadie id adorable. Our cat Cleo who passed away last fall would bring us a piece of paper and play fetch, I miss that. I love the way our dog Loki gets so excited when we come home she does a happy dance and laughs, I love the way she was so understanding when the cat was sick and left her alone, I know her heart was breaking too, and I love when my husband sits down she runs over and climes in his lap like she’s just a puppy and not a 60 pound dog. I’m glad you found Sadie safe and sound this morning.


  60. says

    Julie! I am soo happy that Miss Sadie returned! I had a golden retriever, Buddy (now in heaven), who ran away for TWO DAYS once, and he was found in “jail,” aka the pound. He was fine, just very shaken up– but not as much as I was! I know that feeling, Julie, and I’m so glad Sadie was just playing a trick on you! Dogs are such key family members, aren’t they?


  61. Robyn says

    This is hitting home so much. I have been overwhelmed with emotion and love for my Winston the past 24 hours (even more than normal if that is possible) because I found out yesterday that he had pancreatitis. The vet said that it should go away, but still, I’m a nervous wreck. My poor baby! They had him on IV fluids and now he’s home on meds and I can’t concentrate just worrying about my little man. I wish I could take away his pain and just have his frisky self back. I love the unconditional love and eager to please attitude. They really are the best!


  62. Lucy Nash says

    Such a cute post, and I love seeing all the pictures of Sadie. I’m more of a cat person, but Sadie could convert me 🙂

    I have two rescue kitties and the thing I love about them the most show much they both appreciate being rescued. Every time we go away, they are always so excited to see us back. My littlest one, Christian, sits cuddled up to me when I read your blog, and paws at the screen when he see’s food 🙂


  63. says

    Oh I love our little wag babies!!!! I read your post this morning and something like that totally happened to me! When I moved into my new house with my boyfriend we thought we lost Sophie, our little french bulldog. We live in a city, but our backyard is huge and faces toward a forest so it’s super dark at night. We’ve seen a scary looking fox a few times so I get worried when she goes out. One night we let her out (and she never goes very far…seriously, she is lazy and little baby) and she never came back. We yelled and screamed for her, ran all around the yard with a flashlight looking for her but no Sophie. After 20 minutes I heard a whimpering around the side of the house. I was sure the fox had gotten her. Turns out Sophie had run around to the front of the house and was hiding up on the front porch in the dark. Crazy little girl almost gave me a heart attack.

    My little nugget is sending some love to Sadie! It’s scary getting lost from home!


  64. mel says

    I love everything about both of my doggies!! My 3 yr old pit mix was abused before we got him and I have loved watching him become a happy dog! He is now so full of life…which was a 180 from the scared little man he was just 6 short months ago. He is so greatful for the love he is given and just wants to play and be near my hubby and I. My other dog was a rescue and she is a choc. lab puppy. she is so happy all of the time and has so much energy its overwhelming at times, but she is my running buddy, our watchdog, and such a lover. Our dogs are my life!!


  65. says

    I couldn’t live without my Vizsla….We went to the vet yesterday and the doctor said to me “He has the best facial expressions I have ever seen.” (he was not a fan of the thermometer up the rear :-/ ) They are the best!


  66. says

    I love when I’m having a sad moment my dog lays her head on my lap. It’s her little way of saying, “don’t be sad, Mom.”. Sometimes she brings me one of her toys since they bring her joy. what a precious pup!


  67. says

    Aw!! This is such a cute post! 🙂 It makes me miss living with my family dog. I love that as soon as I come over my mom’s house he gives me lots and lots of kisses. I love how he lays on the vent in the summer and his ears blow from the air. I love how he will just jump right on the sofa and sit directly on your lap. I can’t wait until I can get a dog of my own. 🙂


  68. says

    I have too many animals to respond to this in less than a novel. But many of the things I love about my two dogs are the same things you love about Sadie. My favorite is probably not understanding the concept of personal space. Even when it’s annoying, it makes me smile. I’m SO SO relieved you guys found her this morning. I was about to cry just THINKING about that.


  69. says

    I love my pup. My aunt has decided that Max was a circus dog when he was little… he runs on three (sometimes 2!) legs when he gets excited, can squeeze into any small space, is excellent on walking on his hind legs, and does a walking handstand when he pees. Seriously. Circus dog.

    Adorable circus dog, to be exact 🙂


  70. says

    I swear my dog is me in puppy form. She is just as ditsy and clumsy as me. 🙂 I love when I’m following her into the next room and she gets so excited that I’m coming with her. She starts to walk sideways and looks back at me, continuing on her random path… until she runs into a wall and/or door. But just keeps on walking, completely oblivious to her klutziness. Its the funniest thing. I couldn’t imagine life without her!
    Love this post Julie! I totally relate. 🙂


  71. Colleen says

    Yes! Ass grass was my favorite!

    I love dogs so much. Funny story actually:

    One time my boyfriend and I were driving and I saw a woman walking her *extremely adorable* dog on the side walk. I said “Awwwww babyyyyy” (in this annoying voice I do ONLY when I see dogs) and my boyfriend said “I like to you were saying that about the dog and NOT about her baby.” To that I said, “She had a baby?!” Apparently the woman was also pushing a stroller and her child was walking along next to her! I didn’t even notice!

    I suppose that makes me quite the dog person!


  72. says

    Great post! Almost brought a tear to my eye! People that love their pets totally agree…it’s all the little things that add up and make them so special in our lives!

    I couldn’t imagine a day without my morning hug from Mack. I ask him every morning before he eats if I can “have my morning hug”. He wiggles over, wags his tail, and let’s me squeeze him. As much as he probably hates it, he knows that I love it, and he puts up with it every morning. He’s good like that 🙂


  73. says

    Aw, it’s amazing how much love we feel for our little buddies! My cat is old, fat, and diabetic but he’s the most loving, cuddly man in the world! He tries to squeeze himself next to you on the couch, but he totally doesn’t fit 🙂


  74. Jenny says

    I agree with the one about being so excited to see you, no matter how long you’ve been gone (even if it’s just running back inside right after you left because you forgot something). I also love his kisses & how enthusiastic he is to have you play ANYTHING with him! Pets are the best!


  75. says

    This is SO cute! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person so in love with my dog. 🙂 My hubby always says that I’m obsessed with our dog, Diesel. I love so many of these…but my favorite is when Diesel’s jowls get caught in his teeth and he looks so goofy.


  76. says

    I’m a cat person and our pics of Saddie always make me want a dog!

    I love that my cat thinks she’s a dog and when I get home from work she comes running to the down meowing and then hops up on the back of the couch to get some lovin’ !


  77. Ashlie says

    Aww Julie, I’ve been reading your blog since March and liked it so much that I went back and read every. single. archived post. You got me eating healthy and have truely cahnged my life. But this is my favorite post of all.

    I smiled, laughed and teared up as I read this as if I knew Sadie personally (because you do a great job describing her personality on the blog). I’ve got a little doggie girl myself and she brings us more joy than anything else every single day. Thanks for writing this post Julie…I really really love it!


  78. Rafaela says

    That’s so adorable! Sadie is suuuch a cutie! I have lived with animals of all kinds my entire life and I love them just as much as my mom does. We have 2 dogs at the moment (Puppy, a 13 year-old cocker spaniel and Vicky, a 7 year-old half blood border collie) and it is amazing how animals can brighten even our darkest days!
    I simply adore how loud Puppy snores and her cute baby face, even though she is already an old lady… and I love the fact that Vicky sticks religiously to the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” (everyday, when it’s close to 5am, she barks in a special way as if she was saying “hey! wake up.. it’s breakfast time, and we’ll have APPLES!” haha she loves it and she must have at least one a day)…

    The more I know dogs the more I think they actually understand everything we’re saying (and are even more intelligent than us)!

    Btw, I really like your blog and think it is very inspirational 🙂 Big hug directly from Brazil! haha


  79. Stephanie says

    I am leaving my dog Bradley for 2 weeks on Monday for the first time EVER! (Ok, I only had him for a year but I cannot remember life without him sometimes lol) How did you handle being away from Saddie? I am honestly have anxiety about it and I am going to Italy- I should be excited! Please help..:(


  80. Jessica Corbin says

    Sadie is seriously super cute, I cannot say it enough! Makes me want a new dog or kitten.

    My beloved cat, Millie, died last October…I cannot believe its been almost a year. I wish I was not the one to find her, but I was. Still hard to this day…but she knew when I was crying, she would come up and jump for me to hold her. Loved her belly rubbed, loved cheese and looooooved tuna…

    She would always talk back to me and would always be there for me. She would nudge me when I did and meow insanely when I came through the door. I miss her so very much, brings tears to my eyes writing this!

    RIP Millie!


  81. says

    Sadie is the cutest! I’m so thankful y’all found her quickly and that she was alright! This post is so sweet. Its amazing how much y’all love your little girl. I completely understand that love! All the dogs I’ve ever had, and now the boyman’s dog just get so dear to your heart so quickly. I can’t stand being away from her while I’m at work! She does the “so excited I can’t hold in my pee” thing too. Definitely trying to get her to stop that haha!


  82. Heather B says

    You’re so sweet, Julie! Wait until you have a baby! It’s the feelings you described times 100!! You’ll be a great mom. Sadie makes me want a vizla so bad. I need a running buddy 🙂


  83. Erica says

    Aww what a sweet post. I’m getting all teary here! Even if Sadie can’t read (wait, can she?) I’m sure she felt all the love in this post! One of my favorite things about our chocolate lab, Vernon, is how he acts after he’s done something bad (this is not endearing to anyone else, mind you). If I take a stern tone and say, “Vernon, did you do this?”, he immediately plops on his back with his paws bend up at his chest and closes his eyes. I’ll admit (guiltily) that I sometimes bring on this behavior even when he’s not misbehaving because it’s funny.


  84. says

    Omg, after reading your first post and reading this one I got teary too! And I’m at work!

    I love when Edie’s jowls get stuck in her teeth too! So funny.

    PS-I had a dream you came to visit me (even though I don’t know you) and we had a lot of fun. You were super nice! I must have read your blog before I went to bed. Ha ha!


  85. Beth says

    I have a chihuahua…yes I’m that girl. I swear she doesn’t have sweaters, though.

    CoCo squints at people. At first we thought she just couldn’t see well, but now we laugh and say that she’s “judging” people.

    She also will wait all day to eat until I come home. It has to be on a soft space (the couch, carpet, etc.) and someone has to be watching her. It cracks me up.


  86. Nicole says

    Oh gosh, this was so beautiful!!! Thank you for writing this, Julie. I love people who love their pets!

    My very favorite things about our dog are his kind heart, his sense of humor, and his gentle, loving spirit. I know that sounds absolutely stupid, but it’s true.


  87. says

    Sometimes when Charlie (a 9-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) looks up at us, his mouth is a little crooked — reminds us of Elvis! Charlie has the best facial expressions, too


  88. jen says

    This post made me laugh & cry! I love the Sadiemeister! I’ve got a whole menagerie of animals (2 horses, 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 goldfish) but I’ll just say what my favorite thing is about one of my cats. I just graduated from a physician assistant program, which was an extremely arduous experience. The first couple months I would go to school 8 hours a day & study until midnight, then get up & study for an hour or two before school started. I was so stressed & afraid that I wasn’t going to make it through the program, I’d fail, etc. My kitty would lie on the back of the recliner every night as I studied & stay up with me. When I was near tears, he’d reach his paw down & squeeze my shoulder! It was the sweetest, dearest thing.


  89. says

    I love this! I went back and read your “ass grass” post holy cow funny.

    Actually the thing I love most about my pet is that I have one :). She is sitting in my lap right now. I had to put down my bff kitty Roxy last year in July. She was 14 years old and it was just that time. So we spent a year animal-less and it was hard. I’ve ALWAYS had pets in my house.

    So we spent time finding the right little munchkin and we found her. We named her Cleo and she is a 12 week old kitten that is pretty much our entertainment every night with her antics. I loved this post!


  90. Ashley says

    I loved this post! A week ago we saw a vizsla at a fundraiser for the Humane Society and I have been trying to convince my husband to get one ever since! Sadie just looks so lovable. This post was helpful in showing hubby how cute and fun this breed is. :]


  91. says

    LOVE this post! You have put it in a nutshell how I feel about our animals (we have 2 dogs and a cat). They each have their own personality and I love them SO much! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


  92. says

    Ah! I feel the same way about my little princess doggie! I can’t imagine my life without her!!! I’m so glad that your scare this morning turned out okay!
    I wish I could photograph my dog as well as you do! Tia just won’t sit still for me!


  93. Nicola says

    This is such a cute post. Omg I could go on forever about the things I love about my dog. I have a labrador, Bonnie and she is 12 now. I hate seeing her get old, but she is still as cute as ever. I love the looks she gives when she wants food – so full of hope haha, and I love how when there’s food around, she tries to be really subtle that she is keeping such a close eye on it, then as soon as someone’s hand goes near the plate, her head shoots up.

    I love all her little positions she gets into when she’s sleeping and how when her water bowl is empty she stands at it waiting for someone to come with water. So many things…….


  94. Debbie says

    Hey just to say that i love this post and your blog in general, i have been reading/lurking for a few weeks now…ur always so upbeat and positive in ur posts and i love sadie, she is so cute. she reminds me of my dog, although he never tried pb, but i’m sure he would have lapped it up!
    keep up the great posts


  95. Gina @ Will Run for Cupcakes says

    This post may be my most favorite ever! There is nothing better than the unconditional love of your four legged child. Yes, I call my dog my child 🙂


  96. says

    Our dog Mason is really sick right now. He has to spend 4 weeks in his crate with only 30 minutes a day for bathroom breaks. I really hope he gets better …. he has the same spunk and energy that Sadie has and I’m not sure if our other dog Coco (his sister) could handle life without him. Please keep Mason in your thoughts….


    • Danielle says

      Wishing Mason a quick recovery. If Coco wants to try putting a bed for her next to the crate. She may want to be close to him.


  97. Danielle says

    OMG I had to check out ass grass and I’m still laughing. If you thought that was bad my Chewy has a knack for eating my hair. My long hair. And often needs help when he needs to go potty.

    There is not enough room to list all I love about my pets. But here are a few:
    Chewy, the way he kisses me when I cry.
    Bella, the way she crawles up my chest and rests her head under my chin.
    Oliver, the way he enjoys life, a very happy go-lucky guy.


  98. says

    !!! I love this post so much. The amazing thing about dogs is that the relationship we have with them is so universal. Your post made my heart ache for my Max, who we had to put down after ten awesome years last June. There is just something so special about pets, even when hilarious/gross things like ass grass occur. 🙂


  99. Alison says

    What a heartwarming post! I have a 5 lb tiny toy poodle named Lily and love so many things about her…

    I love how she shakes her green bunny stuffed animal to let me know that she’s hungry.

    I love how she “purrs” (really!) whenever I cradle her and rub her belly.

    I love how she barks at every single person on the street and thinks she’s 10 times her size.

    I love how she paws my foot to let me know she wants to be held.

    I love how she snuggles with me and cheers me up with doggy kisses.

    I love her!!!! 🙂



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