From Teacups to Glow in the Dark Liquor Bottles

I cannot believe how many of you have experienced the terror of a missing pet before. It really is a gut-wrenching feeling and I’m so thankful that so many of the missing pet stories you guys shared turned out positive. It’s amazing the impact a beloved animal can have on our lives, huh?

My day today has been spent working away on my laptop with Sadie right by my side on the floor. The only furniture in our house right now is our kitchen table, but I was getting sick of sitting up at the table, so it’s been a work-on-the-floor kind of day.

I can’t wait until we get my home office set up! A trip to IKEA to buy the office furniture I fell in love with last week is in order.


After working through the morning, I took Sadie on a quick walk around the neighborhood (yes, I’m all over her today) before making myself a quick lunch.

Lunch today included tuna salad on a hot dog bun served with a side of tomatoes and hummus for dipping.



As I was prepping my lunch, one of my decorating experiments from yesterday stared down at me.

I placed some colorful teacups on top of the kitchen cabinets. I thought they added a little color to the kitchen, but couldn’t decide if they looked too cheap.



When Ryan came home from work yesterday I asked him what he thought of the teacups. After complimenting all of my other kitchen decorating and unpacking, he let it spill.

“The cups remind me of the college apartments that had liquor bottles on display above cabinets.”

glow in the dark liquor bottles


I burst out laughing.

We then debated filling some empty vodka bottles with highlighters, shaking them up and turning on a black light in our kitchen to really relive the college days.

(Please rest assured that I never used my alcohol bottles as apartment décor in college.)

The cups are currently still in place until we can find something to replace them or we decide they actually look okay.


What do you think? Be honest! I’m not in love with them at all, so I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.


    • Jamie says

      I agree! We have big plates, fern-ish plants, and a small wine rack with a couple bottles. We also have a woven basket. (all compliments of Hobby Lobby or TJ Max- nothing too expensive!)


      • Traci says

        oooh i second the plates! they would look great up there! i also happen to think they are too small for such a large space in between the cabinets and the ceiling.


        • QueenofFitness says

          agree with everyone else!! the teacups are too small in proportion to the negative space so they are getting completely swallowed. something bigger would definitely make more of a statement. what about big glass cookie jars filled with different colored beans (i.e. coffee, lentils, etc.) colored sand (which given ur proximity to the ocean might be easy) or beads (but that might get too expensive). i have a bunch of big glass cookie jars that i purchased at walmart for 10-12 bucks and i use them year round for various decoration and fill them with different objects.


  1. says

    Honest opinion here- I LOVE the idea of the added color, but I think you need something bigger…they teacups are just kind of tiny & get washed out with the white wall.
    & that is HILARIOUS about the liquor bottles– good memories 😉


  2. says

    Haha poor Sadie will probably try to run away more often with all the attention she’s getting this morning from it 😉 I probably would!!

    And i thinkkkk I may agree with Ryan on this one. I like the idea of putting something up there, but maybe something BIGGER than teacups. Not sure! Time to browse Pinterest haha.


    • says

      haha isn’t pinterest the best for this sort of thing?! great idea! I agree, the cups are a little too small. It really was a great idea though!! I’m sure you’ll come up with something fantastic, Julie :]


  3. Cait says

    what if you add a small shelf under your cabinets and hang the coffee cups there by their handle? a friend of mine did it and it was so it gave it a lil pop. 🙂


  4. Lindsey says

    The cups are cute, but honestly I think 98% of the time anything above cabinets looks tacky, I’m sorry! Maybe I’m just reminded of older women who like to put fake ivy and plates above their kitchen cabinets…


  5. says

    I totally agree with comments #1 and #2 — I like the *idea* behind the teacups (and I’m a huge tea lover myself), but they just look so tiny on top of your big ol’ cabinets. Even their bright colors aren’t popping the way they could. I really like the fiesta plate idea, or even something more in line with your filled mason jars. Those look awesome on the little side shelves!


  6. Shari says

    Not loving them Julie…but I still love you!!

    They don’t quite scale so they just look a bit out of place. I do love the colors though. You could always grandma out and put a ceramic rooster up there! 😉


  7. says

    Oh Lord! I was that college student, sad to say! Not so much with the glowing, but I definitely had my “Jack collection” (along with all my other bottles) sitting up in my kitchen. The “Jack collection” was every size of Jack Daniels bottle, from half gallon to airplane shot. Yes, I was definitely a bit of a whiskey girl back then!


  8. says

    I use the space above our cabinets to store our ecelctic vases and it looks pretty good. I would choose one thing and do multiples instead of a hodge podge of random things. I use for my decor dilemmas.


  9. Nieve C says

    I like the idea of adding a splash of colour, but agree the cups are a little too small for the top of the cabinets.

    How about moving your cups to the sides where you currently have the jars and move the jars to the top? You can also buy more jars of different sizes and fill them with colourful items.


  10. says

    They need to all be grouped together in my opinion…with some sort of fiesta ware (as suggested above)! I think that it wouldn’t look awful with nothing up there either. The ceiling has a nice look that isn’t too plain!


  11. Lily says

    I had the exact same reaction, they are too small, but I like the idea of displaying things on top of cupboards. My cupboards go to the ceiling, so I don’t have the option. Don’t rush decorating, keep looking and wait until you find items that really fit your style.

    I have been living in my current apartment for a year and a half and I still don’t have things exactly how I imagine them, but I’m patient. I love looking at resale shops, garage sales etc. to find one of a kind thing that fit our style.


  12. Whitney says

    The cups are a cute concept – maybe something with a little more height/bulk would help? I love decorative vases and plates on stands…Have you visited Kirklands for ideas? (I live in Ga, not sure if Fl has one?) They are inexpensive and have tons of options!

    Congrats on the house! 🙂


  13. Emiily says

    they are good temporary fixes! I love color too, so I feel ya on this one. I don’t think they look bad at all, so until you find something these will work. It’s kinda hard to see them since they’re so short anyway


  14. says

    I like adding the color, but agree that the cups are too small. Plates behind them might work.

    So thankful that Sadie was found safely. Maybe she was just exploring her new digs?


  15. says

    The cups are just too small… you need something larger to fill up that space and make your kitchen look as tall as it really is 🙂

    My friend went to a HomeGoods store and found a great deal on colored glass vases in different shapes/sizes/colors which are really fun to mix in above your cabinets! I know almost everyone here in TX uses some sort of fake-y vines as well… my mom’s kitchen has vines, wine racks and birdhouses (she loves those).


  16. Mary says

    I don’t think the teacups look bad, but I think something with more height like plates or vases would add more visual interest.. the teacups are a little short and make the space look awkward. You could add vases in between the cups though, if you wanted. Just a thought. Also.. you could probably get some sweet ideas on Pinterest 🙂


  17. Kelly @ Not So Rocky Road says

    You should totally go with the glowing liquor bottle! Very classy haha! On a more serious not I agree with Casey, they add nice color but are too small. Do y’all have a Home Goods in Ocala? If so check it out!


  18. Olivia says

    i like the idea of adding color but i think they’re a tad small. what about adding a nice string of colorful flowers across the top? and then if you find any other big pieces you’d like to put behind that, that’d be nice too! 🙂


  19. says

    I’m with everyone else on the size of the cups being the main problem with the setup…but I LOVE them! I’d want to make sure I could use them!

    What I would do is put some cup hooks vertically down the narrow strip of wall next to your mason jars and hang the cups there. That way they would still bring a little color AND you could use them if you wanted to.

    I’m fairly new to your site but I really love your entries so far. Your writing style really brightens my day! Can’t wait to see how your blank slate of a house comes to life!


  20. says

    I think they look cute, but there’s soooo much you can do with that space! Plants, decorative dishes on stands, etc. Something I did with my mugs in my old kitchen where I had the space, I added little hooks underneath the cabinets and hung them. I think they would look cute like that since they are colorful, and you can put them near the Kuerig! 🙂 I tried to find a good example … or
    I put them closer to the front edge of the cabinets though…they’ll hang different depending on the kind of mug

    I am going to vicariously deecorate through you, I’m kind of jealous. I can’t wait to move and redecorate!!


  21. Lisa Marie says

    Not a fan, but check out Home Goods, they always have such awesome knick knacks for up there. Like metal words such as “LOVE” or “KITCHEN”…or just random things to throw up there!


  22. says

    Honestly, I think too often we feel the need to “decorate” above our cabinets. It’s just not necessary. I believe it begins to look kitschy and cluttered…reminds me of my grandmother. Also, whatever you put up there will quickly be covered in a greasy, grimy layer of dust – not too sanitary.

    My mother recently had a custom french kitchen installed and was so excited to have cabinets that went all the way to the ceiling with the attached molding to boot. No more unnecessary clutter.

    My opinion… less is more 🙂

    Have so much fun making your house a home!


  23. Alison says

    They are too small there to be appreciated (they are so cute!) i would hang them from hooks under the cabinets. You will still be able to appreciate them (and use them!). Just a thought….


  24. says

    I don’t think they necessarily look bad but they are a little small. I agree with the Alison about hanging them from hooks under tha cabinets. Maybe some larger vases or plants would look nice and fill the space better above.


  25. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I think they are too small — you can’t really see them. You could get some greenery from a craft store and put that up there — I have my cabinets bare up top — I like the cleaner look.


  26. says

    I think something bigger would look great! We have a space like that above our kitchen cabinets and I’ve placed some larger vases and decorative bowls that people gave us for our wedding. You could also put some cool plants up there as well. Enjoy decorating!


  27. says

    I don’t love the cups to be honest. You could always try putting some greenery up there.

    And, I’m so happy Sadie is safe and sound. When we first got out puppy (he was maybe 8 weeks when this happened), we lost him. We couldn’t find him anywhere. We searched out house for what seemed like an eternity and even started looking outside even though none of the doors were open. Finally, after freaking out, I thought I heard a noise coming from our pantry. To our disbelief, there was our little baby puppy trapped in the pantry! I was so happy we found him and he was safe. It is so scary to not be able to find a pet!


  28. Liz says

    Personally I’m not a fan of having a lot of stuff on the top of cabinets but thats just me.

    Side note: Is that a little travel size hummus? Where did you find those? That would be perfect for my lunches but Ive never seen then before!


  29. says

    the colors are great, but they are a tad bit too small for the area…I am sure you’ll find something size appropriate with time. Perhaps colorful pitchers – you can find really inexpensive ones in Home Goods.

    My mom once told me something I now swear by “Never rush decorating, it will all come together in time – items will find their way to the right spot”:)


  30. Lindsay@cupcakes to carrots says

    too small, they get lost up there! i would try to find one big piece to put smack dab in the middle…


  31. Allie says

    My mom has a cabinet similar to this, and a tea-themed kitchen. She started to collect cute tea pots from thrift stores and yard sales and stuff and put those on top of the cabinet while she hung small hooks from the bottom of the cabinet to hang the tea cups from!


  32. Katherine says

    I don’t mind the color of the cups or the idea of them, but I do think that they are a tad too small to be so high up and on such a large piece of furniture. (i know cabinets are not furniture but I can’t think of a better word)
    I think something larger would fit in better.

    Decorating a new place is so fun! My fiance and I are hoping to move in November when our lease is up, and I can’t wait!


  33. Marci B says

    I have to agree that they look a little small, but it was a cute idea! I always rush to decorate and just want everything done and settled though, so i am sure that is the way you are feeling.

    I do like the idea of getting those metal/wood words that may look nice up there – I know homegoods (marshalls) usually has a lot of options.


  34. Katie @ Peace Love and Oats says

    I like adding color, but I feel like they’re just too small to be up there! Maybe some wicker baskets filled with something colorful or with colorful edges? Or vases?


  35. Catherine 'T' says

    Hmmm….they’re not tall enough. Perhaps oversized coffee mugs…? With one of those coffee mug planters with a plant off to one side(or middle, I’m an asymmetry girl myself)….you said be honest :-/


  36. Rachel says

    Ryan’s comment cracked me up!!

    You definitely need something up there with more height. For some cute hidden storage, you could use matching baskets all the way across. Target used to have some really drool-worthy seagrass baskets with little chalkboard labels – so cute!

    Also, search kitchens on Pinterest! I bet you’ll find a ton of good ideas.


  37. says

    At the risk of wasting comment space, I agree with most of the commenters! The colors are cute, but they are way too tiny.

    Personally, I would get a few wine racks, spray paint them fun colors, and put those up there instead… cute and functional 🙂

    Also, don’t go for greenery unless you don’t mind dusty plants!

    And I second whoever said pinterest!


  38. Shephalli says

    noooooooooooooooooooooo! just kidding. I think teh scale is a bit off – they need to be Alice in wonderland type cups 🙂


  39. says

    Agree with the comments that they are too small.

    I wish I could say I never used an alcohol related item to decorate my college apartment. I am appalled to remember this, but we actually wallpapered an entire wall in the “bar” of our apartment with empty Coor’s Light boxes. We were so proud 🙂


  40. says

    I agree with the other commenters about the cups being too small. You really can’t see them at all. You need something taller and more substantial. Perhaps some decorative vases, or decorative birdhouses, or even teapots?


  41. Morgan @ Endorphaholic says

    I think it would look great if you just left it with nothing there. It’s such a long, thin space that most things will looks awkward (teacups), or cluttered (something all the way across). Plus, you guys have the awesome looking double-layer accent of the wall. Are you allowed to paint your kitchen? Maybe that will give it more of a punch.

    And, the house looks great!


  42. says

    Okay, I like the idea of something up there, but the teacups don’t really work and I think “drapey” plants can look dated. But, I would do some funky succulents in bright pots if you want some color. Plus, they are real plants and you hardly have to water them!


  43. Sarah @ Sarah's Modern Bites says

    Hahaha I can totally see BOTH sides. I mean, when you look at it with that college perspective in mind then yeah, I can see that. I think you had a very cute idea. What about some hearty plant that will grow over the side of the cabinet.

    In my old apartment I had a very similar cabinet with a lot of overhead space between the ceiling and cabinet. I put a plant up there and it just sprawled down the side… it really looked beautiful and brought a lot of life into the kitchen 🙂


  44. says

    Ugh, why is decorating so hard? The Pottery Barn catalogue makes it look so easy! I never know what looks good and am afraid of making my space uncool, so I usually say “What would John and Sherry do?”

    I always do the less is more theory and avoid knickknacks when I can and opt for larger pieces, which is probably what you’d want to do with this space. Less to dust 🙂


  45. Jennie (jenandberries) says

    I love the cups up there personally! But then again I’m a college student so may just have cheapo taste naturally! Your tuna salad lunch looks soooo good, i want tuna now despite having put chicken in the oven :/ Isn’t IKEA just amazing!?


  46. Morgan says

    I like the cups up there but I think you need a few more pops of the same color repeated somewhere else… do you have plates the same color? Maybe alternate the plate colors behind the cup colors…with standing plates behind the cups? Or pop the same color somewhere else in the kitchen.


  47. says

    LOVE the pops of color, but I feel like they’re too linear for above the cabinets because they’re all tiny and the same shape. I think you need some cute items (that pop with color like that -p.s. I almost just typed “poop with color”) that add depth and have contrasting heights and shapes. 😉


  48. Mandy says

    My mom has a teapot collection and has teapots above her cabinets. You can still keep the “tea” theme but just have something larger.


  49. says

    I love the ball jars with grains and such in them that you did! I love kitchens with those side shelfs too. I currently have a few roomates but I can not wait to get some mason jars when i can decorate my own kitchen in the near future. As far as the cups go, I just think they are too small for the space. There is so much you can do up there! I have a big open space like that and we have a silver disk plate thing some greenery and i wall decal that says Bon Appetit’


  50. dana says

    I think that adding something colorful to the tops of your cabinets is a great idea especially since the area above the cabinets is open. I think that the tea cups are too small for the space.


  51. says

    Agree with most others, love the bit of color, but they seem much too small. I really like the idea of large jars filled with various pastas or beans for more color!

    I knew so many people with those kind of liquor bottles in college!


  52. says

    I don’t have anything new to add here, but I still want to chime in and say I pretty much agree with everyone else. I LOVE the idea of adding some pops of color to the kitchen, but the scale is off with the cups. I like the idea of big, colorful platters/plates that others have mentioned. With the high ceilings you can get away with something larger up there. 🙂

    Glad you and Sadie are having quality time together! Not being able to find a pet is dreadful!


  53. says

    I didn’t take the time to read all the other posts (sorry folks) so I may be repeating what others have already said.

    I don’t think the size of the cups works with the scale of the room. Anytime you put something that high above eye-level it needs to have appropriate visual weight or interest to fit the space and draw the eye upward. The colors are nice but there’s just not enough of it to really be impactful. I’m not sure what your overall plan is for the new kitchen but if you’re just looking for a pop of color instead of changing the wall/cabinet color I would use colorful canisters or other accents on your countertops. Or you could do something with your artwork and/or kitchen linens. I’m personally not a fan of cabinet toppers as they often just end up being dust catchers. So if you want to create some fun colorful pops I’d create the interest at eye-level not way up at the tops of cabinets.


  54. says

    I agree I like the added color but I think they are too small up there! You seem to have a good amount of space so you should use more of it!!!

    I just flashed back to college with this post…. Ayaya! there were some tacky home-interior decorators when I was in school!


  55. Annie says

    you must be in just absolute kitchen heaven, going from the tiny kitchen in your old house to this giant, open, well-furnished kitchen. i love it so much for you.


  56. Sarah B says

    cups are too small, but love the colors. What about hanging them on individual hangers on the right side of that cabinet in the picture (but hang them on the drywall part), to the left of the sink? Not sure what kind of hangers would work, but I would think you could find something cool to hook them over. Maybe those small bathroom door hangers for towels/robes? They have a bunch out now b/c of colleges starting.


  57. says

    Love that you’re finally getting to decorate your new kitchen! I think the proportion of cup size to cabinet size is too great for them to be all alone up there. I’ve left my cabinets barren up top until I can find something perfect, and just decorated the rest of the kitchen. It’s actually growing on me to have nothing up there to get dusty (haha!). Can’t wait to see what you decide on! Decorating is so much fun.


  58. Elizabeth says

    Oh, I would love to see a tour of your house when your done decorating it. You should defenitely keep that in mind for a blog post. I am soon going to be married and moving into ‘our’ home and really like seeing design ideas! BTW the cups dont look bad at all, but I do think it would look very country chic with nothing.


  59. says

    Reader of a few months … started reading more after you went freelance. I’m a freelancer myself 🙂

    I think the cups would look better if you prop them up higher by putting something underneath.


  60. Katrina from says

    the cups are too far apart, i think that’s the main problem. find somewhere where you can put them closer together!


  61. Kristin says

    Love the Fiestaware idea and mostly because I’m in love with Fiesta! If you wanted to stay with that theme you could incorporate some of their bigger items like a pitcher.


  62. Katie says

    maybe a big plate/platter? or two? something a little bit bigger, but the teacups don’t look bad!

    I love that Ryan said that haha


  63. Renee says

    I must say how much I love your blog! I look forward to the updates every day ever since I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago.
    I love how you show that a healthy lifestyle also includes eating ice cream and such. That it’s not strickly carrot sticks! As long as you keep active and eat healthy, why can’t you have ice cream or cake? For me, it’s pizza. I too, work out early in the morning (20 min yoga) and then do something at night 4- 5 times a week. But when pizza cravings call, I don’t feel bad.
    And as for having that moment of pure fear with losing Sadie, I know exactly what you mean. I myself am a “Dog Mom” and have 2 Saint Bernards (They suit the Canadian weather great!) and if I were to lose them, makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about it. I am so glad that you found her. I think I held my breath reading about it.
    Keep up the great blog! You are truly something I look forward to reading every day.


  64. dee says

    Those teacups are cute! They call for a great picture (as seen in Figure 4..haha, I’m in the midst of writing a paper, can you tell?), buuuuuut..I’m with the majority here..those little tykes need to find a new home! 🙂 I would have gone with some easy to manage greenery (which means artificial!), but it seems like so many comments scream “NO FAKE PLANTS” ..haha, okay, how about a fern?


  65. Denise says

    Actually, what your kitchen is missing is a back splash. This would take your eye away from the top of the cabinets and towards the bottom. You really don’t need anything on the top.

    Happy decorating!


  66. Natalie says

    Tall, large and light would be my suggestion………. I have several white ginger jars. I agree NO FAKE greens to collect dust. I also have a string of rope lights above my cabinets, makes a huge difference. I use blocks of wood to vary the height


  67. says

    Personally, I think the teacups are too small to have on display waaaaaaaaaay up on top of the cabinets. I think you’d be better off having larger pieces of pottery on display, like serving bowls or platters. Teacups, being so dainty, are better off lower on the wall, and on a daintier shelf.


  68. Mihaila says

    You should get the oil-filled bottles like this: (copy and paste the link if it doesn’t work) – It’s really cute. I use to have them in my kitchen growing up which were filled with chilies, etc. You sometimes see them in Mexican restaurants. But you can go with any theme. Ours was an Italian kitchen, so it wasn’t quite the mexican vibe but still gave you a different authentic feeling.


  69. says

    Ha! I still have friends that are in their late 30s that have that liquor bottle thing in their house STILL. And they turn on the black light for every party. hahaha

    Ok, teacups. I think they are too small to be up there. They would be cuter in that side space or somewhere lower.


  70. Crystal Coppel says

    I think the tea cups are too small for that area that is so high up. They can be hard to see. Maybe some big colorful vases would be cute up there. Or keep up with the mason jar theme and get some bigger ones (Hobby Lobby has big ones if you have that in your area) and fill them with something. Or a ivy type plant in a nice container in the middle of the area and let the leaves grow across. Gotta post a picture once you figure it out though!!


  71. Stephanie Clement says

    (Didn’t read any of the above comments, so this might be a repeat). However, I might try grabbing some really fun hooks (Anthropologie has great ones, or I’m sure you could find some far cheaper ones on Etsy), and arranging them so they’re slightly ‘whimsical’ and then displaying your cups on those. That way you can USE them and they’ll still look pretty 🙂


  72. Nicole says

    Maybe you need big, classic/nostaglic jars of Peanut Butter? (Like old school Skippy, Peter Pan, Jif, etc. jars.)

    Peanut Buttterrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! 🙂


  73. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Julie & Ryan ….

    Ohgosh …. re your precious Sadie, I fully agree with all the emotions involved. I adore my sweeties with passion. They are my children. I do everything for them …. each and every one for many, many years. My first pooch was a gift, back in 1968 …. Panda! She was 2-3 months old. Lived to be 17!! What a delight. My life improved 10-fold with Panda! Throughout the years I adopted/rescued continually. So, of course, I know you would both be highly upset …. a lot, lot more than one can even think. I fully understand Julie. You are a very caring, loving and inspiring woman.

    Glad my tears were short-lived. (sigh) So elated that Sadie was “found.” Did she just not hear you (both) calling her? I wonder where Sadie was hanging out?

    Here is an idea for you both: we do have a fairly big yard …. completely fenced in. At nighttime, or any time in the early morning hours …. our poochies go outside. We have white Italian lights strung under our deck …. they go all the way around. Not too bright or glaring. Just enough so we can see where our babies are at. I wait for them. It is possible that there are wild animals in this area because we are surrounded by several cemetaries. Nothing to freak out about though after 20+ years. Ha!

    Hugs for your precious Sadie!


  74. says

    JULIEEEEEEE!!! Delurking to comment on the teacups…hehe. I don’t like them, but I’m not a fan plants up there either. Sorry I’m no help.

    I always wanted to say I HEART your blog! And I love that little smilie face on the right hand side of your blog. NICE TOUCH! (I’m hoping that was intentional!)


  75. Tracy @ Tracy's Treats says

    I like the idea, but I think the cups are too small. Something bigger and bolder may make a better statement!


  76. Betsy says

    Agree with the others — good idea to add color in that space, but the cups are too small to have much of an impact.

    Do you have any colorful mixing or serving bowls you could store up there?

    Or, if you have some cookbooks you don’t use very often, you could maybe stack them up there?


  77. Lisa says

    My parents had a decorator for their home in Fl. and she went to Burlington Coat Factory and found some large bowls (wooden) and huge vases and used those as accent pieces. You could give something like that a try. The cups look nice, but you need some large plates behind them. The cups are kinda lost. Good use of the mason jars though.


  78. says

    I think that the cups look cute, but agree that they are on the smaller side. I also tend to shy away from lots of different colors, so I’m biased! I like the suggestions of adding houseplants or artificial plants, that would look nice and go with your countertop decorations / the ball jars nicely.


  79. says

    I have been in so many apartments with the liquor bottle thing!! It’s sort of funny, I just moved into a new apartment and upon my friend visiting the first thing she said is, “You aren’t going to line up liquor bottles and stuff, are you?” haha I told her to rest assured that no, I most definitely would no. The cups are cute, btw! Maybe you should try something a bit larger, though?


  80. Nicole says

    I like the idea of the cups adding color, but i think it might look better if they were larger, or if you used a similar idea but with plates on plate holders.


  81. says

    I like the idea and definitely the color, but I think you need something bigger. Check out Homegoods or Marshalls or Ross for cheap vases. I got huge ones we used on a ledge in our previous house from those stores for super cheap!


  82. says

    Hahah ohh that does remind me of some of my college guy friends houses! They put those bottles on display like they’re some prized possession haha.

    I think you should add some other nick nacky type things up there. Check out anthropologie!!! They have the cutest plates, bowls, cups, etc!


  83. says

    hahaha- I love Ryan’s response! I have to agree with him! Good luck finding a replacement, I think I will need to hire an interior decorator when I finally move into a grown up place (not a studio apartment!!) because I have no eye for any kind of decorating.


  84. says

    I can’t wait to see your home office. I work from home too and have a pretty boring work station. I found a really cool office closet picture on Pinintrest, go figure, finding something cool on Pinintrest! Addicted! So happy to see you getting settled. 🙂


  85. says

    I love the idea but think if you got big oversized mugs it could be adorable just so it takes up a little more room! Go to anthropologie even and get a few mismatched bowls/mugs, would be super cute as well!



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