I Don’t Post Everything I Eat

This is a post that has been a long time coming.

I’ve said it many, many times on my blog. I’ve added a disclaimer to the right hand side of my blog, but I think it deserves its own post as well.

As a “healthy living blogger” I think many people assume that I, and therefore my blog, follow the same habits of many other bloggers out there.

I blog in the morning, afternoon and evening and my posts cover the meals I eat around breakfast, lunch and dinnertime.

But here’s the thing: I eat constantly. I eat a lot of mini-meals and snacks that never make it on the blog.

The food I feature in my posts just happens to be the food I eat around a typical person’s breakfast, lunch and dinnertime.

In my two years of blogging, I can tell you with 100 percent honesty that never one time has everything I ate made it onto the blog. Not even close.

As a blogger, I’ve opened myself up to comments about the content I put out there and, therefore, comments and judgments about my food. In the exact same post one person may say “I don’t understand how you can eat so much!” while another person will say “Girl, go eat a bagel, that meal is tiny!” This happens all the time… in the exact same post.

When I’ve received comments about my smaller portions, I try to respond saying that I honestly eat whenever I’m hungry and I always feel satisfied. And I don’t post everything I eat on the blog.

Many, many times I’ll make myself a smoothie around 11 a.m. and then eat lunch at 12:30 p.m., so my lunch will be smaller, but the smoothie never makes it on the blog because the simple thought of snapping photos of everything I put into my mouth exhausts me and just doesn’t interest me.

I eat too often and too randomly to whip out a camera all the time without it feeling like a huge burden. I love not blogging about everything I eat because it’s really nice not to feel like I have to snap photos of all the food I consume. It gives me a break and a breather from food blogging.

And posts filled with tons of snacks and every single darn peanut butter finger I consume would probably make you want to pass out from boredom.

Reading comments about how little I eat bother me because I feel like I’ve said time and time again that I don’t post everything I eat on my blog and, if I’m being totally honest, some of these more pointed comments (not all of them in the least!) seem judgmental as if they’re trying to imply that I’m dieting (which I’m not) or don’t eat enough to fuel my body.

I feel confident about my food choices and know that I never feel hungry. I feel satisfied and know that I’m a healthy person. I hate that I felt the need to publish this post, but I just want to dispel any of the thoughts out there that this blog covers everything I eat.

In my personal life, none of my friends, family or those close to me have ever approached me about eating habits that they thought warranted concern. My best friends have called me the “bottomless pit” and my sister says she’s baffled when people comment about me not eating enough.

I’ve never struggled with an eating disorder and know how serious these disorders can be because I’ve seen a couple of my very close friends struggle and hate that anyone would ever think that this is an issue in my life.

It’s simply not.

I know it’s an issue for many and that breaks my heart but it’s simply not something I am personally struggling with in my life. Even writing about this makes me feel ridiculous because it’s not something I’ve ever had to defend in my day-to-day life and not something I ever predicted I would feel the need to defend in my life.

On a positive note, some of these comments have been eye opening to me in that they made me realize that I may have not have been clear enough on this blog about not posting everything that I eat. I definitely don’t want anyone out there to skim over my blog for the first time and think that they’re seeing everything that goes into my mouth, so I am planning on linking to this post in the text under my “Disclaimer” on the right hand side of this blog.

I apologize for such a wordy post about something that I never thought I would ever feel a need to explain, but I just want you guys out there to know the real deal. 


  1. says

    Love it Julie! Who has time to post everything they eat?! It is silly you need to justify this, but I guess as bloggers we have opened ourselves up to criticism.
    If I posted everything I ate, I wouldn’t have time to do my blog! I usually only blog once a day, and even if I do include three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner – no snacks) I feel like it’s way too food-heavy for one post and probably extremely boring.

    I love that your posts center around one meal, and then you have the rest of your post to talk about whatever’s clever :)


    • says

      YES! honestly, i feel like food is secondary in my posts. it provides pictures and something to talk about, but it’s almost a “gateway” for what i REALLY want to talk about. :) and seriously blogging about everything i eat in a day would zap all the enjoyment out of blogging for me.


      • says

        Just talk about what you really want to talk about then! I’ve also found that food is a crutch because it provides pics and sort of a backbone for a post, but it’s a great challenge to try NOT talking about your food and finding other things to photograph and ways to talk about your day! It forces you to be creative and helps you grow as a blogger.


  2. says

    Hey Julie!

    I have always (emphasis on the always) admired your take on fueling yourself until you feel satisfied. It is a simple notion but one that so many people struggle with. You don’t consider whether you “should” or “shouldn’t” eat something. You listen to your body. And your true readers that love you for you respect and admire you for that! <3

    Stay lovely,


  3. says

    I can’t really say that I’ve ever taken much notice in how much or how little you post about your food! Probably because I never post everything I eat for the same reason: it’s boring and it becomes a burden.

    I’m glad you wrote a post clearing everything up once and for all. The people who make judgements about your food are probably the ones who sadly have issues themselves.


    • says

      meg, i think there’s a lot of truth to your comment. when i’ve talked with my friends about some of these comments they always say “who cares? and “most people who are 100 percent comfortable with their own food choices wouldn’t think twice!” i just never want anyone to think that what i post is any kind of a “diet plan” or is even close to everything i eat in a day.


  4. says

    It sucks that you have to defend yourself, even though clearly on the right side of the page you have a disclaimer..ON YOUR FRONT PAGE! I swear some people just never have anything nice to say & have to find something to write/ complain/ comment about. They really just need to find happiness in their lives.
    Keep doin’ what your doin’ Julie because you are awesome & so is your blog!


  5. Katherine says

    Julie- I so admire you for your honestly and willingness to address such important and sometimes awkward subjects! Keep doing what you’re doing, I love PBF!


  6. Leslie says

    It makes me seriously sad that you felt a need to have to do this post, but I get it. Sorry you get so much grief over it, you’d think people would realize that while the blog is a big part of your life, it’s not your entire life. Too bad some people can’t find their own happiness and have to tear down others to feel better about themselves.


  7. says

    It’s tough putting yourself out there, because it does open you up to other’s comments. I’ve struggled with this lately on WIAWs, especially while being pregnant. It is partially my own fault because I post calorie counts on WIAWs, too. I’ve gotten emails about how I’m starving my baby and emails about how I’m overeating for my short stature. Really?

    Overall, I think if you are upfront and honest, the people that have the issues with what or how you eat… well, it’s their problem, not yours.

    It sucks you had to write a post like this, but I think your wrote it beautifully and honestly! :)


  8. anna k says

    thanks for posting this!! I look at your blog a lot to get an idea of some good quick healthy meal ideas and its good to see that you don’t survive off of three small meals a day. Always a good idea to listen to your body! PS I was a kappa delta in college as well :) AOT!


  9. says

    I remember you saying a long time ago in a post that you don’t post everything you eat, and I thought it was quite clear to everyone that you don’t. I guess not. It’s interesting that on the internet people are so happy to throw up a negative comment without doing any research on the person’s blog or past posts to see if their negativity is founded. Sad but true.


  10. says

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog, and I never once thought that the things that you posted were all that you were eating. I work out in a similar fashion to you, and I know there is no way anyone could survive on that amount of food. It made perfect sense to me that you were just posting some highlights from the day. Your blog is great. Don’t listen to the haters. :)


  11. says

    I’m so happy that you posted this! It’s rediculous to me that people take the time to leave nasty comments or continue to read blogs that they clearly don’t like or agree with. Life is short!! Why waste precious time on something you don’t enjoy? People are silly!


  12. says

    What a bummer for you to feel like you had to address this, especially given that you’ve ALWAYS had it right here on your page. It just goes back to the comparison trap. Every body is different and needs a different amount of fuel. As long as you are comfortable and satisfied, food is working for you, and you shouldn’t have to answer to anyone. It just goes to the whole “non-judgemental” thing I like to preach about. 😉 Everyone is different!


  13. Annie says

    …if people cannot see the clear and distinct DISCLAIMER that is to the right of every single one of your posts, then i’m inclined to think it’s a “lack of comprehension/attention to detail” problem on THEIR part, and not “unclear blogging” problem on your part.

    keep doing what you’re doing lady.


  14. says

    When I first started reading your blog, now and then I’d think, oh my goodness, that bowl of oatmeal has like 500 calories..how does she do that. Or I’d think, a smoothie for breakfast, how does that fill her up? But as I read more and “got to know you” I quickly saw that you have an incredibly balanced approach to eating for your active lifestyle. I love that you indulge, but also incoporate so many healthy elements into your meals.

    As you said at HLS, “you do you!” 😀


  15. says

    Having a “healthy living blog” seems so stressful!! I feel like you are always under a magnifying glass and people analyze every single thing you do. I love how confident you are about your choices and I think that you just have to live the way you feel is best. Great post!!


  16. Andrea says

    Don’t listen to the HATERS! You cannot post everything you eat that is just crazy and frankly it is no one’s business but yours. You are a healthy beautiful women and know one knows what your nutrional needs are except yourself. I love your blogg and I feel bad that you recieve negative feedback, it’s BS! Keep doing what you’re doing!


  17. says

    I don’t understand why people are so critical of what you eat. It’s cool to post pictures. I like it because it gives me ideas on different food combinations, but portion wise it all looks fine. In fact, most people tend to overeat. Then again there’s nothing wrong with some gluttony once in a while.

    I’m really glad you addressed this issue. I just wish people would understand that a blog isn’t some 24/7 detailed diary of someone’s life and although they’re entitled to their opinion doesn’t give them the right to rain on your parade. Keep doing what makes you happy :)

    ps- i’m sure if someone saw all the stuff I ate theyd think i was a 12 year old boy.


  18. says

    Haters gonna hate- sad truth of life! I tried the whole photographing my meals thing once or twice and boy it was exhausting…the fact that you even showcase as much as you do is commendable! Even if you did post everything you ate, who cares if its too much or too little?? You look great, feel great and are full of energy!


  19. says

    I’ll be honest, Julie, the only thought I’ve been thinking is: I’d like an entire day’s post dedicated to what Sadie eats in one day.

    Kibbles, spare chicken chunks, peanut butter that’s been smeared on her nose for your amusement as she attempts to lick it off, bites of pancake, plate licking of sausage.


    But, on a serious note, cheers to being upfront and honest. I never really thought much about the food on your blog, but because I knew it wasn’t a “eating” blog it was a “living” blog.
    Now that we’ve cleared the air, you can get on the Sadie-diet post.


      • Angelina says

        I’ve never believed that dogs need to be on a commercial dog food only diet. My dog has consumed a ton of people food in her life, mostly meat, potatoes, some pasta and peanut butter. At her recent vet visit, the doctor said she was one of the healthiest 11.5 year old Siberian Huskies he’s ever seen :) Aside from some arthritis she is an energetic and happy lady.


  20. says

    HOW could you even eat again after having a smoothie? If your smoothies are anything as rich and filling as mine are – you’ll be lucky to eat an apple for lunch and be able to finish.

    Good for you for dispelling the rumors but it is a shame that you had to! 😉

    Keep up the great blog!


  21. says

    You have always been more that clear that you do NOT post everything that you eat. I don’t know too many bloggers that do, actually. I sure don’t. Some people just spend far too much time worrying about others instead of themselves. You rock.


  22. says

    As I said on twitter, I LOVE the honesty of this post. For me, what I do NOT love about blogging is that it often opens up our judgemental side – where we feel it’s totally ok to tell someone else how WE would do something vs. appreciating one another’s unique perspective and/or approaches to blogging, eating, working out, running, living. I say – to each his/her own. Nobody should be left feeling judged simply for sharing tidbits of their day out here in bloggy land for all to see. That’s not the point of blogging. At least not for me. Blogging is about relationships, shared passions, inspiration, support, and friendship. Judgmental attitudes don’t fit very well in there, now do they?


  23. says

    You definitely seem to have a VERY healthy relationship to food. Plus, even what you do post seems filling :)

    Sorry you have to deal with that! It must be so frustrating. But people will always say things like that… probably b/c they can’t imagine someone so fit can eat so much and still be in great shape!

    Maybe you could try posting a disclaimer at the bottom of each blog post?


  24. says

    Keep doing your thing, Julie! I love your blog. Honestly, my favorite posts on your blog aren’t even about the food, but about your house style, your family, and Orlando life (I lived there for so long, so it feels like you’re writing about my home :) ) I have been reading your blog for over a year and will continue to do so.


      • krista says

        I agree, I skim over your food paragraphs and like that it’s not the main content of your blog. I actually don’t read ‘food’ blogs for this reason! I’ve never once thought about analyzing your meals each day, some people are so disordered to comment on that. Keep it just like it is Julie, and ignore the weirdos! :)


  25. Morgan @ Endorphaholic says

    I’m so happy that you wrote this! It’s so sad that so many people have criticized you for something that is so blatantly untrue. But, I think that you are doing a great service for the women who struggle with eating disorders by pointing out that this is not an accurate reflection of what you eat in a day. (And thank God because that would get so boring, I can’t even get myself to do WIAW).

    Don’t forget the best part of a stressful (to write) post like this- you then get all of us who are supportive of you saying “you go girl!”. Thanks for being an awesome, real blogger.


      • Morgan @ Endorphaholic says

        I don’t think it has ever been implied that this is all you eat in a day. I mean, all one has to do is read and they’ll hear all about your snacks. I recall many times when you sent me into peanut m&m cravings with unpictured m&ms :)


  26. says

    I agree with some of the others. I think it’s sad that you have to defend your eating habits but I understand why you wanted it out there, once and for all. Does any blogger really post EVERYTHING that happens to them EVERY DAY? I doubt it. If they do, who wants to read that? Certainly not me. You highlight what’s important or what you think deserves to be addressed, whether it’s a healthy living blog or not. I’m sure a post describing my entire morning routine and drive to work would be riveting but I’ll keep that to myself!

    I knew you meant business when there were no cute Sadie pics and captions! Keep being you Julie!!


  27. says

    I have been reading your blog since March and I have always known that you don’t post everything you eat because you have made it clear several times.

    I have come across a few negative bloggers that have written posts that seem directed at you and your eating habits and it always annoyed me that their perspective was wrong. That blogger is not longer on my blogroll.

    Keep your chin up. There will always be people that “don’t get it.”


    • says

      i’ve read them too and they really hurt me. i wish they didn’t, but they do. i just want to scream “I DON’T POST EVERYTHING I EAT” at the top of my lungs sometimes. i guess this post is me doing that… but hopefully a little less screechy. :)


  28. Lindsay says

    I LOVE that you don’t post everything you eat on your blog! One of the reasons I love your blog is that you are so genuine and I never feel like you’re trying to justify your eating habits (or anything else in your life, for that matter)…you’re just being you! So many other “health living” blogs out there post literally EVERYTHING they eat and it drives me crazy! I don’t care if a blogger ate half a peach on the side, or an apple on the road, and writing about those little snacks seems so disingenuous to me, and makes the blogger come off as insecure about her eating habits. I really appreciate your approach to blogging, which is why I am totally hooked on your blog everyday. Keep it up!


  29. Laura says

    Great post! I don’t blog, but feel like I’ve been targeted with unfair comments about how much I eat before so I can understand your feelings.

    As a long time reader, I feel like you’ve always made it clear that you do not post everything that you eat (and why should you!). I love the blog and don’t think you should change a thing – keep it honest :)


  30. Lauren says

    Great post! People have said things like this to me just in real life, usually at a dinner with a group of friends. The slightly condescending, “no wonder you’re skinny” when they see me eat a salad at a restaurant is just not justified! I’m a total grazer, and probably ate a snack a half hour before dinner, not to mention the hour workout two hours before. I’ll never forget the shock on the girls faces when I once walked into a study group with my protein smoothie…they couldn’t believe that I ate! …What now?!?! 😉


  31. says

    Those sort of comments can be definitely disheartening, but nobody has the right to criticize someone else’s needs. So you need an early lunch or a small dinner or a crap ton of snacks? So be it! And like you said, it’s crazy to expect a blogger to document every single morsel that goes into our mouths. I’ve actually gotten emails referring to my prior eating disorder, that I have discussed on the blog, asking if I’m starting up long-gone habits because I’m not posting a “healthy amount of food for one day”….I feel you on the frustration. It’s your body, your blog, you have to do what’s right for yourself!


  32. Ida says

    I think this is a great reminder. I honestly skim over the food parts and dont really notice portion sizes, or calorie counts. I like the food posts for new ideas like jam and cheese, or liverwurst(not brave enough for that one!)


  33. says

    I commend you for writing this post, Julie! A blogger’s life is a public one kind of like a celebrities, so people draw all sorts of assumptions. I think its great that you clarify that there’s a “real” life going on behind your blog posts, and that not everything makes it onto the blog! Keep up the yummy and fun-to-read blogging :)


  34. says

    I love this post because I think it is so important! As much as dieting can become an obsession, I sometimes think that food blogging can become that way too…by that I mean when people DO post every single thing they eat in a day. I think that it’s great that when you blog you have a purpose and a reason and that it’s not ONLY about food. Blogging should always feel fun, that’s why we do it…so keep on doing it in a way that is fun for YOU!


  35. Amy says

    From reading your blog for awhile now it is clear that you have a very level head when it comes to food and fueling. You seem to live a very balanced, healthy, life style and just the way you handled the comments you receive through this post reflect that. Keep it up!


  36. says

    Wait you’re telling me you don’t live solely off smoothies? JK!
    I understand why you made this post but I wanted to let you know I think it’s silly! You always have an explanation of your meal in your text and lots of times you tell us things like breakfast was late, or you had a big snack, or you ate too much granola during the cooking process. Silliness I tell you. just straight silliness!


  37. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I never post all that I eat — I’m not a breakfast, lunch, dinner type of blogger but I do know that when I post a plate of my food I get comments about how little it is — hello you have NO IDEA what I ate or did that day.

    I don’t get how people have the nerve to say something like that!


  38. says

    Brava! I cannot imagine having to post everything I eat. I even just started blogging and as soon as I take a bite of an apple while I’m out walking around without a camera I start feeling guilty like maybe I should be photographing this for the blog. Then I shake my head and continue eating it because, like you, I do not want my blog to become about documenting EVERY thing I put in my mouth.

    A blog doesn’t necessarily have to be about showing someone your diet. It can be sharing your meals and thoughts about eating or recipes in general but you never should feel like you have to prove anything to anyone about how much you eat! I hate when people make judgements about others diets or how much one eats or whether it’s enough or too much.

    Your blog actually inspired me that I could start blogging because it made me realize you don’t have to obsessively photograph or put 1,000 pictures of the SAME bowl of oats in one post. Thank you for putting this post out there!


  39. says

    Good for you for posting this!! I always think your meals look so delicious and well balanced. I would have never thought to question you about your habits. It’s a blog people, obviously it’s not every single detail from her life! Geesh. Anyways, you rock, your blog rocks, and I adore reading it!!


  40. Anna Crouch says

    I would say probably many people who make those negative comments are people who are obsessed with and insecure about their own eating habits, thus they pick apart yours as a comparison, or a way to make themselves feel better. A coping mechanism of sorts? By your pictures you’re obviously not a skin and bones anorexic–you are healthy!!!! Plus, you don’t display any traits of someone with an eating disorder……some people are just so silly!


  41. says

    I totally get where you’re coming from on this one Julie. I don’t think we should feel obligated to post everything we eat. As a healthy living blogger, I also snack randomly and taking photos of it all would take way too much time. I always remember “Blog your life, don’t live to blog”. I think your blog shows more than just food – we get a sense that you’re a healthy, well-balanced individual with a passion for healthy living (and a super cute Sadie to boot!!) Thanks for addressing the topic!


  42. says


    I loved this post and just had to comment on it. I don’t think I ever thought twice about it because I worked with you and saw your eating habits with my own eyes (which I always thought were healthy) and remember thinking to myself on several occasions, “Man, that girl can put away some sweets!” 😉 I have always been impressed with how you balance healthy eating with indulging when it suits you. You really do seem to eat intuitively, which is a marker of health.

    I just wanted to add my two cents because I know from working with you that you are healthy. I like how sassy you got in this post, too! :) Hope all is well in Ocala.


  43. says

    I can’t believe people waste their energy criticizing the eating habits of someone whom they have likely never met in real life. I mean, it seems really obvious to me that you don’t post everything, and I’m glad you do not. The content of your posts is what I enjoy reading the most! Keep doing what you’re doing, girl!


  44. Mama says

    I never thought you had a need to write this one. I know it was hard for you. You have a wonderful, healthy attitude toward food and nutrition and share it willingly with those who are interested. Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing. This should be more than enough to help those who don’t understand your perspective. Love you!


  45. says

    I actually prefer blogs like yours that don’t post everything that goes in the bloggers mouth. It’s just not that interesting!

    However I do love participating in What I Ate Wednesday with Peas and Crayons – check it out if you aren’t familiar :)


  46. says

    If you posted everything you ate, I would unfollow! Could you imagine how many hours a day you would post? How would that work? Still the three posts per day, just overloaded with food. Or a post every time you took a bite? Yikes! Boring!


  47. says

    I love this! Not that you had to write this, but that you don’t post everything you eat! I am reading 4 Hour Body and he said to take pictures of everything you eat for 3-5 days, I lasted 1 day because it seriously was exhausting! Also, I’ve witnessed my boyfriend eat mounds of food all day long this past month or so, and he’s actually lost weight! You’re eating the right way! You’re suppose to eat all day long and never be hungry! Posting some food here and there is nice because it gives readers like me new things to try. Do I care to see if you ate a granola bar sometime between meals? No. I appreciate the way you post and keep doing your thing girl!


  48. says

    For me, I read food an healthy living blogs for meal and snack ideas– I NEVER think about or judge the amount or how often the blogger is eating.

    If I’d never started reading these blogs, I’d still avoid all nut butters thinking they had too much fat and too little nutritional value. I would never have put spinach in my smoothies, or my smoothies in a bowl. I would never have tried Kombucha, chia seeds, or nutritional yeast, and I would never have become excited for oatmeal in the mornings.

    Not once did I need to learn when to eat a snack or how much breakfast I should eat.


  49. says

    I’ve always understood that you don’t post everything you eat, but at the same time, think it’s great that you took the time to spell it out.

    You are so successful with your blog because you epitomize what healthy living is all about.

    You set a great example for your readers everyday, and I’ve learned so much from your blog :-)


  50. Tara says

    Hi Julie! LOVE your blog =) I think it’s perfect they way it is, and honestly it might get a little boring if you posted everything you ate….that’s all you would have time for!

    I eat normally 6 times a day…breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and dessert =) Would you mind maybe doing a post on healthy snacks, or what you do for snacks?


  51. says

    Great post Julie! I’ve never thought that you don’t “eat enough”, but that’s probably because I have read the disclaimer and I believed it haha. Sometimes I wonder if people comment because they are concerned or if it’s a way to make themselves feel better about what they do. Everyone is different, and the amount of food they need is different! You are awesome- and hopefully this post will stop the criticism from occurring!


  52. Michelle says

    I must say that PBF has HELPED me overcome my fear of “indulging”. Just by reading everyday and seeing how much you stay true to fitness and keep a balanced lifestyle while enjoying everyday treats has showed me it’s OK to enjoy fro yo once in a while! 😉 So THANK YOU Julie for setting a great example for me. You rock!!


  53. says

    LOVE this post. I think this is an issue many bloggers have and no matter how many times you say you don’t post everything you eat people just can’t believe it. Plus who cares if you eat too much or too little according to someone else?! You aren’t forcing your meals on someone else.


  54. says

    Haters gonna hate… You are very likable and seem to be very honest and balanced, which is why you have such a large readership. You stop for fro-yo and sometimes go to town on granola and then eat dinner anyway because it is there and looks delicious like the rest of us. Some people are just genetically blessed to be cute and tiny and nice and blonde, and you (and your sister – holy abs!) are one of them. Hopefully after this post people will back off.


  55. Alex Rawlin says

    Do you think these haters understand that other blogs are available? Or they could just switch off their computers and do something else? Or just generally bugger off out of your face?!


  56. Alicia says

    I’m really sorry that you had to post this. I wish people would just enjoy your blog and mind their own business. I never gave it a second thought on whether or not you were posting everything you ate. I say keep doing what your doing but hopefully now you won’t have to deal with the negative or concerned comments. I love pb fingers :) and Sadie…


  57. Jamie says

    The best thing about your blog is the fact that you write about MANY things and not just about what you eat!! Shake those Haters off and keep up the great work~

    You rock girly! :)


  58. Colleen says

    Gosh, I hate that you even had to write this post. People are ridiculous and need to get a life–or their own blog?!?! Sorry that you have to deal w/ negativity, but remember that you have a lot more supporters than haters. Follow your gut and do what you do best—being your true self!


    • says

      Thanks Colleen. I love this: “Follow your gut and do what you do best—being your true self!”

      I hate that some of these comments affect me so deeply. :( I know in my heart of hearts I am healthy and happy, and just wish people wouldn’t feel the need to bring down other people – not just in blogging but in everyday life, too!


  59. MK says

    My first comment to you was almost a year ago and I haven’t commented since even though I read your blog multiple times a day since. (I was the one who wrote a long comment and asked you what tanning lotion you use, that Ryan seems like a great guy, etc. Likely won’t remember since it’s been awhile and all the comments you receive ha.) Anyway, people probably think you don’t eat a lot because our society is accustomed to huge portions and a few big meals versus many small meals throughout the day. Your meals are small but you eat fiber/water riched foods which keep you full. Your healthy relationship with food is something that I admire about you; it actually has helped me.


  60. Jeanine says

    Julie – I love your blog and read it everyday!! No one should be commenting on how much you eat… that’s just silly. The internet is full of people who write things without thinking and would never in a million years say it to someone’s face. You inspire me daily – so thank you.

    I do have a question for you, though. I know you say you snack often – what kind of stuff (aside from pb fingers) do you snack on? I find this the hardest part of maintaining a healthy diet – because I don’t snack enough and then I over eat when it comes to dinner.


    • says

      Oh gosh! Anything and everything… hmm… most days I snack on smoothies, peanut butter w/ fruit, a lot of nuts, Greek yogurt with granola & nuts mixed in, trail mix, microwavable quesadillas, string cheese, leftovers from last night’s dinner… to name a few!


  61. Julia says

    I have noticed your disclaimer about not post all of your eats since I started reading your blog. I have never even considered that what you post is all you eat, nor is it really any of my business exactly how much you eat.

    As someone who has recovered from an eating disorder, I have to say I appreciate that you don’t post all that you eat. Keeping detailed tabs on everything I ate was a major part of my disorder, so I find that I can’t read blogs that record everything. It’s triggering. Even if I don’t compare it reminds me of my disordered patterns.

    I really enjoy your blog! By the way, like an above commenter I think a full day of Sadie’s eats would be more fun to read than a full day of yours.


  62. Whitney says

    Honestly, who cares if that WAS all you ate. You’re not deprived and you’re healthy.

    It’s usually the people who aren’t happy with themselves that criticize others.


  63. Colleen says

    Insecure people feel the need to “take down” secure people. Co-workers remark about my weight and healthy lifestyle all day (I am a high school teacher and, well, most of my fellow teachers are fatties). You know your body best and you know that you are treating it right. Stick w/ that knowledge and tell the snobby haters to stick their comments up their….


  64. Angelina says

    I’m floored that you’re receiving responses claiming that you’re not eating enough. True, there are many in the healthy living blogging community that suffer from eating disorders. But I think it’s unfair to assume that every single person who has a blog that describes some of their eating/workout habits is disordered.
    You clearly state that you do not post everything you eat on the front page and I’m pretty sure you’ve addressed this in prior posts. I get the impression you eat healthy but enjoy treats in moderation. Just ignore all of those bored assholes who are looking for confrontation.


  65. Kristen says

    I think that eating (amounts, times, etc) is just SO personal and people do not realize that. What is right for one person is never the exact same “right” thing for another. What may look like a tiny meal to me, may look like a massive meal to you, and make look like a normal meal for another person. Everyone’s different! Metabolisms function differently and therefore require people to eat differently. It’s a shame that people can’t realize that, and have to push their own eating habits on you.


  66. MegaNerd says

    The issue with blogging is that it’s not really about reality, it’s about pereption. In real life, you have a perfectly normal healthy attitude towards food, but someone could pick apart what you say/do on the blog and twist it to mean something completely different. One person may read a post and assume you mention everything you eat, and someone else may think you are showing the highlighted meal or snack and not really put it into the big picture. Unfortunately, there are readers out there struggling with disordered eating, and seeing your meal may look either huge/tiny to them… or whatever. I feel like mostly it stems from others comparing themselves to you, or others.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with this, I know it must be annoying! I’ve had to deal with similar issues- more running related than food. It’s probably good that you clarified this for your readers. Maybe you could do a single post or single day where you post all the little snacks or something?

    Keep on blogging!


  67. says

    Girl, you didn’t even NEED to waste time writing this, you have no reason to prove something to anyone, its your blog, your life, you know you are healthy and eat right, I do not post all my eats either, I would never drive myself crazy to do that, and I have gotten comments about me not eating enough, it did first bother me when I got the first one, but then I thought, why? I know I eat properly and am healthy, the day my Husband or a loved one comes up to me and says I am too skinny or need to eat more, THEN I will listen and respond, love you! U do not need to worry, you rock!


  68. Dana says

    I do feel sorry that you feel bad for having to write a post like this.

    I will say that personally, the post DID help me. There are A LOT of people recovering from ED in the “blog world”. There are also a lot of people in the blog world that suffer from ED’s and disordered eating.

    Without fail, if you have an ED you WILL judge what others are eating. It’s hard to read that “I dont post everything I eat” bc for some reason when you have an ED you just think in your head either A) they are lying or B) the ‘other food’ they eat is just a bowl of salad.

    It’s not your fault that I have an ED and may judge your eats like that, nor is it my fault that I have an ED. I’m being VERY HONEST in this comment, btw.

    I TRY my best not to judge others meals, i DO TRY VERY HARD. I remind myself that everyone is diff. and they may not post everything they eat etc. but

    It’s not your job to make everyone happy and you must know by now that you cannot ever make EVERYONE happy! It’s important to keep in mind that people are dealing with their own sh** and there is nothing you can really do about that…

    I will say that there are some blogs I personally read ALL the time bc they encourage my recovery like Faith Food and Fitness. She posts tons of meals and often reminds her readers she eats 2300+ calories a day. THis is helpful FOR ME.

    Again, your blog is not going to be for everyone. I dont know if that makes any sense? but i was just trying to help you understand why people might say those things even when they are not true. It has nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with THEM. There are things you can do to help those people if you were so inclined but you are obligated to and its your BLOG so do whatever you wish <3


    • says

      This comment was VERY helpful to me, Dana, and I thank you for taking the time to type it all out. To be honest, I’ve had a really hard time understanding the judgments and comments because I don’t really look into what other people eat. I eat what I eat and they eat what they eat and that’s cool – I have a hard time understanding why others cared or compared my meals to theirs… especially when I said I don’t post everything I eat numerous times! But I also don’t struggle with an eating disorder so I don’t personally understand how that works (or that people might not believe me when I said I don’t post everything I eat in the past!) and I found your comment really helpful.

      Your comment also makes me happy I sat down and wrote this post, as hard and awkward as I felt writing it.


      • Lilian says

        I’m a long time lurker of your blog (love it btw), and I have to say that Dana’s comment is probably very applicable to many young women to some degree, including myself. Some people might just be mean, judgemental, and jealous, but others really have problems with disordered eating. I have read some of your blog entries before and thought that if only I could discipline myself to eat like you (and exercise like you!!) then maybe I would be happier about my weight. Of course I see that you eat tons of froyo and regularly have dessert and other indulgences, but when you’re a person dealing with your own food/weight problems, then it’s easy to pick and choose what you internalize from other people’s eating habits.

        I would never transform any negative feelings about myself into a negative post on your blog, but obviously, many people would. So please don’t feel bad about any mean comments. It’s so wonderful that you are comfortable with your body and have a normal relationship with food. It’s something that I work on everyday, and reading your blog and seeing your down-to-earth NORMAL relationship with food helps me a lot. I also have to thank you for that last sentence in your disclaimer, and for writing this “awkward” post, because it REALLY does help me refrain from feeling terrible when I eat more for lunch than you do.

        Have a happy Wednesday Julie!


  69. says

    Pretty sure that anyone who comments about how much YOU eat cares a lot about how much/little THEY eat. They are just uncomfortable with the amount they may be eating, or may constantly struggle with a disorder. it is NOT your fault for their mean comments, however.

    Seriously people, who has time to make mean comments about someone ELSE’s eating habits?! It is totally ridiculous. SO kudos to you for letting everyone know that you are a normal eater, and that your eating habits are not something to be concerned about. Sorry if you had mean comments, you seem like such a sweetie! :)

    I bet that felt good to get that out there, though! ha


  70. says

    AMEN! Props to you Julie for addressing such a “touchie” subject!! I think the support you’ve received today in the comments section alone speaks volumes about the people, like myself, who admire your approach to healthy living…. including eating! Own who you are, what you know, and what works for you. Don’t ever let the haters bring you down girly!


  71. says

    I can relate to this 100%!! I think just because you are a thin and attractive girl, people assume the worst. It’s so harsh but it’s true. I get comments like this ALL the time and it kills me to know that that is the only thing these people are gaining from my blog. I feel like a broken record always defending myself by saying, “I NEVER post everything I eat in a day.” A disclaimer is a good idea!


  72. says

    I LOVE reading about your life and even though I’ve never met you, Sadie, or Ryan, feeling like I can follow your adventures and laugh right along with you – especially with those pics of adorable Sadie faces.

    Keep that head held high and be proud of your not-sharing-every-bite-of-food-that-goes-into-your-mouth blog, because it ROCKS!


  73. Becca B says

    People are just jealous that you in fact do NOT struggle and are completely happy and satisfied. They are reaching out and looking for a way to make themselves feel more normal by putting others down and that is not fair to you! it is sad that they struggle and are in a sad place, but it is not right to make others feel bad in the process.

    You are such a happy, upbeat person with such a passion for life, don’t let anyone else ruin that for you!


  74. says

    So sorry for the negativity you’ve had to put up with! (Although I have to admit I had to search for your disclaimer, I didn’t even know you had one!)

    Keep doing you girl :)


  75. says

    I’m so sorry that you have to defend yourself. I think you’re right though in that you post three times a day, so readers sometimes assume that they’re seeing EVERYTHING about your life. It’s a tough line to walk when you put so much of your life out there. I know Tina from CnC went through something similar after the Marie Claire scandal.

    The way I think of it though, I don’t read your blog looking for a meal plan from you. I read it to get food inspiration from you. I love it when you mention a snack or meal or smoothie combo that I haven’t thought of before. I’m more interested in the food highlights of your day rather than the amount of calories your consuming.

    You’ve been doing your thing for two years now and have grown your blog so much! I say, stick with what you’ve been doing!


  76. Megan says

    This was a great post! You’ve said plenty of times that you don’t post everything you eat and why should you. Who cares how much you eat? People are so silly..


  77. says

    Amen, sista! I have never felt that you eat too little, and you are right, you shouldn’t have to post everything that you eat to ‘prove’ something to anyone else. You seem like a happy healthy person, and usually comments like that stem from jealously. I think it’s sometimes hard for people to understand that everyone requires different amounts of food. I’m a short girl (5’3″) so I can only eat a little bit without feeling stuffed. As long as I’m eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m satisfied, I’m feel like I’m eating the right amount for me. I love reading your blog! Keep those posts coming! :)


  78. says

    I’m sorry you have had to have criticisms about what you eat. Honestly, I have thought that you don’t eat much before (but not in a judgmental way)…it is just because of my background with eating issues that I tend to compare. This is not your fault and you should do what is good for you…and posting everything would be exhausting and boring. :)


  79. Ashley says

    AMEN!! I’m always just jealous of the food you have in your post- especially the mini peppers because I can never find them and I’m obsessed!

    Thank you for your wonderful honesty everyday, and though I don’t comment very often, I can always count on your blog to make me smile multiple times a day!



  80. Kristin @ STUFT Mama says

    Julie- Good for you for writing this and defending yourself. I don’t post everything I eat either. I don’t know how some people do. It’s too much pressure. When I actually tried to psot everything I ended up wanting to “sneak” food in and not write about it. That was totally against why I started the blog in the first place. Kick those judgemental comments to the curb. You’re blog is amazing and an inspiration to MANY!!! :)


  81. says

    Yesterday was actually the first time I posted everything I ate in a day. And it was hard!! I even had to shoot yogurt at home because I forgot to shoot it.

    I am glad you worte this post, because a lot of people assume bloggers post everything that goes into their mouths, but that just isn’t the case.

    Good for you for putting it out there!


  82. Kristine @ Running on Hungry says

    I feel like posts like this is why so many people love and can relate to your blog. You’re open, honest, and ready and willing to defend yourself when things are said/posted/etc that are clearly untrue.

    I’ve never questioned (or really noticed to be honest!) the amount of food that you eat… I don’t read your blog for a food diary, I read it because it’s interesting, it’s entertaining, I get recipe and workout ideas, it’s fun, and I love your writing style!

    You clearly know how to eat healthy, and any negativity is coming from those who feel guilty about THEIR choices, and want to take it out on you.

    Honestly, if you weren’t eating, how on earth would you be able to keep up with Sadie’s endless energy? 😉


  83. says

    Wow, this post kinda of surprised me. Your eating “habits” never crossed my mind so it never dawned on me that other people had such strong opinions about it either. I also think you have made it clear that you do not post everything you eat but then again I am LOYAL reader so that is something us regular readers would know. I was reading a blog post from someone else recently about blog content and bloggers that sometimes post just to post (not my words) but your blog came to mind immediatly as blog that always gives good content and I appreciate and look forward to you topics daily, and your food ideas too. Oh, and I can’t forget, Pics of Sadie too. Keep on doing what your doing Julie! Let the haters, hate.


  84. says

    Hey Julie! Now, I am coming from two very important angles with this comment: 1) I’ve received the exact same criticisms several times over. 2) I’ve suffered from an eating disorder.

    What I think would be helpful to people, and really shut everyone up, is if you just did ONE post that showed every single thing you ate in one day. It just has to be one day. It would show people that you do eat a lot, and that’s all they’d need. People like evidence.

    Having come from an eating disordered background, I can say from an honest place that it is easy for someone suffering to read your blog and still think, “This is all she takes pictures of, so this has to be all she eats. If she can eat only that, so can I.” The thing with a disordered mind is that one cannot think outside of it. In my darkest days, I never would have been able to read your blog and think, “Well, yeah she ate smoothies and bagel thins today, but I know sista has to eat more than that.” My mind just never would have gone there.

    So maybe the “This is Actually Everything I Ate Today” post would be really helpful to some women, and the nice side effect is that it might quiet some people.

    Just throwing it out there! :)


    • says

      Thanks for this comment, Kailey! I’ve seriously thought about doing this numerous times… and then I haven’t b/c I thought that would just bring about MORE comparissons from those who are looking for something to compare their diet to? Is that an incorrect assumption? I really have no problem doing a post like this, but wouldn’t want to feed into MORE comparissons, ya know?


      • says

        That’s the killer– you’re kind of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It would be comforting to many women, though. On the other hand, some people are going to compare no matter what.

        Anytime I read posts like that when I was recovering, I found it inspirational and helpful. It helped me realize what a complete diet was like, instead of my stark, fake food-filled way of eating. We’re talking thinking that 1 cup of dry, 100 calorie cereal was breakfast, and then seeing bowls of oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter for breakfast– and that was just the start of the blogger’s day.

        It was shocking and eased me into trying new things and eating more. You have a such a large audience that you’d probably be helping more than hurting. …At least I’d hope! lol


        • says

          Interesting discussion overall. — All the pitfalls of ‘fame’ (and a large audience). Does this now mean you have new ‘social responsibility” ?Maybe. Do you have social responsibility of curing/helping people with EDs? Honestly, I don’t think so. These are, afterall, their problems. Nevertheless, they will judge you (and anyone!) harshly because it is part of the ED.

          Only thing is to put on a thick skin, and smile.

          Don’t read the attacker website, and live blissfully ‘;-)


  85. elizabeth says

    Julie, do you recieve negative comments like this often? I’m wondering cause I never see them and you’ve written twice this week about negative comments. Just wondering what made you write this post so suddenly?


  86. Jessica Corbin says

    I hear you, Julie! I can understand where you are coming from and I felt that way when I was keeping a food journal that I ate so often that the thought of writing it ALL down (not to mention caloric count) was exhausting. Do you know how to generate calories from a calculator that you have used? I think Janetha does, but have not been able to find how she does it.

    Keep on keeping on because you know what is best for you. :) Bee Happy!


  87. says

    Can I just say that if all you posted on your blog was every morsel and bite of your daily food intake that I would never have followed you in the first place??

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog because the emphasis is on the “living” aspect. You have a positive, upbeat attitude and you throw in plenty of sass to keep the conversation interesting. It’s the variety of things you write about combined with HOW you write about them that hooks me and keeps me coming back.

    I have thankfully never suffered from an ED, but can certainly understand the potential negative impacts of reading about someone else’s food intake for those who have or do. But I do have to wonder if that’s where those hater comments are coming from …

    You are a beautiful, healthy, and clearly happy young woman. That alone is enough to send some personalities into hater land. It sadly has nothing at all to do with who you are, what you eat, or how much you eat. They see you as an image, not a person, and you represent an image that they may aspire to but don’t feel they can achieve.

    Jealousy and envy can eat away at the hardiest of hearts and I suspect some of that is what you’re getting in those comments.

    Whew. Long-winded way of saying I’m with Paulie: You do you, girl! :-) That’s why I keep coming back.

    PS it is because of you that I now know what a bagelwich is … and like ’em. Ha.


  88. says

    Aw Julie, I’m so sorry you felt the need to publish a post like this. That’s the main reason I’ve never wanted to do a food blog your words sum it up beautifully for me –> “The simple thought of snapping photos of everything I put into my mouth exhausts me and just doesn’t interest me.” I completely agree, and that is why my blog is more of a “lifecasting” blog. Chin up, girl! Just be you. That’s what we love you for!


  89. says

    You already know how I feel about this one, lady. Sorry you had to write it, but very well written. :)

    I agree…if I blogged about the amount of snacks I eat in a day, I’d probably start turnin’ some heads. Ummm…handfuls of granola every hour? Yes, please!


  90. Shannon says

    This post reminds me of the part from The Help when one of the characters says “Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, ‘Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?’”


  91. says

    Honestly, it bugs me to see every single thing a person eats. You are right, it is boring. If you have oatmeal every single day, just say it, I don’t need another photo (or worse, reused photo, hate that) of a bowl of oatmeal. I’d rather see a photo of a cute puppy or what they are wearing to the gym that day.

    I never judge about what a person posts about meals on their blog, unless they state that it is a food journal. And as a lot people say, who am I to judge? My blog is almost all sweets and hiking! I don’t eat all those sweets, and I try to remind people of that, but you know, it doesn’t work 😉


  92. christina says

    If someone is reading your blog to get diet advice as to what they should eat or shouldnt based upon your diet, is reading it for the wrong reasons. Ever body is so different that what works for you will not work for someone else. Even with regards to exercise you need to adjust levels, times based upon your body abilities. If they want diet advice they should see a RN who can give them a meal plan, otherwise read your blog for workout ideas, receipes, enjoyment :)


  93. Tori says

    Not only have you said countless times, since I’ve read your blog, that you don’t post everything you eat, but who would? I doubt any blog I read has every item of food they consume, I know I wouldn’t want to display everything… It would take pages and pages :)
    Also, who are they to judge your life anyway? Even if what you posted is all you ate, there is no reason to judge one another unless you’ve lived their life! :) :)
    “Who are you to judge the life I live?
    I know I’m not perfect
    -and I don’t live to be-
    but before you start pointing fingers…
    make sure you hands are clean!”
    This is one of my favorite quotes because it makes me think before I try judging someone because more than likely I wouldn’t appreciate their judgment on me.
    I say keep doin’ what you’re doin’ because with all the fans and readers you have, you’re obviously doing something right! :)


  94. says

    I’m sorry you had to do this post but I admire you for addressing it. Some people think that they are responsible for telling others what to do and how to act… and the reality is… they are not! But by having blogs we do open ourselves up to criticism and I’m sure it’s especially frustrating because you are eating in a healthy way for your body. Keep doing what you’re doing girl and know that you are loved by so many of us out here!


  95. says

    Seriously, you’re awesome. Way to put yourself out there and be real with everyone. Everyone’s body, activity levels, metabolism, genetics, etc. is SO different, so for people to judge what you do and don’t eat is just ridiculous. I admire your healthy lifestyle and have never questioned your food choices. You look great and are healthy – why should people care?!


  96. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    It’s unfortunate that you have to post this or that people feel the need to comment on what you do or don’t eat (except to say that most of the time I’m jealous and want a bite ASAP).

    When I first started my blog, I resolved not to take a picture of everything because I want to be able to enjoy my food and I too snack a lot between meals. Who wants to see a pic of my daily banana/apple or the handful of almonds I have around 5? I wouldn’t.

    I also wouldn’t want someone to follow my “diet” to either lose weight or for training purposes. We all should eat what we want and what is right for us. I don’t want or should be responsible for someone else’s health because of what I choose to fuel my body with.


  97. Kaella says

    Before I discovered PB Fingers:

    1. I had never made a smoothie (now I crrravveee them)

    2. I never really went to the gym. When I did, I did the same thing day after day. (now, I’ve fallen in love with exercising and discovered ways to switch things up so I don’t get bored)

    3. I hadn’t heard of bic bands, a garmin, or rutabella fries. (now I own the first two and love creating the last one.)

    4. I didn’t realize champagne coloured bridesmaids dresses could look so beautiful 😉 (I picked this colour for my girls to wear next month.)

    5. I hadn’t heard of monthly date nights (now, they are a big event in our household

    6. I didn’t know how fun Disney music was to run too 😉 (now, it’s on at least one of my gym playlists)

    And so much more!!!

    Thanks Julie for being an amazing writer and for opening your life up to us (your faithful readers!) I don’t like hearing about any negativity so I hope all these comments have made you smile. You deserve it!!


  98. Kanoe says

    Hey Julie-
    I am new to your blog but I can say I totally am a FAN! I love your take on eating healthy & healthy living. I think its great you don’t post everything you eat b/c then one would wonder… when does she have time to actually LIVE LOL. Thanks for all the helpful hints & receipes. As someone that has struggled w/ obesity & weight issues my whole life I appreciate it and look forward to using your post to help me with my own journey. I find it discouraging that you should even have to post such a thing but I think people take themselves & everything else too seriously sometimes, coming from someone who does not :-D. Again thanks & keep on blogging girl :-)


  99. Primrose says

    Hi Julie sorry to hear about the negative comments. I used to be one of these people who would freak out if I had a brownie for dessert or fries with dinner and I would feel extremely guilty. ( I think i was borderline ED throughout most of college). Your blog helped me see how one can eat healthy and not be OCD about it so thank you! I think you’re a great role model for balancing healthy living with still having a life!


  100. Mandi says


    I have enjoyed your blog for over a year now, and never once did portion size cross my mind. I have enjoyed your meals, and I steal ideas all the time. I too eat many small meals all day, I feel that is the healthier way to eat. Please keep up the good work, I read this daily. PS, I did try to make the nutella granola, and it flopped, I will try again soon.


  101. Erin says

    I was under the impression you did post everything you ate, because of the blog structure. I’m just curious why you do post your meals? If you think they truly are secondary material, why not just feature interesting meals and spend time developing the content you find more important?


    • says

      Posting my meals is great motivation for me to experiment more and get creative in the kitchen – both things I love to do. While I’ll whole-heartedly admit that talking about my salmon salad isn’t what I’m most thrilled to write about in a given blog post, I do enjoy looking at blogs that post pictures of food for ideas and love sharing my own food ideas and talking about food w/ other people. In a way I feel like my meals are a vehicle to discuss healthy living and other topics I find interesting. I personally gravitate toward blogs that have a certain consistency to them and like to offer that in my own blog as well and that often goes back to my decision to post three times a day, centered around mealtimes.


      • Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

        This is so true, Julie, you write it perfectly!
        Posting some meals (but not everything you eat – waaay to strict for me!) is a wonderful vehicle for talking about healthy living or life in general – whatever and whichever that may be on any particular day.
        Plus, it provides a framework around which to write, offering a consistency for readers, and a starting point for writers. :-) xyx


  102. Jaime D says

    Julie – I’ve been reading your blog daily for almost a year now and I’ve never thought that you have unhealthy eating habits. Not only do you eat and post well rounded meals daily, but I also took the time to read the “About” and “Disclaimer” sections of your blog when I first became a reader.

    I’m glad you wrote this post becuase I’m sure it felt nice to get all of that off your chest…but you really shouldn’t have had to.

    Keep on doing what your doing – you are a great example and your blog is so fun to read!


  103. says

    I love this post. I have always kept your disclaimer in the back of my mind as I have read this blog. I think that it is crazy that people leave these comments for you, and sad that they attack you when they don’t even know you. I am always inspired by your recipes and the things you eat (Your favorite bagelwich has become my breakfast for who knows how long now).

    I am sorry that you have to deal with this. As well as all other healthy living bloggers out there. People just feel a need to tear down others and I don’t understand why. Being happy and seeing others eating healthy and being happy is a MUCH better way to live! :)


  104. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    I completely understand your point here, and I never thought that you posted every thing you eat – the first time I read your blog I saw and understood your disclaimer on the right hand side, and I know from your activity level that you could not just live on the 3 meals you show us each day and be such a happy, bouncy, energetic and productive person :-) Never been an issue or a problem for me at all! I like it!
    I would hate to post every little thing that entered my mouth, it would feel too rigid and almost obsessive for me personally, but the idea of posting a few things each day is awesome – I love the structure of your blog!
    Just letting you know that I’m picking up what you’re putting down, lol! 😉
    Big love, girl! 😀 lxyx


  105. says

    You go girl! If you just blogged about your food, this blog would not be the same. When I found your blog, I loved the fact you blogged about your adventures with Ryan, Sadie, and your family while incorporating ways you keep yourself healthy throughout the process! If you just blogged about food, I would want to know more about your personality!

    Your blog is AMAZING and I think you should tell me to just shove it. Oh wait, I think you just did that 😉

    LOVE this blog and LOVE your style, Julie!


  106. Nicole says

    Julie, I love your blog and NEVER once thought you had bad eating habits or starved yourself. No matter wha,t you will always have nay sayers, please don’t change one thing about your blog or yourself!! Have a beautiful day!! :)


  107. Shephalli says

    Thanks for the great post! I cannot believe people can be so rude about the eating habits of others – also if they followed your diet and fitness for a day and only ate what you posted and also did all your workouts – they would realize that you definitely have to eat more to get the energy to do as much as you do! Are these people nuts (don’t answer that)!! I am just having a rough day at work. What would make this post even awesomer (is that a word??) – a butt shot of Sadie :)


  108. says

    I think a lot of the time, when people tell you that you eat too little, it’s really just because they are self-conscious about themselves and are worried about how much they eat. Sometimes I find myself thinking that reading blogs, even yours!, and remind myself that i’m just trying to make myself feel better! It’s just a blog, not a documentation of every part of your life. And we as readers shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to anyone else! I love my blog and reading others because they are great ways to reach out to other people and share fun and interesting parts of our lives, not to judge one another and compare! Thanks for this post!


  109. Liz says

    Thank you for sharing with us! I love your blog exactly the way it is. Please don’t feel you have to change anything about it for a few commenters :)


  110. Amanda says

    Great post! I must admit, when I first started reading your blog about 18 months ago, I thought you DID post everything you ate (before you had the disclaimer). I didn’t know how you could do a killer workout first thing, then just a yogurt bowl would tide you over to lunch. BUT then you did a great post on all your snacks and how you don’t post everything you eat, and I was like, aaaaaaahhh, she eats like a real person! So definitely good to clear the air for all those new readers!


  111. says

    obviously so many people LOVe your blog and it is only a select few that feel the need to be so negative towards others. i think you do an amazing job of balancing everything that you do (and eat) and you should not at all feel as if you need to justify your choices. keep doing what you are doing! thats what i love about your writing!


  112. Beth says

    I’m a nutritionist, so I feel you on this one! Even my family members judge what I eat, what I make for family gatherings, how much I’m drinking, etc and it is exhausting to talk about food that much – even for a nutritionist! One of my favorite things about your blog is that it isn’t just about food, it’s about healthy living – the whole package – keep doing what you do! You’re great at it


  113. Carly says

    Long time reader, never commented :( but I love your blog and the overwhelming support you’ve received through this post alone just goes to show the good outweigh the mean and nasty jealous people who have no lives so choose to criticize others anonymously. REAL COOL GUYS. 😀


  114. says

    Hey Julie,

    Here’s an idea for a future blog post. For ONE day why don’t you try and post and take pics of EVERYTHING you eat. I mean granted you wouldn’t do that every day because how time consuming would THAT be. But then maybe people would be able to be “referred” back to that post when they start to make comments or ask questions about this very topic. Just a thought …. :-)


  115. Carrie says

    When you get to the magnitude of blog yours seems to be (how many readers do you have?!), you will always have people find fault.
    Remember…this is YOUR blog. Period. Run it as you see fit!

    As a kind reminder (to all) – it is okay to say “yes” to the extra slice of cake. BUT it’s also just as okay to say “no” to any cake!! My point being, don’t let others make you feel you always have to indulge in excess to prove to others you are balanced. Saying “no” and skipping dessert does not mean you have an eating disorder! :)

    Also, remember your words from a previous post (yes, I searched your blog for the exact quote, too much time on my hands today?!):
    {Ryan’s mom said something to me the other week that I will never forget: “If you find yourself becoming defensive about something, maybe it’s because you have something to be defensive about.”}
    My point here is, you don’t need to be defensive about your eating habits! It almost gives wind to what others criticize.
    (Emotions are hard to relay in written form, I hope I did not come across as anything other than supportive of you – that is my intention here!)

    “Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind” – Dr. Suess



    • says

      i know and i TOTALLY thought of that quote before, after and during the writing of this post! but i literally HAD to make an exception here. i’m well aware that people may say that me feeling the need to post this somehow showcases that i don’t post everything that i eat. i juggled that thought with the thought that maybe people really DON’T know that i don’t post everything that i eat. in the end, i figured i’d rather have people know upfront what i’m all about and have to continue to defend myself (believe me, i’m not delusional enough to think this post will make it all go away), but i’d like to think that posting this may have helped at least SOMEONE to know that i don’t post everything that i eat – especially those who may be comparing their diets to mine.


      • Carrie says

        I gotcha! I’m on your side girl, your blog is my #1 to read.
        I think blogging puts you in a catch-22 for sure, but you handle it well, and with class!


  116. says

    Oh yeah and by the way … seriously don’t listen to those people who snark on you. How rude right? Everyone is a critic and it just doesn’t MATTER what they say. Good news and bad news is …. you will never really be able to satisfy them or make them happy …. because if that is all they can take away from your cute posts … then they weren’t real happy or complete in themselves from the get go! But I do think it would be interesting to switch it up and have a “24 hour day in the life of Julie’s stomach” post …. just because it would be fun to see the snacks, meals, etc. Then again … it might open you up to more comments … who really knows. But seriously …. you are supported on here I promise! :-)


  117. Jenn says

    I’ve been following you for a while now and you are an amazing writer! I literally get excited every time there is a new post! Don’t let negativity get in the way of doing what you’re doing because YOU are awesome and so is this blog.

    That being said, I can completely relate. Being a fitness competitor, I get a lot of questions/comments/oppinions about what I am eating. My conclusion – the bottom line is that no matter how much or how little you do eat, it is your business (and people could comment, people like to talk!). Do what you love and eat what you like. You don’t have control over what others think or feel, you only have control over your own thoughts and feelings, so as long as you are happy, that is all that matters =)

    Thank you so much for an amazing blog! Makes my train rides to and from work much more enjoyable!


  118. Shell says

    Personally, I don’t think it would be a good idea to have a post where you blogged about every meal and snack you ate. That would just feed into the negativity. And really, you have no reason to defend yourself, so why defend? For whom?

    I think you got your point across in a mature, calm, yet assertive way. Your readers know that you are real and healthy. And the few haters out there might just ALWAYS be negative regardless of what you post about and how you defend yourself.

    Just my 2 cents :)


  119. Sally says

    I understood how the blog worked, and I really like the daily breakdown! I’ve gotten so many ideas from your blog…meal wise, snack wise, and workout wise:) I’m sorry that people left you negative comments – hopefully this post is all you need to set the record straight for people.

    Keep up the good work Julie!


  120. says

    You go girl and I am sure it was hard to be OPEN and write this post. I personally love you and your blog soo much and read it every single day without fail.

    I think you live a balanced, healthy, fun life and eat-whatever-your-pb fingers-heart desires.


  121. says

    Oy, people need to chill out. You shouldn’t feel the need to put disclaimers, posts, and comments up on your blog explaining your eating habits. I understand why bloggers feel pressure to make it clear that they don’t post everything that they eat, but readers need to be realistic and understand that, in order for a blogger to maintain THAT amount of dedication, their entire day would be spent cataloging their food. Silly.

    That being said, good for you for standing up for yourself. That took guts.


  122. Angela says

    I love your blog! I have to admit that I always thought what you posted was your main diet, but I def never hated on you. For me it was the total opposite and thought you were so disciplined and I always wished I could have your eating structure! Good to know you eat a lot more! Thanks for your awesome blogs!


  123. says

    This was a great post, Julie! I don’t understand why people are criticizing, though perhaps they were just very mis-informed about how your blog works. I love that you don’t post everything that you eat. That would be WAY too exhausting. Keep up the great blog posts!


  124. Kyla says

    Honestly, I’ve never noticed that your meals seem small. In fact, they always seem tasty and filling. Plus, come on you just told us yesterday that you ate froyo before dinner. Snacks rule!


  125. heather says

    one of the your firsts posts i legit remember reading was about eating boxed mac and cheese(i forget when but it was a long time ago). it was so humanizing because i occasionally do that when i get home from work and class and im tired …it was so nice to know someone who took care of her body and took care of her health was willing to admit she’s swam in the kraft sea, too. it was obvious that it hadnt been your only meal all day, or something you ate everyday–just a random thing. people are crazy, you could write a blog about training ostriches to graffiti the white house and you still shouldn’t have to justify what you write or do. never give someone else that kind of censoring power, it’s usually people who dont deserve it.


  126. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    love this post!! In my opinion I think the people who comment about your food choices in such a ridiculous manner are just self conscious or unhappy with their own food choices. As long as you feel good it shouldn’t matter!


  127. steph says

    i’m sure i’m not the only one who thinks you should post more pics of your fro yo. it is ART!!! i mean this too!!! no snark!

    also, this is a very well-written post. congrats on having such a successful (and awesome) blog out there for us to enjoy.


  128. says

    I have never never ever read your blog and assumed that was all you eat. Ever. (So we’re not all judging :)

    Said that, personally I don’t give a rat’s ass about what everyone else eats, so I admit that unless there’s a cool recipe coming, I don’t even look at the pictures are read about your meals, I just scroll down to the what I consider the fun part of the post, which is when you talk about something else that’s not your food (or post adorable pictures of Sadie).


  129. says

    (And I have to say something else…)

    People that make comments like that are just jealous that you’re skinny, if you were chubby like me no one would be saying “you eat too little” or “you have an eating disorder” You can tell that you’re healthy skinny (because there’s a lot of unhealthy skinny people out there), and I have many friends who are also skinny and a bottomless pit, but I also have a few that are skinny in the obsessive/unhealthy way and there’s a big difference between the two bodies types (usually lack of muscle tone on the unhealthy ones, regardless of how much they exercise — your body needs fuel to tone up).


  130. dana says

    I cannot believe that people actually comment that you don’t eat enough. I always am jealous that you can eat so much and still be so so thin and fit!! Keep it up girl! Your blog wouldnt be as much fun if you didnt eat all the stuff you did!


  131. says

    I read this right after lunch and I thought it was a great post that many readers can relate to. And then, literally 5 minutes after I read this, I got two separate calls from my parents – commenting on how MUCH I eat and how crazy I look on my blog… they even suggested I cut back on my portions and my desserts. Wow. I came back and re-read this post — You’re great for writing this! Thanks so much


  132. Lindsey @ Cardio Pizza says

    Honestly, I see a huge difference from your food blogging now and when you started.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, but it looked like you ate very, very small meals when you first began blogging which I can understand why people had questions or concerns (but like you said, you didn’t post everything you ate – so that makes sense your meals were smaller).

    However, I would say over the past year or so I think you show a very healthy diet filled with all sorts of foods and healthy portions – I don’t see your meals as small or your eating style as unhealthy.

    I appreciate the honestly and the clarification for others out there who may have the wrong impression though. Your blog reaches a lot of people so posting that was really smart and helpful!


  133. says

    Oh my god! Girly, I would never think that you posted everything you ate. Wouldn’t that be a bit much anyway? Plus what you do post seems like a ton of food to me. The heck with those people!
    Anyone that works out, and reads how you work out, would have to know you eat plenty of food. You have to.

    I appreciate your honesty and disclosure, but I sure didn’t need it. I am very sorry that people made you feel bad. I think you are a sweet person and have given me inspiration for eating better and trying new things. Plus the work out tips are awesome.


  134. Blair says

    Ugh, posting EVERYTHING I eat seems daunting. Sometimes I’m too lazy to both photographing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No normal person would also snap pictures of all the snacks/nibbles consumed throughout the day.

    I’m sorry that people made you feel bad and like you had to write this post. Sometimes I’m jealous of your cake-eating abilities, but you are also a VERY active person so it all fits together nicely. :) Anyway, we love you Julie!


  135. says

    A little late to this post, but just wanted to say it’s great all the same. I think posting the link with your disclaimer is a really good idea. It helps people see the big picture and puts your meals/lifestyle in context.


  136. steph says

    you so do not need to defend yourself. people are ridiculous and need to get a life of their own if they feel the need to comment on what you do or do not eat…keep doing your thing girl!


  137. says

    I think the whole issue comes down to labeling. Healthy living to some people is they smoke 1 cigarette instead of 10 that day! Who is to say what is “healthy” and what others should eat, drink, or how they should live. A blog is just a small snapshot of a person’s life…and only the part that the person chooses to reveal. If people think that blogs are a 100% indication of who a person really is, then they are only fooling themselves.


  138. J says

    I feel bad you have to explain yourself. People are just mean/ crazy/ jealous sometimes. Don’t let them get to you. You seem pretty healthy to me! Love you blog. -J


  139. says

    I am a little late to this post, but I want to comment. I love seeing what you eat because it gives me idea. For example, you put veggies in your pasta bowls to bulk up the volume. I saw that here and I do it all the time now! I think the idea of being a healthy lifestyle blogger is to share and inspire people like me – your not so healthy audience ;-). You are under no obligation to explain every thing you eat to us!


  140. says

    Great post! I honestly don’t want to see every single bite someone eats. I don’t even need to see every meal. I prefer blogs that post creative, new dishes that they’ve done instead of the same old same old. That’s one of the reasons I stopped taking photos of my food. I eat so much of the same foods at each meal that it was boring ME to read about it! :)


  141. lucy says

    Love your blog! Love your post and I love your personality! I agree with everything that you’ve written, but I don’t think you really need to have the disclaimer on the side. The people who the disclaimer is directed to aren’t going to take notice of it anyway.

    Lots of love, Lucy!


  142. Geraldine says

    It’s never even occurred to me to think about how much you’ve eaten or not eaten! Although I do wish that I had as much access to Fro-Yo as you do! It’s hard to get in Ireland :-(

    I think people who comment on what you eat seem to be stuck in a comparison trap and probably have some issues with their food and diet. Having such a wide readership it’s impossible that you can please everyone. It’s a pity that the addition to the disclaimer was necessary but hopefully you won’t have to address it again.


  143. says

    I’m finally catching up on my blogs and getting to this post. Jackie and I were talking about the blog that shall not be named (and the hateful comments) on Wednesday after dinner and it just blew.my.mind.

    I can also vouch that you are a bottomless pit! I think you would be a good match for me in an eating contest :)

    It’s hard not to take the stuff written like that to heart, but I know you will and have risen above it because you are definitely better than that!


  144. says

    I agree with many other reader when I say that I never thought anything of what you were posting and what you were leaving out. I appreciate the ideas and creativity in meals that you do post, as well as the freedom to not post every single thing. Another thing I appreciate is that you’re more than willing to include mention of treats and junk you’ve eaten that aren’t a part of your regular diet but are part of how you balance your eating habits.

    That said, how about just ONE post where you take a picture of everything you’ve eaten in a day, just so we can see? :)


  145. Shae says

    Thought this quote was appropriate for this post:

    “The people who know the least about you always have the most to say.”

    Don’t let it get to ya!!


  146. Lauren says

    Goodness gracious! You don’t owe the world blogging everything you eat? That’s like recording every time you sneeze, or brush your teeth, etc. People really need to get a life if they feel the need to criticize you! :)


  147. Kimberley says

    Hi Julie!

    I have been tuning into your blog for quite some time and I enjoy reading it – that’s why I and your huge following return daily.

    It has honestly never occurred to me that you don’t eat enough or that you document everything you eat – perhaps because I don’t have an experience with ED, and whilst I think our approach to cooking and eating is similar, I don’t find myself making comparisons because I am ME and you are YOU.

    I simply enjoy reading about your healthy approach to life and your healthy spin on recipes. You are an engaging writer and I am inspired by you to be the best I can be – from working out to living a happy, healthy contented life.

    You are not responsible for other people, people are responsible for their own choices. Whilst I think every blogger has a sense of duty in some respect and it is evident that there are many bloggers out there suffering with ED, my opinion is that you don’t encourage or create any distorted eating views on your blog.

    Please be assured that the negativity that you have experienced is in the minority. The blogging world is tough, but thank you for sticking it out and sharing your daily highlights and laughs with us.

    “Live well, learn plenty, laugh often, love much.”



  148. says

    Lol, I can’t imagine a life where someone WOULD take pictures of and post every single thing they put in their mouth!

    I think it’s great that you emphasize this on your blog; unfortunately, people get into the habit of comparing themselves and their diets to everyone else’s around them–especially those who might have experienced disordered eating. I personally am recovered and now in the process of completing a book with insight from 100 other people in recovery. Comparing eating habits is VERY common–but not a healthy focus!

    On my own blog, I recently posted some thoughts on learning what a healthy diet looks like for YOU–since I think people often get caught up trying to follow certain “rules,” or copying the diets of other people: http://lifewithcheeseburgers.com/2011/11/14/your-bodys-best-diet/


  149. Grace Ann says

    I randomly re-read this post when you linked back to it in one of your more recent posts and felt compelled to say something. I am so sorry you had to address this issue! I think that when people make comments like that it is often a reflection of their own insecurities regarding food. Don’t let them bring you down. You are such a fabulous example of someone with a normal and balanced approach to living a healthy life. Keep doing what you’re doing girl!


    • Grace Ann says

      P.S. Your meals aren’t the chief reason I (and others) read your blog anyway! You write interesting and enjoyable posts. Plus, Sadie is just too darn cute!


  150. Franny says

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    I, too, read this post randomly a while back, and I was quite surprised to read that people had quite a different reaction to your food than I did. Unlike everyone else, I’ve always thought, “Wow! How does this chick stay so skinny when she eats all this food??” Bawhahahahah!! No way do I think you have an eating disorder of any sort.

    You seem to have a healthy appetite and manage to balance healthful meals with the occasional treats very well, along with an active lifestyle.

    Keep up the great work!


  151. says

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    I will bookmark your blog and check once more
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    Best of luck for the next!



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