I Don’t Post Everything I Eat

This is a post that has been a long time coming.

I’ve said it many, many times on my blog. I’ve added a disclaimer to the right hand side of my blog, but I think it deserves its own post as well.

As a “healthy living blogger” I think many people assume that I, and therefore my blog, follow the same habits of many other bloggers out there.

I blog in the morning, afternoon and evening and my posts cover the meals I eat around breakfast, lunch and dinnertime.

But here’s the thing: I eat constantly. I eat a lot of mini-meals and snacks that never make it on the blog.

The food I feature in my posts just happens to be the food I eat around a typical person’s breakfast, lunch and dinnertime.

In my two years of blogging, I can tell you with 100 percent honesty that never one time has everything I ate made it onto the blog. Not even close.

As a blogger, I’ve opened myself up to comments about the content I put out there and, therefore, comments and judgments about my food. In the exact same post one person may say “I don’t understand how you can eat so much!” while another person will say “Girl, go eat a bagel, that meal is tiny!” This happens all the time… in the exact same post.

When I’ve received comments about my smaller portions, I try to respond saying that I honestly eat whenever I’m hungry and I always feel satisfied. And I don’t post everything I eat on the blog.

Many, many times I’ll make myself a smoothie around 11 a.m. and then eat lunch at 12:30 p.m., so my lunch will be smaller, but the smoothie never makes it on the blog because the simple thought of snapping photos of everything I put into my mouth exhausts me and just doesn’t interest me.

I eat too often and too randomly to whip out a camera all the time without it feeling like a huge burden. I love not blogging about everything I eat because it’s really nice not to feel like I have to snap photos of all the food I consume. It gives me a break and a breather from food blogging.

And posts filled with tons of snacks and every single darn peanut butter finger I consume would probably make you want to pass out from boredom.

Reading comments about how little I eat bother me because I feel like I’ve said time and time again that I don’t post everything I eat on my blog and, if I’m being totally honest, some of these more pointed comments (not all of them in the least!) seem judgmental as if they’re trying to imply that I’m dieting (which I’m not) or don’t eat enough to fuel my body.

I feel confident about my food choices and know that I never feel hungry. I feel satisfied and know that I’m a healthy person. I hate that I felt the need to publish this post, but I just want to dispel any of the thoughts out there that this blog covers everything I eat.

In my personal life, none of my friends, family or those close to me have ever approached me about eating habits that they thought warranted concern. My best friends have called me the “bottomless pit” and my sister says she’s baffled when people comment about me not eating enough.

I’ve never struggled with an eating disorder and know how serious these disorders can be because I’ve seen a couple of my very close friends struggle and hate that anyone would ever think that this is an issue in my life.

It’s simply not.

I know it’s an issue for many and that breaks my heart but it’s simply not something I am personally struggling with in my life. Even writing about this makes me feel ridiculous because it’s not something I’ve ever had to defend in my day-to-day life and not something I ever predicted I would feel the need to defend in my life.

On a positive note, some of these comments have been eye opening to me in that they made me realize that I may have not have been clear enough on this blog about not posting everything that I eat. I definitely don’t want anyone out there to skim over my blog for the first time and think that they’re seeing everything that goes into my mouth, so I am planning on linking to this post in the text under my “Disclaimer” on the right hand side of this blog.

I apologize for such a wordy post about something that I never thought I would ever feel a need to explain, but I just want you guys out there to know the real deal. 


  1. says

    I have never never ever read your blog and assumed that was all you eat. Ever. (So we’re not all judging :)

    Said that, personally I don’t give a rat’s ass about what everyone else eats, so I admit that unless there’s a cool recipe coming, I don’t even look at the pictures are read about your meals, I just scroll down to the what I consider the fun part of the post, which is when you talk about something else that’s not your food (or post adorable pictures of Sadie).


  2. says

    (And I have to say something else…)

    People that make comments like that are just jealous that you’re skinny, if you were chubby like me no one would be saying “you eat too little” or “you have an eating disorder” You can tell that you’re healthy skinny (because there’s a lot of unhealthy skinny people out there), and I have many friends who are also skinny and a bottomless pit, but I also have a few that are skinny in the obsessive/unhealthy way and there’s a big difference between the two bodies types (usually lack of muscle tone on the unhealthy ones, regardless of how much they exercise — your body needs fuel to tone up).


  3. dana says

    I cannot believe that people actually comment that you don’t eat enough. I always am jealous that you can eat so much and still be so so thin and fit!! Keep it up girl! Your blog wouldnt be as much fun if you didnt eat all the stuff you did!


  4. says

    I read this right after lunch and I thought it was a great post that many readers can relate to. And then, literally 5 minutes after I read this, I got two separate calls from my parents – commenting on how MUCH I eat and how crazy I look on my blog… they even suggested I cut back on my portions and my desserts. Wow. I came back and re-read this post — You’re great for writing this! Thanks so much


  5. Lindsey @ Cardio Pizza says

    Honestly, I see a huge difference from your food blogging now and when you started.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, but it looked like you ate very, very small meals when you first began blogging which I can understand why people had questions or concerns (but like you said, you didn’t post everything you ate – so that makes sense your meals were smaller).

    However, I would say over the past year or so I think you show a very healthy diet filled with all sorts of foods and healthy portions – I don’t see your meals as small or your eating style as unhealthy.

    I appreciate the honestly and the clarification for others out there who may have the wrong impression though. Your blog reaches a lot of people so posting that was really smart and helpful!


  6. says

    Oh my god! Girly, I would never think that you posted everything you ate. Wouldn’t that be a bit much anyway? Plus what you do post seems like a ton of food to me. The heck with those people!
    Anyone that works out, and reads how you work out, would have to know you eat plenty of food. You have to.

    I appreciate your honesty and disclosure, but I sure didn’t need it. I am very sorry that people made you feel bad. I think you are a sweet person and have given me inspiration for eating better and trying new things. Plus the work out tips are awesome.


  7. Blair says

    Ugh, posting EVERYTHING I eat seems daunting. Sometimes I’m too lazy to both photographing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No normal person would also snap pictures of all the snacks/nibbles consumed throughout the day.

    I’m sorry that people made you feel bad and like you had to write this post. Sometimes I’m jealous of your cake-eating abilities, but you are also a VERY active person so it all fits together nicely. :) Anyway, we love you Julie!


  8. says

    A little late to this post, but just wanted to say it’s great all the same. I think posting the link with your disclaimer is a really good idea. It helps people see the big picture and puts your meals/lifestyle in context.


  9. steph says

    you so do not need to defend yourself. people are ridiculous and need to get a life of their own if they feel the need to comment on what you do or do not eat…keep doing your thing girl!


  10. says

    I think the whole issue comes down to labeling. Healthy living to some people is they smoke 1 cigarette instead of 10 that day! Who is to say what is “healthy” and what others should eat, drink, or how they should live. A blog is just a small snapshot of a person’s life…and only the part that the person chooses to reveal. If people think that blogs are a 100% indication of who a person really is, then they are only fooling themselves.


  11. J says

    I feel bad you have to explain yourself. People are just mean/ crazy/ jealous sometimes. Don’t let them get to you. You seem pretty healthy to me! Love you blog. -J


  12. says

    I am a little late to this post, but I want to comment. I love seeing what you eat because it gives me idea. For example, you put veggies in your pasta bowls to bulk up the volume. I saw that here and I do it all the time now! I think the idea of being a healthy lifestyle blogger is to share and inspire people like me – your not so healthy audience ;-). You are under no obligation to explain every thing you eat to us!


  13. says

    Great post! I honestly don’t want to see every single bite someone eats. I don’t even need to see every meal. I prefer blogs that post creative, new dishes that they’ve done instead of the same old same old. That’s one of the reasons I stopped taking photos of my food. I eat so much of the same foods at each meal that it was boring ME to read about it! :)


  14. lucy says

    Love your blog! Love your post and I love your personality! I agree with everything that you’ve written, but I don’t think you really need to have the disclaimer on the side. The people who the disclaimer is directed to aren’t going to take notice of it anyway.

    Lots of love, Lucy!


  15. Geraldine says

    It’s never even occurred to me to think about how much you’ve eaten or not eaten! Although I do wish that I had as much access to Fro-Yo as you do! It’s hard to get in Ireland :-(

    I think people who comment on what you eat seem to be stuck in a comparison trap and probably have some issues with their food and diet. Having such a wide readership it’s impossible that you can please everyone. It’s a pity that the addition to the disclaimer was necessary but hopefully you won’t have to address it again.


  16. says

    I’m finally catching up on my blogs and getting to this post. Jackie and I were talking about the blog that shall not be named (and the hateful comments) on Wednesday after dinner and it just blew.my.mind.

    I can also vouch that you are a bottomless pit! I think you would be a good match for me in an eating contest :)

    It’s hard not to take the stuff written like that to heart, but I know you will and have risen above it because you are definitely better than that!


  17. says

    I agree with many other reader when I say that I never thought anything of what you were posting and what you were leaving out. I appreciate the ideas and creativity in meals that you do post, as well as the freedom to not post every single thing. Another thing I appreciate is that you’re more than willing to include mention of treats and junk you’ve eaten that aren’t a part of your regular diet but are part of how you balance your eating habits.

    That said, how about just ONE post where you take a picture of everything you’ve eaten in a day, just so we can see? :)


  18. Shae says

    Thought this quote was appropriate for this post:

    “The people who know the least about you always have the most to say.”

    Don’t let it get to ya!!


  19. Lauren says

    Goodness gracious! You don’t owe the world blogging everything you eat? That’s like recording every time you sneeze, or brush your teeth, etc. People really need to get a life if they feel the need to criticize you! :)


  20. Kimberley says

    Hi Julie!

    I have been tuning into your blog for quite some time and I enjoy reading it – that’s why I and your huge following return daily.

    It has honestly never occurred to me that you don’t eat enough or that you document everything you eat – perhaps because I don’t have an experience with ED, and whilst I think our approach to cooking and eating is similar, I don’t find myself making comparisons because I am ME and you are YOU.

    I simply enjoy reading about your healthy approach to life and your healthy spin on recipes. You are an engaging writer and I am inspired by you to be the best I can be – from working out to living a happy, healthy contented life.

    You are not responsible for other people, people are responsible for their own choices. Whilst I think every blogger has a sense of duty in some respect and it is evident that there are many bloggers out there suffering with ED, my opinion is that you don’t encourage or create any distorted eating views on your blog.

    Please be assured that the negativity that you have experienced is in the minority. The blogging world is tough, but thank you for sticking it out and sharing your daily highlights and laughs with us.

    “Live well, learn plenty, laugh often, love much.”



  21. says

    Lol, I can’t imagine a life where someone WOULD take pictures of and post every single thing they put in their mouth!

    I think it’s great that you emphasize this on your blog; unfortunately, people get into the habit of comparing themselves and their diets to everyone else’s around them–especially those who might have experienced disordered eating. I personally am recovered and now in the process of completing a book with insight from 100 other people in recovery. Comparing eating habits is VERY common–but not a healthy focus!

    On my own blog, I recently posted some thoughts on learning what a healthy diet looks like for YOU–since I think people often get caught up trying to follow certain “rules,” or copying the diets of other people: http://lifewithcheeseburgers.com/2011/11/14/your-bodys-best-diet/


  22. Grace Ann says

    I randomly re-read this post when you linked back to it in one of your more recent posts and felt compelled to say something. I am so sorry you had to address this issue! I think that when people make comments like that it is often a reflection of their own insecurities regarding food. Don’t let them bring you down. You are such a fabulous example of someone with a normal and balanced approach to living a healthy life. Keep doing what you’re doing girl!


    • Grace Ann says

      P.S. Your meals aren’t the chief reason I (and others) read your blog anyway! You write interesting and enjoyable posts. Plus, Sadie is just too darn cute!


  23. Franny says

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    I, too, read this post randomly a while back, and I was quite surprised to read that people had quite a different reaction to your food than I did. Unlike everyone else, I’ve always thought, “Wow! How does this chick stay so skinny when she eats all this food??” Bawhahahahah!! No way do I think you have an eating disorder of any sort.

    You seem to have a healthy appetite and manage to balance healthful meals with the occasional treats very well, along with an active lifestyle.

    Keep up the great work!


  24. says

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