Orange = Arnge?

I got such a kick out of reading about your funky pronunciations last night! So many of your comments made me laugh out loud because I feel like my dad pronounces a lot of words the way some of you guys do.

  • Orange = Arnge
  • Wash = Warsh

The poor man also cannot pronounce edamame for the life of him and says “chimney” like “chimley.”

bob bream julie fagan

He’s from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in case you were wondering… but my mom is too (they were in the same kindergarten class) and she somehow managed to leave Pennsylvania without these funny pronunciations.

When I moved to Florida from Illinois in 2003, I got made fun of all the time for the way I said “mom.” I pronounced it “maaam” (Chicago accent, baby!) and also said “pop” instead of soda. I think I now say mom with the proper “o” instead of the nasally “a” and I’ve converted saying “soda” as well. I guess eight years in Florida will change ya!


Today’s workout was day two on my new workout plan. I started my workout with a two-mile run before hitting the weights to complete this upper-body workout:

  • Superset one: Front shoulder raises, Tricep dips
  • Superset two: Chest press, Upright row
  • Superset three: Bicep curls, Tricep extensions
  • Superset four: Overhead press, Barbell row
  • Tricep pulldowns
  • Bicep curls (3 minutes)
  • Mac raises (<—Learned this one from BodyPump!)
  • Lat pulldowns

I did three sets of 15 repetitions of every exercise.

My arms felt nice and fatigued by the end of that workout! I’m already loving this new workout plan. I needed something new to rejuvenate my workouts and I have a feeling this is going to be a good change.

Now I just have to cram in a three mile run sometime today to get my total of five miles in to stay on track for my half marathon training plan. We’ll see if that happens!

To all of  you expert runners out there, right now I have myself doing two week-day runs at five miles in addition to one long run on Saturday. Any chance I can get away with running less during the week? I’d love your input. I’m not running for a specific time. My goal is to simply run the whole thing and cross the finish line without wanting to die.


Today’s meal looks awfully similar to yesterday’s breakfast!

turkey bacon 003

Apparently frying eggs after cooking turkey bacon makes the eggs get all funky looking and spotty. Still tasty, though!

turkey bacon 004

Question of the Morning

How do you pronounce…

  • Coupon: Cue-pon or coo-pon?
  • Pecan: Pah-cahn or pee-can?
  • Caramel: Car-mel or care-a-mel?

My answers: Cue-pon, pah-can and car-mel.


  1. says

    I think it’s important to run 3x/week to avoid injury – especially when training for a half marathon. Otherwise, you lack practice with running and your form/muscular balance/running specific power will suffer. It’s important to keep kinesthetic awareness relative to the sport, and if you go 4-5 days without running on a regular basis, that will be difficult to maintain.


  2. says

    I think your running plan looks pretty good as-is, Julie. When I was marathon training, I found that even adding little runs in throughout the day to reach my weekly mileage helped to boost my stamina, which is key when you’re running a long race!

    Also I had to laugh about the ‘maaam’ thing because I have cousins that used to live in Detroit and they say it that way too! Having been raised going to a British school, my mom is ‘mum’, and I still say it that way. 🙂


  3. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    I pronounce them: coo-pon, pee-can and care-a-mel. I always get funny looks from the Starbucks workers when I say caramel.

    Canadians say pop, not soda 😀


  4. says

    Haha I say “pop” too! Gotta love the midwest :). I also had friends in college that said “coke” for all of them, and then they’d specify which kind…wtf haha. Glad your new workouts are going well! I’ve posted some strength training ones on my workouts page if you ever need ideas for moves or anything! Also, quick question, do you like your blog host site5? I’m really thinking about becoming self-hosted but I’m trying to determine who would be best do go through!


  5. Emily says

    SAME kindergarten class?! Holy awwww

    pecan-I switch on and off with this one…or I just mumble so no one really knows
    care-a-mel: car-mel make me feel silly, I don’t know why!

    I thought of two other ones: data and route.
    I say day-ta….I think dat-a sounds absurd, but I feel like a lot of people say it that way!
    And I say root…which I think is pretty common. I don’t get how the pronunciation rowt could ever come out of anyones mouth!


  6. says


    My boss says “yuge” instead of “huge”, we make fun of him all the time. Funny topic Julie! 🙂

    My half marathon training has kind of similar to yours:
    Circuit training 2 x a week
    Long run on the weekends
    and about 5-6 miles during the week (broken up between 2 or 3 days)


  7. Elizabeth says

    Awww, my dad says liberry instead of library 🙂 My boyfriend has some funny ones too. This is a generalization, but what is it about men and pronunciation?!


  8. Mary says

    Well I’m from Ohio and I say


    My pronunciation of pecan comes from my gma from GA though.. most people up here say it pee-cahn.


  9. says

    I love your new workout plan–> gives me so many great ideas :)! I almost choked on my water when I read arnge- your dad sounds too cute.

    Coupon: Cue-pon or coo-pon?–> coopon
    Pecan: Pah-cahn or pee-can?–> I used to say pee-can but my friend in middle school gave me so much grief that it’s pah-cahn so that’s what I go with now…what a nut ;)!
    Caramel: Car-mel or care-a-mel?–> caramel! I didn’t realise people said car-mel!


  10. Ally@GirlVFood says

    My family is originally from Philadelphia, and when my brother went back for college he came back to Connecticut saying stuff like “youse guys” in stead of “You guys.” I looked at him and said “What the heck are you doing?!” He just laughed and said “I hang out with too many Philly people now!” He started to sound like our cousins!


  11. Michelle says

    So funny, my fiance and I had this exact conversation Sunday. We disagreed on the pecan debacle. And I’m definitely a coo-pon girl!


  12. says

    Julie I’m a BIG believer in quality > quantity when it comes to fitness and training.

    I don’t recommend twice a day workouts particularly given your goals. I would focus certain days of the week on running and others on strength training/cross training. One way to increase quality and decrease time spent on strength training is to work on full body/compound moves. I am a HUGE fan of workouts because in 12-20 minutes you get a total body workout that you can fit in anytime, anywhere!

    I’m doing this workout this morning…


  13. says

    I definitely get made fun of for my southern accent…which hasn’t gone away even after spending the past 7 years living in another country….
    I say cue-pon, pah-cahn, and care-a-mel!


  14. Vicky says

    Coo-pon, Pee-cahn (combo of both), Care-a-mel

    I lived in Ohio from birth to 12 years old… when I moved to Florida and would say “pop” instead of “soda” I got so many weird looks! Or people would say “Pop? I didn’t hear a pop. What are you talking about?” Now, after living in Florida for 10+ years, I have converted to “soda” and when I visit Ohio and say “Soda” I get the looks from them!!


  15. says

    I’m not an expert runner by ANY means but I bet you’d be fine doing a couple runs a week.. Whenever the Fall comes around I get back into running again, and I usually just run twice a week in addition to my other workouts. I have no problem holding out for 10 mile runs when doing that! Like I said, I’m no expert though. 🙂

    p.s. my stepdad is from the same area in PA as your dad and he says the same things


  16. Sarah says

    I’m interested in starting to run but don’t really know where to begin. Any ideas? I do exercise already, most often on the eliptical or an hour long walk a day.


  17. says

    I say coo-pon, pee-can, and care-a-mel. I had never in my life heard someone say pah-cahn until I got to college and they definitely got the ‘wtf are you talkin bout’ face!

    I also used to work at an ice cream shop (cold stone creamery anyone?) and people would ask me for car-mel. Also the first time I ever heard that.

    But the weirdest thing ever was when someone asked me for JIMMYS on their ice cream and they meant Sprinkles! I was like No sir, we do not sell Jimmys here!

    PS. I would definitely NOT run less than three days a week. You need to have a solid base for those long runs and for injury prevention.


  18. Rachel says

    I grew up and still live in semi-rural GA, and no one I know says pee-can. When I was in high school I worked for a large peach and pecan farm in the mail order dept., and when I spoke to Northerners on the phone they would always say pee-can. I don’t think it’s a Southern thing at all.

    I say coo-pon, pah-cahn, and care-a-mel. I don’t drink soda, but some people in GA do refer to them all as Coke and then specify what kind…it is strange I admit.

    BTW, I love linguistics and find regional speech differences so fascinating. Great topic, Julie!


  19. Jessica says

    This post is cracking me up! My dad says “arnge”, too. My sister and I make fun of him by saying words with “OR” sounds as “AR”, like AR-lando FLAR-da, and PART-land AR-egon.


  20. says

    I love, love, love talking about pronunciation debates. I think it’s because I was an English major in college and I loved linguistics…yeah, I’m a huge nerd. Anyway!

    I say: “coo-pon,” and I’m stickin’ to it!!

    I always *used* to say “PEE-can.” And then my boyfriend, who is obsessed with all baked goods that contain pecans, burst out laughing the first time he heard me say the word. So I have retrained myself to call them “pe-CAHNS,” which is apparently the proper pronunciation, haha.

    I say “car-a-mel,” mostly because I feel like that second “a” is in there, so musn’t it be pronounced? But I have a ton of friends (and again, foodie boyfriend) who say “car-mel,” and sometimes I think it sounds better in dessert titles. Is that weird? Probably. Hahah. I don’t know, “car-mel” apples just sounds more right than “car-a-mel” apples for some reason!


  21. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    That is so cute that your parents were in the same Kindergarten class!


    I’d stay with 3 days of running — you could maybe cut one of those 5 mile runs down to 3 (?)


  22. dana says

    I’m from Baltimore and your Dad’s accent is very similar to the way people speak in Baltimore. I’m a Cue-pon, pee-can and care-a-mel kinda girl!

    I run 4 days a week when training for a marathon. I usually do an easy run (2-4 miles) on Tuesdays, a speed workout on Thursdays, an easy 2 mile run on Fridays and then a long run on Sundays. I have a 1/2 in 5 weeks and my training has been awful this go round.


  23. kyla says

    Ahhhhhxe instead of axe
    Maam instead of mom
    Birtday instead of birthday

    The top two are pretty typical of any good Chicagoan, the last one I have no idea where it comes from!


  24. says

    Does your dad happen to say Water funny at all? Gettysburg isn’t quite around Philly, but not TOO far, and my whole family (based in/around Philly) says it like this:


    Coupon(s): coop(s)
    Pecan: Delicious Pie Ingredient
    Caramel: Carmelo Anthony


  25. says

    Coo-pon. pee-can, cara-mel 🙂 Although, I wonder what I sound like. I have had several patients at work as me if I’m from North Dakota. I’m from Boston, people. Car: Cah. Butter: Butta….see?


  26. Caitlin says

    I am running the half in Savannah too! I do a couple short runs during the week.. sometimes only 3 or 4 miles each.. then my long run on the weekend.. I do crosstrain as well! But I think that is enough- plus I don’t want to overtrain and get hurt!


  27. Tracy @ Tracy's Treats says

    When I moved to Chicago for college, I somehow lost all the Florida in me and picked up a strong Midwestern accent. When I would come home to visit my family and friends, everyone would make laugh at how my “o’s” had turned into “a’s”!


  28. Traci says

    Haha! I’m from New Jersey and I definitely say coo-pon, pee-can, and car-a-mel.

    …I also ask for my morning “caw-fee” instead of “coff-ee.”


  29. says

    Growing up, my dad was such a stickler about pronunciations….not really sure why so when I would accidentally say “MaZaGine” instead of “MaGaZine” he would go nuts….same with “Q-Pon instead of Coo-Pon”

    Words are so funny!


  30. says

    •Coupon: Cue-pon
    •Pecan: pee-cahn
    •Caramel: care-a-mel?

    The best (mis)pronunciation I have ever heard is an old high school friend trying to say Massachusetts. She couldn’t say it correctly to save her life, instead saying Mass-a-two-sh*ts.
    I’m sure she didn’t mean to offend a state or its people – that is just the way it came out!
    As for myself, a friend recently pointed out that I say “headache” like “head-eck.” I am now quite self-conscious about it!


  31. Anna Crouch says

    #1 I usually do 2 THREE mile runs during the week and then one long run on the weekend for my training. I’ve heard that all you need is 30 minutes of solid running to maintain your endurance. BUT, I’m not an “expert” as you say 🙂

    #2 You grew up in Illinois? Me too!!! Where did you live in Illinois before you moved to Florida?


  32. says

    Hey Julie!

    As far as the running goes, I’d suggest adding in a speed workout on one of your 5 mile run days. This would mean a shorter run of maybe even 3 or 4 miles but with loaded benefits! I know you don’t care about being the fastest runner there but for the sake of not boring yourself with 5 mile runs twice a week I say give it a try!

    Interval, tempo, or hills! and you could switch up which one every week if you wanted! I’d say you’d be more than set for the race if you added one of these runs in once a week! 😉


      • says

        I really enjoy Fartlek runs because they’re more fun and the time flies!

        All you do is start out with a slow jog warmup outside and then simply pick a mailbox, tree, house, whatever that is a good distance away from you and sprint to it. Once you get there go back to a slow job or fast walk until you’ve regained your breath, then look ahead and pick another point to sprint to!

        You can do these based off of time( just wanting to get in 30 minutes) or off of distance ( 3 miles maybe? since you have a garmin obv. this is easy to do)

        the point is not to focus so much on an exact distance that you sprint or recover on, but by just going by your breath and how you’re feeling. it’s easy to push yourself and sometimes I’ll pick a place to sprint to but before I get there I tell myself, “no just a little further! to the next light pole!” or something like that!

        Anyways, sorry this is so long! The other I’d really recommend is tempo runs, which are based off of time generally. e.g. would be 40 min. tempo run:
        10 min slow jog
        20 min med-high intensity run ( pushing yourself at a faster pace but not to the point of losing your breath)
        10 min slow jog and cooldown

        Tempos are really great for preparing your for your long runs as your body adapts to a faster pace for a period of time.

        If you want to get in a quick run- hills all the way! high calorie and fat burn and building strength in the butt and legs all in one! Plus they really get your heart rate up!

        Anyways, again apologizing for this being so long!
        let me know if you have any more questions! 🙂
        Love your blog!


  33. Laura@ Backstage Balance says

    Coupon: coo-pon
    Pecan: Pah-cahn
    Caramel: care-a-mel

    Fun post 🙂 I’m from Milwaukee so I have that nasaly “aaa / eeey” vowel tendency!


  34. Shephalli says

    Haha!! This is funny. So here goes – coo-pon, pah-cahn and care-mel. I have been told I pronounce the work “year” like “ear”. I tell these people that they need to get theirs checked out 🙂


  35. says

    I say:
    and I don’t say Car-mel or Care-a-mel. I say a combo: Care-mel

    My husband calls his mom, Mumma. He’s from down in the tidewater region of VA. They have their own kind of accent down there.


  36. Liz says

    Warsh! Ha! My grandma always said that, too 🙂

    I say:

    •Coupon: coo-pon
    •Pecan: Pah-cahn
    •Caramel: Car-mel

    Oh…and I say pop, too – I’m from (and still live in) Ohio 🙂


  37. Brittany says

    Hi, Julie! I have heard many times that the mileage of your weekly long run should not exceed the mileage of all your other runs during the week added up. So if you’re running an 8-mile long run, you want to make sure you run some combo of runs during the week that totals 8 miles. I guess that means that no matter what, you’re running at least 3x/week (otherwise you’d have two long runs, duh). This is the rule I follow and I always feel prepared for my fulls or halves. However, my sports med dr., who is a female 3:10 marathoner(!), thinks that there’s no harm in doing just the long run if you truly only care about finishing and not necessary finishing “strong.”


  38. Jaime says

    Coupon: Coo-pon
    Pecan: I think I combine the two versions and say it my own weird way.
    Caramel: Car-mel

    Speaking of caramel, I live in Carmel, Indiana (which is pronounced like it’s spelled…car-mel) and lately everyone I have talked to (who doesn’t live here) has said it wrong. Everyone keeps calling it car-a-mel or care-mel. I think it’s funny because it sounds exactly like it’s spelled, but it completely throws people off.

    I shouldn’t talk though because I have a MAJOR Chicago accent and am always told I say everything wrong and drag my words on forever. Even people from Chicago make fun of me! The worst part is that I haven’t lived there in 7 years and I’m pretty sure the accent just gets stronger as I get older rather than going away.


    • Carmel says

      I live in Boston but have definitely gotten into arguments with several people from Carmel, Indiana over the years about the correct pronunciation… my name is pronounced car-MEL (rhymes with Michelle) and it drives me nuts when people pronounce it like ‘car-mul!’


  39. katie says

    I am currently training for the Chicago Marathon (I’m a Chicago native, woop!) and I have recently cut my training down to just 2-3 runs a week, usually a short run, mid-lenth, and the ever important long run. I found myself getting extremely burned out and I’m more likely to be able to complete the long run if I haven’t over-exerted myself during the week. With that said, I think you will be a-ok if you skimp on a couple of the short runs and are still incorporating cross training, especially because you are already in phenomenal shape!


  40. Anne @strawberryjampackedlife. says

    Well I say coo-pon, pah-CANNES and car-mel.

    I also grew up in the midwest (Cincinnati), but have said Soda for the last maybe 8 years. I guess it has to do with my Jersey roommate in college and then moving to Virginia and then Boston. Now pop sounds so weird to me.


  41. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    The very first thing I thought about when I saw this post was Mean Girls.
    “She asked me how to spell ARNGE”


  42. Morgan says

    I just got nerdly excited. I don’t live that far from Gettysburg (not originally from the area…but still from PA). My mother in law says “warsh” all the time! It sometimes drives me insane. But my husband has a few: “keller” instead of “color”, “melk” instead of “milk”, and “amb-lee-ance” instead of “ambulance.” The poor man has to deal with a lot of teasing! 🙂


  43. says

    I’m coo-pon, pee-can, and car-mel.

    My employer says cereal in a way I have never heard before, and I twitch a little when I hear it. Rather than sear-ee-uhl, it is more like sir-ee-uhl. She says material in the same way. Never heard that before!!


  44. Brooke says

    I can’t believe your parents are from Gettysburg! I grew up there and went to school through middle school there as well. Such a small world. Have you ever been back?


  45. beth says

    running…..if you’re managing to get in your long’ll be okay. a couple of runs during the week are good, but you can just do 3 miles, not 5. my best marathon (out of 3) i did NO long runs….only ran 5 miles 4x a week…so go figure….but all your other cross-training helps with endurance so you can get by with fewer short runs…i know that too…i know someone who’s a zumba instructor and a great runner. she runs faster than me without actually running to train! just by zumba and weights.


  46. Rachel says

    When I was training for the NYC 1/2 last winter (yes it was freezing!) I did 1 shorter run during the week and every Saturday would up my long run by 1 mile until I hit 11 miles. Then start to tapper. Also, running a few miles on Sunday is helpful…it will be tougher as your muscles are repairing but just the 1 or 2 miles will definitely help you in the long run (no pun intended!)


  47. says

    For all 3 of those words, I go with the latter pronunciation.
    As for running, I just posted my 1/2 training plan which is only 3 days a week and similar to yours but with speedwork during the shorter runs and got a bunch of comments about how it was “low milage” for a 1/2 plan. I think it’ll be fine, it’s my 2nd half so I know it works mileage wise since I finished and got my time goal last year during my first. I think it might be hard to cut out much more running/mileage than what you’re already doing but you may be able to cut one of the weekly 5 milers down a mile or so. I posted my training plan a couple of days ago if you’re interested. Good luck!


  48. says

    I’m training for my third half right now and definitely think you can get away with less running! I run MAX 2-3 times per week, averaging probably 5 runs every two weeks. I usually do my long run and a 5ish mile run. If I do more it will be a quick 3 mile run.

    I say coo-pon, pah-cahn, and car-mel 🙂


  49. says

    * Coupon: coo-pon
    * Pecan: pee-can
    * Caramel: care-a-mel

    I love seeing how different people pronounce different words from different parts of the country! Although I was born not too far from Gettysburg and still live in PA and don’t say any of the words like your dad does. I think those are just his special pronunciations!


  50. Rachel says

    Just saw your guest blog on Sparkpeople today! Thinking back, I may have discovered your blog a while ago from another freelance article you had there. Great exposure for you!


  51. says

    Nice workout Julie! I am due for an upper body workout tomorrow… this is what I shall be doing 🙂
    I read the comments from yesterday’s post this morning, they just completed my morning! haha loved them

    -Pee-can (or peh cahn if I am trying to sound fancy) lol



  52. Carol says

    As soon as I read those pronunciations I said to myself “he must be from this area” (this area being Northern Baltimore County in MD — pretty close to PA, and although he’s not exactly from MD, he is close enough and the accents totally makes sense! I grew up closer to DC to the “accent” I hear around here is totally different than what I’m used to! I love accents! Thanks for sharing 😀


  53. Lauren C says

    I swear the mispronunciation of edemame is a PA thing. I live about 20 minutes from Gettysburg and no one can say it right.

    Know what else cracks me up? When people say
    Choir-practor. (Instead of chiropractor). Working in healthcare it’s so hard to keep a straight face when a patient looks at you with a solemn look and talks about their choir-practor.


  54. Katie @ The Purposeful Woman says

    You’re breakfast looks so good!! Will you come make some for me? 😉 I’m on the west coast, so I’m just having my coffee 😉 there is still time!!


  55. says

    I have the world’s strangest accent. I spent my childhood bouncing between rural North Carolina (Cuuu-oh-LINah) and Detroit, MI. I can speak in both regional accents quite well when I’m concentrating on which accent I’m using.

    My every day speech is the neutral Midwest Michigan “non-accent” as I like to call it, because I reside near Detroit now. I have a few words (pecan, for example, is pee-can and that drives my BF bonkers) that I still say in my drawl no. matter. what.

    Of course, my true-blue preferred method of speech is my Southern Belle drawl. When I get angry, excited, or when I’m praying out loud you hear my voice get softer and syrup-sweet as I dip into the accent I spent much of my little girl years developing.

    Side note: I work in a call center, and we have offices in TN as well as MI. I speak with a southern accent to our TN employees and the Midwest accent for our MI employees. Cracks my supervisor up.


  56. Kristin says

    Just a tip from someone who got injured trying to “cheat” on my half-marathon plan last winter (I work 12-hour shifts, so days I worked I wasn’t running at all, and I was changing which days I ran each week and how much, etc)…
    1. Don’t skip your week day runs. I’m sure lots of people have already said that! 😉
    2. If you are scheduled for a 5-mile run, the plan is likely meant for those miles to be subsequent rather than doing 2 in the morning and 3 in the evening. your legs need to get used to the consistent mileage without recovery in between.
    maybe you can do your gym workouts in the morning and your runs later in the day? so tough to do both sometimes, especially as your HM mileage starts increasing each week! 🙂


  57. Carmel says

    Your last question is very personal to me… PLEASE SAY CAR-A-MEL!! I have gotten stupid comments about my name (not to mention all the ridiculous innuendos guys like to think up) all my life just because people don’t pronounce caramel correctly. They’re spelled differently, so Carmel and caramel are nottt the same 🙂


  58. Kait @ One Love Run says

    i love that your parents are from gettysburg! that’s right down the road from me, and whenever we have guests visiting, my dad ALWAYS makes it a point to take them to gettysburg to see all the history! even if the freezing cold, dead middle of winter, we are hanging with the war statues. good memories!


  59. Ashley says

    My boyfriend pronounces pecan like “peck-in” purely to bother me. I tell him there are only two possible proper ways to say it but he adamantly persists in his goofball ways.

    A couple of my cousins pronounce things differently. Donut= dough-nit and peanut= pea-nit. They’re from KS but so are a lot of my other relatives and it seems to be just those two. Accents are so interesting!


  60. Caree @ Fit-Mama says

    accents are hilarious…my boss was telling me the other day that Laura wanted to talk to Jim. I said who is Laura? He said “I don’t know”. I said “well didn’t you just tell me that Laura wanted to talk to Jim” and he laughed and said “no, I said Lawyer”. ha! I guess I am still getting used to accents down here in TX!

    I am training for a 1/2 too and trying to figure out how much I want to run as well. My sis recommended if I want to run the whole thing I should run at least 4 days a week but if I want to do less then maybe consider running 10 minutes and then doing a 1 minute walk break. I really would like to run the whole thing but my problem is that I would like to try to avoid running in the dark by myself anymore (I freak myself out if I see anything weird) and I just don’t know what to do since it is still so hot out and I don’t have access to a treadmill.


  61. Miriam says

    I am giving you all a french class! 😉

    Coupon, pacane & caramel (see how french is easy!)

    Coupon: coo-pon (you don’t pronounce the n at the end)
    Pacane: Pah-ca-ne
    Caramel: Ca-ra-mel


  62. Michelle says

    Hey Julie- I’m not an expert but for my first half I ran 3x a week two 5 mile runs and one long run. For my second I did 1-2 runs during the week but they weren’t both 5 miles sometimes they were shorter. Some weeks I only ran 2x a week and I would spin for a shorter run instead of running. I ended up running my 2nd half much faster than my first and never felt fatigued or burnt out like I did for my 1st half. I used Anne’s half marathon plan from – I thought it was a really good plan. Good luck with your race! : )


  63. Jessica says

    I am a total west coast girl, born and raised, but my mom’s family is alll east coast so I say
    flar-ida instead or floor-ida and arnge instead of orange
    but i am a TOTAL stickler for care-a-mel

    my friends always say car-mul and im like NO CARE-A-MEL! It’s more fun to say in my opinion.


  64. Lindsay says

    My step dad is from Philly and pronounces stuff all sorts of wrong haha He leaves the H off of words liek Huge and says “Youge” instead. And calls my step sister (his own child! lol) “Errrin” instead of Erin. Oh and calamari is “Calimary” haha


  65. Dee says

    I use coo-pon, but when use it in a sentence when I talk to my mom, for some reason I say cue-pon! I use pah-cahn, but if I refer the the pie, oddly, I say pee-an pie, haha. Care-a-Mel is never car-mul, though 🙂 I also say day-ta and when referring to en and 66, I use root, but otherwise, I say r-owt.. Haha so strange!! Oh!! Ijust remembered that i have a friend who can’t pronounce strawberry correctly! He says starberry!! It never fails to make me laugh, and i always repeat it when i hear him say it! It’s sounds so silly! Cute I he was five year old, but college graduate? C’mon, you haaaave to laugh a little 🙂


  66. says

    Haha it’s quite funny listening to people’s different accents. A lot of my dad’s family is from the midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan), so there is a lot of nasally “a’s” with them too. My dad isn’t quite as bad as he used to be, but we still tease him sometimes when his midwestern vocab/accent comes out.


  67. Holly says

    I called soda “pop” my whole life until college–I go to college in MN, which calls it “pop” BUT I have a lot of friends here from eastern states and hearing them call it soda rubbed off on me. So now I use them interchangeable, I guess it depends on the day! Sometimes I even use both and call it “soda pop” heh.

    I also say cue-pon, pee-can, and car-mel.


  68. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    My parents immigrated to the states from Portugal and my dad still has a really thick accent. He says everything funny, which as kids we thought was hilarious. Half the time we didn’t know what he was trying to say and he’d have to say it in Portuguese for us to understand.


  69. Carrie Purchase says

    A couple years ago I ran for this charity called “Run for Heaven’s Gate” through my church. Heavens Gate is an orphanage in Inida that all the proceeds went towards. Anyways, we did 4 half marathons in the month of October. For most of my training I ran 4-5 days in the mornings, either 6 or 7 miles each day. On the weekends I did a long run, usually around 10 miles. I was always so afraid of skipping more than 2 days at a time so I never did and I think it paid off. Remember to always challenge yourself, especially when increasing miles. I suggest raising it by 2-3 miles when you do increase, instead of increasing 1 mile at a time. When October rolled around I only ran 1-2x during the week between races as the races take a toll on your body and I was still able to stay in shape for the next race, but for training, I wouldnt recommend that! Good luck with your training 🙂


  70. says

    Don’t hate on the Chicago accents!!! I love mine, haha <3

    I grew up in Chicago and lived in Wisconsin for five years, so I have a weird hybrid accent of both. Whenever I hear the Wisconsin accent popping up though (bohwt=boat, anyone?), I freak out and try to cover it up! Haha.


  71. says

    This post is awesome!! I find it interesting that you said “pop”. I have dual citizenship (Canada & US) and all my American friends & relatives say “soda” while all the Canadians say “pop” so I always thought it was just different across the border.

    I say coo-pon, pee-can, and care-a-mel 🙂


  72. says

    I’ve gotten away with training for a half marathon with just one long run per week, with cross-training during the week, and maybe one other run.

    You’ll feel better on those longer runs, though, if you do at least 2 runs during the week, but you could probably drop the mileage down to 3-4 miles!


  73. Stephanie says


    Yeah, I don’t even…apparently the way I hear my pronounciations differs from the ones you spelled out lol! Then again, I drop into a wicked Boston accent when I’m tired or drunk. Nearly intelligible lol.


  74. says

    Heehee! I love “arnge.” My Mom is from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania and after 30-odd years in Florida, still occasionally lets an “arnge” or “arn” (aka iron) slip.

    I’m born and raised in Florida but I’ve had people tell me I talk to fast to be from Florida. Maybe it’s the northerner roots I listened to growing up?

    I only say coo-pon, but the others I can say either way depending on who I’m around. I have a terrible subconcious habit of picking up the accent (and mannerisms, actually) of the person I’m talking to. I’m totally a weirdo and try to be more aware of it now!


  75. julie brown says

    I moved from Illinois to Florida as well! To Ormond Beach actually.

    I still say pop- although I usually have to follow it up with “soda” when they say what?


  76. jaci says


    I think a lot of people vary on what they call the TV remote. My whole life I always just called it the remote, but one of my best friends in high school called it the clicker and a roommate in college called it the channel changer.


  77. says

    I wish I had some advice about the running, but I am a terrible runner myself! Sometimes I think it’s mental and that I could run farther if I believed I could. Any ideas for getting over the mental hurdle when you are not an experienced long distance runner (but in good shape otherwise)?


  78. says

    I’m from Chicago and never heard “maaam” over “mom” when I was there. Although, I still say pop and get so much crap for it. And people tell me I have a Northern accent but I’m not sure what that means.

    I was totally thinking Boston accent when I first read “Maaam” !


  79. says

    From Kansas City, Missouri:
    Pah-cahn (got a lot of crap for that when I lived in SC)

    Question about your strength training – do you go through everything once and then repeat the whole thing two more times, or do you do each exercise’s 3 sets at once, take a few seconds break in between each set and then move on to the next?


  80. Ida says

    Maybe you could do one 6-7miler during the week and one 3-4 miler. that way you still get in 10 during the week and on the 3-4mile day you can still do weight stuff. I do think you want to run 3 days per week.


  81. Kanoe says

    I pronounce “Coupon” as “Coo-pon”, Pecan as “Pah-cahn”, & Caramel as “Care-a-mel”. Always wondered though what was the right pronunciation of the last too hmmm… 😉 . B-fast looked Yummy! I’ll have to try it sometime. Your workout also begs a “try” as well. Thanks for all the helpful hints on this blog. They ROCK! 😀


  82. Lizzy says

    My friends say I pronounce “calendar” wrong … i think i pronounce the ‘cal’ the same way you used to pronounce ‘maaaam’ Oops!

    ps – today is national peanut day! 🙂


  83. Stephanie says

    I call carbonated beverages “pop” and everyone makes fun of me! But really you don’t call the machine they come out of a soda machine, it’s a pop machine!

    My dad says “renember” instead of “remember.” So embarrassing. Also, I’m pretty sure everyone in my family says “warsh,” it’s even worse when we go on vacation and I hear my mom telling people we’re from “Warshington State.” They’re also terrible with names (pronunciation and spelling) no matter how many times you correct them.


  84. says


    I grew up outside of Chicago with Texans for parents, so I say the oddest mis-mash of words.

    I can’t pronounce pin and pen differently, nor say tin and ten correctly. I say yall, but still have that God-awful Chicago way of saying ‘mom’.

    Isn’t speech so interesting?!


  85. says

    I pronounce everything the exact opposite as you do! Born and raised in New York and now living in the south. By the way, one thing that I do since moving down here is I accentuate the “um” in umbrella. It’s an UM-brella here in South Carolina. 😉


  86. says

    Your new workout plan looks awesome! I love finding new things to do in the weight room for my workouts, I’ll have to try this one!
    I say:

    When I was little my friend used to always say AXE instead of ASK. It would drive me nuts!


  87. Merri says

    My rule of thumb when training for race is never to take more than 2 days off in a row. If I stick to that method, I ALWAYS feel good during and after my practice runs. I feel that consistency is more important than distance (if I had to choose one), however it is important to get those higher mileage runs in…so maybe only 5-6 miles once a week, the rest of your runs 2-4 miles, and one long run of course.




  88. Shanna says

    I’m training for a half-marathon too and my training plan calls for 3 days of running: 1 Saturday morning long run, 1 recovery run on Sundays, and speed work on Wednesday. The speed work day has lower mileage, but is fast, so it ends up being a great, not to mention my favorite, work out since it’s the shortest and I can do some strength work after. My plan also incorporates 1 day of cross-training. The other 3 days are “rest” days, so I use them for light cross-training/cardio, yoga, and strength training. This is a beginners plan though, and some intermediate/advanced training plans will have you run 4-5 days per week. Hope this helps!


  89. says

    LOL I loved this pronunciation stuff!! I just graduated with a linguistics major and this is one of the fun things we tackle in class. 😛 So funny how we all think one way is the right way, but in English (esp. American), there really isn’t one! Unless you’re REALLY off haha 😛

    I say cou-pawn instead of cue-pawn.


  90. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    Ha love this! I say those words the same as you too!

    What about comfortable? I always hear people saying it differently. Either com-for-table or comf-table? Ha!


  91. Isabel says

    pee-can or pe-cahn (like to switch it up if I feel real country lol)

    Oh and in Texas we also say ‘Coke’ and not ‘soda’ or ‘pop’. LIke:”Can you get me a coke?” “Sure. What kind?” “Oh Dr. Pepper” lol


  92. Ryan @ Aloha Appetite says

    I laugh every time I hear my born and bred St. Louis husband say “warsh”. I’m coo-pon, pee-can, and care-a-mel.

    I’m not sure if I’m in the minority, but have you ever been around someone so frequently that you pick up their accent? I’m terrible with this! I take on the accents of my girlfriends from Michigan and South Carolina. My brain doesn’t even know what it’s original accent was. LOL.


  93. Erin says

    I am from Idaho and I say cue-pon, peh-cahn and car-mel. I also say “pop” and totally resisted changing to “soda” when I went to school in Southern CA. My biggest pronunciation pet peeve is “EYE-talian” for Italian… you wouldn’t be in EYE-taly if you went to Rome! 🙂 ALSO: for those of you who visit Idaho, and go to Boise, it is “Boy-see” not “Boy-zee”. Just a tip 🙂

    As for the training, I think that it would be detrimental to run less than 3x a week. Cross training is great, but it doesn’t mimic running and cannot substitute for just putting in the miles! Sorry 😉


  94. says


    I’m a Boston girl…so I don’t pronounce my R’s
    It’s awful, I cringe when I see movies like The Town or The Departed and say “God I hope I don’t sound like that…”


  95. Dolce says

    I would just like to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your blog! Funny story, I stumbled upon it last night as I was at my computer…dipping my finger x243535 into the peanut butter jar. I actually tried one of your treadmill interval workouts today and it was a doozy, but felt sooooo good! It’s nice to find another person that loves peanut butter as much as I do (which is ALOT)! 🙂
    And I’m from good old Texas, and pronounce them cue-pon, pah-cahn, and care-a-mel.


  96. says

    I’m from just outside of Gettysburg, so I probably sound a lot like your dad. Aside from pronunciations, I always get strange looks when I say I’m going to “pick up my room” (clean) and “rutch over” (scooch) 🙂


  97. Nicole says

    I saw war-sh, I always thought it was Baltimore/MD thing because that is how my Dad says it, maybe just a MD/PA thing!?

    I also say coo-pon, pee-can and care-a-mel.


  98. Shan says

    So funny about the Chicago accent!!! I’m from a Chicago burb, Plainfield to be exact, and I moved to Tampa in 2000. Never knew I had an accent!! Then my first week of college everyone kept asking me to say words like “class” and “ass”, and totally cracking up as I said them lol. Ive since taught myself to say “soda” instead of “pop”, but my accent still makes appearances at times when too much alcohol is consumed or I spend too much time visiting home!


  99. Jennifer says

    As a K4 teacher, I am in awe of your parents and the longevity of their relationship!

    I love crazy pronunciations…but even better…my husband is from PR and says “foil paper” for aluminum foil, “fishes” for fish regardless of the amounts, and “shrimps” for more then one shrimp. He has lived in FL since 1983 but I still have to remind him of our gloriously crazy English language rules =).

    As far as the running…I had a friend who recently completed a half and did zero running in her training and shaved over ten minutes off her time. All strength, plyo, lots of core work, and yoga. I think as long as you are in shape and have strong leg and core muscles you will do awesome!


  100. says

    I say– cue-pon, pee-can, and care-a-mal. It’s so funny how different some people’s accents are. My boyfriend grew up 2 hours away from me and I say “ORANGE” and he says, “ARRNGE”. It makes me laugh everytime he says it.


  101. says

    I did this arms workout this morning and it was amazing! My upper body is definitely feeling it! Thanks so much for the workout inspiration – my weight lifting has definitely fallen to the wayside and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am not sure about what exercises to do to maximize my time in the weight room!



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