Orange = Arnge?

I got such a kick out of reading about your funky pronunciations last night! So many of your comments made me laugh out loud because I feel like my dad pronounces a lot of words the way some of you guys do.

  • Orange = Arnge
  • Wash = Warsh

The poor man also cannot pronounce edamame for the life of him and says “chimney” like “chimley.”

bob bream julie fagan

He’s from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in case you were wondering… but my mom is too (they were in the same kindergarten class) and she somehow managed to leave Pennsylvania without these funny pronunciations.

When I moved to Florida from Illinois in 2003, I got made fun of all the time for the way I said “mom.” I pronounced it “maaam” (Chicago accent, baby!) and also said “pop” instead of soda. I think I now say mom with the proper “o” instead of the nasally “a” and I’ve converted saying “soda” as well. I guess eight years in Florida will change ya!


Today’s workout was day two on my new workout plan. I started my workout with a two-mile run before hitting the weights to complete this upper-body workout:

  • Superset one: Front shoulder raises, Tricep dips
  • Superset two: Chest press, Upright row
  • Superset three: Bicep curls, Tricep extensions
  • Superset four: Overhead press, Barbell row
  • Tricep pulldowns
  • Bicep curls (3 minutes)
  • Mac raises (<—Learned this one from BodyPump!)
  • Lat pulldowns

I did three sets of 15 repetitions of every exercise.

My arms felt nice and fatigued by the end of that workout! I’m already loving this new workout plan. I needed something new to rejuvenate my workouts and I have a feeling this is going to be a good change.

Now I just have to cram in a three mile run sometime today to get my total of five miles in to stay on track for my half marathon training plan. We’ll see if that happens!

To all of  you expert runners out there, right now I have myself doing two week-day runs at five miles in addition to one long run on Saturday. Any chance I can get away with running less during the week? I’d love your input. I’m not running for a specific time. My goal is to simply run the whole thing and cross the finish line without wanting to die.


Today’s meal looks awfully similar to yesterday’s breakfast!

turkey bacon 003

Apparently frying eggs after cooking turkey bacon makes the eggs get all funky looking and spotty. Still tasty, though!

turkey bacon 004

Question of the Morning

How do you pronounce…

  • Coupon: Cue-pon or coo-pon?
  • Pecan: Pah-cahn or pee-can?
  • Caramel: Car-mel or care-a-mel?

My answers: Cue-pon, pah-can and car-mel.


  1. Shanna says

    I’m training for a half-marathon too and my training plan calls for 3 days of running: 1 Saturday morning long run, 1 recovery run on Sundays, and speed work on Wednesday. The speed work day has lower mileage, but is fast, so it ends up being a great, not to mention my favorite, work out since it’s the shortest and I can do some strength work after. My plan also incorporates 1 day of cross-training. The other 3 days are “rest” days, so I use them for light cross-training/cardio, yoga, and strength training. This is a beginners plan though, and some intermediate/advanced training plans will have you run 4-5 days per week. Hope this helps!


  2. says

    LOL I loved this pronunciation stuff!! I just graduated with a linguistics major and this is one of the fun things we tackle in class. 😛 So funny how we all think one way is the right way, but in English (esp. American), there really isn’t one! Unless you’re REALLY off haha 😛

    I say cou-pawn instead of cue-pawn.


  3. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    Ha love this! I say those words the same as you too!

    What about comfortable? I always hear people saying it differently. Either com-for-table or comf-table? Ha!


  4. Isabel says

    pee-can or pe-cahn (like to switch it up if I feel real country lol)

    Oh and in Texas we also say ‘Coke’ and not ‘soda’ or ‘pop’. LIke:”Can you get me a coke?” “Sure. What kind?” “Oh Dr. Pepper” lol


  5. Ryan @ Aloha Appetite says

    I laugh every time I hear my born and bred St. Louis husband say “warsh”. I’m coo-pon, pee-can, and care-a-mel.

    I’m not sure if I’m in the minority, but have you ever been around someone so frequently that you pick up their accent? I’m terrible with this! I take on the accents of my girlfriends from Michigan and South Carolina. My brain doesn’t even know what it’s original accent was. LOL.


  6. Erin says

    I am from Idaho and I say cue-pon, peh-cahn and car-mel. I also say “pop” and totally resisted changing to “soda” when I went to school in Southern CA. My biggest pronunciation pet peeve is “EYE-talian” for Italian… you wouldn’t be in EYE-taly if you went to Rome! :) ALSO: for those of you who visit Idaho, and go to Boise, it is “Boy-see” not “Boy-zee”. Just a tip :)

    As for the training, I think that it would be detrimental to run less than 3x a week. Cross training is great, but it doesn’t mimic running and cannot substitute for just putting in the miles! Sorry 😉


  7. says


    I’m a Boston girl…so I don’t pronounce my R’s
    It’s awful, I cringe when I see movies like The Town or The Departed and say “God I hope I don’t sound like that…”


  8. Dolce says

    I would just like to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your blog! Funny story, I stumbled upon it last night as I was at my computer…dipping my finger x243535 into the peanut butter jar. I actually tried one of your treadmill interval workouts today and it was a doozy, but felt sooooo good! It’s nice to find another person that loves peanut butter as much as I do (which is ALOT)! :)
    And I’m from good old Texas, and pronounce them cue-pon, pah-cahn, and care-a-mel.


  9. says

    I’m from just outside of Gettysburg, so I probably sound a lot like your dad. Aside from pronunciations, I always get strange looks when I say I’m going to “pick up my room” (clean) and “rutch over” (scooch) :)


  10. Nicole says

    I saw war-sh, I always thought it was Baltimore/MD thing because that is how my Dad says it, maybe just a MD/PA thing!?

    I also say coo-pon, pee-can and care-a-mel.


  11. Shan says

    So funny about the Chicago accent!!! I’m from a Chicago burb, Plainfield to be exact, and I moved to Tampa in 2000. Never knew I had an accent!! Then my first week of college everyone kept asking me to say words like “class” and “ass”, and totally cracking up as I said them lol. Ive since taught myself to say “soda” instead of “pop”, but my accent still makes appearances at times when too much alcohol is consumed or I spend too much time visiting home!


  12. Jennifer says

    As a K4 teacher, I am in awe of your parents and the longevity of their relationship!

    I love crazy pronunciations…but even better…my husband is from PR and says “foil paper” for aluminum foil, “fishes” for fish regardless of the amounts, and “shrimps” for more then one shrimp. He has lived in FL since 1983 but I still have to remind him of our gloriously crazy English language rules =).

    As far as the running…I had a friend who recently completed a half and did zero running in her training and shaved over ten minutes off her time. All strength, plyo, lots of core work, and yoga. I think as long as you are in shape and have strong leg and core muscles you will do awesome!


  13. says

    I say– cue-pon, pee-can, and care-a-mal. It’s so funny how different some people’s accents are. My boyfriend grew up 2 hours away from me and I say “ORANGE” and he says, “ARRNGE”. It makes me laugh everytime he says it.


  14. says

    I did this arms workout this morning and it was amazing! My upper body is definitely feeling it! Thanks so much for the workout inspiration – my weight lifting has definitely fallen to the wayside and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am not sure about what exercises to do to maximize my time in the weight room!



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