Bob Barker and Irrational Fears

Today’s lunch was a bowl of secret sauce with whole wheat ziti, broccoli and meatballs (no picture since I assume you guys are over all the saucy pics and I was feeling lazy).

Instead I thought I’d present you with a new smoothie recipe since I made myself a delicious smoothie for a snack around 10 a.m.

strawberry orange smoothie

In the mix:

  • 2/3 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Splash of half & half for creaminess
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 packet vanilla Instant Breakfast
  • 1/4 pint raspberries

orange strawberry smoothie

This one was a winner! Definitely not substantial enough to constitute a meal, but it was a great snack.

Bob Barker

It’s no secret on this blog that Sadie cracks me up every day. Her antics never cease to amaze me.

A lot of my laughter stems from Sadie’s lack of courage. She’s easily spooked by the most random things.

Her current arch nemesis is this little guy that’s floating around in our pool.

scary shark 001

She hates him and is convinced he is going to cause her serious harm.

We named the sunglasses-wearing shark thingy Bob Barker, in reference to Adam Sandler’s line in Happy Gilmore where he says, “I hate that Bob Barker,” since we’re pretty sure that’s what Sadie says every time she sees him.

Occasionally I’ll let Sadie out on the porch when I’m right inside the kitchen and inevitably, within five minutes, she’s barking up a storm, clearly trying to rip Bob Barker apart with her nasty words and trash talk.

Apparently I should put her in a Thundershirt every time I let her on the porch.

Irrational Fears

Sadie’s fear of Bob Barker got me thinking about some of my irrational fears.

I am claustrophobic. 

I’ve never particularly liked small, enclosed spaces, but I didn’t realize just how much enclosed spaces affected me until a trip to Epcot with Ryan a couple years ago.


(Throwback pic! Tram ride to Epcot in 2007.)

The first line we waited in at the park was for Mission Space, a motion simulator thrill ride. I saw signs warning riders about motion sickness as we waited, but nothing about small spaces.

We got into the little “cabin” (I don’t what what you’d actually call it) and were strapped in as the screens came in close to our faces (closer than in the below picture).

mission space

The side doors locked us in completely.

The ride didn’t start. I started to feel trapped. I couldn’t get out of my seat and I began sweating and breathing heavily.

“I want to get out,” I said to Ryan.

“It’s okay. It’s going to start in a second,” he said.

It didn’t. It was delayed.

“Seriously, I need to get out of here. How do I get out?” I said, my voice becoming breathy and more panicked.

Ryan knew then that I was serious. He told me there was an emergency exit button he could press.

“PRESS IT!” I yelled.

“Okay, there isn’t a button, I just told you that so you’d feel better. I don’t know what to do.”

(We laugh hysterically about this now, but at the time I was freaking out.)

Right after that, the ride began and air started blowing in my face. I closed my eyes and breathed my way through the experience.

I honestly couldn’t shake the feeling for the rest of our day at Epcot. I knew I was acting completely irrationally, but I just couldn’t stand feeling trapped in such a small, enclosed space with no way out.

I now really hate most small, enclosed spaces and really dislike elevators. When they take too long to start, I feel incredibly antsy. (It doesn’t help that my sister and I got stuck in one for a few minutes during our trip to Europe.)

I think this fear is similar to the ones certain people have with heights or flying in an airplane. You know in your head that your fear is irrational and logically you know you have no reason to be scared, but you just can’t talk yourself out of your panicky feelings.

Question of the Afternoon

  • Do you have any irrational fears?


      • Annie says

        ditto to the LOL.

        i’m afraid of cockroaches. bring me a spider and i’ll squash a biotch, but at the slightest hint of a roach, my legs simultaneously turn to jello AND i want to climb walls. or, in most cases, the nearest person. GMTFO.


        • Katie May says

          AH! A palmetto bug fell on my neck (from the ceiling i guess) while I was washing my face one night and started crawling up my face!!! I screamed so loud that my husband ran in thinking that I had been attacked by an intruder or something! ick, i feel all creepy-crawly just thinking of it! I’m irrationally terrified of large groups of people – i start to feel claustrophobic when there’s too many people invading my bubble. lol


    • says

      Ditto to the worms! I remember coming home from some high school event back in the day and my friends drove me home. It was raining all day and my driveway was COVERED in worms. My friend Dave ended up carrying me from the car to the front door. Stepping on them would’ve seriously made me lose my sh*t.


  1. Mallory @ It's Only Life says

    Oh man, I have so many irrational fears. Some of them are quite ridiculous- too embarassing to even post! Don’t worry! Claustrophobia is quite normal


  2. Katie says

    Snakes! Even seeing the word gives me the creeps! =0 I sometimes have a completely irrational fear that there is a snake in my bed when I wake up in the middle of the night. And well, the fear that there will be a snake in the toilet! I know- gross!


  3. marie says

    Spiders. People always say I over react but I cant help it. If I see one I feel like I cant move. I cant kill them myself, or get rid of them (even if theyre already dead.) Oh and if one touches me, its all gone from there. Not one other bug freaks me out, I can deal with roaches and frogs and mice, just dont show me a spider.


  4. says

    I have irrational fears about tons of small things. I don’t like taking off or landing in an airplane. I get really antsy when I take big trips and I have more anxiety over everything that I am taking more than the trip itself. I have an irrational fear of someone touching my collar bones and I freak out if the seat belt rubs it the wrong way. Don’t judge me 😉


  5. says

    I have an irrational fear of cats…for real! Even stuffed toy versions freak me out! I can’t even explain why but I’ve been like this for as long as i can remember. I’m guessing I had a bad experience in my past life!


  6. says

    I’m afraid of ferris wheels I refuse to go on them! I also am terrified of grates on sidewalks in the city, I will not walk on them, I fear if I do I will fall in it terrifies me to watch people walk over them and I pull family members or friends away from them


  7. JessieBee says

    Spiders! One time you had a post about a hike you went on and up popped a big monster spider photo (my scalp is crawling just thinking back to it)…I didn’t read you blog for about a week after that…I also will not click on links you included that say anything about hiking because I might see HIM again. I may need help…


  8. Rebecca says

    Yes! My fears are so ridiculous, they can get really annoying but I can’t help but get panicky and antsy. Some include small spaces like you, car rides (I have an intense fear of getting in an accident and NEVER can just relax on a road trip or even a short trip!!), and bugs. Oh, and fish. If I see a creepy crawler, I need someone to get it or I can’t relax and keep watch on it lol and if I go swimming in the ocean or something and a fish gets close, I tweak! Told ya they’re annoyin 🙂


    • Beth says

      And also scorpions. The apartment community where I work/live has them because we’re near the woods. That picture you posted the other day…had I seen that I probably would’ve peed my pants.


  9. Heather says

    That is HYSTERICAL that Sadie is so scared of the pool shark. Poor baby!

    Oh my goodness! I totally did the same thing on that ride. My dad and I went to Epcot together and once we stepped foot into that ride, I started to get VERY claustrophobic. Well, the ride started, I cried, and then I tried to enjoy it. It didn’t work. Haha. I think now, knowing what the experience was like, I would probably try going on it again.


  10. says

    I’m actually scared of being in elevators with other people. I don’t know why, makes just such a small space with a stranger?

    I’m also terrified of driving over water. I have an irrational fear of the car going over the side and plunging into the water.


  11. says

    I get kind of antsy in small spaces. Tanning beds and saunas are both out of the question for me – I’m so afraid that I’ll accidentally get locked in!

    My other big, huge fear is cockroaches and bees. Those arent irrational, I guess, but they’re pretty bad. I actually tell people I’m allergic to bees so I have some sort of excuse for my huuuuuuge air-waving, hand-flapping, squealing-and-running reaction to any flying, pointy-butted insect.


  12. says

    I get the heebies with roaches. Paul will have to take care of them for me. I’ll trap them under a cup but he has to take care of them when he gets home. Thankfully I don’t see them too often in my house!

    Spiders on the other hand I will catch them and put them outside. You know very well the mosquito issue we have here. Any bug that will eat other bugs is ok by me….living OUTSIDE my house that is!

    Snakes and other animals like that don’t bother me too much. I worked at a pet shop as my first job and would wear the snake around my neck just to freak some customers out :D…I was naughty!


  13. Kelly says

    The more I read your blog the more Alike I realize we are! I too am afraid of small spaces. I despise elevators and avoid them like the plague. And that ride in Disney scares the crap of you before you even get on, your doomed from the beginning


  14. Becky says

    It’s not just the claustrophobia, that ride made me incredibly motion sick. I happened to go on during the soft opening with my family before it officially opened and they were still testing it out. I think that was the closest I ever felt to dying. For the real opening, the added air bags, made it less intense and added a second version. I had no idea going in what it would be like at all! I love Disney but that ride should be taken out.


  15. says

    Being tickled. It is an awful and terrifying when someone tries to tickle me and I have been known to hit and kick in order to defend myself. There have actually been times when I end up in the fetal position on the ground and been close to crying, trying to protect myself from those horrible tickle monsters!


  16. says

    I’m with you on the claustrophobia. I actually discovered it at a ride at Universal Studios. Yay for theme parks 🙂

    There’s also flying – which I tolerate and is completely related to having a loss of control. I almost had a massive panic attack last Friday on the way back from DC. I seriously think pilots share way too much information. Ignorance is bliss!!


  17. Katherine says

    I have an irrational fear of having the person behind me fall when I’m walking down the stairs and knocking me down. I feel like I am in control of myself while walking, but what if the person behind me is distracted or clumsy?!

    I also hate being in an enclosed space with a lot of people. I went to a concert last night and the only exits were at the end of a long, narrow hallway. I was trying to hide it, but I was definitely having a mild panic attack.


  18. says

    I HATE that ride! I got on it the morning after the Wine & Dine Half marathon last year and almost threw up. I hate being in crowds when you can barely move and people you don’t know are touching you. I’m always surprised when I can handle standing by myself in a crowded corral at the beginning of a race!


  19. says

    Escalators! I can cope with them now but I always get the fear just before I go on them and see my life sort of flash before my eyes. I also fear getting frost bit in winter (Ireland doesn’t get that cold so it’s quite irrational, but there are times I feel my fingers might just fall off!)


  20. says

    I’m definitely claustrophobic. I didnt know until high school when I got put all the way into an MRI machine which is basically this loud small tight tube. And I dropped the panic ball that you squeeze to let them know you are about to go apeshit in there. It was soooo bad.

    I also hate hate hate spiders. I got bit in the face when I was a kid and half of my face swelled up. Now when I see them I scream “ANIMAL!!!” and run away.

    I also have a phobia of wet grass. It creeps me out! I dont know why.

    And frogs.

    I’m a hot mess.


  21. says

    I wouldn’t say it’s a fear, but I am severely grossed out by other people’s hair. Not like on their head, but if I see pieces of it on the floor or in my space. That’s why I was a terrible roomie when I had to share a bathroom. Oye!


  22. says

    My dog is afraid of hats that aren’t baseball caps. I always thought she was just barking at people who she knew were “bad”, but when I bought an obnoxiously large beach hat she freaked and ripped it to shreads. I was mad at first, but then realized she was really scared and was facing her fear. That and saving me from a potentially bad fashion disaster.

    Small spaces freak me out too. And they blew air in your face? I can’t be in an elevator with more than 3 people or I flip my sh__!


  23. says

    I’m claustrophobic too. In fact, I am having some medical tests done tomorrow that require me to be in an enclosed tube, and they are prescribing Valium for me to take beforehand! I also have an irrational fear of clowns. They are just plain creepy.


  24. says

    The same exact thing happened to me when I went on Mission Space too! I vowed never again to go on that ride. It was beyond awful. I don’t like the feeling of being claustrophobic either. It’s an awful feeling!


  25. says

    Heights. I hate them. For some reason whenever I’m on a balcony or something I always picture myself having some sort of spasm big enough to launch myself over the railing. Really emphasizes the “irrational” part of “irrational fear.”


  26. says

    I have two irrational fears: bridges and crickets. I hate driving over, walking on, or being under bridges (or any kind of overpass really). Here in TX the overpasses are SO HIGH in the air and that just adds to it. If I’m not driving, I close my eyes until I’m back on solid ground. When I’m stuck under them I worry that they’ll fall onto me.

    The other one is kinda random, but I really really hate crickets. I hate how they make so much noise and they freak the heck out of me whenever I’m around one b/c they’re so spazzy and you never know when one is going to jump onto you. We had one in our apartment this weekend. You can imagine how I handled that.


    • Emily says

      I used to be afraid of vomiting but I’ve gotten much better about it (thanks freshman year of college!) but I have a serious phobia of other people vomiting.

      It’s 100% irrational and I can’t even articulate what it is that I’m afraid of but I’m like George Costanza in that episode of Seinfeld where he throws the elderly woman out of the way to get out of a burning building. I would jump out of a moving car if I thought someone was going to throw up.

      Like I said, totally irrational and yet, debilitating.


  27. says

    I’m afraid of vomiting. Maybe it’s not THAT irrational, but there was a point in my life where it really was. I wouldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep it was so bad. Now, I just freak out big time if I think I’m going to vomit. Needless to say, I haven’t in like ten years.


  28. says

    I have the same exact fear! I hate small spaces. I worked in restaurants for YEARS and refused to go into the walk-in refrigerators. Sometimes people would play jokes and hold the doors closed, but I would get to tears in an instant if anyone did that to me.


  29. Laurie says

    Oh Julie I’m just like you! I hate elevators and too enclosed anything!!! Once my husband and I got on a simulated roller coaster (it was at a arcade) and that top came down, I was freaking out! And after it was over, it took awhile for the top to open and I started yelling please please get this &@#! thing off!! My husband thought I was a basket case! 🙂


  30. says

    Since I was a child I’ve been TERRIBLY afraid of cats–everyone laughs at me when I tell them until they see the way I act when a cat is near by. I always explain it to people like: I’d much rather for a person to take a gun and shoot me, then ever be in a room with or touch a cat. I can’t look at cat pictures, hear cats, etc.

    I hate that I have this fear. I wasn’t able to visit certain places in both Egypt and Turkey because those cultures have an affinity for cats and I couldn’t deal. So many other things get affected too, sigh. I’ve been thinking about going to a hypnotist…I need this to go away!


  31. says

    yes. every time i add ice into my vitamix through the top hole while it is blending, i think my wedding ring is going to fall in. i usually add the ice with my right hand for this very reason. i’m weird.


  32. says

    I very much dislike being in large crowds of people. It’s sort of claustrophobia, but small spaces without people don’t bother me. It’s the being bumped into over and over that gives me major anxiety.

    I also have an irrational dislike of square plates. I’m most definitely not afraid of them…but I just don’t like the way they look for no good reason. 🙂


  33. says

    Haha- I love the Epcot story! My irrational fear, which I don’t think is so irrational, is flying. Every little bump, I convince myself the plane is about to fall from the sky. When I flew for the first time with my boyfriend, I was so panicked that he told me I was starting to give him anxiety. I think I need to have a glass of wine pre-flight to calm my nerves, because it’s ugly!!


  34. says

    1. I am afraid of Oompa Loompas. No, I’m not kidding.

    2. On a more “serious” note, I have a crazy intense fear of large crowds. I hate leaving sporting games or concerts, but I had no idea that this was an actual fear until last fall. My boyfriend, his sister, and I went to the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally in DC last October, and the crowd was GINORMOUS. We got stuck in the middle for a few minutes (I’m talking people pressed ON me, on all sides), and I started shaking, hyperventilating, and crying. I was clutching my boyfriend’s hand, and finally I just screamed at him, “You HAVE to get me out of here NOW.” Even after he pulled me away from the major group of people, I was shaking for nearly an hour. Even thinking about it makes me nervous!


  35. Sabina says

    Bridges and heights. I can’t explain it – or what ever happened in my childhood – but i hate driving over bridges. Major panic attack. My husband has learned to live with my wierdness. Road trips to NYC can be a challange, and we have to switch drivers so that he drives when we hit a bridge. And no radio can be on. and no talking. Driver must keep both hands on the wheel at all times. and only drive in the middle lane . God forbid there are only two lanes. No looking over the side and saying ” how pretty”.


  36. says

    I recently stumbled upon your blog, and I absolutely adore it! This post made me laugh, mainly because I share your irrational ride fear. My main issue is with the rides that lock you in while standing and spin really fast. I panic if I get on one of those…Also elevators and airplanes.

    Here’s a tip if you’re ever in a claustrophobic situation again: focus on tangible items and label them to yourself. “I see a TV screen, I see a … “, and so on. Really helps take your mind off the irrational fear.

    Also, a few things my dog is irrationally afraid of: plastic bags, keys, inanimate lawn objects (think plastic rocks). Sadie’s not alone 🙂


  37. Danielle says

    I really hate crowds! I think it’s the fact that I’m only 5’1″ and my face is at “elbow jab to the nose” height. (it’s happened more than once…) I have gotten really good at the whole “dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge” thing. 😉
    Crowds also make me very claustrophobic because I can’t see my way out of them!


  38. Jennifer Sisk says

    I have a few irrational fears. I’m deathly afraid of needles and honestly, most hospital equipment, smells and noises. Seriously, don’t bring me if you’re ever in a medical crisis. Chances are, I’ll pass out faster than you. Lord help me if I ever have children!

    I’m also insane about people touching my armpits. I can’t stand it. When I was little, I hated to be picked up because I didn’t like that people put their hands in my armpits. Ugh…gives me the willies.

    I also agree with the previous poster about the insanely high overpasses here in TX. All I can envision is my car falling off of them! Yikes!


  39. Britt says

    I’ve been on that ride! I was having a panic attack the whole time. It was horrible. I don’t do small spaces either.

    I also recently re-developed my fear of flying, which is awesome since I have 2 “travel seasons” at work where I’m basically flying somewhere every other weekend. I know that turbulence is perfectly normal, but it still scares me to death every time we hit a bump.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with these irrational fears.


  40. Baby's Moon says

    Heights, flying, elevators/escalators, high bridges, snakes & bad thunderstorms/tornados ~ can Sadie loan me her thundershirt? 😉


  41. says

    Oddly enough I went to Epcot this past June with my fiance and we loved that ride…but I can TOTALLY understand how freaky it would be if I was scared of tight spaces. I guess my irrational fear would be large bugs…I absolutely HATE them and I know that I am bigger and I can just step on them but something inside of my totally freaks me out and makes me panic. I am also slightly afraid of the dark….


  42. Kara says

    I have this weird fear of muscle shots like tetanus. I can give blood all day long and see the needle go into my vein and I barely flinch, but when it comes to a needle going into my precious muscles….FORGET IT!


  43. Vicky says

    I too am extremely claustrophobic!! I discovered this when I went to get an MRI done and was enclosed in the machine. I was perfectly fine but as soon as they shut me in I freaked out!! I started squeezing the little emergency thing they give you and just started crying hysterically! They pulled me out immediately and I was so embarrassed with how I reacted. Yeah can’t do those anymore.
    To add to my phobia… the elevators at my work are ALWAYS messing up and getting stuck. I have had a few incidents in which I have been stuck in them and with in seconds I feel a shortness of breath. Worst feeling ever. Gladly they don’t get stuck for long… but I’m sure if it did I would be clawing my way out. LOL.
    I am making mental note to not go on that Mission Space ride whenever I go back!!


  44. says

    Sometimes, when I am unlucky, I am the one that has to put the trash in the dumpster (now that I live alone, that is all the time).

    My most irrational fear during those times is that a squirrel who is eating dinner or something will leap out at me when I go to put my trash in the dumpster and ATTACK!!

    I’m pretty certain that wouldn’t happen, but the slight possibility gets my heart in my throat.


  45. Emily says

    Love your blog Julie, your so cute!! I am afraid of birds and I know it is so ridiculous. I have been afraid for my entire life. Now that I am an adult my friends and my family and I try to laugh about it and I try to keep my cool, but if its just me and my husband and people are feeding birds at the beach I will totally make us move away from such people! Its a true phobia 😉


  46. says

    Getting in a car accident. Seriously. I always expect to have another car crash into mine which makes driving with other people not fun – I don’t worry as much when I’m driving because I’m in some form of control. I’ve been in 7 so it’s something I have dealt with several times and it definitely makes breathing harder while in a car (especially around Boston).


  47. Cait says

    i have a huge fear of balloons. the anxiety i get is just overwhelming because i’m sensitive to loud noises and the anticipation of the ‘pop’ just freaks me out. it makes my family laugh, but its not funny for me 😉


  48. says

    Yikes.. I am sure it wasn’t funny for Ryan to make up his own emergency exit button at the time.. but it sure is funny, now!

    I have a huge fear of birds. I hate them. I think they are going to fly down at me and peck my eyes out. I can’t go near them in pet stores and think people who do those bird things in Europe are out of their minds. Everything things it is hilarious.. and birds tend to swoop down at me like they know….


  49. says

    I have a weird thing about car accidents. Not when I’m driving, but when other people drive- especially when the driver tends to break later than I do. I know we’re safe, but I hate not being able to predict what the driver’s going to do next. My husband hates it. I try not to be rude (when I’m riding with someone I don’t know really well I just try to not look at the road), but my husband can always tell when I’m scared, even if I don’t say anything.


  50. Laurel says

    The same exact thing happened to me on Mission Space, as well. We even did the wimpy side and I had no idea that I would be locked in like that, and for so long. I tried asking the couple next to us if they were on it before and if it usually takes this long to start up, but they didn’t speak english. I don’t even remember the ride because I had my eyes closed the entire time. I don’t think I will ever be able to ride it again.


    • Jordan says

      Also, a plethora of past car issues has pretty much made me terrified of driving my car anywhere. I feel SO stressed the entire time and every time I get a whiff of oil or other car smells on the road, I immediately assume it’s my own car, breaking down or on the brink of explosion or something. Needless to say, long road trips make me very uneasy.


  51. Jordan says

    I’ve recently realized that I am a bit of a hypochondriac. Every time something feels slightly off or abnormal, I’m on the internet, searching my symptoms, usually coming up with some serious disease I just might have contracted overnight. Take a few weeks ago for example: I woke up and my hands were tingling and numb. After a few hours I started to get worried. I Googled it and saw that tingling and numbness can be a symptom of MS. I seriously began to worry that I had gotten MS out of nowhere. Yep.


  52. dee says

    I’m so glad you shared this! I recently had to experience my irrational fear. I had an (ex)boyfriend break up with me over it because he thought I was being childish and selfish..haha, its so funny thinking back on it. Here’s the new story: Just last week, my boyfriend and somefriends wanted to go bowling. So I thought “okay, I don’t bowl, but I’ll try to sit and watch”..once we pick up the car keys to leave the house, it starts. I tell him I don’t want to go and that I’m tired so he should just go. But he dragged me in the car..on the way there my throat starts closing up, I can’t stop coughing, and when we get there, I tell him I feel like throwing up. He laughs it off and I try to breathe it out..I’m just hanging out with friends, right? WRONG!! I get in there and immediately close up..I ended up speed walking out of there, throwing up, and coughing for the entire 2-3 hours waiting in the car. I didn’t calm down until I got home and fell asleep!! I didn’t explain or say bye to anybody so they must have thought I was in a bad mood..but man! I just cannot do bowling..nuh-uh.. Unless its wii bowl or on an ipod! 🙂 but I can picture myself bowling..I think I’d be pretty good! It doesn’t look too hard..minus my weird anxiety complex against it..sigh.. 🙂


  53. says

    I’m claustrophobic took! I noticed it at a lot at Magic Kingdom when we rode Mission Space, because the whole thing is indoors and the ceilings are low. I also almost freaked out a few weeks ago when we went on a tour of a cave, and the tour guide stopped to talk when the walls were really tight around us…. I backed up until I was in a larger room and then the lights in that area went out. I freaked. I don’t know why I ever agreed to go on a tour of a cave anyhow… lesson learned.


  54. says

    That smoothie looks fantastic, a snack smoothie? Sign me up!
    I definitely have quite a few irrational fears, take-off in airplanes for example. The motion of it just makes me go absolutely insane, I have to close my eyes and put on a sleep mask to get through it.


  55. Marie says

    Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard when reading about how Ryan told you there wasn’t actually a button. Man, I have so many fears. I hate bugs (yes, all of them but particularly spiders and huge roaches). I am a very quiet/shy person but if you get any of those things near me, there will be a scene! I also didn’t know I was claustrophobic until I had to get an MRI. I kept thinking I was in a coffin, which didn’t help matters.

    BTW, my kids freaked me out with a huge, thick spider the other week. It’s cute (not really) how kids are not scared of things. They were singing, “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and I wasn’t paying attention. I was sitting at the breakfast table working on something when a huge spider was shoved in my face. My son was holding it between his index finger and thumb. I FLIPPED out and was so hysterical, he and his twin sister both started crying and he threw the spider in the nearest toy bin. So funny afterwards, but not at the time.


  56. says

    I have an irrational fear of open water – even if I KNOW that there is nothing in the water that’s going to come and get me (some sort of animal/creature?!?!?) it still freaks me out so much. I even get the feeling in pools…


  57. Sarah says

    I have a HUGE fear of beetles. And pigeons. And squirrels. And worms. And frogs. And of all things animal. I feel like a freak, like i’m so weird. I try to train myself, but run away and i beat myself up over it. Sometimes i get good naturedly made fun of, but i know they’re right. 10 years ago, when i was 5, i was scared of buses and trains. Can you believe i was scared of snow?! What little kid is scared of snow? I hated the beach because of the sand ( i think everyone is scared of Coney beach 🙂 ) And i hated picnics because of grass. And the dogs. When i was 8, i was at the beach building a sand castle. All of a sudden a playful dog started running towards me. I was so scared, i did what every person would do. I ran around in circles holding up my little ( not so little?) tushi and screaming like i was on fire. No one EVER lets me forget it! So i had a huge fear of dogs. But guess what? i learned to get over it and now i dog-sit! Though i am over most of the fears (except for the present tense ones), i just wanna encourage all of ya that over time you CAN and WILL get over it! One day you will face your fears- and you will be SO glad you did! But don’t beat yourself for it- try to work it out. Sorry for such a long comment, Julie!


  58. K says

    I have a really random irrational fear…. of submarines. Just thinking about them (or typing that) gives me chills. My friends make fun of me for it all the time haha


  59. says

    this is really ridiculous, but i’m scared of our sink disposal. number one, the sound is terrifying, i feel like i could get sucked in at any moment. number 2, if i think about what i would be sucked into, the abyss of leftover food, it totally grosses me out. i cover my ears and close my eyes when i run it…


  60. says

    I have a completely irrational fear that all bugs (even the littlest tiny things) are going to try and rip my head off and eat me alive if they are near me. It drives Josh crazy, as he loves all animals, but the scare the crap out of me!

    And my dad is like you with not being able to be stuck in small spaces. He once had the lock break on him in a bathroom stall once and was stuck in there for hourse before they could get him out and he said it was one of the scariets experiences of his life.


  61. Brianne says

    I have made smoothies with instant breakfast before too!! Love them!

    I am also claustrophobic and that ride was a horrible experience… I was in tears. My husband didn’t know what to do he was like “Im sorry I can’t make it stop” the people next to us were just staring at me. It was awful. It is a neat idea but you are right warning labels are necessary for that!!

    My fear is heights and snakes… and elevators…i couldnt stand the thought of being trapped in one!


  62. says

    I have many irrational fears that I know are irrational, but I cannot shake them. One example is when we went to Yellowstone last summer. My in-laws planned a rafting excursion. I was sick over the thought of it for like a week leading up to it (even though on the website there were 8 year olds doing it!). Once I was on, I was totally, 100% fine, but the thought of it literally made me so stressed out and anxious!


  63. Jess @ Jess Go Bananas says

    I am afraid of boats! I have never been on a cruise and don’t plan to! I also am a teeny weeny bit afraid of the ocean. Not the ocean where you can stand and feel the waves crash on your feet, but the ocean where sharks live. The dark part! Whenever I am on a very low-to-the-water boat (like a cadamaran) I completely freak out! –Which is why I don’t like boats.


  64. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    I hate hate hate the take off and landing parts of a plane ride. The jostling and sudden little drops as the plane rights itself in the air and on the ground make me want to cry. My husband always holds my hand, which makes it more tolerable, but last week I flew by myself and had to close my eyes and breath deeply throughout. Not fun!


  65. says

    It’s ok, phobias are irrationnal, you just can’t explain, it’s not your fault. And besides, Sometimes people have really strong phobias that can be very problematic in their everyday lives. We all have our fears, but it’s part of who we are ^^


  66. says

    Mission Space doesn’t make me claustrophobic but it does make me extremely queasy. Just thinking about my only time riding it makes me want to puke. I have many irrational fears: clowns scare me a lot especially when they have balloon animals, those grates in the ground (I always think I’ll fall through), and pretty much every noise in the middle of the night. I like to think it’s more survival instinct than irrational fears.


  67. says

    I’ve never really thought of myself as afraid of anything. We just had our second son, and at the time he was two months old. My husband and I had to take a flight to find a new place to live for a transfer with his work and we couldnt’ take the kids on that first trip. While we were taxi-ing out on the runway, I started having this panic attack about the plane crashing and never seeing my kids again. I seriously considered the possibility that my father in law would be the one raising our kids (he was watching them during our trip) and then I started crying – that I trusted him enough to raise our kids, and that I certainly wouldn’t be seeing them again. I KNEW something would go wrong with our plane, I just knew it. And yet, here we are, alive and well (obviously). The crazy thing is that as much as I knew that I was being irrational, I just couldn’t shake it. Mind over matter was not workin out. So I guess I am afraid of some things after all


  68. Alanna says

    I think my biggest irrational fear is spiders, I get the herby-jeebies no matter how small they are. But I can’t say I’ve ever gotten panicky about them in the way you described, with the breathing and feeling off for the rest of the day. I get uncomfortable for sure but I’m still able to do whatever I want/need without being disrupted by my fear in any way.


  69. says

    I have a major fear of heights. Not like on a plane heights but on a sitting on a ski lift heights. Lets just say things get interesting come February. And when my brother decides to join me on the chair lift, I dont share his sense of humor when he decides to rock it.


  70. says

    I guess this is pretty common, but I’m afraid of bugs (beetles, cockroaches) … and I do not want to kill them if there are any in my room (or spiders), so I scream around the house and make someone get them out, haha.


    • Ashley S. says

      Ok, I totally had that one when I was little too! I was too embarrassed to admit it! haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one!! My family still teases me about it 🙂


  71. says

    i’m the same way on rides like that! once it starts i’m ok, but when you’re all locked in and it’s right in your face or pitch black and the seconds are just ticking by, forget it. there’s a few at disney that are in complete darkness, and they do things with smells, touch and sound… i lose my mind! i get weird on airplanes too, i just don’t like being stuck on something when there’s no way out!


  72. Laura says

    I am afraid of throw-up! I know that sounds really weird but I get super upset and anxious when someone else gets sick. I’m not the type of friend who can hold back your hair and rub your back… I run away crying! I also get crazy upset when I think I’m going to get sick myself. And in movies when they throw-up I have to plug my ears and close my eyes until the scene ends!

    I’m really hoping this phobia passes soon before my husb and I have kids b/c those little monsters puke a ton!! EEK!


  73. says

    Before you even said what Epcot ride it was I KNEW you had to be referring to Mission Space. I was just in Disney in August & that ride is definitely too closed in! I wouldn’t even consider myself claustrophobic, but that ride was a special circumstance!

    I have a fear of horses. I was almost “trampled” by a police officer on horseback at a concert once & I haven’t liked them since. (Although I’m pretty sure “trampled” might be an overreaction?”


  74. says

    Oh GOD!! I am having awful flashbacks of Mission to Puke @ Epcot. That is what we called it after my husband and I rode it last Xmas. All that spinning and closed chamber. Both of us had some serious inner ear balance issues after. I freaked out about being locked in a small compartment and didn’t watch the screen, and husband didn’t watch screen either because he was trying to calm me down. The 10 yr old kid next to us did great however. Had to comment because I am soooooo glad I am not the only one!!! 🙂


  75. says

    I’m a little weary of sharing because no one else has said this yet!! ( I can’t believe that either)…but, I’m still afraid of the dark. Like when I’m running up the stairs in the dark I am certain someone is behind me. Also, when I’m washing my face I’m afraid that once I rinse off and open my eyes, someone will be standing there. Seems so silly when typing it, but you can’t shake that physiological response!


  76. says

    I am really afraid of driving in the city. I get really panicked!
    I also have an irrational fear of being late!

    Mine are definitely more social anxiety issues than phobias, I get.

    I LOVE small spaces though! And snakes and bugs and things.

    Oh, but i am afraid of sharks – in the pool! hahah I guess Sadie and I have something in common!


  77. says

    not gonna lie, i had a similar panic attack on the same ride, but i was trying hard to keep things together since the little 9 year old kid next to me was all into it and i thought i shouldn’t freak out when there was this brave kid next to me (his mom opted out of the ride right before they went in)….but in my head i kept thinking, “ breathe. must.not.freak.out”


  78. Erin G says

    This is going to sound ridiculous…but, I’m scared of trees. Not the actual tree 🙂 but the tree falling on me. Probably has alot to do with being from Alabama and seeing all the tornado damage. My parents, husband (who’s a forester!), and I were driving back from a park and a storm hit. Trees were falling down everywhere (it wasn’t a tornado just strong wind). Horrible! Anyway, I’m scared of ’em!


  79. says

    I was a therapist so this is going to sound ridiculous…but I’m afraid of going to NYC. I don’t know if it’s b/c of all the 9/11 specials or just powerful memories of that day or what but I’ve got a trip planned in Oct w/ some of my girlfriends and I am terrified of going. terrified.


  80. Ashley S. says

    Loved this post Julie! All the comments are great! haha

    I hate elevators!! Ugh, if I even know that there’s a chance I’m going somewhere (a hotel, or parking garage) where I might have to take an elevator I start sweating and my palms get really clammy and I have a hard time catching my breath. I feel like such a nerd! I’m always taking the stairs if they’re available…which surprisingly their not everywhere…for anything five floors and under! I really can’t handle the claustrophobia!!

    Oh, and also does thinking that someone is breaking into your house count as an irrational fear? I think it does…because who breaks into a house with people in it? Trust me, our stuff isn’t that nice! haha, it’s good to be able to laugh at our craziness, right? =D


  81. says

    Oh my gosh I have several irrational fears. Snakes, germs, sick people, everything that has to do with puking (my worst fear), touching things in public places (like door knobs, shopping carts etc.) & my husbands driving. He kills me. Haha!


  82. Amy says

    i’m very clausterphobic as well.
    I’m also totally freaked out by roaches and driving through real small towns in the middle of nowhere. I get all wrong turn freaked out.


  83. Caree @ Fit-Mama says

    I am claustrophobic too! I don’t like going on enclosed rides like that because my head definitely plays tricks on me! I dislike elevators too…I go on them but the whole time I think about what I would do if it stopped and I was trapped.

    I also have a fear of caterpillars….a boy in 2nd grade put a handful of them down my shirt and now I get freaked out when I see one!


  84. says

    I have an irrational fear of pipes. I think it’s because I had a nightmare when I was little that involved my friends getting sucked down the drain in a bathtub. Either that…or I am a complete weirdo!


  85. says

    I’m claustrophobic too! I actually started to feel panicky just reading your description of the ride!

    My dog doesn’t like gourds – which is really bad because my inlaws have a craft business where they decorate gourds so they’re everywhere. He will bark his furry little head off at them. We wonder if it is the smell or the shiny finish on them.


  86. Amanda says

    Ok, this is really weird. But I have a fear of seeing people vomit. I hate it! It makes me afraid, sad, and horrified. Every since I was a little girl I had this fear. I would hate to go to school fairs because there was always some kid that would barf on a ride. So if you haven’t seen bridesmaids yet, watch out because there is a very disgusting scene in there with vomit! ewwww! I hate it I hate it! It totally ruined the movie for me! 🙁


  87. says

    I’m afraid of spiders. I had one trapped under a cup when The Boy was out of town a while back, and was hysterical because if I picked the cup up IT WOULD COME AFTER ME.

    It didn’t. I took it outside and released it. I can now do that without freaking out, but the idea of a spider on me makes me want to hyperventilate.


  88. says

    I am extremely afraid of spiders…like, if you start talking about one, I will start crying. Its…often debilitating. I’m also afraid of butterflies and cockroaches, but that’s it for bugs.

    I have this really strange fear of bikes. I hate them. If I’m going for a run or walking on campus or something and I see a bike coming my way I just stop DEAD in my tracks and can’t move. I have nooo idea where I got this weird fear.


  89. Amy says

    Poor Sadie!! 🙂 Our dog is scared of the ironing board… My hubby and I did the whole Disney thing for our honeymoon and I VIVIDLY remember Mission Space. We picked the “intense” verison because thats how we roll (aka, we are idots apparently). I knew it was bad when I saw barf bags inside the little capsule. I pressed EVERY button on that board in front of me to try to hurry us up on our mission and was NEVER more excited to see planet EARTH!! Just seeing that picture gives me the heeby jeebies!! Oh… my fears are crunchy bugs, tight spaces, and spiders!


  90. Lisa says

    I know how you feel with the whole Disney ride thing. I’m terrified of heights and one of my so called friends (still mad at her for this even though it’s been 6 years) convinced me that the Triceritops Spin ride at Animal Kingdom was a little kid ride and nothing to worry about. Did I happen to notice part of the ride was high up in the air. NO!!! Only saw the entrance. Once we were high up I freaked out. Kept my eyes closed the whole ride and said a dozen Hail Mary’s that the ride would be over soon. My friend wasn’t even with me, another friend was. She decided to wait until I was done. When the ride was finally over my friend made fun of the fact I believed her when she said the ride was nothing to worry about. I decided to never trust her ever again when it came to amusement parks ever again.


  91. Farrah says

    SEED CLUSTERS. Seriously. Even saying the words or typing the words starts my heart pounding and my skin crawling. Basically, the site of them causes me serious issues. My skin crawls, I irrationally want to cry and I get that “taste” in the back of my throat.

    I’ve researched it and there are a few others that have it as well. Supposedly has something to do with our eye-brain connection and not being able to compute what it is we’re looking at so our brain basically focuses and re-focuses until we look away.

    My husband has to cut up peppers for me because of the the insides….eeewww….must. stop. typing. about. it. now.


  92. says

    I have ridden mission space as well, and it wasn’t the tight space that got me… it was the motion sickness! WoweeKazow. I haven’t ridden it since! It sounds like we’d be good buddies at Epcot! haha


  93. says

    Yea, I have a really weird fear.

    I have a fear of floating up off the ground and not being able to come back down.

    So I’m afraid of… anti-gravity… I guess?

    Practically this has only applied to two things in my life so far.

    1) Hot air balloons. I will never, ever, ever get in a hot air balloon.

    2) We did indoor skydiving once. Indoor skydiving is exactly like the opposite of actual skydiving. There is a bag fan on the floor that blows you up off the ground and supposedly simulates “falling”. That scared the crap out of me. I was convinced I was gonna be blown up the tunnel and never be able to come down.

    All of this considered, you know how some people dream of flying? Like super-hero flying? NO. I do not approve of my body being able to fly through space all willy nilly.

    That said, I am not afraid of flying in a plane. Because I know if the plane breaks I will crash to the earth. I am okay with the certainty of gravity and ground death, as long as the plane doesn’t break and then float off into space.

    OH MY GOD.


  94. heather says

    im terrified of stupid or ghastly things…i’m nervous when people throw up or when i see bees(im not allergic, and theyre small, but ughhh so awful…and they fly so lazily, as if they know theyre scaring me and they enjoy it)and-this is gruesome-i watched a movie when i was a kid that made me HORRIFIED that there was a body hanging from the rod in my closet. to this day, i check my closet before sleeping and avoid scenes in movies when something is hanging that could even remotely resemble a person.


  95. kayleigh says

    i dont comment very much, but i just HAD to after i read this post. i have a very irrational, “irrational fear”. i don’t even know why they scare me so much but i have never met anyone else with this fear and uh, everybody thinks i’m crazy when i tell them. so why not tell the whole world right now right? well, it’s…



  96. says

    Girl this SAME thing happened to me on Mission Space!!!

    I freaked out! My ex thought I was nutso while I frantically flopped around trying to find an exit button. And you know how you pretty much can’t move once those stupid seat lockers come down on you. Ugh!

    Did you do the orange intense mission? I’ve only done the green. The subsequent times I’ve been on it have been a little better but…it was definitely horrifying.



  97. says

    I had the SAME experience in that ride. It is terrifying. I start to get hot and feel trapped. Really I think that is my only fear at thi point. I have never jumped out of a plane either (but don;t really have any desire to)


  98. says

    I hate being in elevators too! I always get so scared.

    I am also so afraid of bugs. It’s kind of funny because my brother and I are so similar. The family gets such a kick out of terrifying us.


  99. says

    That’s scary about the ride! Thank goodness you got through it.
    I have an irrational fear of ghosts. I’ve posted about it on my blog just once but I’ve been terrified of them since my dad told me a true ghost story that happened to him when I was a kid- eeeek!


  100. says

    I’m extremely scared of heights and spiders…but I think my fear of heights is worse. Recently, my dad “forgot” how scared I was of heights and didn’t warn me when going down one of the steepest escalators at a DC metro stop. I clung to his arm for dear life as I cried and broke out in a sweat because I was in such a panic!


  101. says

    I have a fear of loud noises. Ever since I was little, I’ve always hated fire works, balloons popping or any loud special affects in big shows. To this day, I still can’t be around a ballon without freaking out a little.


  102. Mandee Lei says

    Spiders. Some people say they have a spider phobia but I have yet to see anyone that has it as bad as I do. It almost reminds me of those episodes of Maury I used to see – people running shrieking because of mustard, cotton balls, or pickles. I don’t just get freaked out – I go mental. I SCREAMING at the top of my lungs and hyperventilating. If I am alone and have no one around to kill it for me – I will have a panic attack. I start crying, gagging, and panicking and pretty much almost pass out. It’s a real sight. If one escapes and cannot be found (AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) I will NOT go back in the room until it’s found. As much as I hate them and looking at them, I have to see them dead to be convinced that the aren’t still hiding somewhere. They also make me feel very sick to my stomach, that’s why I start gagging. None of this logical in the least. I don’t think they are going to hurt me or bite me. I can’t even really explain it – they just gross me out beyond BELIEF. I also had this little run in with a scorpion a few weeks back…and while it was not as bad as if it had been a spider, it was bad. I had to call in to my work to tell them I would be late because I was in an epic battle with a scorpion (all said while crying and freaking out). I then had to call my husband for moral support while I sucked it up with a vacuum. Truly sad.


  103. says

    Birds. When I was in high school I was at a family friend’s house and over the years she has had several pets, including a couple Cockatoos. I had been to her house several times over the course of my life, and have even house/pet-sat for her before. But on this particular visit she had gotten a new Cockatoo, and wanted me to hold him, I didn’t want to for no other reason that I didn’t want him to scratch or poop on me. Long story short, while holding him he suddenly lunged/flew/attacked my FACE, bit down on my nostril (completely piercing it), and scared the ISH out of me!!! I screamed, grabbed him, pulled him off of my face, and threw him against the wall!! I stood there in shock, not crying, but blood was streaming down my face! My mom grabbed me and held me as Joey (the demon bird) climbed his way up the bar stool across the room crying, “Joey up-up. Joey treat.” I started crying, and ran to the bathroom.

    That was 10 years ago, and to his day I will cross the street if there are too many birds in the trees, and completely avoid bird habitats at the zoo. There was a bald eagle (which I think is a gorgeous and majestic animal from afar) at an exhibit in the aquarium in Duluth, MN, and I TOTALLY didn’t expect it. I came around the corner saw him and immediately started hyperventilating! But I HAD to walk by him to get to the escalator to get out of there. I had to have my girlfriends shield me as I walked by without taking my eyes off of him, for fear that he would break out of his cage and eat me! I DON’T DO BIRDS!


  104. says

    my irrational fear is of drowning. I say irrational because i know how to swim and I’ve never had a near-drowning experience. But for whatever reason, I’m terrified of deep water and the possibility that I could drown. Well, they’re called irrational for a reason I guess. LOL.


  105. says

    I read through all the comments and no one has a phobia as bizarre as mine…seriously. I’m mondo terrified of it, so much so that it freaks me out to type it. I think I may have actually told you during our Holocaust discussion on the HLS walk? Anyway, yeah, it’s a weird one…


  106. Haley @ I Do it for the T-Shirts says

    I’m afraid of… balloons. Like party balloons. Any time I see them or someone brings them near me, I’m afraid they’re going to pop, and for some reason, that really freaks me out.

    I’m also afraid of escalators. I’m always afraid my foot will get caught in the side or at the bottom. I always make this kind of sad leap off of them to avoid it.

    My dog is afraid of city buses. Not school buses, not fire trucks with the lights and sirens on, not dump trucks… just city buses. Good thing we live in the middle of a city. Walks are fun.


  107. says

    I have the exact same irrational fear as you. I am getting a little better with planes and elevators, but I used to take the stairs whenever possible and in a plane, I was okay during the flight, but as soon as we stopped at the gate, I would sweat, feel panicky and couldn’t breathe…. such a terrible feeling. I still would have problems in that ride that you just showed… I’m not good at being closed in or strapped in during rides either….


  108. says

    I don’t think your fear is irrational at all! I’m really claustrophobic as well. I can’t even stand to be under a blanket if I can’t find a way out. I also have a really hard time if I feel like I can’t move my arms or legs in any way.


  109. says

    Okay. I have a good (bad?) one. I have a horrible fear of earwigs. I swear, I totally think they will crawl into your brain and eat it. I can handle every other bug, spiders, all of that, but if I see an earwig, I have to go get my husband to get it–or I freak out and slam at it with the closest thing I have. 🙁


  110. Jessica says

    I loved reading this post and all the comments! I am extremely claustrophobic as well and hate elevators. I used to get panic attacks just thinking about having to get in one. I would run up and down the stairwell if I needed to be somewhere but not all starwells are accessible. I eventually realized it was hurting my life both personally and professionally and went to see a therapist. I still get nervous but its a bit more manageable. I’m going to Vegas next week and it will be the first time I’ve been on a plane in like 15 years. It should be interesting. Hopefully I dont have a panic attack on the plane!


  111. Amanda says

    I absolutely adore your blog!

    I am slightly claustrophobic as well, but my biggest fear is having anything around my wrists. The cuffs on my sleeves can’t be too tight and watches and bracelets are totally out of the question. I don’t know where it came from; my mom says I’ve been that way since I was a baby.

    I’m a freak of nature.


  112. says

    I didn’t realize i was claustrophobic until we went in to Air Force Museum in Dayton. They had five of the previous Air Force One planes and my husband was dying to go in them. So entering our first one, I found myself in a small narrow area with plexiglass lining the cabin. There were a bunch of people in front of me and I had already went too far in that there were people behind me as well. I was sweating and shaking, like I was on High Alert. Most embarrassing, I screamed at the top of my lungs when we made it halfway in. There was a plastic version of one of the presidents in the seat. I felt like such an idiot. Now, I try to avoid small enclosed areas.


  113. says

    This makes me feel so much better! I won’t even get IN elevators, I work in a tall building in DC and take the stairs constantly! I totally feel like less of a crazy person now knowing so many other people are claustrophonic too


  114. says

    I’m terrified of elevator doors so probably even more irrational. Then on the very odd occasion I’ve gotten in one I’m frightened I won’t be able to get out again as I’ll need to go through the doors AGAIN. Ugh. Even walking past the doors if I don’t know they’re there and they open, wow, sometimes I burst out crying. I am 29.


  115. says

    I’m claustrophobic too. Just reading about your experience practically sent me into a full on panic attack. Why oh why would they not have HUGE signs with warnings??

    I get the same sensation when in public though. I know some people fear public speaking, but my major fear is awkward “chit chat.” Having to mingle and make small talk puts me into a panic. I never know if I’m going to say something silly or if some sort of awkward thing will happen. It’s totally ridiculous, but I’ll spend entirely too long after a function going over everything I said, everything I SHOULD have said, AND how ridiculous I’m being for overanalyzing!


  116. elise says

    I watched part of this TERRIFYING Ryan Reynold movie last night that I do not recommend to anyone with claustrophobia. It is called “Buried”, and it takes place inside a coffin. The entire freakin’ movie. I had to turn it off after 15 minutes because I felt all panicky. I never should have watched it. I let my love for Ryan Reynolds cloud my judgement.


  117. Liza says

    This post is so awesome, the responses are all so varied and (kind of) funny! Reading explanations and then hearing people make fun of themselves for being silly is so great… but who cares, what scares you scares you right? I am afraid of balloons popping, I can pop them myself because I know the noise is coming… but if someone is blowing one up and doesn’t stop blowing it up at the “normal” size and it starts to get really big I’ll beg them to quit because I’m afraid it’ll pop any second! I also agree about the washing face/worrying someone will be behind you thing.. it’s not so bad that I lock the door, but I have thought about it before and hate the possibility!!

    I know two people with irrational fears that have tried/plan to try hypnosis… a friend of mine from college was terrified of birds and went to a hypnotist and it worked – she’s not scared anymore! Also, a girl I work with now is afraid of escalators and GLASS elevators… she doesn’t like being able to see the ground while moving up or down. She is fine with regular enclosed elevators, though. She went to the Mall of America with her family and was horrified to find they have a ton of glass elevators, and after having a breakdown she decided to make an appt with a hypnotist. He was booked two months solid so she has to wait, but apparently is it worth a try for fears that are really debilitating!

    P.S. To whoever posted “cottonballs”… that was my favorite. I giggled…. (sorry, I feel bad. 😉 )


  118. Sian says

    I think Sadie and I are both big scardy cats (or dogs should I say!). I’m quite scared of heights, flying, I hate spiders, sharks and clowns (they’re just creepy). I hate not having space too (being squashed in a huge crowd for example) but I didnt realise how badly until I got stuck in a packed glass elivator at my work on Monday, just hanging midway to the top floor! I literally couldnt move an inch, it was super hot & I just started freaking out, sweating and shaking straight away. It was only for about 5 mins but it left like a life time!!!


  119. says

    I am competely clastrophobic too! I can’t stand elevators if they are crowded, and if they aren’t the ride better be quick. Or being trapped in the middle of a really large crowd. Granted you are really “trapped” the same way as an elevator, but the feeling of not being able to move and constantly bumping into someone gives me crazy anxiety.


  120. Danielle says

    Snakes, elevators and clastrophobic too. I actually didn’t start to feel clastrophobic until I gained weight about 10 years ago. My fear with elevators stems from a fear of being trapped in one. I kinda think it started in the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. My dad totally played it up too. I think that made it worse for me. I was only 6 at the time. Snakes? I think that came from grandmother. I can not be in the same room as one.


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  123. Jillian Mitchell says

    Oh I forgot to mention I cannot eat or allow my children to eat a Baby Ruth candy bar. My mother once bit into one as a teen and as she pulled away the entire thing was full of…gag…maggots! Even though I was not around and never witnessed it myself the story has stayed with me my entire life and I just can’t stand it! Good thing there are numerous other candy bars to indulge in:)


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    I share the same fear as you. I’m not sure if you have ever had an MRI but it is TERRIBLE. I had an open MRI of my leg a few years ago and I was fine. However, last week I went to get an MRI of my Brain and I could not do it. I tried in both an open and closed machine. When you get an MRI of your brain they make you wear a cage type thing on your head which is only a couple of inches off of your face and locks you down to the table. I can’t even describe to you how terrible it was. I actually let them send me back into the closed MRI machine and I began to panic so immediately asked to be taken out. The doctor even gave me a sedative which did absolutely nothing! It’s the worst feeling in the world.


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