Pumpkin Butter Granola

Last night as Ryan and I watched The Sing Off, I did a little baking, which turned into lots of snacking. Fortunately I had a bit of the end result leftover to enjoy for breakfast today.

pumpkin spice granola 011

Pumpkin butter granola!

pumpkin spice granola 003

Pumpkin Butter Granola

  • Makes four 1/4 cup servings
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Bake Time: 15 minutes


  • 1 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons pumpkin butter
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir until oats are no longer dry
  3. Spread out granola on a cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray
  4. Bake for 15 minutes, flipping halfway through
  5. Allow to cool until granola is crunchy

pumpkin spice granola 018

This morning I enjoyed the granola with a cup of strawberry banana Greek yogurt.

pumpkin spice granola 016

pumpkin spice granola 022

Homemade granola is so easy and definitely cheaper than store-bought granola. I’m quite a fan!

(Past granola recipes may be found on my Granola Recipe Roundup page.)


Let’s fly through today’s workout recap! It was an upper body day in the gym and I completed three sets of 15 repetitions of the following exercises:

  • Superset One: Bicep curls + Ryan’s awesome shoulder move
  • Superset Two: Tricep pull downs + Upright rows
  • Superset Three: Low pulls + Chest press
  • Superset Four: Tricep extensions + Mac raises
  • Superset Five: Incline bicep curls + Push ups

I love supersets! They keep my heart pumpin’ and my workout moving fast.

Te Quiero, Amarillo

On our way home from the gym today, the song Bailamos by Enrique Inglesias came on the radio.

Ryan and I were being tools in the car and singing the song in our sexy Enrique voices (we have a gift) when the chorus came on. While I opted not to sing some of the Spanish words that I couldn’t understand, Ryan plunged in and went for the gold.

Only he came up without a medal.

Actual words:

Bailamos! Let the rhythm take you over…
Te quiero, amor mio

Ryan’s version:

Bailamos! Let the rhythm take you over…
Te quiero, amarillo

Enrique was saying, “I want you, my love.” I took a bit of Spanish in my day and knew that Ryan’s wonderfully romantic version said, “I want you, yellow.”

Apparently someone has a strong affinity for the sunshiny color.

love yellow

Not that I blame him

The best lyrics mix up I’ve ever heard came from my sister. One Christmas we were singing this Christmas classic:

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, 
Jack Frost nipping on your nose, 
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, 
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Leslie’s version went like this:

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, 
Jack Frost nipping on your nose, 
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, 
And folks dressed up like Kokonos.

Um, what?

When I asked her what, exactly, Kokonos were she said, “I don’t know. I never really thought about it.”

You better believe my family now always sings “Folks dressed up like Kokonos” whenever we hear that song around Christmastime.


  1. says

    BAHAHA. That is hilarious! I love this post 🙂 Prob because I am THAT person who messes up lyrics to make it be what I THINK they’re singing. Hehe.

    That granola does sound good….I gotta take the plunge and make some on my own! THanks for the inspiration, girl 🙂


  2. says

    OMG I love mixed up lyrics!

    The oldie song that goes
    ‘Don’t go around tonight,
    Well, it’s bound to take your life,
    There’s a bad moon on the rise.’

    Well, I ALWAYS thought it said
    ‘there’s a bathroom on the right!’
    I finally googled it one day and realized I was’t the only one who thought it, so I didn’t feel too silly 🙂


  3. says

    When I was little, my mom said I also used to sing an 80’s song, “Everytime you go away, you take a piece of me with you” as “Everytime you go away, you take a piece of MEAT with you”

    Typical, me. Can’t forget to take the food.


  4. Hannah says

    Have you thought about trying this with apple butter? I got some a couple weeks ago at McBee Farms in SC and everybody at my house loves it on toast (homemade honey wheat bread this morning)- but I bet it’s even better in granola! 🙂


  5. says

    I ALWAYS mess up song lyrics. I most definitely thought that Price’s “Raspberry Beret” was “strawberry champagne”! hahaha Becuase what the heck is a raspberry beret?! Of course strawberry champagne does not make sense when sung with the lyrics “the kind you find in a second hand store” but that really never dawned on me until my best friend pointed out just how wrong I was lol 🙂


  6. Anne @strawberryjampackedlife.com says

    I was just talking about mixed up lyrics yesterday. I really hated the song “If I Die Young”, because I thought it said “If I die young, bury me inside of you.” I thought it was super creepy and stupid. Turns out the words are “If I die young, bury me in satin.” Oh . . . . I always liked the melody, just hated the lyrics!


  7. says

    haha! The lyric mix up with your sister reminds me of my aunt, who for 45 years thought the line to “winter wonderland” was “we’ll perspire, as we sit by the fire” instead of “conspire.” In her defense, it makes sense since a fire would be hot but I still laugh thinking about that one. Ryan’s is pretty bad though. I love you, yellow. haha


  8. Nancy @ Beyoutiful Fitstyle says

    I LOVE granola! I’m going to try that cinnamon chia seed one soon! Chia seeds are deeeeelish!


  9. Bev says

    Another Christmas song mixup – one day my young niece proclaimed that we should not be singing the song ‘Joy to The World’ because it wasn’t very nice. We asked her what part wasn’t nice and she said, “You know … Joy to the world, the Lord is scum”! Needless to say, we quickly set her straight, but we couldn’t help chuckle a bit.


  10. says

    At first I thought your title read “PEANUT Butter Granola”, and I was a little confused because I could’ve sworn you had made that before. Then as I started reading, I realized it was pumpkin, and I got really excited. This sounds so good!

    The song thing makes me laugh because I make up words to songs all the time. Half the time they don’t even make sense. 🙂


  11. says

    That granola looks great! Most granola is way too sugary for my liking, but your recipe looks pretty reasonable. I don’t have any pumpkin butter though. What would you recommend using in place of the pumpkin butter?


  12. Shephalli says

    Hilarious!! My most recent goof up is Lady gaga’s Just dance. I never understood why she opened the song with “Red Wine” – I always went along with it. Now I know she actually says “Red One” – her producer 🙂


        • Dukebdc says

          Seriously–I heard it this morning while getting ready for work and was still singing, “red wine.” Because the next set of lyrics starts with “I’ve had a little bit too much….” don’t they? So it kind of makes sense? Or just to me? 🙂

          My classic lyric mix up as a kid was due to Mom’s penchant for easy listening radio stations. Sade was really big then, and her hit “Smooth Operator” played a lot. However, I thought the lyrics were, “smooth out the red eye.” My family traveled a lot, so it made sense to me–red eyes were rough trips! 😉


  13. says

    This put a HUGE smile on my face this morning!! Your posts are always so cheery and upbeat…just what I needed today!

    I think I may have to whip out my best Enrique youtube mixes today at work…I don’t think the students will mind, right? 😉

    Have a great day, it looks promising weather-wise here in the Midwest!


  14. says

    That granola looks delicious! I love anything peanut butter so I’m going to have to try it!

    I totally think I thought it was amarillo in the song too! Haha! My fiance thought in the Billy Joel song, “Only the good die young,” was “only the good times roll.” I started singing along to the song once and he didn’t know that it was only the good die young!


  15. says

    I am notorious for messing up lyrics….sometimes they aren’t even real words, I just make sounds that I think sound like the words they are saying. For example; Rhianna’s “Cheers” I don’t know what they say after “cheers to the freaking weekend…I’ll drink to that” pretty much everything after that is made up words by me 🙂

    But, my BF will never let me forget the time I sang “here we are now in containers” for Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit….the actual lyric is “here we are now…ENTERTAIN us” —actually had to look this up because I STILL can’t ever remember what it is supposed to say.


  16. Mellissa says

    I am notorious for making up lyrics! That like a G6 song, I think I made up a whole new song since I had no clue what they were saying 😉


  17. says

    Hahha! Thanks for the laugh this morning Julie – that yellow, it’s just irresistible! 😛 The granola sounds delicious. I agree with you that store-bought kinds are so expensive, and it’s so unnecessary when you can just make it yourself! Have a great day!


  18. says

    Yum! that granola looks so good!!!
    My grandfather used to make up lyrics to songs…..it got to the point where he didn’t even remember the original lyrics!


  19. Heather says

    Hillarious, I think making up lyrics is so funny but everyone seems to do it! A few years ago I caught my sister singing “I can see clearly now that Lorraine has gone…” she had no idea who Lorraine was and was completely mystified when I informed her it was actually “now that the rain has gone.”

    Good times.


  20. Andrea says

    Haha – your post definitely cheered me up and made me laugh. And grave granola 😉

    I think “Kokonos” looks (sounds) like “Kokusnuss” which is the German word for coconut. Wouldn’t it be funny if they did dress up like coconuts? 🙂


  21. says

    I actually just did a post on this! Messing up the lyrics and singing what you think they are is apparently called Mondegreens! I did a blog post on them a while back, and was cracking up at the lyrics commenters were posting!! 🙂


  22. Jenna says

    This post made me laugh out loud! I love when people mess up lyrics, it’s so awesome.
    AND: I’ve gotten hooked on The Hunger Games. Did you ever read the second book? I just finished it and think it’s better than the first.


  23. Marcy says

    Have you ever heard the song “Hazel, stop the music”? Some lady on Ellen thought that’s what Rihanna was saying in “Please don’t stop the music”. I died. And now my friends and I sing her new lyrics. PS I was a yellow crayon for Halloween last year and my besties were the pink, purple and green crayons!


  24. Heather B says

    That song by Justin timerlake where he says “girl had me going”, I was singing it once and my sister said What Did You Just Say and I said “go ahead big girls”!!! If u listen, you’ll know where I was coming from 😉


  25. Kristin @ STUFT Mama says

    Your granola recipes are sooooooo great. I don’t know which one to try first. Yikes. What’s your favorite one of all times? And the yellow crayon suit? Too much! Singing and baking always go together? he he!


  26. says

    LoL! I love this so much, it cracks me up! Go Ryan! 😛
    My boyfriend Tom comes up with the most hilarious lyrics to songs…I swear, he just makes up words and then puts them in.
    He is constantly singing that song “we’re gonna party like, it’s 2012”, except he always goes: “we’re gonna party like, it’s nineteen seventy twelve” I have no idea why he thinjs that makes sense. 😛
    Also, when he sings the african opening bit from “the circle of life”, that lion king song, it makes me laugh so much! 😀 Total. Jibberish.
    bless them 😉 xyx


  27. says

    Too funny with Ryan! ahahah I used to make words up all the time when I didn’t know them. (Okay.. still do).

    The one that sticks out in my head the most is Savage Garden’s “I Knew I loved you”

    I knew I loved you before I met you

    My version:
    I never loved you before I met you


  28. says

    I always make up my own versions of songs. Always. Ha! And Keith thinks it is hilarious. I can’t help it…once I hear it a few times I think I know it so I start singing Kelly style.


  29. says

    Oh and totally random but I realize it is October (where does the time go???) and doesn’t that mean you have a special anniversary coming up soon? I can not believe you have been Mrs. Fagan for almost a year now. 🙂


  30. says

    Greek yogurt and granola is my all-time favorite breakfast (or late night snack). You should try adding Rice Krispies to that combo as well. Sooo good and crunchy!


  31. says

    LOL best one I’ve ever heard was my bf’s dad… sadly I wasn’t there and only heard this story second hand but it’s good enough to share!

    So my bf’s mom is Cuban and lives in FL with his dad who’s from NJ… his dad was learning spanish and what better way to learn than by Spanish love songs, right?
    Well he was walking around a party they hosted singing lyrics to one of the Spanish love songs that had recently played on the radio.. only he was singing (don’t judge me for mis spelling) “mama me” not “ama me” –> he was walking around singing “Suck Me” instead of “Love Me” LOL the whole family jokes about that one til this day 🙂 🙂


  32. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    I love making granola at home because you can control the ingredients and make as much or as little as you want. Love it!

    Getting lyrics wrong is hilarious! My sister used to sing the K L M N O part of the alphabet as kelemeno. She did this until she was like 12. So funny.


  33. says

    Aww too funny!

    I used to think the Christmas song Domick the Donkey, where it goes jiggety jig eeh oh eeh oh its dominick the donkey said jiggety jig eeh oh eeh oh its time to kick the donkey. I always got the strangest looks when I sang it! ;p


  34. Brittany says

    For the longest time instead of “She moves in mysterious ways” my sister would sing “Shamu is a serious whale” haha we still sing it the same way whenever U2 is playing


  35. says

    Speaking of Christmas song mess-ups, I used to always sing “Later on, we’ll PERSIRE as we dream by the fire” to Winter Wonderland instead of “we’ll CONSPIRE”. My mom would always laugh but she said, hey it makes sense that you’d sweat sitting next to a fire! HAHA


  36. says

    I used to be really good at remembering lyrics, but as I’ve gotten older and have more to think about during the day, I can’t remember song lyrics for the life of me. I always just sing whatever words come to mind and my husband always gets a kick out of it. He can’t believe I don’t know words to songs I’ve heard a billion times!

    Oh and this granola recipe looks fab, it may have been just what I needed to be tempted to make my own granola!


  37. Heather says

    1.) I looooove that granola recipe. It looks amazing!
    2.) Bailamos’ lyrics always confused me too. So funny. Hahaha.
    3.) You make me smile.



  38. Madison says

    My husband makes up the best lyrics:

    Instead of:

    Give me the BEAT boys and free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock ‘n roll and drift away—

    his version goes something like this:

    Give me the the Beach Boys and free my soul—- (you know, the band?).

    His theory: they must REALLY like the Beach Boys!


  39. Jamie says

    That is hilarious!!

    When I was growing up, I always thought “My Little Deuce Coupe” by the Beach Boys was “My Little Loose Tooth!” My parents still won’t let me live that one down..


  40. says

    Too funny, I made pumpkin pecan flax seed granola last night and I was wondering when you would post a pumpkin granola recipe.

    I might have to try yours though, way less ingredients and now I have half a can of pumpkin puree in my fridge I don’t know what to do with…


  41. Jasmine says

    This cracks me up. Reminds me of 27 Dresses…the part where they sing Elton John’s Bennie & The Jets….”she’s got electric boobs”, instead of boots! 🙂

    Thanks for giving me a laugh for the day!


  42. says

    Hahaha! My fave story like that is with my dad when he was younger. You know the CCR song “The Bad Moon Rising” that has the lyrics, “the bad moon’s on the rise?” Well, one time I heard him singing and he totally thought it was, “the bathroom’s on the right!” I literally laughed for like an hour!!


  43. says

    My best friend and I used to totally mess up Shakira’s lyrics in Whenever, Wherever

    Whenever, wherever
    We’ll learn to be together
    I’ll be there and you’ll be near
    And that’s the deal my dear

    There over, here under
    You’ll never have to wonder
    We can always play by ear
    But that’s the deal my dear

    We couldn’t figure out what in the world she was saying for “there over, here under” and for some reason we just started singing “the ramba, the samba, the chimi-chimichanga” instead. lol


  44. Sam says

    When I was a teenager I was with my friend and mom getting ready for homecoming and “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson came on the radio, so of course I started singing along. She says “Dreaming of what could be, and if I’d end up happy” and I sand super loudly “Dreaming of what could be, and if out in the pappy!!!!!!” Needless to say I was then hysterically laughed at. Oops!


  45. Mimi says

    In Celiene Dion’s “My heart does go on,” I used to think the lyrics were “my heart doves go on.”

    I was like, “I don’t know what heart doves are, but I LOVE this song!”


  46. Mel says

    I just remembered one lyric that my friend used to mess up back in 2008.

    From “Whatever you like” by Ti

    actual words: Yeah, I wan’chyo body, need yo’ body
    my friends take on the words: I want joe biden, need joe biden

    it really does sounds like it – HILARIOUS!


    • Paige says

      OMG! I totally thought he was saying Joe Biden too!! My husband made fun of me for so long about that! That’s totally what it sounds like.


  47. Annie says

    my mom and i got in an argument one day on whether aerosmith’s “dude looks like a lady” was “dude looks like a lady” or “do the lucky lady”…we fought all day about it, but i finally won after i looked up the lyrics online…although my mom still sings “do the lucky lady” because she likes her version better.


  48. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    Ha I love this, hilarious!! My parents tease me til this day that when I was little I thought P.M. Dawn was saying “I’d Die Without Shoes” when really it’s “I’d Die Without You”!!


  49. Amber says

    Ludacris how low was on one day at work and instead of singing the correct lyrics ” How low can you go” she was saying” I love pinky toes” Really? LOL


    • Jasmine says

      HA! I used to think they were saying “Apple Tini Roll” and I said to my friend “what is an Apple Tini Roll”…who then laughed and told me it’s “How Low Can You Go”… 🙂 I felt stupid! lol


  50. Deb says

    For the longest time my sister was singing “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying ayooo galileo”

    At my cousin’s wedding we had to kindly correct her, saying it’s “gotta LET go” hahahha


    • Heather says

      Too funny my boyfriend did the same exact thing in the elevator a few months ago! I can’t believe others made the same mistake!


  51. Katie says

    And one more–remember DMX “up in here?” My cousin used to sing “Y’all gonna make me lose my mind muffin-head, muffin-head”


  52. Caitlin says

    I used to sing Travis Tritt’s “Trouble” like this:

    real lyric: I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

    I sang: I spilled tea all over your BLT


  53. Bridget says

    A guy I work with thought Salt & Peppa’s song “Push it” was “shut up smush it” instead of “come on, push it”. I crack up everytime I hear that song now.


  54. Summer says

    haha you know that song that goes “Give me the beat boys, and save my soul/I wanna get lost in your rock and roll”? a buddy of mine always thought it was “Give me the BEACH BOYS” looveed it


  55. duddes02 says

    From Empire State of Mind:

    Concrete jungle where dreams of made of

    Emmm, what I singing:

    Concrete jungle, wet dreams, tomatoes.


  56. Andrea says

    These comments are hilarious! Noticed in one that you haven’t chosen a new book yet – have you read, “The Shack”? Very inspirational and moving!


  57. says

    My kids love Bonjovi… almost as much as their mom does 😉 My daughter used to sing “Oh… we’re halfway there, oh oh there’s chicken in my hair” bahahahahaha!


  58. Erin says

    I am literally laughing out loud at work (my coworkers think I am nuts, no big deal)… anyway, my best friend in high school used to sing “Zoot Suit Riot” by replacing all the words she didn’t know with “Chuppa Chup” (like the lolly pops), or by mumbling random words as loud as she could… hilarious.


  59. Haley @ Fit, Young, and Fabulous says

    HAHAHAHA too funny!! I always make up my own lyrics!! And my friends think I’m crazy! But making up your own lyrics is SO much more fun! The granola+greek yogurt looks like heaven!!!


  60. Ana Maria says

    This is hilarious! Okay, so the only one I can think of is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer…

    I thought “then one FOGGY Christmas eve” was “then one FROGGY Christmas eve”

    I always pictured a frog in the snow.


  61. Maxine says

    Oh man your lyrics story had me in stitches. It reminds me of when I was younger and I used to hear that song by Paul Young on the radio “every time you go away” well the lyrics are “every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you” well I used to sing “every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you”. I still sing it like that sometimes


  62. Lisa says

    In the song, “Chasing Cars”…

    “If I lay here….If i just lay here..would you lie with me and just forget the world…”
    I thought the lyrics were

    …. would you lie with me and just bark the world…”
    I loved the song so much b/c I though it was a tribute to his dog…you know, Chasing Cars. Now it doesn’t have as much sentimental meaning to me. 😉


  63. Amber says

    The song Manic Monday

    lyrics: Just another manic Monday

    what I always thought the lyrics were: Just another man named Sunday

    Still haven’t lived that one down 🙂


  64. Anonymous says

    Blue by Eiffel 65

    The chorus is “I’m blue da ba dee dabba da-ee”

    I didn’t know this.

    I always sang it and still sing it as…

    “I’m blue if I was green I would die”

    Listen to it and tell me that isn’t what they are saying! 🙂


  65. Aneida says

    My husband didn’t know the lyrics to How To Save A Life. He would sing, “How to say good night”. And now I always hear it that way! Ha!


  66. Mary says

    I used to unknowingly change up the words to Mariah Carey’s song Fantasy. I replaced “I’m so into you…” with “I’m so itchy blue…”


  67. Becky says

    My daughter always sang instead of “don’t go chasing waterfalls”, Go, Go Jason Waterfalls.
    So of course , that’s how we all sing it now.


  68. Shelley says

    I dated a guy in college who thought the words to Mystikal’s “Shake it Fast” were: “take a bath, wash yourself” instead of “shake it fast, watch yourself.” Ha!


  69. says

    The granola recipe looks absolutely delicious! I love pumpkin anything…I have a Yankee Candle that is Pumpkin Spice and it is awesome. My favorite to burn this time of year.

    As for messing up lyrics…my parents listened to “oldies” growing up and the song “Secret Agent Man” would play often in our house and in the car. I was around 13 and singing along, loudly, and singing “Secret ASIAN Man!” My dad was like “HUH??!” Oops! 🙂


  70. jaci says

    this wasn’t too much of an accident, but after the Presidential election my boyfriend was listening to Simon and Garfunkle – I Am A Rock where it goes “I am a rock. I am an island.” and I immediately sang “I am Barack. I am Joe Biden” along with it. I thought it was hilarious and laughed hysterically for way to long.


  71. says

    I always thought the main (and title line) of the country song “God Bless Texas” was “God Bless Chickens”…this resulted in an incredibly funny and embarrassing moment in a van full of people when I confidently belted out the song lol


  72. Jessica says

    Ok I have to share mine.
    Kelly Clarkson “Trouble With Love”

    Real Lyrics: But like a drug that makes you blind
    My Lyrics: But like a TRUMPET makes you blind.



  73. says

    I love the dressed up like Kokonos!

    When I was in high school the brother of a friend of mine was singing Brick House and we head him sing, “She’s a brick. Owww.” Now, that’s how I sing that song every time. I mean, it sort of makes sense…


  74. mkr says

    The Outkast song ‘Ms. Jackson’ has a lyric in the chorus that goes “Never meant to make your daughter cry, I apologize a trillion times”…I always thought it was “I apologize a tributize” – doubly good because I made up a word 😉


  75. says

    LMAO at the Kokomos! And the “I never really thought about it.” 🙂

    When my younger brother was young, he was convinced that these lyrics to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” were something entirely different:

    “We come from the land of the ice and snow
    from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.”

    His version:

    “We come from the land of the ice and snow
    where you don’t eat snow where the huskies go.”

    I was like “huh?” He was 11, convinced he was right, and very rational about it. He merely said, “Well, EVERYBODY knows you don’t eat the yellow snow! Duh!”


  76. Elisabeth says

    I used to always sing ‘take a load off, Granny’ instead of ‘take a load off, Fannie’ to the song ‘The Weight’ by The Band 😀 However, I discovered a commonly misheard lyrics website & fixed that!


  77. says

    Forgive me if someone already asked this- but can you find pumpkin butter pretty easily? I’ve only ever seen it once, and it was in a health food store in Victoria, BC! (Of course I bought it!) I’ve never seen it anywhere. Or maybe you make it at home?


  78. says

    Oh my goodness. I am laughing so hard I’m crying. I sing the wrong lyrics ALL. THE. TIME. My husband is always calling me out. I wish I could think of one. That Aerosmith argument about “Dude looks like a lady” or “Do the lucky lady” HILARIOUS!!


  79. says

    Okay, these comments made my night. The “Shamu is a serious whale” and “here we are now, in containers” totally cracked me up. When I was a kid, I was POSITIVE that Prince’s(?) “I would die for you” said “apple dapple you.” Next time you hear it, you won’t be able to UNhear “apple dapple”.


  80. Katie M. says

    For the song, “It’s like my iPod’s stuck on replay”…my 6 year sings, “It’s like my eyball’s stuck on a plate”!


  81. Danielle says

    I love that song! And I won’t even tell you what I used to think the lyrics were to La Bamba. I am older and more familiar with Spanish so I think I got it now. No more embarrassing sing-a-longs.


  82. says

    STOP IT…..that pumpkin granola looks to die for. I’m OBSESSED with granola and especially ANYTHING Pumpkin.

    I’m trying this recipe ASAP! 🙂

    Oh, and you know….
    “Aruba….Jamiaca….ohhh I wanna take ya……
    …..there’s a place called KOKONOS.”

    No? Oh, okay. 😉


  83. says

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