Camping: Love It or Loathe It?

Man oh man those TRX straps own me! They’re seriously legit and get my arms shaking as I try to stabilize myself. I have a feeling sore triceps are in my future after today’s upper body workout.

I began my time at the gym with a two-mile run before completing the following exercises:

arm workout

And just like that, it was time for breakfast!


On the menu for today was strawberry banana overnight oats that I made by combining the following in a Tupperware container last night:

  • 3/4 cup old fashioned oats
  • 6 ounces strawberry banana Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 banana, sliced

overnight oats 002

This morning, I added a few fresh banana slices on top before digging in.

Nice and thick!

Camping: Love It or Loathe It?

This weekend as my family and I sat around the campfire making s’mores on Saturday night, we started talking about our old camping adventures. (Shout out to those of you who noticed Ryan drunkenly paying homage to the song “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” around the fire.)

Ryan joked with my parents saying that I describe my family’s camping adventures as the holy grail of camping. Seriously though, my family and I had a blast camping when I was growing up and I have wonderful memories associated with our camping trips.

I told Ryan that we were “gourmet” campers. We slept in tents and everything, but when it came to food, we made seriously delicious meals over the campfire, like beef stew or trout caught fresh from a nearby stream.

Just check out the tent my parents set up:

awesome tent

Totally kidding. Smile 

Our tent looked more like this:

bear tent

Only minus the bear.

Since I wasn’t an early riser until after college, as a child my sister and I would sleep in on camping trips and wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking on the campfire. It was fantastic!

I haven’t gone camping with my family in years, though I have pitched a tent with friends. (<—I really need to bust out my awesome hat from those pictures again!)

Camping adventures with friends include lots of beer (Natty Light, baby), granola bars for breakfast and hot dogs on a stick for dinner. Not quite the same thing as family camping, but fun in a different way! 

My family and I are hoping to plan a fun camping trip next month if the timing works out with everyone’s schedule. I’m already excited about it!

Question of the Morning

  • Camping: Love it or loathe it?
  • What is your favorite thing to do on a camping trip?

My answers:

Love it (obviously) and my favorite thing to do while camping is hike, make s’mores and play random games around the campfire like Would You Rather? and Catch Phrase.


  1. says

    I love camping too! My husband is a serious outdoorsman, so he has all the great gear and knows how to do EVERYthing. It rocks. I love the stars at night.

    While there I love roasting mallows, hiking around, and sleeping in!

    Triceps extensions ROCK!! And they are seriously killer with TRX–so go you!


  2. says

    LOVE camping! My family sounds a lot like yours! We cook better meals in the middle of nowhere, than we do in our own kitchens at home. I just love the whole atmosphere – waking up to eggs and bacon, grilling out for lunch and hanging out by the water or going on a canoe trip, and then cooking a massive dinner and eating s’mores around the campfire. And of course, lots of beer and laughs. 🙂 Love it!


  3. SkinnyRunner says

    thats how my friends camp in southern california – all the gadgets, gourmet food, and pretty much better living than in my own house.


  4. says

    Never been camping. It sounds like a good idea in theory, but I don’t think I’ll ever put it into practice. I mean, I like nature and think it’s beautiful and stuff, but I don’t know…I think if I ever met someone who has done it before and could make it comfortable for me I could give it a try. I learned more about it when Oprah went camping with Gayle on her show but I feel like I couldn’t afford her version of “camping” lol.


  5. says

    LOVE it!!!! Camping is one of my fave things ever and I was lucky enough to be able to go three times this past summer! I do not mind sleeping in the tent at all, and we definitely had some gourmet meals.

    My fave thing to do while camping is definitely make s’mores and tell ghost stories around the campfire, hike, canoe, and also hit up the beach! I love lake swimming so I like to take full advantage of the beach. Fun times. I wish I was camping right now.


  6. says

    I have very fond family camping memories too. My parents would take us on 2 week camping adventures each summer as our vacation. It was great b/c I saw a lot of the US and Canada!


  7. Lauren says

    Sorry, but loathe it! I went once as a kid and hated feeling kind of dirty and uncomfortable the whole time. Just not mah thing! I guess I’m a little too high maintenance!


  8. says

    LOATHE. I hate camping. I really do. My huband tries to convince me by choosing places near to good running trails. But I always get sooo cold. And I hate the smell of smoke. WAH! lol


  9. says

    I’ve only been camping once and that too, it was when I was super unfit…I LOATHED it then but I’m sure I would really enjoy it now, given the company is right!


  10. says

    LOL! When I saw the first tent I thought, “OMG they didn’t!!!” If only camping could actually be that glamorous! I’m a bit on the fence with camping… I’m generally ok with it if it’s just for a long weekend or something, with good weather, lots to do, and fun people to be around. But if it’s rainy and cold, and if there are no bathrooms… you’ll find me in a hotel. 😉


  11. Lauren says

    Love it! The best camping memory I have is my boyfriend & I went on a 2day hiking trip. We saw like 3 people the whole time and 3 moose – so cool but kinda scary since they were SO close to us.


  12. says

    Love it! I used to go camping with a bunch of my girl friends and it was hilarious! Who says boys need to be there to do everything for us?! My favorite thing we did was huddle around a campfire, make s’mores and drink hot chocolate and just have a girl fest. Good conversation, heart-to-heart confessionals and digging deep in our faith. Love camping 🙂


  13. says

    I love camping! My favorite part is cooking over the campfire! I also like playing with the campfire; it is always an adventure to get it started and keep it going.


  14. says

    LOVE CAMPING! I love being unplugged from the world, staying up all night chatting with the people you are with. Oh, and can’t forget to make s’mores!

    I might go camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness this weekend. While its not really roughing it, it still is a ton of fun! I love being outdoors this time of year.


  15. Kaelin says

    Camping – LOVE IT!!! My family graduated from a tent, to a pop up camper, to a pull behind trailer. We were also “gourmet” eaters, making lots of fun stuff over the fire. My dad would bake biscuits over the fire in the mornings, yum!!!

    Like you, my favorite thing to do while camping is hiking and sitting around the fire eating smores and spending time with my family or friends.


  16. Emily says

    Love it! I’ve never actually camped with my family, but for the last 5 summers my girlfriends and I have went on a camping trip to lake michigan.
    Nothing beats campfire conversations and burnt marshmallows, in my opinion.


  17. chelsea says

    i love camping!! It gives me an excuse not to shower for days! LOL but really its nice to just get up and hang out outside and explore! but I dont really like sleeping in a tent, i like campers!


  18. says

    I love camping, we use to do so much of it when we were younger. It was an easy way for all of our family to get together! Because there was SO many of us it was hard to all meet at someones house, no one ever had enough room. I’m hoping to get a couple camping/hiking adventures in next summer if I can convince the hubs .. and the dogs lol!


  19. says

    Just recently I went on a one day camping trip with a big group of friends. This “camping” trip was a bit different because it was in someones backyard, and there were about 40 of us sleeping outside in tents. We all consumed one too many beers the night before and endless rounds of flip cup!

    Camping with friends is always a blast, but you’re right…totally different then family camping. I’m not sure which I’d prefer: family camping with great food prepared for me, or friend camping with endless drunken nights. Thats a tough call!


  20. says

    I’ve only been camping once – it rained the entire time and the mosquitos were fierce! Also, it was “wilderness” camping, which meant no showers on site and a scary bathroom situation. I loathed it!!

    I’m okay with hiking during the day, but at night, I like my comfy bed and long, hot shower! 🙂


  21. says

    I’m the same as you – I have tons of memories camping with my family growing up, and gourmet meals were definitely a must! My dad makes amazing meals in the dutch oven over the campfire. I’m drooling as I think of it! Today I still love camping. You’re right, camping with friends is a little different than camping with family, but it’s still fun. 😉


  22. says

    I enjoy camping, but I can’t say that I love it. My favorite thing to do is definitely cook and eat around the campfire with some adult beverages. It’s just so peaceful and fun 🙂 Luckily, I have some friends who like to cook pretty gourmet, so no hot dogs on sticks here!


  23. Lori says

    I absolutely love camping! I camp several times a year – my future in-laws camp almost half the weekends in the summer usually! I love to hike when I’m camping, but my favorite part about it is chatting with family and friends. 🙂 There’s nothing else to distract you from enjoying your time together when you’re camping.


  24. says

    Camping consists of S’mores and Catch Phrase!! I’m with you on that!!

    I do like camping a lot.. but I hate hate bugs, so I show up with an ARSENAL of bug spray! Glamping seems pretty awesome — if I could convince my friends/family to drag king sized beds out into the wilderness for me I would.


  25. says

    I used to absolutely HATE it. My fiance has been going since he was a little kid and has dragged me for years. But now I absolutely love it. I get to relax and just enjoy the time. I love sitting around the fire and going on hikes etc.


  26. Julia says

    My family and I just went camping this past weekend!! Typically I loathe it because it is too cold for my tastes, but I really had a good time this past weekend. The temperature was perfect 70s during the day and upper 40s at night. Much like your family, our trips are all about the food. My favorite is breakfast. We had biscuits and gravy and sausage on Saturday and French Toast and bacon on Sunday. Good luck planning your trip.


  27. Heather says

    I’ve only been camping once, and it was at the KOA with my dad. So, we had our own cabin and campfire and everything sort of laid out for us. It was so nice to unwind, though! My favorite thing is staying up late chatting around the fire. 🙂


  28. says

    I am so not a camping fan! haha. I find it a lot of work, uncomfortable, cold sleeps and I just don’t enjoy it! Such a downer I am 😉 But I do like camp fires and s’mores but going home to my warm bed after 🙂


  29. says

    I adore camping! I went all the time with my family growing up too—it was seriously the best. My twin sister and I loved to read magazines around the campfire. And my mom and I have a special tent of setting up the tent just the two of us—it’s been known to take hours and for the past several years, it’s involved plenty of wine for inspiration. 🙂


  30. Cheryl says

    I just went camping earlier this month and while I like the idea of camping I don’t really think it’s right for me. The people I was with also made ‘gourmet’ meals but it took SO long to prep, cook, and clean I felt like that’s all I did for the entire weekend instead of actually enjoying nature.


  31. says

    I LOVE camping. And s’mores are obviously my favorite part (that and fires because I’m kind of obsessed with cozy fires)

    Worst parts are definitely – REEKING of smoke (in your hair, clothes, everywhere) from the fire and the bug bites!


  32. says

    I love camping, too! The Beeks family is also gourmet campers…there is not “roughing” it! My mom packs fresh berries, cheeses, wine, steaks and other delicious things.
    We sleep on cozy mattress pads with goose down sleeping bags,etc. My parents even have a hanging ceiling light and fan in their tent…and they sleep on a cot that’s as comfortable as my bed at home. I absolutely have roughed it (slept in a college “renal” tent (<–we have those up north haha) where my feet were hanging out and ended up SOAKED to the bone in the morning!


  33. says

    I used to love camping with my family every summer as a kid. We used to go a couple times each summer, but we used a pop-up camper and not a tent because my mom is a wimp 🙂

    It was still a blast tho! and I still remember the smell of waking up to eggs and bacon on the grill!


  34. laurel says

    Love it!! We need to plan a trip! My mom would only pick out camping sites that had showers and electricity…so we could watch TV at night…what else are you supposed to do??! 😉


  35. Kate says

    Hi Julie! When you do your strength training, are the weight amounts listed per arm? Like with the bicep curls, are they free weights with 15 lbs per arm…or are they with a bar with 15lbs total? You might inspire me to increase my weight…at least for the first set… 🙂


  36. says

    Just got back from a fabulous weekend of camping at Palo Duro Canyon in Canyon, TX! Who would have thought that something so beautiful would be that close to Amarillo, TX?!

    My family is definitely not campers and the only other camping trip I’ve been on was a week-long trip hiking in Colorado at Wilderness with my high school Young Life group. It was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on! This past weekend was also pretty awesome! Anytime I get to hike, I am a happy girl! That would definitely be my favorite part about the great outdoors!


  37. says

    Not a camping fan…it may have something to do with the fact that my dad is the epitome of mountain/wilderness man (think conan the barbarian) so our trips were more like survival trips. I love my sweet Daddy but he never understood why I didn’t want to “build character” that way. 😉


  38. Molly says

    Ahh I can so relate to this post! I just went camping with my parents this past weekend and they packed good beer, hamburgers (not even the pre made frozen kind), eggs, bacon, and pancakes! It was totally gourmet compared to the trip I did with friends which was full of half cooked oatmeal and PB+Js for every meal, haha. I also totally waited until my Dad had the coffee made and the fire warm before crawling out of the tent. LOVE camping!


  39. says

    I absolutely love it! I usually go at least a dozen times every year, and backpacking is one of my absolute favorite things 🙂 We like to combine some mountain climbing trips (14ers!) with camping so we’ll go bag a peak and then come down and sleep under the stars. Perfect!


  40. Gina B says

    I love reading about people who love camping, because to me it’s my nightmare! It does open up my eyes a bit to read the joys, and I do understand:

    I love being outside, doing outdoorsy things, and campfires. My family owns a piece of land with a cabin, and we’ll go up for the day and shoot skeet, play horseshoes, fish in the pond, hike and grill…but when it’s time to A) Sleep B) Get clean or C) Use the rinky dink outhouse….I PEACE out! 🙂 I’m too afraid of the dark and animals, don’t like to feel dirty, and have too many tummy issues to rely on the great outdoors! lol


  41. says

    Camping is one of my favourite things to do, and we are so spoiled living in the mountains. Where else do you go to just talk?? I even went when I was 36 weeks pregnant last year!

    We are total camping gourmets too, and purists in the sense that everything needs to be made over the fire. We pop popcorn in a big pot, make pumpkin spice pancakes, pasta, nachos, everything on the fire!


  42. Andrea says

    Camping rocks!! I love tent camping – gives you a reason to not shower, love waking up early to the sun shining through the tent and the birds signing, spending all day out in the woods hiking, and sitting around the fire at night. I also like the more ritzy style of camping with the camper and setting up shop in a campground (or fairgrounds) with a bunch of your friends and having potluck dinners, playing cards around the table in the evening. Great times!


  43. cristina says

    Loathe it! One of my first memories is camping in Yosemite with my family when I was little. A giant bear came onto our campground, roared at us, stole a bag of marshmallows and ran away. It was traumatizing to say the least!


  44. says

    Love to camp! When I was younger, I would go on camping trips with girl scouts. And then when I met my husband, I did more of the hiking/camping/mountain man kind of thing. I love just being around nature and cooking on the fire. So romantic. 😛


  45. stevie says

    My boyfriend has been camping with his family may times and wanted me to try it out this summer. I was so opposed to it and planed to only stay one night but I ended up enjoying it so much that we stayed a second night!


  46. Michelle @ Yoga Health for Life says

    LOVE it!!! I only started camping several years ago, but wow was I a quick addict! We’re going on a two-day camping and canoeing trip this weekend in fact! We’ll be canoeing the St. Mary’s River that forms the Florida-Georgia border, and depending upon the winds, we’ll end up camping in Georgia on one bank or Florida on the other! I love to just watch nature on camping trips, as well as canoe, devour ‘smores, tend to the campfire, and play Catch Phrase as well!


  47. says

    loathe it! I’m way to much of a diva for camping. I like campfires, but only the backyard kind. I don’t like sleeping on air mattresses or worse, the ground! I’ve tried to love it so many times but it just never works out for me. So many of my friends love camping and I wish I could too.


  48. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    I love camping. I did it for the first time this year and I really enjoyed how laid back and fun it was. It really forced me to just relax and enjoy my family rather than run around and try to get everything done on my to do list. I can’t wait to do it again.


  49. says

    I have only gone camping, officially, one time in my life. My husband and I are not opposed to camping, but we never grew up doing it and prefer nice hotels. 🙂 That said, we were so proud of ourselves for being “rugged” and going camping with our church group a couple of years ago. Had a blast on the trip, but 10 days later, a firey poison oak showed up like you wouldn’t believe… around my lady parts!!!! Don’t think I will be going camping again anytime soon… unless it’s in a souped-up camper! 🙂


  50. Christelle says

    I used to hate camping! I would only camp out in my back yard as a kid and have sleep-overs in the tent. But 2 summers ago, a big gang of friends packed up some canoes with camping gear and headed out on the river and we set up our camping gear for the weekend, and I had soooo much fun! I haven’t gone since, but I’m open to the idea now. I love camp fires, we have camp fires at the beach almost every weekend, roasting hotdogs and marshmellows!


  51. says

    I LOVE camping — the more rustic the better. My favorite place is actually the Quetico in Canada — canoeing + camping + no people/electricity/shower for days = heaven. And the fishing is to die for. The only downside? Having to dig a hole to do your business.


  52. says

    Mike & I go camping all the time with our dogs and we all love it! The past two years we’ve gone camping at a campsite with a 10 minute walk to the beach – love it! (And that’s awesome for us since we live in Central PA). We always make sure we bring big bones for the dogs to munch on when we hang out around the fire – they love it!


  53. Krystina (Organically Me) says

    Haha I laughed out loud at the bear picture.

    I’ve never been camping, but I’ve wanted to try it out!


  54. says

    LOVE camping. My favorite thing to do is hike and cook over the fire.

    Also, a fun game you might like to play is called ‘Butt Writing.” Basically a person stands with their back to everyone else and has to spell their name (or any other word) in the air with their butt. Its SO funny!


  55. says

    Hate with a passion. Growing up camping trips were always remembered as “the one where….” and the thing was always something bad. Just to name a few there was:
    “the one where…my brother got stung by a bee in his eye”

    “the one where…my mom’s chair broke and she fell on a shovel needing to be rushed to the hospital”

    and “the one where…I got stung by some random bug and my knee swelled up to about four times it’s normal size.” Yeah….camping is not for me!


  56. sue says

    I love all of the aspects of camping (camp fires, cooking over the fire, toast marshmallows, etc.) until it comes time to go to bed — then I don’t want a sleeping bag or a tent. I want a real bed in a hotel room or home!


  57. says

    Oh, I love camping! <3 It's so much fun! I'd never done it before until I met my boyfriend, but now we've camped all over the England, Europe and New Zealand! 😛 We went camping in Aspen just a couple of weeks ago, and got snowed on and our tent was flooded…but it was still so cool! 😛
    I love sitting around the campfire, making BBQ'd goodies, and snuggling up in layers and layers of sleeping bags watching a movie at night.
    I also love hiking – cause when we camp, we usually hike – and waking up when the sun rises! <3 xyx


  58. says

    I’ve camped only once in my life and I must admit, I’m not a camp lover. I especially miss a real and cosy bathroom, but I like everything that’s around camping like living outside and the simplicity of it. It can be fun for a couple of days with friends!


  59. Nathan Miller says

    Oh my. Camping was a rituual in my family. We went twice a month in the summer of Indiana. It was a huge ordeal and we had a camping crew that involved 4 other families. We would even get together at the beginning of the year, have a party, plan which weekends we would go, and then decide who would bring what. Then the week before each weekend we would go, we would get together to discuss the MENU! As you can tell our camping revolved around food. Our staples were pizza pockets! White bread topped with pizza sauce and your topping and cooked inside castiron pizza pocket makers like this one:

    So many of my fondest memories were with my family and camping. Food, basketball, sneaking our parents liquor…. haha..

    We too did the tent thing until my parents decided it was roughing it too much, so they got a camper but kept the tent and the kids then stayed in the tent behind the camper! Kinda like having our own room! Hope you get that camping episode booked asap!


  60. says

    I love camping! My dad and I still hunt for perfect marshmallow roasting sticks for s’mores! Have you ever heard of snipe hunting??? 🙂 Check it out on if you haven’t!


  61. says

    being from hawaii, camping usually means it’s on the beach. in tents. sand EVERYWHERE! i loathe it! but i see pics from my friends camping and hiking trips in washington, and i am envious.

    i do love campfires and smores though 🙂


  62. says

    Would you believe that I’ve never been camping? Ever? I’ve been to summer camp, but I’ve never done the whole “sleep in a tent outside in the woods” thing in my life!


  63. Danielle says

    LOATHE It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Went a lot as a kid and wish to never go again. My husband’s family loves it. RV or not I am still not camping! They got me to go twice, NEVER again. I told them if they want to me to ever go again they better find me a nice hotel nearby and I will visit them during the day.

    I hate tents, I hate sleeping bags, I hate air mattresses, I hate the lack of heat or AC in a tent, I hate bathrooms/showers at campgrounds, etc. You get the point I hate the majority of it.

    I do love the scenery, I love hiking, and I love the s’mores.


  64. Kanoe says

    I absolutely LOVE camping! I haven’t done it in years and I miss it so much. We did family camping trips and then I also went on camping trips with other friends families every summer as a kid and it was fun. My favorite thing to do on a camping trip was swimming at the lake(b/c we camped at the lake 🙂 ) and cooking hot dogs & hamburgers on the fire. Outdoor grilled food is so much more AWESOME then anything else. I don’t do it much now though b/c I live in the DC Metro area so let’s just say camping is not as easily accessible LOL. I’m from Oklahoma where we have tons of camping spots & lakes so I miss that 🙁


  65. says

    LOVE camping…but only until recently. My only experiences as a child were two horrible overnights with my Girl Scout troop. I swore off camping after that.

    My husband, however, loves to camp. He also hunts and fishes. I told him I would give it a try – for him – and I was hooked. It’s a much different experience as an adult, having control over the whole camping process and going with someone I actually like 🙂

    My blog is actually centered around my journey from a strictly indoors girl to a more high-maintenance outdoors-woman. I’ve come a long way…


  66. says

    LOVE IT!

    I didn’t camp growing up but the family did a lot of “float trips” (BIG thing in Missouri.)

    These days my friends have many annual camping trips including:

    *April float/camp (there is nobody floating/camping in April, we have 60-80 people at this one and it’s a riot.)

    *October Skeet shoot campout (sometimes with real tepees)

    *Garden of the Gods in S. Illinois

    *Winter Campoot in January on a friend’s family farm complete with fireworks and hoo-ha (Captain and apple cider) It’s usually super-cold, this past year it got down to 11 degrees.

    We don’t tend to camp a lot in the summer in STL because it gets


  67. Nicole says

    I’ve only been camping once when I was young and it was not a very fun experience lol! All I really remember about it is sitting squished in the tent while it pours and making sure nothing was getting wet. But the way you describe it makes it sound like a blast!



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