Eggnog Overnight Oats

Oh my gosh do I have an amazing breakfast to share with you this morning!

eggnog oatmeal 018

Last night after dinner, a package was delivered to our house that included a bottle of eggnog from the wonderful people at Bolthouse Farms.

eggnog oatmeal 008

The eggnog is all natural and has less fat and calories than typical eggnog, yet somehow still tastes as rich and delicious as full-fat eggnog. I’m sold!

After taking a big gulp of the eggnog last night, I had an idea.

Eggnog overnight oats!

eggnog oatmeal 010

Before going to bed I combined the following ingredients in a Tupperware container and let them soak in the fridge overnight:

  • 2/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 6 ounces 2 percent Greek yogurt
  • 1/3 cup eggnog

This morning I added a sliced banana to the mix, poured a bit of almond milk overtop of the oats to make them a little less thick and sprinkled them with nutmeg before digging in.

eggnog oatmeal 015

What a winner! This breakfast tasted like the holidays in a bowl.

I am a little tempted to make another batch right now so I can enjoy them again for lunch.


Before breakfast, Ryan and I tackled a Friday morning workout that began with 20 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer.

I followed up my little cardio session with an upper body workout that resembled last Friday’s workout

The real excitement happened on our way home from the gym.

We saw a coyote!


This is actually the second coyote I’ve seen since we moved to Ocala. (I saw my first one on the way to my friend Carrie’s baby shower.)

They are such beautiful animals, but seeing them so close to our house makes me feel even more grateful that nothing happened to Sadie the morning that she went missing and I nearly had a heart attack.

Question of the Morning

  • What is the coolest animal you’ve seen in the wild?


  1. says

    They’re not “cool” persay, but there are wild Turkeys in our neighborhood all the time! We’re only about 5 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, but they like the woods near our house. We had a crazy one in our yard last year who just stared at the sky and walked in circles for days at a time… eventually a neighbor called the police and I’m worried he didn’t make it.


  2. says

    Oh my gosh I LOVE eggnog! I actually was trying to be healthier so I wouldn’t drink too much of it haha, and I bought the Silk brand “nog” and it was delicious!! I just may have to try my oatmeal with that tomorrow morning :). I haven’t seen that many cool animals in the wild…maybe a bear roaming down the side of a highway? Hope you have a fabulous day Julie!


  3. Sarah says

    This is perfect! Just got eggnog yesterday and wanted to do something other than drinking it. And i got one of the usual fatty ones. I am a huge Bolthouse fan! Almost always have their drinks in my fridge. From carrot juice to the chocolate mocha. I think i know whats for breakfast tomorrow!


  4. says

    Those eggnog oats look tasty! Would you believe this? I’ve never had eggnog before! What does it taste like? I’ve always been nervous to try it. I know Starbucsk has an eggnog latte that sounds good.

    I’d be scared if I saw a coyote! That is pretty cool though that you’ve seen them in person. Happy Friday! 🙂


  5. Julia says

    The wildest animals I’ve ever encountered live in the Kruger National Park…On one of our WALKING safaris we saw a rhino with a little one nearby and the guide was like “Look for a tree, it’s gonna run anytime soon”…Never in my life was I afraid to die-unitl that very moment…
    Luckily, nothing happened and I was so,so grateful of then seeing only monkey or bucks…(although when you see them from the jeep, they bore you to death…) 🙂


  6. says

    Mmmm I love Eggnog. I made Nog Overnight Oats last week too! only using the Hungry Girl “No Nonsense Nog” recipe so it actually didn’t have eggs in it – it’s vanilla soymilk (I used coconut milk), instant vanilla pudding powder, rum extract, nutmeg and stevia!

    The coolest animal I’ve seen in the wild was a havelina (I probably spelled that wrong) – it’s a wild pig that was roaming in my brother’s backyard in Tucson! Otherwise, probably the moose that are all over the place where my parents vacation!


  7. says

    oh I <3 eggnog – my mom makes it homemade and it's amazing!!

    Just the other day while I was out running a huge buck with antlers ran across the trail right in front of me. It was about 10-15 feet away and probably scared me as much as he did himself!


  8. says

    Wow that sounds like an awesome Friday breakfast. You could add some bourbon and make it a dessert:) the coolest animal I have seen recently is a live armadillo. Since I moved to Tx over a year ago I had only seen them as road kill.


  9. says

    I have never had eggnog and for some reason cannot bring myself to try it!
    Probably the coolest animal I have seen in the wild (and close to home) would be a cougar! I live close to the mountains and a few years ago saw it on a trip there.


  10. says

    When you make overnight oats, do you cook them beforehand or do you just add them raw to the mix? I made them once and they never puffed up.

    I traveled abroad and saw monkeys, an elephant, and caribou in the wild. I want to say that the elephants I saw at the zoo that were not cagged or behind glass or fences were in the wild also. I felt like at any moment, they can pounce!


  11. says

    I have never tried egg nog, what does it taste like? Last weekend on my run I ran into a family of coyotes they ran across the street right in front of me, I stopped dead in my tracks and waited a little, I did not want to be there afternoon snack!


  12. says

    I am an eggnog addict! I love that stuff with anything so I think that the oats sound like an awesome idea! Have you ever heard of Rice Nog? I heard that some brands are REALLY good…I may have to try it out at some point. I just got sugar free peppermint mocha creamer for my coffee and it’s AMAZING 🙂 Holidays in a glass…

    That’s scary about the coyotes! I have seen a kangaroo before…yes…a kangaroo!!! This was when I was extremely young, and there was a circus in town, and it actually got away from the circus. My family made fun of me for YEARS and did not believe me on this one…hahaha


  13. says

    Oh my goodness, I didn’t even know Bolthouse Farms made eggnog! It sounds yummy! I’ve never really seen any cool animals in the wild, unless you count the hundreds of camels that we used to see driving along when I lived in the Middle East – they’re about as common as cows in a field though!


  14. says

    Oh wow! We had coyotes growing up around us too, and when my cat would get loose I’d be worried about him getting eaten! Thankfully, nothing ever happened, and I’m sure Sadie could just give the coyotes a sad face, and they’d want to be her friend instead!!

    I went on a trip out west with my family back in high school, and we saw a grizzly bear and TWO MOOSES (meece? mooses? moosi?). The mooses were huge!


  15. Emily says

    My friend and her parents have a farm, and coyotes have been awful for killing multiple sheep, chickens, and coming very close to attacking her dogs. Those things are vicious.. I wouldn’t let Sadie outside alone/in the dark if I were you!


  16. says

    The coolest thing I have seen in the wild is by far a Lynx! Mostly because it is really rare to see them since they dont make appearances very often! My whole life that I lived in Alaska I only ever saw one for a few seconds and it was gone, but they are so crazy looking!
    And on our drive from Alaska to here (NC) this summer we saw 11 bears within 3 hours driving through Canada! So crazy!


  17. says

    Egg nog is just not my bag…I’ll stick with Bailey’s and hot chocolate this Christmas. Again.

    I work for a wildlife research group and have actually CRAWLED INSIDE many a bear den…in winter…when they are hibernating…and drugged. But the cubs are to die for adoreballs. I have a pic on my site here ->

    Good luck with the coyotes – keep Sadie leashed so she doesn’t run off to join the wilds of feral dogs!


  18. says

    I’m not a big fan of eggnog, but my sister is! I’ll have to pass along this recipe.

    I used to live on a mountain in British Columbia and no one would let their animals outside because of the coyotes. Many cats went missing and unfortunately never returned except for 1 cat who returned to it’s owners after a month! Scrappy kitty!

    I’m in Canada, so we see cool animals all the time (especially in BC). The coolest experience was seeing seals pop up next to our kayak this past summer. They were so close to us – it was amazing!


  19. says

    I really wanted an egg nog smoothie this morning! how funny! i had a box of “rice nog” aka rice milk egg nog which is also lower in calories and fat then regular egg nog and really good BUT it was expired 🙁 sadness. so i’ll be heading out to the store to look for either this brand or my rice nog – hoping i can find it!


  20. says

    I spent a few months in South Africa in 2009, and the amount of monkeys/baboons that were just running around was amazing! In comparison, in England, the most ‘exciting’ wild animal was probably a badger or hare!


  21. says

    I used to never like eggnog much, but then again, I haven’t tried it in years. Maybe I need to give it another shot? I haven’t been too excited about trying it either because it’s usually packed with fat and calories, but I’ve seen some lower calorie varieties lately (like the one you used) and think I might try it out again. Great idea on the overnight oats!


  22. Jen says

    2 years ago, we were returning to home in Vermont after camping in Maine. While driving on 302 through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I saw a BIG black bear come galloping full speed out of the woods. He saw the highway and immediately turned around and scooted back into the woods. Even though he was massive – and a BEAR – he was so cute and looked kind of bumbly. It was so exciting!


  23. Christelle says

    I seen a moose on the side of a highway once. Everyone that has seen one tells me how big they really are in person, and I knew they were big, but until I seen that one I never knew just how really HUGE these guys were! No wonder hardly anyone survives moose accidents on the highway….SCARY!!


  24. says

    I absolutely love eggnog! Some people think it’s gross and don’t know how I like it haha. That’s an awesome idea to put it in oats! I may need to go find this low-fat eggnog. That’s so cool you saw a coyote! I don’t think I’ve seen any really cool animals other than the usual: racoons, deer, etc.


  25. says

    I think the most random animal I’ve seen in the wild was a llama lol. Living in CO, we see our share of deer, coyotes, big horn sheep, and other mountainy critters, but the llamas threw me off. Apparently, there’s a few llama farms in the mountains near the ski resorts.


  26. says

    Eggnog oats- I’m sold! My mom makes the best homemade eggnog but you can only take a small sip because it’s so heavy, and let’s just say she doesn’t skimp on the alcohol either *gah haha*!

    Craziest wildlife I’ve seen: mountain lion! Thank goodness we were in a car or else I may have had a heart attack!


  27. says

    I’ve seen kangaroos and wallabys (wallabies? wallabi?) in the wild but it was when I visited Australia and they were kind of everywhere. In the US I’ve seen alligators in the wild–one time an alligator hissed at me because I got too close!

    The COOLEST animal I’ve seenwild is a moose. It was SO amazing.


  28. says

    That’s such a great idea with the eggnog. I think I’ll be buying some this year just for oats! When we first moved to Florida and I saw an alligator I definitely thought that was crazy but I realize that’s normal for people who live down there. A moose was probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen in the northeast. They are big!


  29. says

    80 calories per serving?? Wait, is a serving 4 or 8 oz? I have found that a lot of egg nog servings are 4 oz…
    This is great, because I have to make overnight oats for the next two mornings, due to having to eat my breakfast on the run, and this eggnog would just make it so much better… (hope I can find it at the store!)

    The coolest animal I’ve seen in the wild is a BEAR. There’s a ton of them around where I live, but I FINALLY saw one over the summer. We were in the car at a stop sign, and this bear was sitting across from us, and then got up and ran across the road. It was so awesome!


  30. Bethany @Bethany's Befuddled Brain says

    We have coyotes around my neighborhood and when I was in high school, waiting for the boy that I drove to school, a coyote walked right by my car door. Kind of freaked me out a bit. I also either saw a very big black wolf or a very big black bear when I was on a Discovery trip for Teaching Fellows and we went to Hyde County in NC.


  31. says

    I finally just checked out your chia seeds post. Where on earth do you get those? I’ve never seen them. Well except on the Chia Pet commercials.

    Eggnog Oats? Sign me up!!! Can’t wait to try this!


  32. says

    Okay, so I’m totally behind in the blogsphere and haven’t tried overnight oats yet. However, the eggnog oats is something I just can’t resist. That being said, I have some questions about overnight oats.

    A) When it’s time to eat them are they best served chilled or can I warm them up in the microwave?
    B) What’s the ratio of liquid to oats?

    I think you may have done a post on overnight oats already, but like I said, I’m a little behind in the blogsphere.:)
    I can’t wait to try eggnog oats. Great idea, Julie!


  33. says

    Eggnog overnight oats?! How I want to try them – just need to find dairy-free eggnog now!

    Coolest animal(s) I’ve seen in the wild came courtesy of a few trips to Kenya and going on safaris: giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, elephants, hippos, and lions. But the coolest/scariest was seeing a puff adder snake – deadliest snake in the world and you definitely do not want to mess around with it!


  34. says

    Wild moose roaming around the Great Salt Lake in Utah was a crazy experience. They walk right next to or in front of your car! Holding a koala was also cool because I’ve heard they can be mean–I bribed him with food the whole time.

    But I think the coolest animal I’ve ever seen was the critically endangered Sumantran Rhino. It’s smaller than the normal rhinos and it’s hairy! Very weird but awesome.


  35. says

    Buffalo!! I do not know why but I just think buffalo are the coolest animals. They are ginormous and I think I’m just overwhelmed by God’s creation when I see them. Anyway, our deer lease is in Paducah, TX and there are tons of buffalo out there that I always look forward to seeing!


  36. says

    Ohhh MY Gosh, what a brilliant idea. I love eggnog but because it is so creamy and fatty, I try not to drink much of it and I would never of thought to do overnight oats, but that Boathouse brand looks relatively better for you than the standard eggnog. I must try it. I love holiday treats!

    I live in the wilderness! I have seen moose, bears, foxes and wildcats! You always know there is some cool animal on the side of the road, when there are 5 cars pulled over.

    Happy Friday


  37. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    Once I saw a fox on the golf course (I’d never seen one in the wild before that) and I see raccoons all the the time on my run. The raccoons freak me out because I always envision them jumping at me and clawing me with those razors.


  38. says

    That sounds SO GOOD!! Our grocery story has started stocking Silk Egg Nog and this looks like the perfect way to use it up! 🙂

    I went to college in Maine so saw a LOT of moose – cool when you’re hiking, not cool when you’re driving at night and they almost step out in the road in front of you -AHHH! Absolutely terrifying. The coolest wildlife I’ve seen were probably while I was studying abroad in Costa Rica – monkeys, sloths, craaaazy birds, so cool!


  39. says

    I’ve seen snapping turtles, turkeys, foxes, possums, and deer near my parents house in MA.

    The coolest would probably be seeing a moose in New Hampshire. Yeah, not too exciting 😛

    Love that oatmeal bowl!! I never really got into eggnog because of how rich it is. I may have to check this product out!


  40. says

    oo yum egg nog oats..sounds great!! coyotes are pretty cool…we have them in arizona..but you definitely dont want them around your cats or small dogs!! we just moved to colorado and we’re seeing deer and elk everywhere its awesome!


  41. says

    Is that a picture of the coyote you actually saw? OMG. I would’ve freaked. I live in Denver and there are coyote warning signs everywhere. I’m terrified!!!!! lol.

    But I would love egg nog oats. Where can I find that egg nog? Seriously. I have a hard time dealing with like 180 cals for 1/2 cup!!!


  42. Isabel says

    While going white water rafting in Colorado, we saw this giant brown bear on the edge of a cliff just sitting on his behind watching all of us crazies in the rafts!


  43. says

    I went to a wildlife safari as a kid and saw all sorts of animals, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything too weird except for a deer that jumped in front of my car once. The car that had been tailgating me sure kept its distance after it almost hit me when I had to slam on my brakes!

    I am loving the So Delicious Coconut Egg Nog. It has this slight coconut hint and is sooo good!


  44. Merri says

    Speaking of Cayotes…my friends husband in Tallahassee found a stray puppy near his neighborhood so he took it in and they kept it for a few days before bringing it to the Vet to ask what to do as far as keeping the pup. The Vet ran tests on the puppy and told him, in fact, he didn’t pick up a stray puppy he picked up a baby cayote!! haha they had to put it back!


  45. Tiffany says

    Hi Julie! I just want to first say that I am new to following your blog and love all of your posts!

    I have a question…did you warm up your oats in the morning or have it cold? I am assuming cold since you had the greek yogurt in it and that just seems like that would get gross quick when heated!


  46. says

    This is too funny… I was actually going to suggest to YOU to try eggnog overnight oats! I made myself some delicious soynogg overnight oats last night and they were divine 🙂


  47. says

    Wow… 2 coyotes?? I get paranoid I’m going to stumble across one while hiking. Coolest animal I’ve seen in the wild? A shark! In Florida, nonetheless 🙂


  48. says

    Okay, so I totally live in the suburbs, but I saw a coyote that looked more like a wolf!! In my gated community. 0_0 haaha, it was so scary b/c it was night and I was walking by myself. So I slowwwwly started walking backwards while whispering nice little words. It worked! xD


  49. says

    I’ve never actually had eggnog! I can’t have pasteurized milk or soy milk, but someone told me they’d seen an almond milk eggnog out there – I’m on the hunt! The coolest animal I’ve seen in the wild was a Moose! I saw it when I was in Montana with my family when I was 14. I love moose…


  50. Stephanie says

    omg that sounds so yummy. Is that egg nog just at food stores like Whole Foods vs a regular grocery store? Would love to try it. I just came upon your website from @Toneitup on twitter and you are just the cutest!! Can’t wait to read all your recipes/ workouts. !!


  51. Nathan Miller says

    My freshman year of college me and my buddy can you read the whole wall bash river in Indiana in about half way on our trip which was a good three weeks we got up close and personal with the bald eagle eating at part one the coolest things I’ve ever seen


  52. says

    U just reminded me of the incident last night.. I was going out to my backyard last night and when I opened the door, there was this raccoon looking back at me, right at my feet.. Both of us jumped and ran as far away from each other as we could. Kind of a hilarious sight.

    I haven tried overnight oats before, but your eggnog recipe is seriously tempting me! 😉 Lower calories eggnog?! Ohhhh.. I’m in!


  53. Laura@mypurposefullife says

    I saw the title of this post this morning but didn’t have time to read it til now. Even still, all day I have bee thinking about eggnog overnight oats and will definitely be having them tomorrow morning. What a great idea! I grew up in the mountains in new mexico so we saw lots of critters: coyotes, fox, bears, porcupines, elk, deer…we can always tell a bear though because our dog mocha goes nuts. We always quickly bring her in when we hear her ” bear bark”!


  54. says

    I saw a coyote in the middle of the city last April during a freak snowstorm. It was beyond surreal. I thought that maybe the world was ending or something….but no. Just Spring snow and a wild urban canine.


  55. Kathi says

    Saw a leopard after during a safari. Awesome, graceful animal. They are sometimes not seen for six months by the rangers. Can’t wait to try the eggnog breakfast. Sounds yummy


  56. Kanoe says

    These overnight oats thing look interesting & quite tasty I’ll have to give it a try myself. I love oatmeal so I want to try this. I also wanted to ask you where do you buy chia seeds? Do you buy yours online or can you just buy them at the store? I wanted to add them to my diet because i heard they have wonderful health benefits.


  57. gingercat says

    So…I keep wondering this and didn’t want to post and ask the question but it is driving me nuts…is your oatmeal warmed up? or is it cold? you say you keep it in the fridge over night, so I am just confused…sorry to ask such silly questions.



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