Compression Sleeves

Check out my hot pink compression sleeves!

compression sleeves pink 002

(Did they distract you from the hot mess of hair on the top of my head? No? Maaaybe I’ll brush my hair and put on some makeup before snapping a pic next time. Maaaybe.)

A thoughtful woman who works with my dad and reads the blog gave the compression sleeves to me to try after reading about my soreness following the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon. According to my dad, she’s an amazing triathlete and swears by the compression sleeves as a means to increase oxygen blood flow to the muscles of the lower leg, helping them to recover faster. 

She’s also running in the Women’s Half Marathon tomorrow!

compression sleeves pink 004

I slipped on the sleeves this morning before heading out with Ryan for a little exercise. I didn’t want to work out at all today since I have the big race tomorrow, so I hopped on my dad’s bike and pedaled alongside Ryan as he ran a little more than two miles with Sadie.

compression sleeves pink 005

Yes, that was a crazy hard picture to take!

compression sleeves pink 006

After their run, we walked with Sadie for another 15 minutes or so before heading inside for breakfast.

compression sleeves pink 008

Breakfast included two fried eggs, toast with a bit of butter and jelly and Canadian bacon. Deeelish!

Today’s plans include a hair cut for me and then Ryan, my sister and I are going to head over to the Women’s Half Marathon race expo to pick up my race bib and other goodies. My sister wants to sign up for the 5K race tomorrow as well! 

See ya after lunch!

(Also, if you have experience using compression sleeves, I’d love to hear your thoughts!)


  1. says

    I have hot ORANGE ones and I love them. I honestly could direct traffic with my calves, I swear. Haha. Seriously though, they are *magic*. I suffer from shin splint-y stuff and I ever since I slipped them on I have been running pain free. =D


  2. Emily says

    Those sleeves are adorable, and MAN your arms are looking good! Good luck on your race tomorrow. You are rocking it with the running this month! Go you!



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