Turkey Trot and a Filling Thanksgiving

Good morning my little turkeys! I hope those of you in the United States who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday enjoyed a fun day with delicious holiday food and were able to share the day with people you love.

My day was great from start to finish.

It began bright and early with a 10K Turkey Trot in downtown Sarasota.

Ryan, my sister, Leslie, and her boyfriend, Ross (<—Remember him? He was a groomsman in our wedding!) and I put on our turkey hats, dyed orange socks and headed out.

Turkey Trot Costumes

(We completely forgot our boas and bright orange bandanas!!! Doh.)

This was my first time dressing up a bit for a race and even though our costumes weren’t crazy by any means we were one of the only ones in Thanksgiving Day garb and got a lot of support from fellow racers who liked our feathers. It made the race so fun!

The race kicked off at 8 a.m. and took us over the Ringling Bridge  (x2!) which I promptly nicknamed “Mount Sarasota” for the intense incline.

ringlinr bridge

Okay, so it looks pretty sissy in this picture, but the incline was legit for me, a runner used to flat terrain.

The race was low key and picturesque and all of the racers and volunteers were friendly and fun.

thanksgiving 007

My mother-in-law laughed as we walked back up to her house when we arrived home from the Turkey Trot looking sweaty and beat!

thanksgiving 008

We took turns showering and changing into more holiday-appropriate clothes before enjoying lots of sangria and appetizers!

thanksgiving 015

thanksgiving 011

thanksgiving 020

thanksgiving 021

So fresh and so clean, clean.

thanksgiving 022thanksgiving 025

My mother-in-law makes the best sangria. I look forward to it at every holiday gathering she hosts at her house!

thanksgiving 023

I couldn’t help but fill up a bit on appetizers before our big Thanksgiving lunch (the crab dip and meatballs with Les’ secret sauce were my favorites), but still managed to pack my plate when it was time to dig into the main course.

thanksgiving 029

I literally licked my plate clean and gave awards to the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole and the glazed carrots. Delish!

Sadie was on hand for any food that was “accidentally” dropped.

thanksgiving 034

thanksgiving 035

After our big lunch, we spent a few hours outside digesting and playing corn hole and bocce ball before coming back inside for dessert.

thanksgiving 036-1

I had a slice of pumpkin pie, a small slice of pecan pie (extra whipped cream on both because pie is simply a vehicle for whipped cream anyway), a small s’mores bar and a cake pop. I also shared one of the Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies that I made with my sister.

thanksgiving 037

And then I felt like a balloon and it was gloooorious. Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays. Whenever you combine people you love and the best homemade food, it’s going to be a great day.

I went to sleep feeling very, very blessed.

Today we’re debating whether or not we should head out to tackle a few Black Friday sales. We shall see!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated.


  1. says

    You guys look fantastic! I was just in Sarasota last March for a break from the Canadian winter, and I loved running around there. Along Siesta Key Beach was amazing (I even did yoga there early one morning and saw dolphins!)

    Ross is your sister’s boyfriend? I had no idea, – Just thought he was Ryan’s friend. They look so cute together!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!


  2. B says

    GAHHHH ur sister and ross are dating LOVE ITTTT

    ps i have never committed on your blog before and this made me do it 🙂
    lvoe love love~~~!!
    please spill the details


  3. says

    OMG the oreo-stuffed cookies look amazing! Sounds like you guys had a lovely Thanksgiving, Julie. Congrats on the Turkey Trot too, you guys looked great with your hats and socks! I too am a very flat-road-preferring runner so I agree, that part of the course would have been tough!!


  4. says

    Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for.

    I loved your costumes for the Turkey Trot. My family ran one yesterday, but it was so last minute that we didn’t have time to put together costumes. Next year 🙂


  5. says

    I ran a Thanksgiving race with my sister/family too! Make you feel a lot less guilty about indulging later on 😉

    LOVE the Thanksgiving dresses — I’m incredibly jealous of your ability to find such cute things at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I don’t have the patience!


  6. Annie says

    wow sounds like a lot of food! I wish we had thanksgiving just for the food! (i’m in france) as the desserts look absolutely amazing! And those cookies? YUM!


  7. says

    love how the hats came out, didn’t know the guys were participating too. Too cute!
    I hear ya on the hills. this flat coastal MS girl doesn’t train on hills and when I run a bridge it kills me, and I take a picture of it to show everyone how hard it was…then in the picture it doesn’t look that bad so it’s kind of embarrassing haha! We did a turkey trot 5k yesterday and had to go up some hills and I thouht I was going to die. But to most people it would have been nothing. whoops!


  8. Sarah says

    I had a stuffed Thanksgiving. SO MUCH FOOD- I WAS IN HEAVEN!! We had our very close friends over and had a great time. We have a thing for saying what we’re thankful for before my dad says the blessing and i love hearing people say it. Also we watched a football themed movie (football on Thanksgiving is NOT a tradition to be messed with folks!) and it was so inspirational everyone was laughing and crying. It was Facing The Giants aka- best movie i have seen in a while! I highly recommend it Anyhow, we stayed up till 1 am with our guests! Had a very blessed day!


  9. briana says

    so funny that your sister and Ross are dating, I actaully thought they would make an adorable couple a while back when you posted all of you together!


  10. says

    Julie, it looks like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I must say, my favorite photo is of Sadie. I swear, dogs have that ‘I’m starved, you probably forgot to feed me today, so feed me some scraps’ look. Ha. I just posted a photo of my dog doing the same thing on my blog..and I swear, the photos are pretty much the exact same. Ha. Dogs are scary smart sometimes. Especially when it involves food, ha.


  11. says

    Sounds like Thanksgiving was a success! You, your sister, and the boys together put a big smile on my face 🙂 We are all SO blessed, aren’t we? I went to bed last night so cozy, overstuffed and in complete and utter food-coma heaven. I think it may have been one of the best holidays to date for our family 🙂 XOXO


  12. Carly says

    I am so jealous you got to run in shorts and a tank top! I ran the Turkey Trot in long sleeves and pants. Good old Ohio weather 🙂 Then we waited outside in the freezing cold for my mom to finish walking the whole thing; I was proud of her though!

    P.S. I LOVE your blog! I am so glad I stumbled across it.


  13. says

    I did a 10k as well thanksgiving morning and set a PR! I’m extra sore today though haha. There was tons of people dressed up at my race as indians instead of turkeys lollz. You guys all looked adorable though!


  14. Samantha says

    I went to college in Sarasota and my first race ever was over that bridge! A 4.1 miler…and that bridge killed me.. but it’s a beautiful place to run and it’s where I ran my first mile. Glad you got to experience it.. wish I was there now 🙂 Happy Holidays!


  15. says

    Love the costumes!! I made sweatshirts for my son & I, & we did a Turkey Trot here in Oklahoma. If you didn’t already know; Oklahoma is flat…very flat. Yesterday’s race had a .5 mile incline run & my quads complained the whole way!


  16. says

    Love the costumes! My sister and i were supposed to do a turkey trot but then the rain/sleet and 30 degree weather steered us away. I’m so jealous you guys could wear dresses and not freeze! I definitely need to move down south ; )


  17. Marie says

    Oh my gosh! Is it bad that in all this post, I geeked out about Leslie and Ross being together the most!??? I LOVE love! Congrats to them both!! Ross has been on the blog so much, so it is clear how close you all are to him; this is so great! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Julie! 😉


  18. dee says

    Whoa now, whoa! Did you just try to casually introduce the previously known on the blog, “good friend Ross” as “Leslie’s boyfriend, Ross”?! Why didn’t I see that coming? ;). You four are just too cute!


  19. Nina says

    Haha Julie I have to echo some earlier comments and say YAY for Leslie dating Ross! I had a feeling when you had your friendsgiving since he came with his dog to your house when your sister came over! That is too much fun! I’m jealous! I hope some of my best friends get together with my fiancees friends :).


  20. krystal says

    hey there Julie, i recently.came across your blog and I’m really enjoying it! I’m glad you had a fabulous thanksgiving. I love the fact that you enjoyed indulging with your family and don’t feel all guilty about it. Have a beautiful day! Good luck with the black friday shopping!


  21. says

    I just found your blog through racing aroun my kitchen and love it! Love your race day garb! There were lots of dressed up people at my Turkey Trot, they were so cute. The spread looks so yummy!


  22. sarah says

    I know everyone else has said it l, but how exciting Ross and leslie are dating! I was definitely wondering after the friendsgiving. I think its wonderful your whole family goes to ryan’s mom’s for thanksgiving! Its great you both get to be with your families!


  23. Alexis says

    I clearly think Leslie needs to write a guest post about how their romance developed! Everyone is obviously very interested! And such a good looking couple! They go together very well.


  24. Ashley says

    This post makes me miss Florida. I went to high school in Sarasota, moved to ft myers for college and just recently packed up and moved to Nashville TN, just to do it. You’re pictures of Sarasota, the bridge and the giant statue, make me miss that city. My favorite place in Florida 🙂 I ran the turkey trot one time and loved it!

    ps: congrats to Ross and Leslie!


  25. kyla says

    My brother and his wife were both the best man and matron of honor at the wedding of his best friend and her sister this past August. It happens!


  26. Kathy says

    I love that you casually threw in the fact that your sister and Ross are dating. It was like a whole new season of the show “Friends”…. Love it good for them


  27. Mandi says

    Love it! We hit up Ellenton Outlest late Thursday night– that place was CRAZY! They did have some really awesome deals though, esp at the Nike store!

    I know you mentioned awhile back that Leslie would be doing a post about her take on the breast-cancer-awareness 5k and how she is integrating running into her life. I’d still love to read a piece by her; I’m sure she has a wonderful, bubbly personality like you and I always enjoy reading how new runners become crazies like the rest of us. 🙂


  28. Stephanie Walter says

    I think it is sooo cute that your sister and Ross are dating! I was wonderin about that awhile ago when I saw you 4 hanging out…they make a super cute couple!!!


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