Cozy Coffee

See that?

godiva coffee


Oh how I love the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It infuses the whole house with a cozy, comforting scent that I simply adore.

This time of year makes me miss the Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas free coffee that my old gym used to have during the month of December. It may be time to buy some to have on hand at home.

I sipped on my coffee while eating an unusually dense batch of Greek yogurt protein pancakes.

protein pancakes 004

I think they were a little heartier because I used Coach’s Oats rather than regular old fashioned oatmeal which made them chewier, but still delicious!

protein pancakes 007

The oats are microwavable like regular old fashioned or instant oats, but have a creamier texture similar to steel cut oats that typically take longer to prepare on the stovetop.

I received the Coach’s Oats to try through FitFluential, a new community of fitness and health-minded people. (If you’re a blogger and would like to join the community or learn more about it, simply click here! If you’re not a blogger and are simply a fitness and health enthusiast, you can also be part of the FitFluential community. Click here for more information.) 

protein pancakes 001

protein pancakes 006

I topped my pancakes with syrup and chia seeds.


Before breakfast, I completed a workout that began with 20 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling. My ham strings are sore from yesterday’s leg workout!

I then did an upper body workout that looked like this:

upper body workout

My arms already feel a little sore! 

Time to power through my latest freelance assignment. Deadline = Tomorrow morning. Hoping to send it in before dinnertime today!


  1. says

    I love anything oatmeal and it’s so good for you! I recently did a post on the different types of oatmeal and their health benefits. I was surprised to find that steel cuts are so much better for you than old-fashioned. If only they didn’t take so long to make! Happy Hump Day!


  2. says

    The title of your post is so true! Even when I was younger and hate the taste of coffee, I loved the way it made the house smell. It was always so nice to sit after dinner in a blanket watching TV while my parents sipped coffee.


  3. says

    I just enjoyed a hot cup of coffee too :)…gotta love it! And yay for being fitfluential ambassadors! I seriously LOVE how supportive everyone is of one another! Good luck powering through your freelance assignment! If that were me I would probably be blasting Christmas music haha.


  4. says

    Ahhhh foam rolling is so awesome! I love that feeling of getting the soreness kicked out! Hah.

    I actually HATE the smell of coffee, it makes me sick to my stomach! But I am glad other people like it–must be in grocery aisles for a reason then… 😉


  5. says

    Yum, the pancakes look great! I’ve been getting into chia seeds as well. Just wondering,are you planning on showing off the results of all of your weight lifting efforts in a before/after way? Are you seeing a difference?


  6. Caitlin says

    I LOVE Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas tea! I can’t drink coffee b/c it makes me jittery but I used to stock up on that flavor tea and coffee for me and my family. A few years ago they closed our local Barnie’s store and I haven’t had it since 🙁 I may just have to order some online…


  7. says

    Good luck with your freelance piece! I hear ya on the steaming hot cup of coffee – I’m not a coffee drinker any more but I love a nice hot cup of tea. Right now I’ve got a thermos of Forever Nuts from Davids Tea sitting next to me, and it smells so delicious and almond-y!


  8. Melissa says

    I “Like” Shape magazine on facebook and on my news feed this morning a post came up about morning oatmeal with a link to their website, I don’t know why but I was like “I bet Julie posted those” and you did! Looked great :).


  9. Katie says

    My fiance used to work at a Barnie’s in Indiana and now working at Caribou Coffee in Denver,he says it just isn’t the same! He let me try a Santa’s White Christmas cookie and holy moly! There isn’t much that isn’t in that cookie… I still haven’t tried the coffee since the stores are only in Florida now, but I’m dying to sample it!

    I’m not generally a pancake person, but maybe using oats would make a difference!


  10. stacey says

    Thanks for the workouts! I do them the day after you always 🙂 So easy to follow and so effective! I had a smoothie bowl this morning cause you haven’t had any in a while!!??? So I had one for ya 😉


  11. Dani says

    Julie, I hope you don’t mind some constructive criticism.

    This was a very short blog post, yet you managed to include SIX links to old posts of yours, and FIVE links to outside companies/products.

    Honestly, it reeks off “let me get more clicks/page views and more money please!!”

    Your blog posts should speak for themselves. If people are interested in the products you feature, they will google them (I promise). The only reason I can think of that you would link to the company that made your oats or coffee is to get free products. I hope you’ll consider this, because it’s personally a huge turn off for me and I know for a lot of other readers.


    • Dani says

      Also, linking to your old posts is in poor taste, if it’s not something extremely relevant. There is REALLY no need to link to yesterdays post!


      • Catherine says

        as an avid blog reader i actually think the links are quite helpful…

        they are incorporated into Julie’s actual post topic fluently and are not simply “add ons” or excess links that clutter the post.

        i also think it is very useful to be able to trace back recipes and workouts to her original posts.

        but thats just me!


    • says

      thanks for both of your thoughts! i try to link to company’s websites b/c when i post about a product i inevitably get a question like “where can i find this” or something of the sort and think that a direct link makes things easier for readers to find out more information if they would like to do so. (in the case of these oats, i already said i got them for free – so i was definitely not trying to get the company to notice me!) as for linking to past posts, i personally like it when bloggers do that so i may catch up on older posts i may have missed. as i looked at this post, it was a little link-heavy though and i didn’t even realize it when i published it, so i thank you for taking the time to offer contructive feedback! definitely something to keep in mind.


    • Christine says

      I didn’t think about the fact of linking the products solely for money. I think that’s a little ridiculous! Especially since I recently used one myself! My mom asked what I wanted for Christmas (haha) and I thought “the Garmin running watch from PBF’s blog” – went to your blog, searched for it, and simply clicked on the link! Thank you!!


  12. skinnyrunner says

    costco has coachs oats too… dont know if you guys have the greatness that is costco out there in that florida country you live in.
    ready for vegas??


  13. says

    I completely forgot to make coffee this morning but now seeing this post makes me want it badly…working from home as is benefits…I am walking downstairs to brew some now!


  14. says

    Please tell me you’ve tried the Santa’s White Christmas ice cream they have at Publix this year. We went through a container of it embarrassingly fast last week — it’s GOOD.


  15. Meg @RunRideLove says

    My bf and I are terrible about being coffee snobs, so we always order online because we can’t seem to find any good coffee in WIlliamsburg Va. (We order Blue State coffee that we used to be able to get in New Haven! Highly recommended for any coffee drinkers in CT!)
    So I strongly support you ordering coffee to fill your craving!


  16. Rosa - Fitness Food Fulfilled says

    Totally agree with the smell of coffee. I think that’s why I like hanging out in Starbucks so much.

    And the denser the pancakes the better! Yummy!


  17. says

    Love hot coffee on a cool FL morning ;D I just read the comments about your links, and I personally like when bloggers do that. I know everyone is different but I thought I would just give my input! It allows me to go back and see the original if I want. Sometimes I don’t even click on any links, just depends on what I want to see.


  18. Kat says

    I love coffee anytime, but especially when it’s cold out. SO nice in the mornings. That arm workout looks awesome, I think I’m going to try it when I have time for a dedicated arm workout. How long it did it take you to do?


  19. says

    I LOVE fitfluential! They’re amazing, what a fantastic community 🙂

    And piping hot tea is my favorite … ever try Celestial Seasoning’s Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, Candy Cane Lane, or Gingerbread Holiday Flavors? If not .. get on it! They’re DELICIOUS! 🙂


  20. Lynn says

    OMG!! My favority coffee ever is Santa’s White Christmas!! I live in Northwest Florida and they do not have Barnie’s up here any longer, so I have to order on-line for my “fix”!!! It’s become a Christmas/birthday present (since they are 6 months apart); but unfortunately, I can’t make it last that long so I’m thankful when I finally get my presents!!! I continue to LOVE your blog…thanks again for sharing with us.


  21. Nicole says

    I wonder if you can combine the oats, pure pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, and some greek yogurt to make pumpkin pancakes…..

    I know we’re past Thanksgiving, but I’m loving Pumpkin & Spice right now!! 🙂


  22. rachel says

    Hi! so i tried out your upper body workout yesterday and today i do not feel sore at all, even though at the time it felt like i was getting a really good work out. i used 5 pound weights, is that maybe not heavy enough?



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